Chapter 805: In My Eyes, You Are Also Ants

Chapter 805: In My Eyes, You Are Also Ants

“The duty of spirit emperors is to guard the borders of human territory when there are enemies invading; it is a duty to protect the lives of other humans! Wanxiang King left behind these words. Have you already forgotten them!” 

The golden flames seemed to symbolize Mu Qingyi’s own anger and allowed others to feel the viciousness in her words. However, the spirit emperors on either side were confused as to why she had yelled at them to stop fighting. Was it to teach them a lesson? 

Spirit emperors had their own thoughts, and each one of them was willing to fight for profits. What the war goddess was speaking of was a macro responsibility and unless it was an exceptional circumstance, no spirit emperor would adhere to what the Wanxiang King said. 

This was an infight, not when enemies were invading...

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