Chapter 797: Sudden News of a Snow City War

Chapter 797: Sudden News of a Snow City War 

The wind was everywhere. When it disappeared, it didn’t mean things were calm; instead, in a true wind zone, the more calm a place was, due to the fluctuations in the air streams, in the next moment an even more powerful windstorm would appear!

Therefore, Chu Mu ultimately chose to fly to the strongest storm!

When Chu Mu flew there, it wasn’t at the strongest point of this storm, but as it was gradually weakening. When this storm weakened to a stop, there would be a moment of calm and this was the only chance Chu Mu had to escape!

This guess was correct, and Chu Mu was thus narrowly able to rip apart the plane and successfully escapee!

The other plane of the wind cave was the spatial windstorm, and through the spatial windstorm they could return to the mirror ice world. 

The mirror ice world was still a reflection of the heaven and earth, linking the sky together. It was pure and without any blemishes. It was so beautiful it was like a paradise in one’s dreams. However, people who had truly walked through this place knew that this world of pure beauty was even more terrifying than...

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