Chapter 799: Almost a Saint!

Chapter 799: Almost a Saint!

The time was extremely long.

Even in the three years at prison island, Chu Mu didn’t ever experience such pain ever. This torture wasn’t about restricting his own thoughts, but more because the powerful annoyance made him want to become half devil and destroy the permanently similar scenes!

After half a month, Chu Mu and Miu Qingyi both had their own thoughts, or rather, both of them didn’t want anything to happen, so they thought about splitting up.

Yet, there was only one exit. If they split up it meant one person could very likely be going directly opposite to the exit.

And, walking alone in this place would cause mental pressure to grow greatly, possibly rendering them insane.

Both of them didn’t hope they became crazy, so they decided to go ahead while keeping a distance.

Walking a distance away wasn’t much different from walking alone. The only difference was when they reached the maximum of their mental threshold,...

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