Chapter 799: Almost a Saint!

Chapter 799: Almost a Saint!

The time was extremely long.

Even in the three years at prison island, Chu Mu didn’t ever experience such pain ever. This torture wasn’t about restricting his own thoughts, but more because the powerful annoyance made him want to become half devil and destroy the permanently similar scenes!

After half a month, Chu Mu and Miu Qingyi both had their own thoughts, or rather, both of them didn’t want anything to happen, so they thought about splitting up.

Yet, there was only one exit. If they split up it meant one person could very likely be going directly opposite to the exit.

And, walking alone in this place would cause mental pressure to grow greatly, possibly rendering them insane.

Both of them didn’t hope they became crazy, so they decided to go ahead while keeping a distance.

Walking a distance away wasn’t much different from walking alone. The only difference was when they reached the maximum of their mental threshold, they could stop and talk with the person behind them so their mental world isn’t stuck in silence.

Of course, they couldn’t talk for long or else neither would be able to control the desire that swiftly takes over their brains.

“How long have we been here?” Chu Mu asked.

“I didn’t count.” Miu Qingyi shook her head, her eyes vigilant yet slightly lost as they looked at Chu Mu.

This expression was actually a facade. Humans were like this; the more they repressed an emotion, the harder it will bounce back. Miu Qingyi had seen countless men, and just as many that chased after her, whether it was for resources, for benefits, or truly for love. However, she only had meditation in mind and didn’t have any thoughts in that direction, so naturally, she had never liked anyone.

Yet, this man she had no relation with in the past had become more and more likable to Miu Qingyi in the short while. Talking would cause her heart to beat rapidly.

She knew that this was just the result of mental desires getting magnified and wasn’t her true feelings, so she had to remain logical.

After speaking a few words, Miu Qingyi no longer dared to speak with Chu Mu, quickly riding her Nine Color Phoenix forwards.

Seeing Miu Qingyi swiftly running away, Chu Mu laughed bitterly. There was nothing that made Chu Mu more speechless than that.

All accounts of time were lost, but Chu Mu had a feeling that if Miu Qingyi approached him one more time, Chu Mu won’t be able to control himself because his mind will completely collapse.

“Don’t come over, please don’t!!” The last wisp of logic struggled in Chu Mu’s mind. Seeing the slowly nearing Miu Qingyi, Chu Mu knew that she was near her limits too.

Maybe she didn’t come for desire and came only to get rid of her desolation. However, whoever makes the first step will completely fall.

“I think we must split up and walk.” Miu Qingyi flew before Chu Mu and said.

Chu Mu didn’t say anything. He only felt his head hurt and the only thing in his eyes was Miu Qingyi’s alluring body…...

Miu Qingyi paused. She realized that Chu Mu was walking towards her, yet his burning gaze caused her to be unable to look away. In this dull and deadly world, these black eyes were too alluring, causing her to be unable to look away.

“Whatever, stop struggling, it’s him, he’s the one that you will spend the rest of your life with…..” A devil’s voice floated around in Miu Qingyi’s mind.

She stiffly yet somewhat anticipatingly walked forward before Chu Mu.

Chu Mu stood there blankly. At this moment, a sliver of logic rose up in his mind and his gaze moved difficultly from Miu Qingyi’s body onto the deep claw mark under Miu Qingyi!

Miu Qingyi didn't seem to have noticed and instead stepped right over it. Her soft and alluring body pressed against Chu Mu’s chest and her lips pressed upwards before Chu Mu could react.

The hot lips caused Chu Mu’s mind to blank and his hands almost instinctively started seeking out the seductive body.

Miu Qingyi seemed to have decided his man with potential was her partner for the future and no longer restricted herself. Though she had never hugged or kissed before, she didn't need to; she was letting her instincts take over and the fire burn her.

Chu Mu as a man felt the allure at an even deeper level. Though he had already seen the claw mark, remembering that he may need almost two months to leave still without being able to get a taste of this body, it was worse than killing him…...

The icy grounds were clean without a single blemish. The sky and ground reflected each other. The only thing in this icy world was the fire that lit up between the two, the mingling of Miu Qingyi’s medicinal aroma as well as her own body’s scent.

Chu Mu’s blood was boiling with fire and desire. He had never thought a woman’s lips could be this soft, tongue this teasing. The friction between their bodies seemed to be able to melt their clothes off…..

This kiss was very long, causing them almost to forget everything…...

However, just as they were burning with desire and lost all sense of time, Chu Mu and Miu Qingyi suddenly both extended their hands and pushed each other away!!

One of them had accidentally bit down on a tongue, and the pain at their tongue tips caused them to regain a sense of logic and push each other apart!!

If any of them leaped forwards again, they would no longer be able to split apart.

However, neither made that move. Each faced away from each other and took deep breathes, forcefully pushing away all the sexual thoughts in their brains.

The training was a test, and the allure of the body was also a lethal test. Chu Mu didn’t want to be a fake gentleman, but at least he had to keep his principles. What he was doing now was beyond his principles. Chu Mu couldn’t let himself do whatever. It was like how he almost used memory fluid to clean Qin’s soul. He can’t make the wrong first step, and he couldn't lose to this mental oppression!

“Under your feet are white tiger claws. Along with these claws, we’ll be able to leave here.” After a long time, Chu Mu felt himself a little more awake and said to Miu Qingyi.

Miu Qingyi nodded and also didn't mention the event before, “Let’s leave immediately.”


Chu Mu and Miu Qingyi had good luck. They walked the right direction before and only took a month to leave the Universe Ice Gate.

In this month, Chu Mu struggled. Since they kissed already, they could kiss some more. However, all these thoughts only flashed briefly before being cut off immediately.

Once they left the ice mirror world, they felt the terrifying mental pressure instantly drop. Both of them let out a breath. They may never come back to this place no matter how powerful they get.

Of course, the mental shadow won’t get wiped away immediately. It needs some time to adjust.

“Chu Fang Chen, have you considered entering Wanxiang Government.” Miu Qingyi asked.

“Um, I’m part of soul palace…..” Chu Mu said hesitatingly.

“If you can reach dominator rank……” Miu Qingyi thought Chu Mu didn’t understand what she said and added a sentence, but the feeling of her heart beating faster caused her to stop.

Miu Qingyi’s feelings for Chu Mu were always on the good side, so even after they left Universe Ice Gate, she didn’t feel a strong repelling sense. She believed in fate and destiny.

If this man can step into dominator rank, he will come in contact with her for a lot. This way, she could truly consider developing their relationship further. Of course, it was only a consideration…...

“I thank your majesty for your goodwill…..” Chu Mu naturally understood Miu Qingyi’s hinting, but declined gracefully.

Miu Qingyi furrowed her brows. She didn’t think that as the queen of Wanxiang Realm, actively giving a hint, would still get rejected. There are men who would reject her in this world?

“Do you have any bad feelings for me?” Miu Qingyi couldn’t help but ask.

Bad feelings, truthfully, after having been with her for this long, Chu Mu found that usually, the woman wasn’t as overbearing and arrogant as he thought. Even towards Chu Mu who was far weaker than her, she didn’t act over the top and annoying.

In other words, Chu Mu’s impression of her changed.

“I have someone I like.” Chu Mu felt the need to explain in case there was any misunderstanding. There weren’t any bad feelings but she was far from being liked.

When he said it, Chu Mu laughed bitterly. He was almost a saint, turning down a hint from a goddess-like Miu Qingyi!

However, Chu Mu didn't understand how women think.

If Chu Mu didn’t say he liked someone, Miu Qingyi may have put it down to stance, status, or power and written it off.

However, because Chu Mu said he had someone he liked, it caused Miu Qingyi to feel very uncomfortable!

Even men, when they get rejected by a woman due to another man, would naturally feel jealousy and competition with the other man, let alone women. With war goddess level woman like Miu Qingyi especially, their need to compete was insatiable!

So, the moment Chu Mu mentioned he had someone he liked, though Miu Qingyi wasn’t jealous, she still thought “is this woman truly that powerful? Am I worse than her?”

“I won’t insist, but let’s keep whatever happened inside a secret, yes?” Miu Qingyi felt uncomfortable but she wouldn’t truly put down her status to fight for it.

Anyways, Miu Qingyi thought she expressed herself already. If he didn't accept, then they could each walk their own paths in the future. She could just wipe this man away from her mind. To  Miu Qingyi, who was constantly strict to herself, it wasn’t too hard.

Or that’s what she thought at least…...

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