Chapter 804: In My Eyes, You Are Also Ants

Chapter 804: Just how powerful?

This time Soul Alliance army didn’t bring that many top tier emperor rank experts to take down Snow City. They only sent two, Jia Hechuan and Hua Ming - a 32 scar expert.

This person has a top tier emperor rank soul pet. Though having a top tier emperor rank put him at the level of sixteen absolutes, Hua Ming only had one passable soul pet - his top tier emperor rank Thousand Whiskers Tree Demon Emperor. His other soul pets indeed weren’t great, making him different from sixteen absolutes, whose secondary soul pets were high class emperor rank as well.

No one knew how Hua Ming came to own a top tier emperor rank wood type soul pet, while most of his soul pets were still middle class emperor rank. However, with this top tier emperor rank, his fame and position was very high in Wanxiang Realm.

It was imaginable that of the hundreds of millions of people in Wanxiang Realm, within all these...

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