Chapter 807: Warrior Absolute, Qin Wu

Snow Basin, Army

“What!” Mo Ling suddenly slammed the desk and got up, glaring at the strategist!

The strategist was shaking as he repeated in a very small voice, “Kingdom master Jia, he’s dead from the fight…..”

Immediately, the strategist briefly explained the process of elder Jiang summoning three top tier emperor rank white nightmares and killed the Jia kingdom master.

The strategist only cared about retreating with his army, so he saw the three top tier emperor rank white nightmares but failed to see the fourth white nightmare summoned when elder Jia chased after Jia hechaun.

Mo Ling’s face became extremely ugly. Jia Hechuan had two top tier emperor ranks, but Jiang Ang unexpectedly had one more top tier emperor rank. Jia Hechuan’s death instantly created a power difference of their top tier emperor ranks. This was incredibly important to the battle!

“Trash! a top tier emperor rank, losing in a war!” Mo Ling’s face was twitching.

At their rank, unless they were attacked by multiple experts, they would at most lose a soul pet in similar rank fights. They themselves could usually run away successfully. Jia Hechuan dying this way was truly an anomaly!

Hua Ming stood aside without a word. Eevn Hua Ming didn't expect things to develop this way. He would definitely lose a few soul pets in this fight.

Hua Ming was one of thirty-two scars, yet he was given the title of Rat Scar, describing his cowardice and fear of trouble. No one knew how this fellow got to top tier emperor rank; maybe it was his incredible ability to survive, like a rat.

“End hero, what matters are causing you to be this angry?”

Suddenly, a cold and dry voice came from outside the tent.

The voice was truly as shivering as the wind, causing one to feel uneasy, especially the female soul pet trainers aside.

The tent flap lifted up, showing a stick-like man in a green robe walk in with half a smile. His eyes remained level, but he looked over all of the female soul pet trainers greedily with his peripheral vision…...

The army was very disciplined and proper, so the three female soul pet trainers were all not there to please men.

They were water type, flower type, and grass type soul pet trainers, all very powerful support roles in the army and they weren’t low in ranking either. Their appearances didn’t seem to reach the man’s standards, so he glanced at them and lost all interest.

"Qin Wu, it’s good that you came here!” Mo Ling first stopped and then burst into laughter!

Mo Ling had a mustache. When he was normally strict, his mustache angled downwards and he was smileless. Everyone in soul alliance knew this hero was very short-tempered, often punishing his subordinates. However, when Mo Ling laughed, his mustache seemed out of place. It made him look not like a top tier expert, but instead like a merchant that just got a great deal.

“Qing Wu? Is that the sixteen absolute Wu Absolute, the one that once destroyed a ninth rank tribe all by himself?” The Strategist, Hua Ming, and the others quickly showed surprise!

The eyes of the three female soul pet trainers that were glanced at all lit up, not expecting this unsightly man to be the famous Wu Absolute Qin Wu. Their disgust all disappeared, and was replaced with disappointment in the man’s disinterest in them.

“Haha, I heard your majesty was here and specially came to say hi. I didn’t expect there to be war, so seems like I came at the perfect time!” Qin Wu laughed and said, his extremely prominent.

Mo Ling naturally knew Qin Wu had been wanting of heavenly concubine for a while now. Before Miu Qingyi became dominator rank, this fellow was frenziedly trying to win her over, using countless methods…..

Of course, this wasn’t important. The important thing was this fellow appeared during the most important moment. Three palaces were destined to fail this time!!

Jia Hechuan’s strength was very strong, able to have two top tier emperor ranks. However, this fellow had powerful soul pets but couldn’t control them as well as sixteen absolutes. The reason sixteen absolutes were strong was not only because they had top tier emperor rank soul pets but also because of their unparalleled fighting ability and soul pet formations. For example, Wu Absolute Qin Wu could destroy a ninth rank tribe with top tier emperor ranks by himself, and maybe even tenth rank tribes. Jia Hechuan would have trouble defeating even eighth rank tribes.

While they both had two top tier emperor ranks, there was still a large disparity in strength! This was why one was a sixteen absolute while the other was just a kingdom master.

The appearance of Wu Absolute raised the army’s morale. Adding on the nearly undefeatable Mo Ling, they had full faith in this final battle!

After the officers, commanders, and strategists left the tent, only Mo Ling and Qing Wu were in it.

Mo Ling and Qing Wu were very close personally. Looking at the half-smiling Qin Wu, Mo Ling smiled and said, “You aren’t here for that good for nothing woman, are you?”

“Indeed, that woman’s standards are too high to see. I was tracking down another woman when some medicine making old fellow took over. I heard from a few subordinates that you were trying to take snow city so I came to split it with you.” Qin Wu siad.

“What woman? A plaything or business?” Mo Ling asked.

“Business. Its a disciple of undead immortal. She seems to have gotten the inheritance of Undead Immortal. As long as she has materials and soul power, she can create any soul item for soul pets below high class emperor rank. For those above high class emperor rank, she may own it as well. You know I have some personal grudges with Undead Immortal. Hearing about his disciple in tianxia city, I originally wanted Tian Ting and Empress Concubine to deal with it. After all, they were just two small ants, easily destroyable…..” Qin Wu said.

“Oh? And after?” Mo Ling got interested and continued to ask.

“Yet, not only did the two not get dealt with, they grew strong very quickly. When they entered wanxiang realm, I sent a few of my spirit emperor subordinates and they were all killed.”

“They are growing incredibly fast, beyond imagination, so I plan on getting rid of them myself!” Qin Wu said.

At this moment, Mo Ling laughed and said, “Why would you want to go yourself for such a person, its more like you’re greeding for undead immortal’s skills, right?”

“Haha.” Qing Wu laughed with a mutual understanding and continued, “But later I thought, I’m not a soul teacher, I can’t use this at all, so I talked with Medicine Desolation and gave the matter to him and I can just wait to reap the rewards.”

“From what I can see, this time the beautiful female disciple by old medicine man probably fell to you, right?” Mo Ling knew Qin Wu too well. Though he was the Wu Absolute, he was also the most lustful, a high status and very powerful lecher. He had too many accidental sons to count.

“Not really, that guy treats her like his own life.” Qin Wu shook his head but instead seemed to get something even better.

Mo Ling wasn’t very interested in the skills. At his current realm, he was missing soul items to reach dominator rank. After this, the two decided to start discussing how to deal with the three palace experts.

Snow City, inside a central area courtyard

A silver bell-like laughter echoed through the courtyard. Ning Maner was very restless, often playing with the white nightmares.

Chu Mu sat on his stone chair and started considering how to send these white nightmares into the final battle.

Chu Mu would join with Chu Fangchen’s identity, but definitely not with white nightmares as soul pets. Presumably, in the final fight, he would be watched by Miu Qingyi. If he summoned white nightmares, she would definitely be suspicious.

Soul capture rings weren’t possible either. The best soul capture ring could only hold middle class emperor rank organisms. The main purpose of a soul capture ring was to hold weak and infant soul pets. Nightmare dominators would burn the soul capture ring no matter how hard they try to conceal their power.

Furthermore, the final battle wouldn’t allow any soul capture rings. This is a very clear rule in final battle culture. Presumably, before the final battle, Miu Qingyi will definitely look through with soul remembrance.

Before the final battle, they weren’t allowed to summon any soul pets. This was to prevent people from bringing in soul pets from non-appointed people. This meant that Chu Mu couldn't directly bring nightmare commander into the plains.

These rules were all told to Chu Mu by elder Jiang after he accepted, so his head was hurting now, not knowing how he could bring the white nightmares into battle.

“Brother, what are you worried about?” Ning Maner ran covered in sweat beside Chu Mu, blinking as he sat down.

Chu Mu didn’t know what to do and told his troubles to Ning Maner.

“This is simple. Make them dress up as 10 of the 1000 spirit teachers.” Ning Maner said.

Chu Mu shook his head, “The spirit teachers would definitely get investigated by Miu Qingyi and they have to be soul pet trainers with remembrance at spirit teacher level.”

“You’re right.” Ning Maner nodded and pursed her lips to think

“How about this, let me battle and I can hide them.” Ning Maner suddenly smiled and said.

“......” Chu Mu was speechless.

“How are you gonna hide them?”

“When brother wasn’t here, I often brought them to the arena to play. If I didn’t have a way, wouldn’t we have been discovered long ago? Brother doesn’t have to worry. As long as I get in as one of the 20 spirit emperors, I can bring them all in. Of course, I’ll dress up more maturely and wear a mask to seem more mysterious!”

“...... We’ll see. If there’s no other way, we’ll do that.” Chu Mu truly didn’t know what this spirited little girl had in mind, making it seem like she could summon soul pets.

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