Chapter 806: Thousand Man Fight, Who Will Control Snow City

Chapter 806: Thousand Man Fight, Who Will Control Snow City

“Your Majesty, you are merciful to everyone. But what do you see our Soul Alliance as. We cannot give up on Snow City just because of your words.” coldly said Mo Ling. 

The chance of obtaining Snow City was hard to come by and could not be given up on. Mu Qingyi’s interference was essentially giving back Snow City to the three great palaces.

Mu Qingyi obviously understood that since the fight had started, neither side could retreat. If she were to force one of them to retreat, they probably wouldn’t be willing to let the matter go.

Her eyes fell on Senior Elder Teng and she apathetically said: “Since tens of thousands of people have died in Snow City, Teng Jiangfeng, in the next few days this Majesty will take back Snow City. Do you have any objections?” 

Mu Qingyi’s words caused an uproar with everyone in the three great palaces! 

For a moment, voices of dissatisfaction rang out, forming a clamor. There were even a few unbridled young soul pet trainers that spoke a few rude words!

Senior Elder Teng waved his hands, telling everyone to quiet down.

“Our Teng family has governed Snow City for nearly a hundred years and it was the Wanxiang King that gave the city lord decree to my father. How can Your Majesty just take it back by saying that you’ll take it back? The fact that there were casualties in this fight was due to the neglection of my duty. Your Majesty may care for the citizens, but I have been Snow City’s City Lord for nearly 20 years. Do you think I really view their lives as just grass?” righteously said Senior Elder Teng. 

A hundred years ago, Snow City was given to the Teng family. But there was a rather long story behind this. 

The Teng family already had firm roots in Snow City and this enormous city, in terms of scale, was just inferior to Tianxia City. Whether it came from the family itself or whether it was the profits of the three great palaces speaking, Senior Elder Teng could not give over Snow City.

“Just hand it over for now.” said Mu Qingyi. Since she had come to stop the fight, she naturally had to let both sides speak. Otherwise, she would be unable to affect such enormous armies. She continued, “If neither side is willing to retreat, we can use a decisive battle to determine who will control this city.” 

“A decisive battle?”

“A decisive battle?”

The leaders in Mo Ling and Senior Elder Teng were stunned. 

Decisive battles were a prevalent way of fighting in the past, and lay in between a war and a fight. 

Wars involved huge armies and casualties were horrible. Moreover, one side had to throw down their weapons before it ended. 

A fight was a fight between individuals or singular groups arranged for a certain time and place. Each side would place a wager and then engage in an even fight. The winner would obtain the other side’s wager. 

As for a decisive battle, this happened when factions were contesting. Each side would send forth a certain number of people and under the supervision of an authoritative third party, they would engage in a fight. The wager were large-scale things like land, cities and borders.

To change from a war to a decisive battle, there needed to be the involvement of a third party. This third party had to have the power to control the state of the war and could not be biased towards one side. 

Right now, Mu Qingyi was the third party and as Wanxiang King’s descendant, she truly had the qualifications and authority. 

She had powerful strength, and if she stood even slightly on one side, that side would easily win.

Therefore, if she gave the option of a decisive battle, this would be the way things were done!

“20 spirit emperors, 200 spirit masters, 1000 spirit teachers. In five days, on the southern snowy plains, the winner will obtain control over Snow City!” Mu Qinyi swept her eyes over Mo Ling and Teng Jiangfeng. Her words didn’t allow for objection! 

After intention of a decisive battle was given, both sides began to discuss. 

Neither side needed to be afraid of sneak attacks. The Heavenly Concubine ordered that if anybody at the emperor rank or above used a technique, she would kill them. The dominator rank Crown Phoenix King was imposing and could suppress all of the soul pets present. Nobody dared defy her orders. 

“Senior Elder Teng, in the 200 spirit master army, we should have the advantage. In the 1000 spirit teacher army, we should be even with them .The problem is in the 20 spirit emperors…” 

“Mo Ling will definitely participate in this fight. Therefore, the three senior elders and five elders will be pinned down by Mo Ling. The remaining 12 spirit emperors probably will have a hard time dealing with their 19 spirit emperors.” Soul Pet Palace’s Senior Elder Zhuo softly spoke to Teng Jiangfeng.

Teng Jiangfeng entered into contemplation. 

As Senior Elder Zhuo had said, they probably had the advantage in the spirit master and spirit teacher army fight. However, Mo Ling was too hard to deal with. Aside from Mo Ling, there were a few others that were extremely troublesome. 

“We can fight!” 

Just as the two senior elders felt at an impasse, Senior Elder Jiang’s voice suddenly rang out!!

“Mo Ling can pin down eight of our spirit emperors, causing the spirit emperor army to collapse. How will we be able to fight?!” Senior Elder Zhuo creased his eyebrows. 

“It’s inconvenient to talk more about this here. Just accept it.” Senior Elder Jiang was full of confidence! 

Senior Elder Teng turned around and looked at Senior Elder Jiang… 

“This… ok!” finally, Senior Elder Teng nodded his head. 

Senior Elder Teng understood very clearly that the time limit was five days. This meant that it would be difficult for either side to call for reinforcements. Therefore, all participants were practically here now. 

However, Senior Elder Jiang was extremely confident. Senior Elder Teng thus had the confidence to accept. 

Of course, since the Heavenly Concubine had given the order to battle, it would probably be difficult to refuse. They had to fight! 

“Your Majesty, just as you have said, our three great palaces will choose to engage in a decisive battle. I hope that Your Majesty will be truly impartial. After we win, I hope you can have those scumbags retreat from our territory.” replied Senior Elder Teng.

“Absurd, you will win? You may as well start packing your bags now. Although I, Mo Ling, understand how to be righteous and moral, I don’t enjoy people staying in my city for too long. Of course, Your Majesty had best add a restriction. In these five days, you must maintain the city. Perhaps these rats who know they’re going to lose will go about pillaging and destroy the inner city. Then what use will this city be to me?” Mo Ling was fearless. 

“So, you agree to the decisive battle as well?” asked Mu Qingyi. 

“Of course! Since Your Majesty is taking pity on the common people, I, Mo Ling, will do Your Majesty a favor and change the war into a decisive battle. I hope that Your Majesty will not be too protective over these 2220 people and their soul pets because in five days, they will all die even more miserably!” Mo Ling was clearly trying to return some face to himself! 

A decisive battle? What did Mo Ling have to fear? He, alone, could deal with a group of senior elders and elders. Wouldn’t it be easy to get rid of the rest? 

In five days, Li Hong, who was far away in the northern forbidden region, would not be able to return. Mo Ling had already made sure of this. 

With Li Hong not around, who could stop Mo Ling? Thinking of this, Mo Ling couldn’t help but smile. 

“It seems that this woman is still standing on Soul Alliance’s side. This decisive battle is equivalent to handing Snow City over to us. I was just thinking about complaining about her to the Alliance Master and the Hero Leader. But it seems like there’s no need to.” Mo Ling rubbed his chin and was silently excited. 


Since both sides agreed to a decisive battle, the war naturally came to a halt.

Following the spirit emperors’ orders, the armies gradually dispersed. 

However, even if the fight had stopped, the entire snow slope was littered with corpses of people and soul pets on the bloody snow. 

There existed hatred in war and once this hatred slowly cooled off, when both sides looked at the corpses they both recognized and did not recognize, they could feel the bitterness in their hearts. 

After the fight had stopped, there naturally was a team specialized in sweeping up the battlefield. 

Soul Alliance’s army retreated to their camp, which was located 40 kilometers away in a snow basin. They had tents and construction soul pet trainers with rock type soul pets. This camp had a bit of order and had ample resources. They didn’t care about waiting for 5 days because this gave them time to recover. 

The three great palaces occupied the city so an armistice was even more beneficial to them.

However, because they occupied the city and the outer city was badly damaged, they needed to repair it. This would increase the war goddess’ goodwill towards them. After bringing the wounded back to the city, they immediately sent people to save the affected civilians in the outer city, bringing them to temporary settlements. 


Snow City Lord’s Residence.

“Senior Elder Jiang, what on earth happened?” hastily asked Senior Elder Teng. 

Senior Elder Jiang showed his mouth full of yellow teeth and said: “Jia Hechuan died!” 

“So what if he died? Is there a need to be so excited?” Senior Elder Teng didn’t feel this was special.

“Jiangfeng, there’s something you don’t know. Jia Hechuan actually hid his strength and had two peak emperors. Wouldn’t his existence greatly affect us?” 

“Two peak emperors?!!” the others didn’t know of Jia Hechuan’s strength and were stunned.

"How did he die? Could it be you who killed him?” 

“It was me who killed him, but some expert helped me. It was only through him that I was able to kill him. The reason I was able to turn the tables in the fight outside the city was also because he took action.” 

Senior Elder Jiang wore a smile, thinking of that scene again.

It turned out that when the Heavenly Concubine ordained for a decisive battle to determine the winner of Snow City, this Elder Chen who had helped the senior elder kill Jia Hechuan had indicated that he would hide among the 2220 people to help the three great palaces. 

Senior Elder Jiang still remembered the scene of ten powerful White Nightmares lined up. Although he couldn’t be sure of all of their strengths, if that group of White Nightmares participated, they would have a much better chance of winning this decisive battle!!!

If the hidden expert Elder Chen was willing to help, they would definitely catch Soul Alliance by surprise! 

Promptly, Senior Elder Jian spoke with a face full of smiles as he told everyone about Elder Chen.

Hearing the earlier battle described by Senior Elder Jiang, the elders, senior elders, generals and palace lords were full of shock. Much later, they all showed pleased smiles! 

“I have spent most of my life in Snow City, but never realized that Snow City was residence to a hidden expert like this!!!” Teng Jiangfeng let out a loud laugh. The haze of the long war was instantly cleared. He hadn’t let out a laugh like this in a long time!! 

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