Chapter 800: Who on Earth is that Person?!

Chapter 800: Who on Earth is that Person?! 

Chu Mu had believed that it should have taken only 5 months to go to the Universe Ice Gates and the icy palace from the ice muslin valley before returning. 

Mu Qingyi also believed this. Although most of her soul pets were at a bottleneck, spending an entire 5 months on a mysterious inheritance was a bit too wasteful of time. 

However, when they left the Universe Ice Gates, the two of them felt that the flow of time was different between the two sides.

“We should have only left Snow City for 2 months.” conjectured Mu Qingyi from the subtle change in season in Snow City.

Normally, Snow City would have snow all season, but there was still change each season; thus, using seasons to estimate time was the best.

“Our sense of time has also been unlimitedly expanded.” bitterly laughed Chu Mu.

This was a very normal phenomenon. When undergoing a tedious or torturous task, time would become abnormally slow. Chu Mu was able to rely on his perception to tell how long had passed, thus he never expected that his normally very accurate perception would deceive him. 

Since only two months had passed, Chu Mu was a lot more calm. He was really afraid that with no one looking after Ning Maner and the group of White Nightmares, there would be a problem.

The two of them flew towards Snow City, but they quickly discovered that there was an intense commotion outside Snow City. Various dazzling and beautiful techniques were flickering in the air. There was wind, lightning, thunder, and falling rocks… these different attributed techniques interweaved across the snowy ground outside Snow City! 

It was the flames of war. Soul pet howls filled the surroundings of Snow City and smells of techniques clashing against each other pervaded the area. 

A war! 

Snow City’s war!

Chu Mu never expected that upon returning, this tenth rank city would be engaged in such a large scale war!

The two sides of the fight clearly were the three great palaces and Soul Alliance. It was hard to imagine how many unsettling energy waves would be caused by this war with peak emperor experts in it! 

Chu Mu looked on. He could see that Snow City was no longer as intact as before. The southern and western walls had practically completely fallen. On either side of the wall, everything was destroyed and red flames filled the streets, jumping from residence to residence. It was even possible to see a few innocent corpses lying on the dirtied snow. There were civilians crying for their families everywhere and cries from young children. However, there still lay neglected corpses… 

The scale of Snow City was not much more inferior to Tianxia City. It was unknown how many people lived in the outer city, but underneath the smoke from battle, too many people had been engulfed in the disaster. 

Nonetheless, this was war. These weak people simply had no control over their lives or deaths. 

 It was already possible to determine that the three great palaces were fighting Soul Alliance in Snow City. Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi were both riding on the Nine Colored Phoenix. She was next to him, so he glanced at her.

The moment war broke out between the two sides, her stance was extremely important. Especially since the three factions and Soul Alliance were in at an irresolvable point… 

Mu Qingyi was expressionless. She flew directly towards the war.

The Nine Colored Phoenix was fast, and the guards defending the northern side were unable to stop it at all.

When she flew into the center of the city, Mu Qingyi suddenly chanted an incantation, surprisingly summoning her dominator rank Crown Phoenix King!

A silver light filled the entire Snow City, lightning it up in gold. The enormous might of a dominator rank was capable of dimming the atmosphere of this enormous war.

“You stay here.” Mu Qingyi apathetically said to Chu Mu. Afterwards, she jumped onto the Crown Phoenix King, flying towards the fight outside the southern city that extended several tens of kilometers!

Chu Mu naturally couldn’t stay. Yet, he didn’t have a suitable wing type soul pet and thus attempted to have the Nine Colored Phoenix bring him.

The Nine Colored Phoenix naturally wanted to put Chu Mu down in the center of the city before following its master. However, Chu Mu wouldn’t leave so it just carried Chu Mu as it flew after Mu Qingyi.

As they flew, Chu Mu expanded his soul remembrance, searching for Ning Maner and the group of White Nightmares. 

While Ning Maner enjoyed having fun, she was smart and knew her limits. Although in the past two months, she had skirmished a few times with a few higher ups of the three great palaces, she hadn’t actually been discovered. However, in these two months, there had been nothing fun to do and Ning Maner definitely could not participate in the war.

But even if she couldn’t participate, she couldn’t just watch these innocent civilians being affected. Thus, the kind Ning Maner had the White Nightmares hide in the southern and northern parts of the city and protect those without any ability to a certain extent. 

In the disorderly street, Ning Maner was wearing a small white robe, and was kneeling beside a body with mangled legs. She carefully put back together the bloody wound.

Ning Maner could only do this much. After helping the passed out man guarantee his life, she could only wait for a rescue team to take him away.

“Big brother has returned?” Ning Maner suddenly detected Chu Mu’s soul remembrance. 

In the past two months, the soul link between Chu Mu and Ning Maner had been ostensibly severed. It wasn’t until recently that it slightly recovered. Now, Ning Maner could feel that he was in the city.

“Girl, bring those two the southern side of the city.” Chu Mu used soul remembrance to say to Ning Maner. 

“Ok, ok!” Ning Maner hastily agreed.

Without Chu Mu’s orders, Ning Maner couldn’t autonomously have the White Nightmares participate in the fight. Now that Chu Mu had returned, the restless White Nightmares were going to be very happy!

The Nightmare ruler and the other nine White Nightmares were all near Ning Maner. After knowing their king had returned, they revealed themselves. The Nightmare ruler grabbed Ning Maner and brought its comrades to the location of its king!

On the southern city tower. A noble Nine Colored Phoenix carrying nine long streams of color behind it below in the air. Chu Mu never expected that Mu Qingyi would participate in the fight so immediately. When the Nine Colored Phoenix flew past the tower, it instantly descended on a half broken roof, silently standing there. 

There weren’t many guards on the city wall and city tower. Most of them had thrown themselves into battle. 

In a fight of this rank, the city was simply like decoration.

The fight continued for several tens of kilometers and the entire extent couldn’t be seen. Even further away, the humans and soul pets were indistinct. Only the occasional flash of light and explosion of energy indicated that there was still fighting beyond the snow slope

From the city wall, the five or six kilometer snow slope could be seen clearly. There were countless soul pet trainers and soul pets fighting. Amidst the clashes of creatures, there were terrifying blasts of energy that would occasionally land in the city, causing large scale destruction.

On the white snow land and even the city, there was red everywhere. The cruelty caused by the open slaughter and brazen killing couldn’t be described by words.

Chu Mu stood alone on the destroyed city wall. His white garments fluttered in the wind. His slightly messy hair danced in front of him and his entire being slowly began to exude a demonic aura. This wildness and coldness, even in the eyes of those not standing on the city wall looking at the slaughter, was not a joke! 

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~~”

Suddenly, behind Chu Mu, a ball of strange white devil flames began to burn. Devil flames flew up and fiery tongues began to dance. 

An evil demonic phantom slowly drew a shape amidst this ball of flame The wavering white flames materialized, finally forming the Nightmare ruler which was filled with extreme evil, viciousness and darkness! 

The Nightmare ruler stood behind Chu Mu and respectfully lowered its head, waiting for its king’s orders. 

In the next moment, another two balls of devil flames ignited beside the Nightmare ruler. From them, two devil aura figures emerged. The arrogance and ego of a powerful creature could be seen from their eyes. However, when they saw the figure of their king, they immediately lowered their heads, waiting like the Nightmare ruler for an order. 

Another while passed, and seven balls of flame practically simultaneously ignited. They all stood there, filled with a terrifying majesty that would make others tremble!! 

“That… that is…” four kilometers from the city wall, Senior Elder Jiang who was commanding the war glanced at the broken city wall and was stunned! 

These ten devil flame figures were clearly the ten White Nightmares. From the color of their flames, all of them had reached the high class emperor rank! 

Moreover, at the center of them stood three of them with even deeper devil flames. Their majesty was even more tyrannical. His own White Nightmare probably was inferior to them! 

Finally, at the front of these ten White Nightmares that instilled others with fear stood a white clothed man! 

This man simply didn’t need to hide his evil and arrogance. It was something Senior Elder Jaing had never felt before. It was hard to believe that a human could do something that a Senior Elder needed to respect and revere! 

Staring at the city wall, Senior Elder Jiang’s gaze was filled with horror and he was filled with shock! Who on earth was that person! 


“Kill all of the Soul Alliance members within five kilometers of the city.” Chu Mu apathetically swept his gaze around. His tone was calm, but within was hidden killing intent!

“Nie!!!! Nie!!!!!!”


The ten White Nightmares could finally enjoy bloodshed! They essentially resembled ten Nightmares dancing atop a pool of blood! 

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