Chapter 808: A man’s two dreams Part 1 & Part 2

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Chu Mu didn’t think of any other way, and could only tell Ning Maner to act like a hidden expert.

Ning Maner’s ability to hide her aura was incredible. The final battle had 4440 people, with an average of three soul pets each, there were thirteen thousand soul pets!

In such a messy battle, even heavenly concubine couldn’t completely tell which soul pets were whose, let alone nightmare palace’s white nightmare army. Even if they were noticed, heavenly concubine couldn’t possibly connect the 10 white nightmares with the silver devil man’s subordinates.


On the second day, three palace members brought out an approximate list. Of the twenty spirit emperors, almost all of them were from the top twenty spirit emperors in the rankings.

Many times, war factions had to keep a few experts in case their army loses extra hard after the fight. This time, almost all 20 spirit emperors were top tier experts, meaning the three palaces left no room to fail!

Snow city couldn’t be taken. Once it was taken, the three palaces would lose a great deal of power in the wanxiang realm western region. This city was an important node from tianxia realm to wanxiang realm. Cutting it off meant cutting off all help!

The 200 spirit master, were also almost all top 200 ranking. Almost no one was below middle class monarch rank. These people were all leaders and commanders of their armies, but had to go fight themselves this time!!

As for spirit teacher armies, they were selected from the most elite teams!

No matter the spirit master or spirit teacher armies, when combined, they would all cause a great threat towards spirit emperors, so the two armies victory were very key, needing experts to lead.


The city master hall

“Spirit master army, who will anchor it?” Elder Teng rubbed his temples, and didn’t know how to arrange it.

“Father, I have a friend that is willing to fight. Switch palace master shang off. Shang master can command from snow city and can manage any emergency situations.” At this moment, Teng Lang spoke.

Teng Lang was in charge of the spirit teachers’ army.

Telling a spirit emperor to anchor these armies was mainly to prevent an opposing spirit emperor will enter their formation and kill everyone. If the spirit master and spirit teacher armies want to have any threat, they must be a combined force, meaning not having a spirit emperor was not good.

“How good is this friend of yours?” Teng Jiangfeng asked.

“His fighting experience was extremely skilled and he’s very brave. When I went towards ice muslin valley, I saw him use a middle class emperor rank to defeat a high class emperor rank Violent Snow Devil and successfully improved his ice air fairy to high class emperor rank!” Teng Lang said with a smile.

Teng Lang’s words caused the fifty snow city upper level to all show mixtures of shock and doubt.

Teng Lang’s words had two meanings. First, this was an expert with high class emperor rank, meaning there was another elder rank expert. Second thing, he could use a middle class emperor rank and high class emperor rank, and with such powerful fighting techniques, he definitely had been through countless battles to go pull this all off!!

Palace master Shang originally thought young master Teng was trying to save him and wanted to reject it until he heard the words “high class emperor rank”. He opened his mouth but decided against speaking anything.

“Is this person reliable?” Compared to strength, Teng Jiangfeng was even more worried about how reliable the person is.

“Definitely reliable, its elder de’s wandering disciple. I’ve already sent a message to elder de and elder liu to confirm.” Teng Lang nodded.

Teng Lang seemed reckless and unconstrained but was very meticulous. After meeting Chu Mu he went to confirm Chu Mu’s identity. As the third young master of soul palace, he had many friends but also knew how to make friends carefully.

“Yes, a while ago elder liu sent a letter saying he had a private adopted son called Chu Fangchen that is currently staying in snow city. Do you mean that one?” Soul palace Elder Qing said.

“Yes. He has four souls hurt, and can only control one soul pet, but his high class emperor rank can easily anchor the spirit master army!” Teng Lang said seriously.

“Four souls hurt…, sad,  sad, but this is still very hard to come by.” Everyone sighed.

Four souls hurt, this was a cruel attack to any soul pet trainer.

“Then invite him in here.” Now they needed heroes from everywhere to step up. Having a spirit emperor with a high class emperor rank was definitely worth joy.

Not long ago, Chu Mu entered the spirit master negotiation hall.

When the fifty high level people saw Chu Mu walk in, their expressions immediately changed.

“This one?”

“High class emperor rank spirit emperor?? He has a high class emperor rank?”

“He’s way too young!”

Those that were truly young and those that simply keep their youthful appearance were easy to tell apart. Everyone there was experienced and could naturally tell that the man was indeed only twenty or so.

Yet, who would have thought that Teng Lang’s high class emperor rank expert was such a handsome young man!

“Pleased to meet everyone.” Chu Mu very politely saluted.

“Chu Fangchen?” The few elders were all staring blankly, and only came back to their senses later and asked.

“Yes.” Chu Mu nodded.

“Everyone was suspicious, but the person I was talking about is him.” Teng Lang smiled.

He guessed long ago that the moment Chu Fangchen appeared, more than half of the people would show very colorful expressions.

Reaching such a level at such a young age, who else could reach that?

“Truly unthinkable that our soul palace still has a hidden expert of this degree!” Teng Jiangfeng stood up and let out a sigh.

“He’s probably beyond the first young master?”

Chu Mu was already high class spirit emperor, everyone could tell with one glance at him. The sighs continued to sound for a while.

Soul palace first master was almost undefeated when he was young, but near the end he plateaued for a while. He again raised his strength recently, so he took over a Supreme title. Those with supreme titles much have top tier emperor rank, it meant that the young master was now in that realm!

Entering high class emperor rank at his age meant he had even more unlimited potential.

Of course, the people very quickly realized that he had four souls wounded. Teng Jiangfeng started worrying that this prodigy would fall in battle, and was hesitating whether to allow them to join.

The final match was much crueler than war and often true death or alive situations happened. If such a genius fell in the final battle, it would be a hug eloss to the three palaces!

Chu Mu insisted on fighting and said he had techniques to save himself. And as the anchor of the spirit master team, there wasn’t too much risk.

Finally, Teng Jiangfeng made Chu Mu the spirit master main general. With a few experienced strategists, he was in charge of the army of spirit masters.


Following that, Chu Mu entered the 200 spirit master team. The 200 spirit masters all briefly described themselves, but they were all dumbfounded.

In the spirit master elite army, many of them were often called geniuses, being powerful at a young age. However, compared to this general, countless people couldn’t call themselves a genius anymore!!

After everything ended, it was nighttime.

“Brother Chu, how is it?” Teng Lang patted Chu Mu’s shoulder and asked slightly humorously.

“Not bad, the spirit masters are all powerful and we have a good chance.” Chu Mu commented.

“Who was asking you that?” Teng Lang was speechless.” You stayed with the war goddess alone in that snowy place for many months. The temperature probably didn’t prevent you from doing any steamy things, right? Ai, you truly got lucky with such a thing. Speaking of which, you truly did help me “greet” her…..”

“......” Chu Mu was even more speechless.

This soul palace third young master didn’t seem to act like the final was in a few days, instead having the time to think of this?

“Don’t be so boring, I have a thing to give you. Let’s find a quiet place.” Chu Mu said.

“Heihei, still saying nothing happened….” Teng Lang thought Chu Mu just wanted some place quiet to slowly talk about it in depth and started laughing even more obscenely.

Though Teng Lang took in two females, none of them were comparable to heavenly concubine, so Teng Lang obviously was jealous of CHu Mu.

Ten minutes later

A very repressed and strange voice came from a side palace!

“This…..this…...this….this….. Brother Chu……”

Teng lang was blanking, as he looked at the coldness in Chu Mu’s hands, unable to speak!

At this moment, other than disbelief, his face was plastered with undisguised joy. His body was shaking with emotions!

“This is a spirit source, I found it with heavenly concubine. She didn’t want it and gave it to us, we each get half of it.” Chu Mu gave half of the ice type spirit spring to teng lang.

Teng Lang was dumbstruck and stood there, not knowing whether to take it!

This was too sudden and surprising.

About Universe Ice Gate, Teng Lang only had a determination to not let anyone in. He knew however, that he may never have had the chance to truly step deep in. When Miu Qingyi let him walk in first, he was already satisfied.

Afterwards, he couldn’t withstand the long mental torture and decided to leave, he was full of regret but couldn’t do much about it. He got over it recently too.

Yet, what he didn’t expect was, Chu Mu actually gave half of his resources to him after suffering for multiple months. Not only that, it was a resource that could improve high class emperor to top tier emperor rank! Countless people could never make that leap!!!

As the soul palace third young master, Teng Lang had immense pressure to become a true top tier emperor experts!

He and the first young prince were from the same generation, and the young prince was already at the peak, yet he was still in middle class emperor rank. Though he was often magnanimous, he was secretly constantly disappointed in himself.

Breakthrough, breakthrough! He yearned to breakthrough!

This time, he caused his iceberg lion to step into high class emperor rank and was already overjoyed. He had yearned for that rank for too long!

Yet now, with the top tier emperor rank resource in front of him, he just needed to extend a hand and he would have it!

Yet, the normally casual Teng Lang didn’t dare to receive it!

“What, do you want it all? I can’t do that, I worked many months for it.” Chu Mu didn’t act polite, directly stating his attitude.

Teng Lang saw the man younger in front of him and for a moment felt his emotions boiling out of control.

Suddenly, Teng Lang yelled out loud and cursed, “Are you utterly stupid? You could have just not mentioned this!!! Don’t you know you have to be selfish, selfish, and more selfish!!!”

Chu Mu was slightly taken aback but quickly understood. Half was enough for Chu Mu. If not, Chu Mu may have considered keeping it.

Chu Mu laughed, “Take it, you truly are being too polite….”

“I…...I…..” Teng Lang was at a loss of words. He never would have thought that he would feel his eyes starting to feel touchy in front of another man.

Finally, Teng Lang took the freezing yet heartwarming gift.

Being speechless for a while, Teng Lan in his mind already put this man at a position where he would do anything for. Not many people held that position in Teng Lang’s heart!

Finally, Teng Lang said something off topic to break the silence, “Guanguan told me that Heavenly Concubine is pretty keen to find out whether you are participating. Listen to brother and take down this war goddess. A man has two dreams: 1. To step up to the top of all soul pet trainers and 2. To take down both the goddesses…...

“......” Chu Mu was speechless

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