Chapter 801: Whose Peak White Nightmares are Those?

Chapter 801: Whose Peak White Nightmares are Those? 

There were a total of four experts from the three great palaces that had reached the peak emperor rank. Nightmare Palace’s Senior Elder Jiang had two peak emperor ranks while Soul Palace’s Senior Elder Teng, also Teng Lang’s father, also had two peak emperor ranks. Soul Pet Palace had two senior elder rank experts, but each of them had only one peak emperor rank. 

Therefore, in this fight, there were only a total of six peak emperors on their side. They could be described as the most crucial points of this war. If the senior elders lost a fight, subsequently the high class emperors would be easily slaughtered and so on and so forth, eventually influencing the entire fight. 

Of Chu Mu’s ten underlings, three of them were peak emperors. Most importantly, they were all multiple attributed creatures! 

Added on the other seven White Nightmares, the strength of this team was rather terrifying. It could easily sweep through and obtain victory in this scale of a war! 

Ten white figures charged into the chaotic and smoking battlefield. In the ten kilometers of chaotic fighting, there were countless Nightmare Palace White Nightmares. Therefore, the entrance of these ten White Nightmares wasn’t something people would take to heart. 

Most of the Soul Alliance army near the city wall were spirit masters and spirit teachers - the Green Mist Army. The Green Mist Army was being commanded by a peak emperor rank Great Kingdom Lord. His name was Jia Hechuan and was a peak expert comparable to Soul Alliance’s Sixteen Absolutes! 

Jia Hechuan was only fighting with his secondary pets, but they were all high class emperors. He had summoned a total of four of them and they had appeared in the air above the tall snow slope. They were currently fighting against Nightmare Palace’s Senior Elder Jiang’s soul pets! 

Jia Hechuan hadn’t summoned his main pets yet because before Senior Elder Jiang showed his hidden cards, he absolutely could not show his strongest soul pets! 

“This old Jiang fellow definitely does not know that I broke through a few years ago. What use does having two peak emperors have? At the end of the day you’ll still lose to me!” a smile hung on Jia Hechuan’s face.

Indeed, he was the crucial person in this fight because the senior elder from the three great palaces definitely know that this Great Kingdom Lord had hidden his strength so deeply that he could fight against the senior elders from the three great palaces. He was going to do something when least expected and defeat Nightmare Palace’s Senior Elder Jiang whose name was already renowned! 

“Hmm? You’ve finally summoned them, but you thought I wouldn’t be able to find them if they entered the chaotic fight? This Old Jiang is truly a joke.” Jia Hechuan’s lips formed a sneer as he discovered a White Nightmare which aura reached the peak emperor rank! 

This White Nightmare was currently secretly passing through the monarch rank soul pet fights, attempting to sneak around to a middle class emperor beast type soul pet to deliver a fatal attack. 

The person controlling the middle class emperor was Jia Hechuan’s underling - Xing Shen. Numerous Soul Pet Palace members had perished under his other two ice type main pets. Moreover, the number of Nightmares he had killed could probably form a whole team. 

“Xing Sheng, have your soul pets retreat. Senior Elder Jiang’s White Nightmare is flying towards you!” Jia Hechuan used soul remembrance to tell his underling. 

Xing Sheng was having fun killing when he suddenly heard the Great Kingdom Lord’s voice. His heart instantly froze! 

Since it was a senior elder, his White Nightmare had definitely reached the peak emperor rank. One of its techniques was capable of annihilating all of his soul pets. 

Xing Sheng never expected that his slaughter would attract the attention of a senior elder rank expert. He hastily withdrew his soul pets from the frontline and fled towards Great Kingdom Lord Jia Hechuan.

“It unexpectedly is pursuing! That’s the best!” Jia Hechuan’s attention was currently on the demonic White Nightmare. Seeing it chase, he promptly chanted an incantation! 

Jia Hechuan naturally summoned his main pet which was an Ice Forest Scorpion Emperor! 

This Ice Forest Scorpion Emperor was about 20 meters large and its terrifying metal moulded tail reached fifty meters in length. Its poison barbs were filled with cold light as they casually waved about. It filled the air with intense paralysis, causing the surrounding creatures to be paralyzed to the earth!

This White Nightmare had just ascended to the peak emperor rank and had been waiting since to fight with its full power. It finally obtained this chance. 

Originally, it wanted to find a few high class emperors to serve as appetizers. The White Nightmare had ascended from the high class emperor rank so it wanted to find a few opponents that had oppressed it in the past and enjoy the power of being a peak emperor rank! 

However, before it could find a high class emperor, it surprisingly discovered a large tailed devil scorpion with poison aura that had locked onto it! 

A peak emperor!

The White Nightmare was very surprised. It had been wandering around and unexpectedly encountered a peak emperor clearly aiming for it!


However, this was perfect. The White Nightmare should attempt to deal with an enemy it could not defeat in the past! 

The devil scorpion emperor made its way over and the White Nightmare Emperor’s blood began to boil. They clashed together, causing the heavens to rumble and earth to crack. The creatures around the two peak emperors were knocked flying and scattered everywhere. 

“Peak… peak emperor…” 

“Quickly flee!! It’s peak emperors!!”

The clash between peak emperors could be detected by everyone on the battlefield within 5 kilometers. They all quickly began to move locations, leaving this area for the two tyrants! 

Xing Shen brought his middle class emperors far away and his forehead was filled with a cold sweat. 

Just now when the devil flames swept over, at least several hundred monarch rank and commander rank creatures had been instakilled, transformed into ashes. If he had still been in that area, if his middle class emperors hadn’t died, they would at least be severely wounded.

“Peak emperors are indeed terrifying!” Xing Shen’s heart was palpitating. 

After moving far away from the peak emperor battlefield, Xing Shen naturally didn’t forget his mission to slaughter the experts from the three great palaces. Eventually, Xing Shen gathered a hundred spirit masters and began to approach the city wall...


Three or four kilometers from the eastern city wall, the White Nightmare in charge of that area grasped two emperor rank inner crystals in its hands and raised its head. It was staring at the fight between the devil scorpion emperor and White Nightmare emperor. 

Peak emperor rank enemies. Only these were of interest to the white emperor. In comparison, fighting those creatures at the middle emperor rank and under was too boring. Even if they formed an army, they would still be wiped by its devil flames! 


This White Nightmare (“Nightmare 1”) gave a cry and irresponsibly gave up on its battlefield, crying out towards the other White Nightmare (“Nightmare 2”) 

*TL: So this is super confusing. The author is distinguishing the two White Nightmare emperors by using a different word for emperor. But they both have the exact same English translation... 

When Nightmare 2 heard its companion’s cry, it let out a very dissatisfied cry, warning Nightmare 1 not to interrupt its fight! 

It was extremely difficult to encounter a peak emperor in a fight so Nightmare 1 ignored whether this was its companion’s prey. It resolutely rushed over to bully the devil scorpion emperor that was filled with a poison aura.

“Old Jiang took out his two hidden cards so quickly?” Jia Hechuan was a bit shocked. He then turned to look at the other White Nightmare peak emperor that was passing through a huge army towards him.

“Kingdom Lord Jia, that White Nightmare seems stronger than the other. Its flames don’t resemble that of a recently ascended peak emperor!” the army’s general, Jia Rong, spoke with a bit of shock.

“Hmph, so what?!” Jia Hechuan objected. The 4th Hero Mo Linghui had sent him here to deal with Senior Elder Jiang. Of course this made sense because Jia Hechuan’s other peak emperor was a water type ocean beast! 

The amount a water type emperor countered a fire type emperor far surpassed how much an water type countered a fire type. Even if the White Nightmare was stronger, it definitely was not his ice type peak emperor’s opponent. This was the true reason Jia Hechuan was fearless! 

Seeing the White Nightmare slaughter its way over, Jia Hechuan didn’t hesitate to recall one of his high class emperors before chanting an incantation! 

An ocean wave surged to the sky, forming a tsunami that could engulf the whole territory. It terrifyingly hovered above the southern city wall and could at any moment swallow everything. 

Above this enormous 100 meter tsunami, an ocean beast emperor covered in a deep blue color arrogantly stood there, staring down at the enemies that were like small ants that could be easily engulfed. This included the White Nightmare that was courting death as it flew over here!

“Hahaha, Old Jiang, you never expected it, eh? Today, I’ll have your two White Nightmares perish alongside you in this poison water. Not even your corpse will remain!!” from high above, Jia Hechuan looked down at Senior Elder Jiang on the city wall!

Jia Hechaun could see Senior Elder Jiang’s shocked expression as well as the perplexity all over his face. In the past, this old man had always walked past him arrogantly, rarely looking at him. But Jia Hechuan was certain now that this old man was extremely shocked at him who had hidden his strength. Jia Hechuan wanted to see this old man’s shocked and angry expression.

Such an enormous tsunami was hanging in the air. To the spirit teachers and spirit masters, this was a stunning sight. This was an unstoppable force. If they were swept away, how much of Snow City could be preserved? 

Sounds of fright ceaselessly rang out. The chaotic fight between the armies got further and further away, or perhaps it was more accurate to say it gradually quieted because compared to a peak emperor’s tsunami ability, the fight between commanders and monarchs was like a child throwing a tantrum - insignificant. 

“Senior Elder… that’s a water type peak emperor. That Jia Hechuan has hidden himself very deeply!!” Nightmare Palace’s Elder Xue Lin spoke with a grave expression.

“Senior Elder, how is this good?” 

“Your White Nightmares are going to be completely oppressed by him!” 

The aides next to Senior Elder Jiang were pale. The appearance of a water type peak emperor was undoubtedly the advent of a nightmare. It caused the Nightmare Palace members defending the area to lose hope! 

You guys have been standing next to me the whole time. Did you see me summon my White Nightmares?” just as everyone was anxious, Senior Elder Jiang measuredly spoke. 

“This… senior elder’s summoning methods are incredible. How could we have detected…” his three aides were stunned as they really hadn’t seen him summon soul pets. 

Senior Elder Jiang’s eyes were at a loss. Obviously, it wasn’t because of the terrifying water type peak emperor, but because he simply hadn’t shown any hidden cards!

“Those two peak emperor rank White Nightmares are not my soul pets!” Senior Elder Jiang’s voice was deep.

This sentence stunned the higher ups around him. Among them, one of them bitterly laughed: “If they aren’t your White Nightmares, who else’s could they be? Senior Elder Jiang, you had best not joke around in this sort of a time…” 

“You guys can look yourselves. My five secondary pets are still fighting.” said Senior Elder Jiang.

Xue Lin was the first to sweep his gaze over. Indeed, he discovered that Senior Elder Jiang’s high class emperors were all still on the battlefield. None of them had been recalled!

Quickly, the aides discovered this problem, making them, who commanded this area, dumbstruck! 

They finally realized that these two peak emperor rank White Nightmares truly were not Senior Elder Jiang’s soul pets! 

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