Chapter 806: Thousand Man Fight, Who Will Control Snow City

Chapter 806: Thousand Man Fight, Who Will Control Snow City

“Your Majesty, you are merciful to everyone. But what do you see our Soul Alliance as. We cannot give up on Snow City just because of your words.” coldly said Mo Ling. 

The chance of obtaining Snow City was hard to come by and could not be given up on. Mu Qingyi’s interference was essentially giving back Snow City to the three great palaces.

Mu Qingyi obviously understood that since the fight had started, neither side could retreat. If she were to force one of them to retreat, they probably wouldn’t be willing to let the matter go.

Her eyes fell on Senior Elder Teng and she apathetically said: “Since tens of thousands of people have died in Snow City, Teng Jiangfeng, in the next few days this Majesty will take back Snow City. Do you have any objections?” 

Mu Qingyi’s words caused an uproar with everyone in the three great palaces! 

For a moment, voices of dissatisfaction rang out, forming a clamor. There were even a few unbridled young soul pet trainers that spoke a few rude words!

Senior Elder Teng waved his hands, telling everyone to quiet down.

“Our Teng family has governed Snow...

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