Chapter 798: Impossible to Unravel, Without End

Chapter 798: Impossible to Unravel, Without End

“Damnit, if I knew earlier, we should have gathered together and killed the guy while we had a chance!” Elder Jiang stood at the city wall, and used his piercing gaze to stare at the hero Mo Ling riding his Trioptic Devil Tiger!

A few months ago, Mo Ling went to search for the silver devil man on command, but after searching for a long time, he found no traces of this silver devil man.

Instead, Mo Ling was surprised to find a natural underground cave that could lead armies near snow city without being detected!

Mo Ling, as one of the four Heroes, had a lot of power in soul alliance. Commanding a tenth rank kingdom’s army was no problem.

Thus, Mo Ling directly moved soul alliance’s forces into the cave and appeared outside the southside of snow city without them discovering.

Mo Ling wasn’t hurried in attacking snow city. Snow City had very solid defense. However, he leveraged the power of the army and directly took over the grounds south of the snow city, clearing out all the guards south of the city.

He seemed to be staying in place south of the city, but Mo Ling was secretly constantly gathering more forces through the cave.

Snow city, on the other hand, stayed in place and didn’t show any intention of leaving the city to attack this force. However, Elder Jiang was having a headache. He was sure that, if the enemy could easily pass through the kilometers of warning lines and defenses and appear right outside the gate, they definitely have a way of escaping without being detected if the three palaces try to surround them and instead the now weakly defended cities.

This put snow city in a very passive spot, especially when Li Hong disappeared. Without Li Hong, no one could truly control Mo Ling.

Of course, if Mo Ling could play psychological tricks, snow city could also. When Mo Ling suddenly appeared with troops, elder Jiang played a bluff with Li Hong.

Li Hong disappeared again, causing all of snow city to have no one that could go up against Mo Ling. This was what hurt the most, and why Mo Ling could get in so easily. Elder Jiang therefore spread false rumors that Li Hong was meditating in the city, which was why Mo Ling only dared to stay outside the city and gather troops, but didn’t dare to actually attack.

Mo Ling was definitely trying his utmost to find the exact whereabouts of Li Hong. if there was even the slightest indication that Li Hong was no longer in snow city, Mo Ling would definitely strike.

Elder Jiang also sent out a secret message to not only gather experts from all over to come back, but most importantly to get Li Hong back.

Almost every true expert was like a wandering monk. They definitely couldn’t stay in one place for a long time. To have a breakthrough in strength, Li Hong also walked through all of the world and the forbidden realm. If he were in human territory, he may be able to come back in time. If he left for forbidden realm, snow city was in trouble.

No matter what, delaying was the best method.


Ice mirror world.

On the flat ground, two ice casket shaped holes marred it. One of the caskets held a beautiful body drenched in medicinal fluids. It was like a sleeping beauty, showing off everything while also keeping her eyes closed, so silent it seemed lifeless…...

Her hair floated within the medicine, occasionally pressing against her smooth skin.

After a few days of medicinal soaking, Miu Qingyi’s wounds healed, not even leaving a scar, becoming a perfect piece of art within the liquid.

Suddenly, her eyelashes quivered. She tried to breathe but suddenly found medicine going into her throat. She instinctively propper herself up, and started coughing red-faced.

After coughing for a while, Miu Qingyi finally had time to look around and found herself back in the ice mirror world…..

“What is this?” Miu Qingyi quickly thought back, and realized she fell into the wind cave. However, logically, if she fell in, she was hard pressed to escape. Why was she back in the ice mirror world, and drenched in the rare medicinal fluids she spent so long gathering!

The fluids usually had to be diluted with other pure waters. Putting her in such a large casket of the fluids was an utter waste.

Of course, Miu Qingyi noticed she wasn’t wearing a single thing. Once she felt that she was mostly recovered, She took out a fire feather coat from her spatial ring to cover herself up.

After wrapping herself up, the noble and somewhat demonic fire feather coat dried out all the medicine on her, and she seemed much more spirited.

Very soon, Miu Qingyi noticed another ice casket not far from her. A masculine and well built man laid in there facing upwards. Luckily, this man wasn’t completely naked, wearing some things that wouldn’t get corroded by the medicine.

“Chu Fangchen?” Miu Qingyi paused. She looked around, wanting to know who saved the two of them.

However, the ice world only had the two of them. The Crown Phoenix King had since sometime ago fallen into deep slumber in her soul pet space.

“Could it be that he brought me out?” Miu Qingyi looked at the scattered medicinal flasks aside as well as the spatial ring she usually kept her medicine in, and came to a conclusion she couldn’t believe in.

Chu Mu felt Miu Qingyi awaken, and also opened his eyes. Propping himself up, he wiped down some of the aromatic medicine on his face.

“You brought me out?” Miu Qingyi quickly asked.

“En.” Chu Mu nodded. Such a thing was hard to hide.

“But didn’t we fall into the wind cave?” Miu Qingyi continued questioning.

“The jade bracelet on your hand saved us, and right after that I understood the sentence about wind…..” Chu Mu of course wouldn’t admit he ripped open space. That would be equal to telling her he was the half devil.

Chu Mu already constructed a lie, which was that Chu Mu used the wind sentence to find another exit within the wind cave, and escaped while Miu Qingyi’s jade bracelet protected them.

Of course, Chu Mu tried his best to exaggerate, and also put most of the recognition onto the bracelet.

Miu Qingyi looked somewhat skeptically at Chu Mu, yet she was fainted at the time and had no clue what actually happened, so she could only take Chu Mu’s word for now.

“Able to think so calmly and realize the meaning of the words in danger……” Miu Qingyi said, she originally wanted to end with a word of thanks, but she couldn’t bring herself to it, as if she hadn’t thanked anyone in a while.

Discovering the embarrassment on Miu Qingyi’s face, it was Chu Mu’s turn to be embarrassed. He thought the woman was still hung up about being completely naked.

“Thank you.” Finally, Miu Qingyi said it lightly, and pursed her lips to think of something else.

Chu Mu didn’t mind and laughed, “Didn’t you fly down to save me too?”

If the woman didn’t fly down to save him, Chu Mu truly wouldn’t have adjusted so quickly. Especially since the jade bracelet protected him while entering the strongest part of the winds, he no longer cared about the thanks; it was saving each other.

However, thinking back to how he should be killing her and instead saved her, the wind cave truly introduced some interesting developments.

“It’s only because I discovered the well above me was also a dead end.” Miu Qingyi saw that Chu Mu’s gaze was somewhat strange. To not be mistaken, she quickly spoke the truth too.

“......” Chu Mu was speechless. So the woman wasn’t even trying to save him, but just found out that the other path wasn’t an escape!

For some reason, it reminded Chu Mu of the time he saved Ting Lan, and took the binding wind spirit, when he said the real reason he risked himself…...

He didn’t think that Miu Qingyi would be so realistic too!

With things like these, omitting it was perfectly fine as well!

“Alright, I’ve saved her already.” Chu Mu laughed bitterly. If even the world didn’t want him to kill her, maybe he would need her in the future sometime.

Having walked such a long path and finding the ancient palace, Chu Mu gained a lot of good things. Miu Qingyi instead gained a mysterious inheritance. However, they still hadn’t found the secret as to why the ancient palace existed.

But, they knew they would never want to head back there again. It almost caused two dominator rank experts to die!

It was time to put an end to this long journey. Chu Mu and Miu Qingyi decided to leave.

Yet, a very severe problem appeared.

Chu Mu ripped open space and fell into ice mirror world with some randomness. This meant that the claw marks left by the white tiger were nowhere to be seen anymore, and they couldn’t find the way back.

“What kind of joke is this, why is my time with this woman endless!” Chu Mu’s heart shook. With the lengthy journey before, if Chu Mu killed her earlier, he probably wouldn’t have to deal with all these events afterwards and even lose the thought of killing her now.

What was scarier was that he lost his direction within the ice mirror world. This was like throwing a lone man and women into absolute despair. Many things could happen when their minds were destroyed.

However, why was such a drama-like thing happening to him? The ten years of training he had experienced previously never put him in such a “cliche” situation, yet just when he made up his mind and kept his heart firm, such a test appeared. Could it be that Xiang Yiyun was actually speaking truth, and that he would face more tests of beauty the stronger he got?

Chu Mu’s heart belonged to someone already, or else he would have fallen when Xiang Yiyun used the aphrodisiac on him in Great Chu Family.

Chu Mu’s principle was that he had to truly like anyone he had a physical relationship with. Chu Mu still couldn’t call his feelings towards Miu Qingyi as attraction. So, he definitely didn’t want anything to happen between him and her while under mental pressure and destruction, no matter how pretty, how highly positioned, or how hard to get the woman was!


 “Why am I getting so tangled up with this man!”

As the queen of a kingdom and the war goddess, Miu Qingyi, who always lived a life without desire, she was also grumbling to herself!

Before, she had already repressed her embarrassment when she realized the man had helped her heal while she wasn’t wearing a thing. However, without a road marker, though they wouldn’t get stuck here forever, the long term mental damage would definitely cause something to happen.

To Teng Lang, Guanguan, and Little Tong, such experiences were once in a lifetime, full of excitement and desire. However, when the same experience was placed in front of two extremely firm people, they weren’t happy at all, as they dealt with their logical struggles.

Such logical struggles would definitely only get harder and harder as they struggled more with finding the route back.

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