Chapter 805: In My Eyes, You Are Also Ants

Chapter 805: In My Eyes, You Are Also Ants

“The duty of spirit emperors is to guard the borders of human territory when there are enemies invading; it is a duty to protect the lives of other humans! Wanxiang King left behind these words. Have you already forgotten them!” 

The golden flames seemed to symbolize Mu Qingyi’s own anger and allowed others to feel the viciousness in her words. However, the spirit emperors on either side were confused as to why she had yelled at them to stop fighting. Was it to teach them a lesson? 

Spirit emperors had their own thoughts, and each one of them was willing to fight for profits. What the war goddess was speaking of was a macro responsibility and unless it was an exceptional circumstance, no spirit emperor would adhere to what the Wanxiang King said. 

This was an infight, not when enemies were invading! 

“All of you look at the outer city of Snow City!!” as Mu Qingyi spoke, it was possible to feel a form of soul remembrance suppressing all of the spirit emperors’ minds. This forced them to look in that direction. 

In the broken outer city, everything was a mess; it was desolation after a disaster. Fresh blood flowed through the streets and broken corpses were splayed out on the ground, completely ignored. Several people dressed shabbily were moving through broken courtyards in search for family…  

This war had caused the death of tens of thousands in the outer city. It was practically inevitable that in each merciless conflict normal people would be affected; however, the casualties in this fight were particularly miserable. When Chu Mu flew across the western part of the city, his heart had been abnormally heavy. Even now, Ning Maner was still in the streets helping those heavily wounded… 

“You can forget those words, can divide up the king’s territory, can receive the tribute of the king’s citizens and can occupy the resources he left for you; however, who gave you the authority to wantonly kill!!” 

“This authority isn’t even possessed by the king! Where did you obtain the authority then!!” 

As she spoke, Mu Qingyi’s voice began to tremble from the anger!!

“Your Majesty, this is an unexpected…” at this moment, the only one who dared speak was the Fourth Hero, Mo Ling. 

Towards Mu Qingyi’s anger, the Fourth Hero disapproved of it. There would be inevitable deaths in war and he felt that the Heavenly Cncubine was making a huge deal out of a small matter. Perhaps this proclaimed war goddess was meddling in other people’s business. 

“Shut up!” the Heavenly Concubine coldly stared at Mo Linghui!

The Fourth Hero, Mo Linghui, opened his mouth as the resentment in his heart made him want to viciously retort. However, ultimately he resisted. 

“In the eyes of you people, they are like ants. Simply not worth caring about. Then in that case, don’t forget that in my eyes you are all ants!” 

“If you continue to harm the citizens of my Wanxiang Realm, each life will be compensated with the life of a soul pet trainer at the spirit master rank and above!!”

Mu Qingyi’s resoundingly angry voice descended from high above. The concentrated hostility and killing intent entered everyone’s ears. 

Perhaps the words earlier were ignored by the spirit emperors or maybe even made them feel upset at this war goddess’ intervention. However, these final words caused their hearts to shake! 

How many people under these heavens could view spirit emperors as ants?! The Heavenly Concubine currently riding on a dominator rank ancestor creature was one of them! 

The smoke from war continued to roll on in the ensuing silence. In the broken outer city of the Snow City, those people that had lost their family, those that were watching others who had miserably died in the chaotic fight between the two factions, and those that were lying incapacitated on the ground ignored by others could all hear Mu Qingyi’s words.

They were helpless, but now they all stared at the war goddess hovering high up outside the city. Their eyes were red as they knelt there, worshipping the woman who was angry for them and was willing to criticize those dictators who treated their lives like grass! Only she was the true king in the hearts of the Wanxiang Realm’s citizens! 

The smoke slowed. Most of the spirit emperors were hovering in the air, and when they saw countless people kneeling in the outer city whether it be in large streets or small alleys. Even in the central city where there hadn’t been any disaster yet, black masses of people were kneeling on the ground.

These people that hadn’t stepped onto the path of a high ranking soul pet trainer were indeed weak and lowly. They numbered many, yet could not control their own lives, especially in a war like this. However, this didn’t mean that they didn’t cherish their own lives or the lives of those next to them. It was when their lives were hanging on the edge of a thread in a war to be decided by experts that a person who viewed their lives are human lives stood up. She used her greater power and authority to protect them who were but ants among ants to her. How could such an expert be not worthy of them kneeling? 

Her final words threatened her using violence to curb violence. It forced everyone to understand why she had been conferred the superior name ‘War Goddess’. 


Soul Alliance could not control the Heavenly Concubine’s stance, nor could the three great palaces understand whether she would ultimately remain impartial. However, right now both sides had realized that she was the descendant of the Wanxiang King, and her stance was for the entirety of Wanxiang Realm’s civilians. She was definitely not standing on the side of Soul Alliance or the three great palaces. 

It wasn’t that Mu Qingyi didn’t understand the cruelty of war. In fact, she understood it very clearly. When both sides vied for power, there would inevitably be mass casualties. 

Wars in the past also affected tens of thousands of innocent civilians. Back then, she had also been angry, but didn’t issue a warning to both factions.

However, this time, Mu Qingyi couldn’t stand it any longer! 

The three great palaces that controlled Snow City had such a huge army that even she needed to be afraid of and on guard against when she entered Snow City. So why did they let those tens of thousands of civilians lose their lives?! 

Soul Alliance’s army could basically regard the city wall as non-existent. So why did they have to start the war while there were still many people who had yet to retreat from the outer city. 

War would have injuries and misery; however, there was no need to cause so many casualties. Under the roofs of the residences, there were clearly cellars where one could hide from the fight.

The only explanation was that neither side saw their lives as human lives. 


“Mo Ling, if the silver devil appears somewhere else and begins to mass slaughter, the first person I’ll blame is you.” Mu Qingyi coldly said to Mo Ling as she spoke to him. 

Mu Qingyi had Mo Ling come to Snow City Kingdom in order to stop the silver devil that could bring a huge calamity to Wanxiang Realm. Yet, he ended up leading soldiers to start a war! This was very difficult to tolerate! 

Mo Ling’s face was pale. Being scolded by this woman in front of so many people was not a good feeling. 

From today onwards, fights for kingdom cities cannot use the city itself as a defense. The fight must be 5 kilometers away from the city!” ordered Mu Qingyi. 

In reality, soul pet trainers were not infantrymen. A city defense, in the eyes of spirit teachers and spirit masters, was hardly of any use. The fight could easily be moved outside the city. However, having both factions completely listen to her words was impossible.

Even Mu Qingyi understood this. The war rules she decreed were very pale… however, her words would at least decrease the casualties. 


“The war is going to move. However, this woman really has courage.” Chu Mu looked at Mu Qingyi in the air and muttered.

“In your eyes, these lives are but ants. However, don’t forget that in my eyes, your lives are also ants.” Mu Qingyi’s words made Chu Mu feel hope. These were words that only a true expert could speak! 

Chu Mu also hoped for a day where he could cast aside the half-devil, and speak the same words with the qualifications of a true expert!! 

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