Book 2 Chapter 80 - Coincidentally Encountering Princess Jin Rou

Chapter 80: Coincidentally Encountering Princess Jin Rou

The capital garnered from Gangluo City’s auction hall was naturally inferior to the auction halls of the tenth rank city, Jia City. In Jia City, it was relatively easy to purchase a sixth level soul equipment, as long as one had enough capital.

When Chu Mu entered the auction hall, he searched through the auction list of the day and quickly found the sixth level full form offensive soul equipments.

Soul pet species were different, and their methods of attack were different. Soul claws were, in fact, a restricted concept and merely portrayed the soul equipment transforming into a claw. In reality, offensive soul equipments could transform into a weapon on any part of a soul part’s body, for instance its talons, teeth, bone horns, wing blades, arms...

Soul claws merely only reflected the structure of a claw as they were made. Once the soul pet used its idea to transform it, the soul equipment’s effect could then be applied onto a claw.

A full form offensive soul equipment was at an even higher level. It could transform into any method of attack for a soul pet, suiting its needs.

Once equipped with this full form offensive soul equipment, the moment a soul pet used its thoughts to control it, the soul equipment’s effects would adhere to any attacking part of the soul pet.

For instance, in Zhan Ye’s case, if it were using the Ink Armor Spike technique, the effect which was originally attached to its claws could identically be used on its ink armor spikes, causing the might of this technique to instantly increase.

On the list that Chu Mu saw in the auction hall, he didn’t immediately  search for a soul claw. Instead, he found a sixth level full form offensive soul equipment….

Without any doubt, the full form offensive soul equipment’s price would be much more expensive that of the single form offensive soul equipment.

“A full form offensive soul equipment is extremely suitable for Zhan Ye. This soul pet that has numerous methods of attack…” when he saw the sixth level full form offensive soul equipment, Chu Mu was tempted.

Zhan Ye had many methods of attack: his claws, horn, armor spike, and iron tail. If such a soul pet were to have a full form offensive soul equipment, its fighting strength would then holistically rise!

“The base price is 5 million gold coins…” when Chu Mu saw the base auction price, his heart cooled off. With a base price of 5 million, its true price would definitely be over 10 million. Chu Mu only had so much capital on him...

Chu Mu hesitated a long while at the auction hall. Ultimately, he decided to try and contest for it. If he could purchase it for 10 million gold coins, Chu Mu would still grind his teeth and buy it. After all, such a soul equipment was really worth the fighting value it brought.

The fifth phase Zhan Ye definitely could not merge a sixth level soul equipment into its soul at the moment. If he was able to obtain it, this soul equipment would be used on Mo Xie first to increase her fighting strength. When Zhan Ye reached the sixth phase, he would then wear this full form soul equipment that was suited for it.


Chu Mu entered the auction hall, which had many items that Chu Mu was interested in. There was one time when Chu Mu figured that 10 million gold coins wouldn’t be able to purchase the full form offensive soul equipment, and instead wanted to buy a sixth level black crystal soul pearl that would increase attribute damage.

A black crystal soul pearl; this soul equipment was created by smelting the souls of powerful black crystal soul pets. This ice soul pearl would then merge into a soul pet’s soul, and the soul pet would be able to create black crystals.

During the Recommendation, when the Ice Air Fairy had fought the Black Crystal Ice Air Fairy, the turning point of the battle had occurred when the Black Crystal Ice Air Fairy used its black crystal effect.

Black crystal had effects similar to the Demon Fire Evil Flame, and it could directly allow the damage of a soul pet’s ice type techniques to increase a few times.

As for the black crystal soul pearl, it allowed a few ice type soul pets to directly have control over black crystals, making the damage of their ice type techniques increase.

The soul pearl on the auction was a sixth level black crystal soul pearl, and it could increase the damage of ice types by at least fifty percent. If he could equip it to the Ice Air Fairy, then its ice type damage would increase by a large margin. Simultaneously, its defense, because of the black crystal, would increase. Therefore, when the black crystal soul pearl hovered around the price of 6 million gold coins, Chu Mu was a bit tempted...

However, Chu Mu ultimately didn’t shout out a price. The price Chu Mu could accept for the black crystal soul pearl was 5 million gold coins. Spending an extra 1 million gold coins for this equipment was a bit of a concern for Chu Mu.

The full form offensive soul equipment which was identically at the sixth level, if its price surpassed 10 million which was what Chu Mu could sustain, Chu Mu would also unhesitatingly forsake this purchase.

Chu Mu himself could also be considered someone who started with nothing. Of his 10 million gold coins, 5 million would not have easily obtained without the Nightmare Palace assassins. Chu Mu wasn’t Mr. Moneybags, and when it came to purchasing things, the items still had to be at reasonable prices!

“Ning, in the future, I’ll buy you an even better one.” Chu Mu specially consoled the Ice Air Fairy.

“Ling~~~” Although the Ice Air Fairy which had followed Chu Mu for three years was experienced at fighting and mature, its intelligence was still like a slow minded child- very naive.

Not long ago, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had obtained the Demon Wood’s Heart. The Ice Air Fairy naturally didn’t have any objections as the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was honest and considerate. When it came to throwing tantrums in order to eat midnight snacks, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier would always be very calm...

As for the Night Thunder Dream Beast, Chu Mu had an extreme necessity to purchase it a speed type soul equipment.


Finally, the sixth level full form offensive soul armor was being auctioned off.

It had to be said that Chu Mu was lucky. After unceasingly calling out prices with the other few competitors, Chu Mu unexpectedly purchased the full form offensive soul armor for a low price of 8.7 million...

Chu Mu was extremely surprised that he was able to acquire the sixth level full form offensive soul equipment at this price. After all, 10 million for such a soul equipment was fitting or perhaps even a bit low.

In reality, during the auction, Chu Mu had felt that the auction’s atmosphere was extremely strange. However, Chu Mu didn’t think too much about it, and had raised the price according to his own standards. Finally, it had mysteriously ended up in his hands.


Inside the VIP auction room.

“Hmph, go and find out which fellow dares to come in and look for trouble!” said the Jia City vice city lord, Jia Qing, whose face looked a bit unsightly.

“Forget it. The princess doesn’t have a strong desire to purchase it…” said the princess’ maid, Jin Kui.

Princess Jin Rou didn’t say anything and slowly stood up, walking outside. The four dainty maids followed her, followed by the eight Nightmare Palace bodyguards...

The smile of the Jia City’s vice city lord, Jia Qing, froze and his gaze ferociously swept over that unsensible fellow in the other room.

The princess has gone on a tour of Jia City and had planned on sitting in on the auction once she got there. Jia Qing, who had pretty much followed along, intentionally had someone instruct officials of the auction hall to get rid of the bidding of other people. This way, the princess could purchase the items she wanted at a low price.

For such a task, Jia Qing naturally had to subvert the prices. However, in order to make the princess satisfied, changing the prices was something Jia Qing was still able to manage. Yet, who expected that an unintelligent fellow would appear halfway through the auction and purchase a full form offensive soul armor for a low price of 8.7 million.

The princess didn’t like having others bid, so Jia Qing planned on using his own funds to bid for the princess. Yet, he was refused, and this full form sixth level soul armor that was underneath the standard price by about 2 million gold coins was purchased by this fellow from somewhere unknown.

As for Chu Mu, he naturally didn’t understand the reason. He still believed that his luck today wasn’t bad, while simultaneously inwardly rejoicing that he didn’t spend 6 million to purchase the sixth level black crystal soul pearl.


“Father, I’ve discovered that the young man wearing black garments is the customer in the VIP room.” said the eldest son of Jia Qing, Jia Luoming.

Jia Qing’s gaze immediately swept forth and quickly discovered Chu Mu walking out of the auction floor and into the auction hall’s long hall.

“Go and teach that fellow a lesson!” whispered Jia Qing.

The princess hadn’t bought the sixth level full form offensive soul equipment, but Gu Qing himself had to replenish the nearly 2 million gold coins from the lowering of the price. Even if he was the vice city lord, he wasn’t generous enough to allow someone else to take advantage of such a large convenience.

Jia Luoming immediately nodded his head and brought two family henchmen. They quickly walked towards Chu Mu, who had just finished the transaction procedures.


“What’s the matter?” Chu Mu lifted his eyelids and stared at the three fellows blocking his path.

“What hole did you run out of? You don’t understand customs at all and unexpectedly stole the princess’ item. Do you even know how to write ‘death’?!” sneered Jia Luoming.

When princess was mentioned, Chu Mu’s gaze immediately went to the splendorous hall in the auction hall and as expected, discovered that not too far away were numerous bodyguards and maids who were escorting an elegant woman. This woman was slowly walking out of the auction hall’s long hall.

Seeing Princess Jin Rou, Chu Mu finally responded. It seemed that this full form sixth level soul armor hadn’t been acquired at such a low price due to his own luck. Instead it was that he happened to encounter Princess Jin Rou...


“Princess, that black clothed young man seemed to have been fighting over items with you?” when they walked out of the auction floor, Jin Jui quickly noticed Chu Mu who walked of the auction hall’s long hall...

“Mhm.” Princess Jin Rou merely nodded her head and didn’t even look in Chu Mu’s direction. As a princess, she didn’t have to care about everything.

“Princess, don’t worry, we’ll give that untactful brat a lesson.” immediately said Jia Qing.

Princess Jin Rou glanced at Jia Qing. She seemed to feel that Jia Qing’s flattery was a bit low level. In one glance, Jia Luoming had already found that person for trouble and she indifferently said: “The price competition was fair. Being overbearing like this isn’t good. There isn’t a need to make things difficult.”

“Princess is truly kindhearted and generous.” instantly praised Jia Qing. Yet, he didn’t call Jia Luoming back; instead he respectfully brought the princess out of the auction hall’s long hall.

After walking out of the auction hall’s long hall, a golden colored princess carriage was already stopped outside. On the street, numerous people had surrounded it, forming a circle as they jealously talked about whether this was the Nightmare Palace’s young princess’ imperial carriage.

When Princess Jin Rou, wearing a thin purple colored veil, walked out, a sigh rang out in the surroundings...

“Princess, just now, that person was a bit familiar. He seemed to resemble that new bodyguard a bit.” whispered the princess’ maid, Jin Kui, as she helped the princess into the carriage.

“Huh?” Princess Jin Rou faintly raised her curved and long shapely eyebrows.


Suddenly, a loud clamor rang out of the auction hall’s long hall, giving way to a panicked shout.

Princess Jin Rou spread open the curtains and stared at the spacious entrance of the auction hall. She happened to see the tall and straight figure of a handsome man, full of a cold aura, walk out of the long hall. Following beside him was a Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox with six glorious tails, carrying a rather demonic charm….

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