Chapter 796: Cruel Area, Death Plane

Chapter 796: Cruel Area, Death Plane 

The energy was so immense that Chu Mu was unable to react. His body was abruptly pulled towards the wind cave. Due to the windingness of the cave, his body smashed against ice multiple times!

When the attraction force was extremely strong, these sorts of smashes were deadly, and could cause someone to pass out. Chu Mu, after being smashed a few times, felt dizzy, and his transformation into the half devil was much slower.

Chu Mu had never thought that after reaching the dominator rank, his life would be in danger like this.

Chu Mu knew that resistance was futile unless his half devil managed to breakthrough a rank. Otherwise, he would not be able to free himself from this force.

Chu Mu thus naturally allowed his body to be sucked away while also slightly shifting his body so as to prevent him from smashing into the thick ice and causing him to go dizzy.

He was nearly at the end of the cave and this time, Chu Mu tried to use the ice in the winding cave to act as a buffer. Unknowingly, he was only 300 meters away from...

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