Chapter 807: Warrior Absolute, Qin Wu

Snow Basin, Army

“What!” Mo Ling suddenly slammed the desk and got up, glaring at the strategist!

The strategist was shaking as he repeated in a very small voice, “Kingdom master Jia, he’s dead from the fight…..”

Immediately, the strategist briefly explained the process of elder Jiang summoning three top tier emperor rank white nightmares and killed the Jia kingdom master.

The strategist only cared about retreating with his army, so he saw the three top tier emperor rank white nightmares but failed to see the fourth white nightmare summoned when elder Jia chased after Jia hechaun.

Mo Ling’s face became extremely ugly. Jia Hechuan had two top tier emperor ranks, but Jiang Ang unexpectedly had one more top tier emperor rank. Jia Hechuan’s death instantly created a power difference of their top tier emperor ranks. This was incredibly important to the battle!

“Trash! a top tier emperor rank, losing in a war!” Mo Ling’s face was twitching.

At their rank, unless they were attacked...

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