Chapter 809: Like a Heavenly Cage, Dominator Rank

By the time night fell, Chu Mu didn’t return, instead he went to Snow City’s library… 

In each city, Chu Mu had a habit of going to the library. Each city would record their own unique views of soul pets. Without Old Li with him, Chu Mu had questions in his heart, and naturally went to the library.

There were relatively few people in the library at night. When Chu Mu stepped into the library, the last reader happened to be leaving.

The reader was a woman who was wearing pure white clothing that fluttered behind her as she left. Her head was looking down, but when she walked past Chu Mu, she looked up at him with shy curiosity. 

“You… you are Mr. Commander?” a smile rose on this white clothed woman as she spoke with happiness. When her beautiful face looked up, amongst the warmth on her face, she carried a mature beauty. Her half-moon eyes were extremely bewitching. 

“Yes, and you are?” Chu Mu didn’t remember seeing this woman in the discussion hall. 

“I am your supporting commander in the spirit master army. I’m in charge of supporting the battle. When you entered the army, I don’t think you noticed me. I’m called Zhuo Wan and am now a member of Soul Pet Palace.” smiled...

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