Chapter 804: In My Eyes, You Are Also Ants

Chapter 804: Just how powerful?

This time Soul Alliance army didn’t bring that many top tier emperor rank experts to take down Snow City. They only sent two, Jia Hechuan and Hua Ming - a 32 scar expert.

This person has a top tier emperor rank soul pet. Though having a top tier emperor rank put him at the level of sixteen absolutes, Hua Ming only had one passable soul pet - his top tier emperor rank Thousand Whiskers Tree Demon Emperor. His other soul pets indeed weren’t great, making him different from sixteen absolutes, whose secondary soul pets were high class emperor rank as well.

No one knew how Hua Ming came to own a top tier emperor rank wood type soul pet, while most of his soul pets were still middle class emperor rank. However, with this top tier emperor rank, his fame and position was very high in Wanxiang Realm.

It was imaginable that of the hundreds of millions of people in Wanxiang Realm, within all these cities and regions, anyone with a top tier emperor rank soul pet was a hegemon of a large piece of territory. On the arduous path that all soul pet trainers took from servant rank to emperor rank, those who reached top tier emperor rank deserved the greatest respect and admiration.

Thus, a top tier emperor rank brought this man countless riches and admiration from others.

However, these days of pleasure didn’t last long. He only became one of 32 scars of Soul Alliance a few years ago, and was now sent here to fight against three palaces.

Having top tier emperor rank meant he could dominate countless kingdoms. However, there was always a couple of poeple in Wanxiang Realm that were much stronger than him.

At this moment, the person facing the three palace senior elder figures alone was a true expert that Hua Ming didn’t dare disobey! 

It’s because of a command from him that Hua Ming had to risk his life for Soul Alliance, no matter how unwilling he was. He also had to step onto the opposing side of the three palaces and face these senior elder figures!

“Hua Ming, control that fellow’s demon. Don’t let it appear near me or I’ll rip your head apart!” Suddenly, hero Mo Ling yelled out angrily!!

Mo Ling stood amongst the snowing skies. He was riding a Dream Demon Emperor that could step in the skies. The Dream Demon Emperor was like a phantom, with long arms reaching the ethereal lower body of it. When it cast dream realm techniques, its long arms would wave like tapestries.

Though this dream demon was already top tier emperor rank, it was still hard-pressed to deal with soul pet palace elder Zhuo’s Night Drinking Demon.

Elder Zhuo had amazing battle instincts. Mo Ling’s near dominator rank soul pet was incredibly hard to deal with, so elder Zhuo attempted to assassinate Mo Ling directly to end the battle.

Sadly, Mo Ling wasn’t the type to be so careless in battle, so Elder Zhuo’s assassination attempt failed, and he had to let his Night Drinking Demon fall into the ranks of soul pets attacking Mo Ling.

Hua Ming rode his wing type soul pet int he air and commanded Thousand Whisker Tree Demon to create a large whisker forest to protect Mo Ling. In reality, he truly wished for Mo Ling to just die from an assault, because that meant he could bring his soul pets and leave the battlefield immediately…...

“This Tai Mountain Giant, I can’t even break its defense!” Elder Teng’s face was grave as he glanced at all the other senior elder.

A total of four top tier emperor rank soul pets,16 high class emperor rank soul pets, and 20 soul pets attacked Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain Giant. Ye,t even when all these powerful people of Snow City came together, they couldn’t break apart this Tai Mountain giant’s defense and instead were finding it hard to deal with!

In the past, three palaces knew the four heroes were incredibly powerful, and would rarely have real conflicts with them. Now that a real battle erupted, Mo Ling’s power caused everyone to shiver!

By himself, he was fighting almost all the elders and senior elders of Snow City. If Mo Ling had gathered more sixteen absolute, 32 scar level experts, Snow City battle would almost certainly end in a loss for the three palaces!

Mo Ling’s power was hard to doubt. The three palace army members could barely believe that the senior elders they thought were probably the strongest experts they knew would come together to fight one person and still not be able take him down. Mo Ling’s power completely overthrew their understanding of the peak of soul pet trainers. The shock was incomprehensible.

“Haha, so your majesty came back to help me, let’s destroy Snow City’s obstinate forces!” Mo Ling suddenly laughed loudly, and lifted his gaze to the beauty riding a golden Crown Phoenix King.

Elder Teng and Zhuo both paused and suddenly lifted their heads!

They noticed a powerful aura approach them before, but they didn’t expect it to be heavenly concubine Miu Qingyi showing up at the battlefield!

One Mo Ling already needed all of the top tier experts of Snow City to come together to simply suppress. If the even more powerful heavenly concubine attacked, Snow City was destined to fall. Elder Teng, Elder Zhuo, and elder Zhang all felt immense pressure.

“All emperor ranks stop fighting within a minute!”

“All emperor ranks stop fighting within a minute!!!”

Above the golden and noble crown phoenix king, Miu Qingyi’s icy voice came down with a hard to repress anger!

Mo Ling, senior elders, palace masters, and other spirit emperors were all confused, not sure why heavenly concubine wanted them to all stop fighting. 

Yet, when all the spirit emperors heard the war goddesses next words, they were too shocked to think of disobeying.

“In a minute, if any spirit emperor casts a technique, I will personally kill them!!”

After the command, crown phoenix king’s golden flames instantly burned brighter, standing like a golden sun in the air that lit up the nearby kilometers of the battlefield!

A true dominator rank. Its intimidation was terrifying. Both sides of spirit emperors seemed to get locked onto by the crown phoenix king, not daring to move anymore!

“Back off first!” Elder Teng could tell that the war goddess was incredibly angry and didn't dare continue fighting. Yelling out loud, he commanded all his faction spirit emperors to back off. 

Mo Ling furrowed his brows, not knowing why heavenly concubine commanded everyone to stop. However, Mo Ling also didn’t want to anger the war goddess, commanding all his spirit emperors to stop.

With such a chaotic battlefield, countless people were red-eyed from killing, full of grudges and resentment.

However, in a minute, all the spirit emperors stopped fighting!!

It was hard to imagine that in such a large battle, one person could make all the spirit emperors put down their anger and stop!


“Team leader, what…..what is this? Why don’t you kill that guy!” On the snow, at the clash between the two armies, the wind type elemental sub-leader lifted his head in confusion.

“War goddess appeared, and she commanded all the spirit emperors to stop.” Army commander Shang Yingcheng said.

The leader Shang Ran was the son of palace master Shang Yingchen. They were father and son soldiers.

The young Shang Ran was only a top tier monarch rank expert, so how could he tell how powerful emperor rank truly was? Immediately, he asked, “Why, within five minutes, you could kill him!!”

“Because she is the most powerful person here.” Palace master Shang Yingchen said.

“The most powerful? Stronger than Mo Ling!!” Shang ran was shocked.

Sixteen absolutes, eight desolations, four heroes, two concubines- these were the power rankings of Soul Alliance but it wasn’t directly correlated to strength.

Most people below spirit emperor didn’t truly know these experts’ names and titles, let alone their relative rankings.

Many people have heard of heavenly concubine and knew she was the war goddess, incredibly powerful.

Many times people who are “incredibly strong” is hard to imagine.

To soul palace members below tenth level, palace masters who were emperor rank were already unimaginably powerful. To palace masters, elders and senior elders were unimaginably powerful…..

So, without a relative comparison, without entering the realm oneself, one couldn’t have a full picture of the tiers between experts,just like when the elders fought with Mo Ling. In three palace members’ hearts, elder and senior elders were already experts beyond anything they could reach in their lifetimes. However, the fight instantly toppled their view because they saw an enemy that needed three senior elders and five elders combined to fight.

However, just after Shang Ran’s shock and reconfirming that enemy Mo Ling was definitely the strongest person, the entire battle stopped because of the appearance of a woman. He was then told that she was the strongest person. Not only was Shang Ran in disbelief, but many people were also in shock.

This was the first time they witnessed just how impactful a real expert was, able to stop a battle spanning several kilometers!


“Why stop all spirit emperors from attacking?”

Not far away, Chu Mu rubbed his chin in the chaotic battlefield, watching the war goddess Miu Qingyi covered in golden flames, not understanding her intentions.

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