Chapter 797: Sudden News of a Snow City War

Chapter 797: Sudden News of a Snow City War 

The wind was everywhere. When it disappeared, it didn’t mean things were calm; instead, in a true wind zone, the more calm a place was, due to the fluctuations in the air streams, in the next moment an even more powerful windstorm would appear!

Therefore, Chu Mu ultimately chose to fly to the strongest storm!

When Chu Mu flew there, it wasn’t at the strongest point of this storm, but as it was gradually weakening. When this storm weakened to a stop, there would be a moment of calm and this was the only chance Chu Mu had to escape!

This guess was correct, and Chu Mu was thus narrowly able to rip apart the plane and successfully escapee!

The other plane of the wind cave was the spatial windstorm, and through the spatial windstorm they could return to the mirror ice world. 

The mirror ice world was still a reflection of the heaven and earth, linking the sky together. It was pure and without any blemishes. It was so beautiful it was like a paradise in one’s dreams. However, people who had truly walked through this place knew that this world of pure beauty was even more terrifying than the nine underworlds! 

On the icy mirror, Chu Mu teeteringly walked out of a spatial crack, his body filled with cracks. 

Thinking of the spatial windstorm that had swept past his eyes just now, Chu Mu’s heart was still palpitating. Just a little bit slower, and he would have been left forever in there.

Chu Mu was exhausted. What he felt was akin to what a person would feel after struggling to escape from the angry ocean after being ceaselessly beaten by the ocean waves… 

Chu Mu sat on the ground and threw Mu Qingyi and the Crown Phoenix King to the side as he looked at his own body.

“This was probably the deathtrap set to prevent foreigners from obtaining the items in the icy palace. If I was able to comprehend what Qin made me see earlier, we probably could have just walked along the horizontal deep abyss well safely out. The airflow there was extremely abnormal, and those words of reminder probably were the exit…” Chu Mu muttered. 

The words that Qin made Chu Mu read weren’t about wind type cultivation. Instead, it was the method to leave the icy palace. Probably this method had something to do with the language Teng Lang understood. Although Chu Mu was considered a Soul Palace member, he had no understanding of Soul Palace’s ancient history.  Thus, he wasn’t able to understand the meaning of those words and stepped into the wind zone of despair. 

As for those words happening to be related to understanding the changes of spatial windstorms inside the wind cave, this was probably a path to survival the master of the icy cave left for dominator rank creatures. This was because in those words was hidden the laws of the spatial windstorms’ intermittence. 

From this, it was possible to see how terrifying the strength of the ice palace’s master was. Not only was this person able to create two eternal wind caves, but was also able to control the laws of a spatial windstorm death zone. 

After understanding everything, Chu Mu let out a breath of relief. The next time he entered an ancient site like this, he had to figure out the exit first, because these ancient sites would seal off and kill those that wanted to plunder and take things.

After resting, some of Chu Mu’s physical strength had recovered. As for the wounds on his body, he could only rely on his own slow recovery. The emperor rank medicines weren’t of any effect on him.

Chu Mu glanced at Mu Qingyi who was lying unconscious to the side.

Mu Qingyi was completely naked, and any part of her sexy curves was capable of leaving Chu Mu in a reverie. 

“Her body really isn’t bad at all. It’s a pity…” Chu Mu sighed.

Under normal circumstances, if Mu Qingyi was lying naked next to him, Chu Mu, as a young and vigorous male, would have been infatuated. This woman’s figure was very provocative. Whether it was her soft and supple breasts, her waist as slim as a willow, or her curvy and round butt that was accentuated by her slim waist… 

There were definitely people in this world with even more blood-boiling bodies, but when one factored this in with her noble status that was perched atop tens of thousands as well as her unattainable temperament, this made her even more attractive. It was capable of arousing every man. 

Only, it was unfortunate… 

Her white and supple skin was in a slight state of tragedy. 

The spatial windstorm had terrifyingly injured her. Her skin was cracked in several places and blood was seeping from her neck to her feet. 

In this state, even if Chu Mu was more perverted, he could not feel aroused by looking at a completely injured woman. 

Chu Mu naturally couldn’t just ignore her life or death.

If someone was a threat to him or would inevitably cause trouble for him, Chu Mu wouldn’t hesitate to kill them. Mu Qingyi was this sort of person.

However, someone who was willing to risk their lives to save him, Chu Mu couldn’t kill these sorts of people. Indeed, without the Crown Phoenix King earlier and Mu Qingyi’s blue barrier shield, Chu Mu could not guarantee that he would be able to escape. 

Fortunately, Mu Qingyi probably hadn’t seem him transform into a half devil. Chu Mu wasn’t willing to kill someone who was willing to brave dangers to save him. 

“Ai, whatever. I’ll directly ask her when she awakens.” Chu Mu shook his head. He didn’t understand why she had braved dangers to rescue him.

Chu Mu turned Mu Qingyi over, and took the spatial ring off her left hand.

Every soul pet trainer would carry two spatial rings with them with medicine, soul crystals, spirits and treasured items etc. inside. 

Mu Qingyi definitely also carried a medicine ring perhaps with high grade medicine inside.

“Whatever, it’s better if I don’t look so that I don’t get the urge to kill when I see her riches…” Chu Mu grabbed her ring of wealth first. There were probably treasures inside. 

Chu Mu was originally curious, but after thinking it over, perhaps after he finished looking, he would just burn Mu Qingyi and the Crown Phoenix King to ashes… 

The second ring had medicine. Mu Qingyi didn’t have an ordinary amount inside; there was practically everything possible inside. There were even spirit items that would help recover wounded souls. These medicines probably would have the same effect as a peak emperor support type soul pet in a fight. This woman was truly wealthy. 

After finding basic medicine, Chu Mu took some for himself before prying open Mu Qingyi’s small mouth and putting a few inside her mouth. 

There were two types of medicines. Medicine taken orally and medicine applied externally. The externally applied medicine wasn’t herb-type medicine but rather medicinal liquid. If the conditions were enough, normally one would choose to soak in the medicinal liquid.

Mu Qingyi also didn’t have just an average amount of medicinal liquid. Chu Mu directly chiseled an ‘ice coffin’ in the ice mirror and poured medicinal liquid inside before throwing Mu Qingyi inside.

As for the Crown Phoenix King, Chu Mu ignored it. This fellow probably had a rebirth technique and could not die. 

If Mu Qingyi were to awaken, her face would probably go black. The Crown Phoenix King indeed could revive, but that was only with fire available. In this extreme ice and snow land, how could the Crown Phoenix King revive?! 


Outside Ice Muslin Valley, a man carrying two women with soulless eyes on his soul pet exhaustedly moved across the earth covered in white snow. 

From far away, they could see a white city.

“We’ve finally escaped!” the two women next to him lit up. 

However, this man creased his brows and frivolously said: “But I hoped that we would never be able to escape.” 

The two women next to him turned red, and hastily ran forward.

The three of them naturally were Teng Lang, Guan Guan, and Xiao Tong. Just as Mu Qingyi had expected, something that should not have happened had occurred between them. 

If the circumstances were normal, with Guan Guan and Xiao Tong’s nature, they would absolutely not have allowed it to happen, especially when there were three of them. However, the amount of mental destruction the ice mirror world had wreaked upon them far surpassed what a normal person could endure. Thus, it was imaginable that the two of them were so angry and embarrassed that they just wanted to dig an ice hole and jump in.

However, Teng Lang was exceptionally resolute since it had already happened. Although he was very dissatisfied with the way the two women had acted, he had managed to teach them a few lessons and made them his women.

Most importantly, by making them his women, Teng Lang could have them influence the Heavenly Concubine, shifting her stance towards Soul Palace. This was definitely something good for Soul Palace and Teng Lang’s name would go down in Soul Palace’s thousand year foundation at the sacrifice of himself. 

“Hold on, why is there a huge group of people outside!” suddenly, Teng Lang had the two women, impatient to return to the city, come to a stop. 

Guan Guan’s nature was rather straightforward and she just ignored him. However, Teng Lang creased his eyebrows and glared at her.

Guan Guan seemed to be afraid of him, and she obediently retreated as if she had done something wrong. 

If Chu Mu had seen this scene, he really would have admired Teng Lang’s ability to manage them. Even Guan Guan, this stubborn girl, could be subdued. 

“They seem to be Soul Alliance people. The ones wearing cyan-colored garments are Soul Alliance’s spirit master legion. I’ve seen them before in Wanxiang City. They are a group of well-trained people with powerful strength.” said Xiao Tong. 

Neither Guan Guan nor Xiao Tong had joined Soul Alliance. They were Wanxiang City people and belonged to the Wanxiang City Lord’s faction. Wanxiang City Lord was Mu Qingyi’s father, but the influence he had was not much. The true master of Wanxiang City was really Soul Alliance. 

Fang Wu, Tie Xin, and Luo Hen were Soul Alliance members, but when Mu Qingyi had taken disciples, she didn’t care about what faction they were in. Just like Xue Tang and another one of her female disciples, they used to be people from Soul Pet Palace and some big kingdom. Aside from this, she also had a few female disciples from Soul Palace and Nightmare Palace. 

This was one of the reasons why the three great palaces weren’t very hostile towards her. In Soul Alliance, she had the authority to mobilize the Eight Desolations, Sixteen Absolutes and Thirty Two Scars. However, she still had to go through the Empress Concubine and the head of the Heroes because those two were the real controllers of Soul Alliance. 

“Soul Alliance is attacking my Snow City!” Teng Lang was hovering in the air when his expression turned serious.

As Soul Palace’s Third Young Master, Teng Lang had been indoctrinated from a young age to pledge his life to Soul Palace. Seeing such a big army from Soul Alliance appear in Snow City, there clearly was going to be a conflict. Teng Lang obviously wouldn’t hesitate, but he never expected that Soul Alliance would unexpectedly attack the heavily guarded Snow City! 

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