Chapter 800: Who on Earth is that Person?!

Chapter 800: Who on Earth is that Person?! 

Chu Mu had believed that it should have taken only 5 months to go to the Universe Ice Gates and the icy palace from the ice muslin valley before returning. 

Mu Qingyi also believed this. Although most of her soul pets were at a bottleneck, spending an entire 5 months on a mysterious inheritance was a bit too wasteful of time. 

However, when they left the Universe Ice Gates, the two of them felt that the flow of time was different between the two sides.

“We should have only left Snow City for 2 months.” conjectured Mu Qingyi from the subtle change in season in Snow City.

Normally, Snow City would have snow all season, but there was still change each season; thus, using seasons to estimate time was the best.

“Our sense of time has also been unlimitedly expanded.” bitterly laughed Chu Mu.

This was a very normal phenomenon. When undergoing a tedious or torturous task, time would become abnormally slow. Chu Mu was able to rely on his perception to tell how long had passed, thus...

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