Chapter 808: A man’s two dreams Part 1 & Part 2

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Chu Mu didn’t think of any other way, and could only tell Ning Maner to act like a hidden expert.

Ning Maner’s ability to hide her aura was incredible. The final battle had 4440 people, with an average of three soul pets each, there were thirteen thousand soul pets!

In such a messy battle, even heavenly concubine couldn’t completely tell which soul pets were whose, let alone nightmare palace’s white nightmare army. Even if they were noticed, heavenly concubine couldn’t possibly connect the 10 white nightmares with the silver devil man’s subordinates.


On the second day, three palace members brought out an approximate list. Of the twenty spirit emperors, almost all of them were from the top twenty spirit emperors in the rankings.

Many times, war factions had to keep a few experts in case their army loses extra hard after the fight. This time, almost all 20 spirit emperors were top tier experts, meaning the three palaces left no room to fail!

Snow city couldn’t be taken. Once it was taken, the three palaces would lose a great deal of power in the wanxiang realm western region. This city was an important node...

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