Chapter 798: Impossible to Unravel, Without End

Chapter 798: Impossible to Unravel, Without End

“Damnit, if I knew earlier, we should have gathered together and killed the guy while we had a chance!” Elder Jiang stood at the city wall, and used his piercing gaze to stare at the hero Mo Ling riding his Trioptic Devil Tiger!

A few months ago, Mo Ling went to search for the silver devil man on command, but after searching for a long time, he found no traces of this silver devil man.

Instead, Mo Ling was surprised to find a natural underground cave that could lead armies near snow city without being detected!

Mo Ling, as one of the four Heroes, had a lot of power in soul alliance. Commanding a tenth rank kingdom’s army was no problem.

Thus, Mo Ling directly moved soul alliance’s forces into the cave and appeared outside the southside of snow city without them discovering.

Mo Ling wasn’t hurried in attacking snow city. Snow City had very solid defense. However, he leveraged the power of the army and directly took over the grounds south of the snow city, clearing out all the guards south of the city.

He seemed to be staying...

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