Chapter 803: Hidden Expert? Call me Elder Chen!

Chapter 803: Hidden Expert? Call me Elder Chen!

“Elder Jiang, this…...these two top tier emperor rank white nightmares are…..” Elder Xue Lin said with surprise.

The only people who had top tier emperor rank white nightmares was the four elders of Nightmare Palace. This snow city only had Elder Jiang from Nightmare Palace, so where did these other top tier emperor rank white nightmares come from. Did Jiang Devil Emperor appear?

Yet, wasn’t Devil Emperor Jiang always in Wanxiang City? If he weren’t there, who would be able to suppress the Soul Alliance experts?

Elder Jiang’s gaze flew to the city buildings. However, the white-clothed man above the building already disappeared and this white nightmare participated in the fight!

“It seems to be our aid. Some high class emperor rank white nightmares entered the battle too. No matter what, let’s get rid of Jia Hechuan first!” Elder Jiang said.

Since its an ally, then they shouldn’t be worrying about their identity but instead try to defeat Soul Alliance’s army with the injection of this powerful helping force!

“There are…...there are more white nightmares, all high class emperor rank?” Listening to Elder Jiang say that, the aide-de-camp paused and he gazed at the battlefield.

Indeed, the commanders all found that the battle became a one-sided slaughter. Occasionally, one could see rolling devil flames quickly devouring large chunks of the Soul Alliance soul pet army!

They couldn’t even see the silhouettes of the soul pets. Such a development appeared very suddenly, and they completely subdued the Soul Alliance army with overwhelming advantage!

Elder Jiang was the only one to see the mysterious white-clothed man. However, no matter how questioning and shocked he was, he must push it down. He cast an incantation to retract one of his secondary soul pets and summoned his own white nightmare!

Water type top tier emperor ranks indeed could counter fire type well, but white nightmare itself was an organism of many types. Adding on the fact that white nightmare emperor was very close to invincible emperor rank, he was even stronger than elder Jiang's white nightmare and wasn’t at a disadvantage against the water type emperor!!

“Did old Jiang’s white nightmare get stronger, why is it this hard to deal with!” Jia Hechuan said solemnly.

White nightmare emperor’s power was beyond Jia Hechuan’s estimates, actually able to go even against his water type top tier emperor rank!

“Boss Jia…… boss……” At this time, the kingdom master’s strategist started calling out fuzzily with a pale face.

Jia Hechaun glanced at the strategist’s panicked look and said angrily, “Just say it!”

“We…...our army is getting pressured by Nightmare Palace experts that came out of nowhere and can no longer fight!”

“Repeat what you just said!!!” Jia Hechaun said angrily!

The strategist, of course, didn’t dare repeat it, so Jia Hechuan looked towards the army battlefield himself!

Indeed, devil flames completely engulfed his army. The large elemental army, beast army, rock type defense army were all losing rapidly by the second!!

Jia Hechuan’s face was full of shock and turned red with rage!

This was the elite army under his lead. Seeing them all suddenly engulfed by the powerful white flames, it was as if the flames attacked him!

“What is wrong!!!” Jia Hechuan yelled. 

“I think it’s a white nightmare….. For some reason, the battlefield suddenly was intruded by multiple high class emperor rank white nightmares, completely destroying our formations. Then, the Nightmare Palace armies came forth……” The strategist said with a blackened face.

The entire army’s formation was managed by this strategist. He had just promised that within three hours, their formation will be undefeatable.

Yet, within half an hour, the army was completely destroyed. The rock type defense that was solid as mountains, the elemental army that could destroy all, the undefeated beast type formation, all of them were rendered into scattered losers, running away in battle!

If it wasn’t for Jia Hechuan being too preoccupied, he would have cut this boasting strategist’s head off already!

To protect his own head, the strategist kept trying to explain, “These high class emperor rank organisms’ elders, palace masters, soul emperors have all been restricted by me already, this definitely is a new force!”

The more the strategist explained, the more frustrated Jia Hechuan got. He told the man to take his broken army and run away and devoted himself fully to the top tier emperor rank battle.

As long as Jia Hechuan could win here, the battle could be turned around!

Yet, after not long, something that caused Jia Hechuan to completely collapse happened!

“Three white nightmares…..this is impossible…..utterly impossible!!!!” Jia Hechuan’s eyes almost fell out of their sockets. He saw Elder Jiang ride another top tier emperor rank white nightmare over!

Jia Hechuan would never have thought that elder Jiang already had three top tier emperor rank white nightmares!

“Jia Hechuan!!” Elder Jiang yelled with vigor and heavy killing intent as he commanded his white nightmare to kill Jia Hechuan!!

Jia Hechuan’s two top tier emperor rank soul pets were occupied by the two white nightmare emperors, so how would he still have power left to deal with elder Jiang's top tier emperor rank?

In a hurry, Jia Hechuan quickly brought the three other high class emperor ranks he had beside him.

However, such an act was meaningless because other than top tier emperor rank, elder Jiang had four high class emperor rank secondary pets too!

The three high class emperor rank soul pets didn’t last long before getting killed by elder Jiang's soul pets. With three souls wounded, Jia Hechuan gave up everything, called back his two top tier emperor ranks and started escaping on a massive tide!

Unluckily for him was the two white nightmares were both kill thirsty fellows. How would they let their enemy escape? Once the tow killed the ice forest scorpion emperor, they started chasing after Jia Hechuan!

Initially, Elder Jiang had to worry about this kingdom master’s fame in other kingdoms and didn't dare kill him easily. However, seeing these two white nightmares care about nothing, he also decided to kill the man. No matter what status he was or how many enemies he might gain from this, anyone who dares to breach Snow City will have to pay the price!

Elder Jiang no longer kept anything back and summoned his other top tier emperor white nightmare!

Then, another white nightmare would be chasing Jia Hechuan and he wouldn’t be able to escape!

“Four…...four top tier white nightmares.” Jia Hechuan looked back and he went stiff!

Jia Hechuan thought he was really good at hiding his strength and wanted to show himself off in this fight against the three palaces. However, he finally saw what true strength hiding was. With four top tier emperor rank white nightmares, this elder Jiang could kill him as easily as the flip of his palm!

This time, Jia Hechuan truly was in despair!!

He was at least ten kilometers from another expert, but devil flames already devoured his entire body. He felt the devil flames burning in his soul!


A shrill scream echoed through the skies and this Kingdom Master Jia Hechuan used the painful scream to mark the end of his life.

One had to say that this Kingdom Master Jia was very unlucky. He finally waited for the chance to show himself off and wanted to gain fame amongst Wanxiang Realm through his performance, except he got attacked by four top tier emperor rank white nightmares. Before he could even show off, he was killed!

“Jia Hechuan is dead, if you don’t want to get burnt to ashes, leave!!!”

Elder Jiang flew into the air and gazed down at the Soul Alliance army that was already escaping!!

The Soul Alliance army was already completely subdued by the white nightmares. Hearing their kingdom master getting killed, they lost all will to fight. Half the soul pets were instantly retracted and they started running hastily in different directions.

Elder Jiang, of course, wasn’t doing this to be nice to his enemies. He simply didn’t have the time to waste and deal with these remainders. The other battlegrounds were all looking bleak. Especially with the existence of Mo Ling, the other three elders were probably losing strength and would lose without assistance.

Elder Jiang just saw heavenly concubine ride her crown phoenix king through the air. However, heavenly concubine couldn’t truly get meddled into this affair. As long as she didn’t help Soul Alliance, it was the best!

“I wonder which secret expert came to help, Jiang Ang is eternally grateful. However, may I dare ask expert to help Jiang Ang again and kill our way into the central fighting grounds?” Elder Jiang suddenly bowed down.

Elder Jiang was sure the white-clothed man was hidden in this chaotic battleground!

Able to gain help at a such a moment was crucial to them!

“Go forwards, I don’t like these situations so I won’t show myself.” Within the bustling battlefield, Chu Mu lifted his head and glanced at elder Jiang, saying lightly using soul remembrance.

Chu Mu couldn’t participate himself so he could use elder Jiang's position in Nightmare Palace to tell nightmare conquerer and the other ones to fight instead.

“Thank you, what may I call you by?” Elder Jiang racked his brains but couldn’t think of an expert that matched the mysterious man he was faced with. An expert like this definitely needed respect even if he was an old senior elder.

“Call me Elder Chen.” Chu Mu didn’t intentionally make his voice sound old, simply making it sound deeper. After all, true experts are hard to tell by age. Age was meaningless until one’s life was about to come to an end.

“Elder Chen, I Jiang Ang will come with great thanks and gifts after the battle!” Elder Jiang didn’t say much more, leading his white nightmares towards the center battlefield.

At the same time, Chu Mu brought his ice air fairy nearer to the center battlegrounds. The three top tier emperor rank white nightmares were vicious. Everywhere they went, the Soul Alliance army groaned in pain. They were simply following their hidden king through the battlefield.

The battle was in utter chaos so naturally no one would know that these utmost powerful white nightmares were all commanded by a young man in white!!

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