Chapter 801: Whose Peak White Nightmares are Those?

Chapter 801: Whose Peak White Nightmares are Those? 

There were a total of four experts from the three great palaces that had reached the peak emperor rank. Nightmare Palace’s Senior Elder Jiang had two peak emperor ranks while Soul Palace’s Senior Elder Teng, also Teng Lang’s father, also had two peak emperor ranks. Soul Pet Palace had two senior elder rank experts, but each of them had only one peak emperor rank. 

Therefore, in this fight, there were only a total of six peak emperors on their side. They could be described as the most crucial points of this war. If the senior elders lost a fight, subsequently the high class emperors would be easily slaughtered and so on and so forth, eventually influencing the entire fight. 

Of Chu Mu’s ten underlings, three of them were peak emperors. Most importantly, they were all multiple attributed creatures! 

Added on the other seven White Nightmares, the strength of this team was rather terrifying. It could easily sweep through and obtain victory in this scale of a war! 

Ten white figures charged into the chaotic and smoking battlefield. In the ten kilometers of chaotic fighting, there were countless Nightmare Palace White Nightmares. Therefore, the entrance of these ten White Nightmares wasn’t something...

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