Chapter 809: Like a Heavenly Cage, Dominator Rank

By the time night fell, Chu Mu didn’t return, instead he went to Snow City’s library… 

In each city, Chu Mu had a habit of going to the library. Each city would record their own unique views of soul pets. Without Old Li with him, Chu Mu had questions in his heart, and naturally went to the library.

There were relatively few people in the library at night. When Chu Mu stepped into the library, the last reader happened to be leaving.

The reader was a woman who was wearing pure white clothing that fluttered behind her as she left. Her head was looking down, but when she walked past Chu Mu, she looked up at him with shy curiosity. 

“You… you are Mr. Commander?” a smile rose on this white clothed woman as she spoke with happiness. When her beautiful face looked up, amongst the warmth on her face, she carried a mature beauty. Her half-moon eyes were extremely bewitching. 

“Yes, and you are?” Chu Mu didn’t remember seeing this woman in the discussion hall. 

“I am your supporting commander in the spirit master army. I’m in charge of supporting the battle. When you entered the army, I don’t think you noticed me. I’m called Zhuo Wan and am now a member of Soul Pet Palace.” smiled the woman called Zhuo Wan. 

Zhuo Wan looked about the same age as Chu Mu. Chu Mu never expected that such a sweet looking girl would enter such a cruel decisive battle. 

Of course, since she was selected as a supporting commander for the spirit master army, her supporting abilities were definitely not just average. 

“I’m sorry, I only remembered the commanders and military advisers.” Chu Mu spoke truthfully.

The battle would be commanded by the military commanders and advisers. Chu Mu didn’t have much ability to command large armies, so he remembered the few crucial people.

“You’ve come here to find a book?” Zhuo Wan was curious why this young commander would come to the library so late.

“Yes, I’m searching for a book on the Seven Sins Fox.” nodded Chu Mu.

Mo Xie’s increase in strength made Chu Mu very anxious because her attributes were too special. If he didn’t find a few books on her, it would be difficult for him to find a solution to her problems. 

“Seven Sins Fox? That is a very legendary soul pet. There aren’t very many libraries with records.” as Zhuo Wan spoke, she wore a smile and slightly lengthened her words, saying: “However, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve seen one on the fifth floor…” 

"Really?” Chu Mu showed a pleased expression. It wasn’t easy to find information on the Seven Sins Fox. This fellow was even more rare than peak emperors. 

“Yes, I’ll take you there.” Zhuo Wan was rather familiar with the boss here, and could help Chu Mu fix a big problem of his. 

Indeed, Snow City’s library didn’t disappoint Chu Mu. There was recorded information about the Seven Sins Fox that previously appeared in Snow City, which soul pet trainers held Seven Sins Fox in the past, and a few personal letters from previous generations about the Seven Sins Fox.

“The true rank of a Seven Sins Fox should be either a high class emperor or peak emperor. But due to the sin imprint it carries, its species strength has been greatly reduced. If one can find the method to undo the sin imprint, its strength will erupt as if it has undergone a species mutation. In terms of strengthening, the Seven Sins Fox is the hardest soul pet to strengthen. It has diverse attributes and if the distribution of attributes are of huge range, this will affect its strength, causing a slight chance of attribute deviation if there’s a careless mistake. This will make it weaker in battle.” 

This senior indicated that the most direct way of increasing the Seven Sins Fox’s strength was to find the method of undoing the sin. Using spirit items to strengthen it wasn’t too effective. 

At the emperor rank, resources were rare. It was extremely difficult to find a spirit item with three aligning attributes. And even if he did find a corresponding spirit item, the chances of failure were extremely high. Therefore, this made the amount of money he would spend difficult to calculate… 

“Where would I be able to find the method of undoing the sin?” Chu Mu bitterly laughed and closed the book.

It was nearly midnight so Zhuo Wan didn’t stay too long with Chu Mu before leaving him alone to finish the book. 

Chu Mu looked at this book for a long time. The small Mo Xie was lying on his shoulder, asleep. Her saliva was dripping out of her mouth without restraint.

He had planned on raising the small Mo Xie to the middle class emperor rank before the decisive battle so had come here to investigate. 

“If I directly use spirit items, I should be able to succeed. She’s stayed too long at the low class emperor rank.” Chu Mu felt that in the next few days he should attempt to collect spirit items for Mo Xie. It was best to raise her to the middle class emperor rank before the fight. This way, Mo Xie would be able to train in the battle. If this small fellow didn’t fight soon, her claws were going to grow rusty.

Time quickly passed and the decisive battle neared.

In this period of time, the three great palaces were not stingy with resources. They tried as best as they could to find resources to help soul pets at a bottleneck to breakthrough. However, the room they could grow was extremely limited.  

In the last few days, aside from collecting spirit items for the small mo Xie, Chu Mu studied information about both sides of the decisive battle. He had to understand this; he had to know thyself as well as his enemy! 

Finally, the decisive battle arrived. 

Just as the human formed decisive battle army from Snow City set off to the snow plains, a scout brought a bad piece of news to the three great palaces! 

“Qin Wu, why did that fellow appear…” 

Senior Elder Teng had already scouted all of the enemies and had formed a strategy for them.

However, this strategy didn’t account for change. With the appearance of Qin Wu, this was enough to shift the scales of the decisive battle. 

For a moment, everyone was shrouded with bad news. Qin Wu was much harder to deal with than Jia Hechuan. This fellow was practically a reaper of death in a group fight! 

Elder Chen, what do you think?” Senior Elder Jiang respectfully asked the accompanying Elder Chen. 

Elder Chen was wearing a mask, and around her weak body was wrapped thick clothing.

Elder Chen was obviously the disguise of Ning Maner. To make this 13 or 14 year old young woman enter such a serious fight, Chu Mu felt like this was a bit of a joke. 

Fortunately, although Ning Maner would carefree and happily laugh normally, when she needed to be serious, she could act old and experienced with careful thoughts. Her large clothes and mask wrapped her in a feeling of mystery. Her aura that seemed to surpass the mundane made the senior elders think she was a hidden expert. 

“It’s no bother.” Ning Maner had no difficulty changing her voice, making it seem identical to an old man’s voice. 

Ning Maner’s disguise was completed through the Messiah Tree’s abilities.

This disguise ability was similar to Old Li’s ability to change one’s appearance. In the two months Chu Mu had left, it wasn’t that she hadn’t done anything proper. At least she knew that when there were numerous experts pursuing her, disguising herself was extremely important. Therefore, in these two months, she had bitterly practiced her disguise ability. 

In the arena, she had tricked everyone, and right now had succeeded in tricking these sharp eyed senior elders. 

In their eyes, the person wrapped in large clothes and wearing a mask was just a skinny and weak old man. Nobody would expect that this person with the crooked posture wrapped in tree bark was actually a young and spirited young woman! 

Of course, if Ning Maner hadn’t managed to trick Chu Mu with her disguise ability, Chu Mu would never allow this girl to participate in the decisive battle. Indeed, the decisive battle wasn’t some game. 

After leaving Snow City, they traveled five kilometers across an open and vast plain. 

The plain was covered in palm-thick snow. It was a pure white color and as far as one could see, it covered all of the mountains. At the end of one’s vision were snowflakes falling from the horizon. 

Snowflakes were rare. At the center of the field, seven noble and proud phoenixes were beating their rainbow wings, hovering in the white sky.

The seven phoenixes were the seven female disciples. They were all wrapped in long robes with graceful figures, resembling beautiful snow women. They were longed after, yet could not be approached. 

At the head of the seven phoenixes and women was an even holier Nine Colored Phoenix. Atop this Nine Colored Phoenix quietly stood a woman with an appearance out of the ordinary. People were shocked by this fairy’s aura which was dignified and noble. It also contained august and a composure that didn’t allow for blasphemy. 

Even higher above this woman was a golden burning flame that resembled a holy flame hanging in the sky. It was dazzling and striking, incorporeally suppressing others. It seemed that underneath this creature, all types of strength were abnormally tiny and childish. 

This was a true dominator rank ancestor’s descendant - the Crown Phoenix King!

If such a powerful creature appeared in this large scale and high end decisive battle, the victor would probably be instantaneously decided. 

Mu Qingyi had the Crown Phoenix King hover in the air naturally to intimidate both armies. Presumably, neither side wanted to anger this war goddess-like ultra strong existence. 

Above the plains was another imposing creature. It was Mu Qingyi’s White Tiger that had reached the emperor bottleneck! 

In the icy skies and snowy land, a cold wind howled as a white colored devil tiger, of the same color as the ground and sky, proudly stood there. Its majestical aura was like a snowstorm, preventing people from nearing. 

With these soul pets of the Heavenly Concubine appearing on the plain, both armies were extremely intimidated. Even if both sides had great animosity towards one another, neither dared easily approach. 

“A true expert should be like her. Both armies are great enemies yet both are so cautious.” Senior Elder Teng looked at the distant Heavenly Concubine, feeling myriad emotions in his heart. 

In his life, he probably would not be able to reach this realm! 

It wasn’t only Senior Elder Teng. The other senior elders understood that they would never be able to reach the same heights as the woman in the sky currently was at. They would be unable to stand aloof from the mundane like her, nor would they be able to control the mundane!

On the other side of the plains was another army of 2220.

The leader was the 4th Hero, Mo Ling! 

This absolute expert which also should have surpassed the mundane was now standing amongst the mundane army. Perhaps this was the reason why he was never truly able to reach the dominator rank… 

Mo Ling’s strength was self-proclaimed to have reached the dominator rank. However, experts who had truly reached the dominator rank knew that Mo Ling was still lacking a step and this step was something he probably would be unable to cross his entire life. 

Although it was only one step, a true dominator rank expert could rely on one soul pet to annihilate all of Mo Ling’s main pets. 

Of course, Mo Ling wished for a day he could breakthrough. He had waited for many years, but was still standing on the ground. There were even times that he had to look at true dominator rank experts with admiration! 

The dominator rank that was like a heavenly cage… innumerable spirit emperors had shed blood for it… 

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