Chapter 796: Cruel Area, Death Plane

Chapter 796: Cruel Area, Death Plane 

The energy was so immense that Chu Mu was unable to react. His body was abruptly pulled towards the wind cave. Due to the windingness of the cave, his body smashed against ice multiple times!

When the attraction force was extremely strong, these sorts of smashes were deadly, and could cause someone to pass out. Chu Mu, after being smashed a few times, felt dizzy, and his transformation into the half devil was much slower.

Chu Mu had never thought that after reaching the dominator rank, his life would be in danger like this.

Chu Mu knew that resistance was futile unless his half devil managed to breakthrough a rank. Otherwise, he would not be able to free himself from this force.

Chu Mu thus naturally allowed his body to be sucked away while also slightly shifting his body so as to prevent him from smashing into the thick ice and causing him to go dizzy.

He was nearly at the end of the cave and this time, Chu Mu tried to use the ice in the winding cave to act as a buffer. Unknowingly, he was only 300 meters away from the wind cave end! 

Chu Mu reached out a devil claw, and sank them into the thick ice, hanging on there!

“Zi zi zi~~~~~~~”

Chu Mu’s body slowed down a bit, but his legs were still being sucked. His claws left deep marks as they scraped along the thick ice. 

The meandering ice walls could only slow things down, but he would still ultimately be sucked away.

Chu Mu’s heart was about to stop beating.

The half devil possessed other type energy and even if he was sucked to the other side and ripped at by the spatial wind storm, he had the ability to open another spatial gap to escape. 

But Chu Mu was afraid that the spatial windstorm in the wind cave world would be too intense, not giving him enough time to open a spatial gap before dying!

The more dangerous it got, the calmer he got. Chu Mu was hanging on the rock wall as his mind rapidly tried to conjure a solution.


Suddenly, a golden flame poured down from above, filling this winding abyss! 

The golden flames and light were severely deflected from their original target as they were sucked away by the enormous wind cave. 

Chu Mu was stunned. He never expected Mu Qingyi to not escape via the cave above her. Instead, she broke through the barrier to save him.

With her soul remembrance, she definitely knew that the moment she broke the barrier, she would fall within the 500 meter range of the wind cave! 

If there were no other caves, she may not even be able to survive much less save him. 

Chu Mu was presently in the half devil state. Although his silver devil flames were not continuously dispelling from his body, the color of his pupils had turned silver.

However, the golden flames had covered Chu Mu’s body to a certain extent. When Mu Qingyi saw Chu Mu holding onto the rock wall, she hastily had the Crown Phoenix King fly to Chu Mu and she pulled him onto its body.

Mu Qingyi didn’t have time to look at Chu Mu since any hesitation in this terrifying space would mean they would fall into eternal damnation! 

Thus, Mu Qingyi, as her entire attention was focused elsewhere, never expected that the face of the man holding onto her back was now completely silver and full of an evil aura. 

The Crown Phoenix King had also sensed a trace of irregularity. However, right in front of it was a wind cave that could take its life and it moved this irregularity to the back of its mind.

Relying on its powerful flying ability, the Crown Phoenix King attempted to use its wings to slow down and search for another cave on the four walls of the deep abyss.

However, the closer they got to the end of the cave, Mu Qingyi’s face went pale! 

They had already fallen within 100 meters of the end and she still hadn’t found another path aside from the wind cave. This meant that this was a deep abyss well that they would die in! 

Mu Qingyi hadn’t expected this. She attempted to turn around and tell Chu Mu that it would be difficult to escape this calamity. Unfortunately, the powerful attraction force prevented her from even turning her head. Even her released soul remembrance was continuously sucked into the terrifying wind cave.


The Crown Phoenix King could no longer dodge the meandering walls and it smashed into the thick ice wall!

This smash was much stronger than a full strike attack from a dominator rank creature. It caused the Crown Phoenix King to pass out. As for the ninth remembrance spirit emperor Mu Qingyi, there was no way she could maintain consciousness. 

Her consciousness grew fuzzy and just before she passed out, she sensed a man grabbing her waist and taking her completely into his arms. She indistinctly felt the abnormal dark cold on his body, but she didn’t think much about it as she completely lost consciousness. 

“This devilish place simply never planned on letting people leave alive!” cursed Chu Mu! 

Right now in the half devil state, Chu Mu’s right hand was grasped onto the passed out Mu Qingyi, while his left hand was holding the passed out Crown Phoenix King. Fortunately, they were above the ice flying towards the wind cave! 

When Mu Qingyi had been controlling the Crown Phoenix King, Chu Mu had obtained enough time to recover. Since the Crown Phoenix King was a dominator rank, it was able to resist the attraction force to a certain extent. Seeing that this deep abyss well had no other paths, Chu Mu ha dno choice but to surge towards the powerful wind cave end! 

In order to prevent him from flying too far into the wind cave end due to the attraction force’s inertia, Chu Mu utilized a wind cave himself when he flew into the wind cave end.

Although the wind cave’s might was not enough to content against the deep abyss well’s wind cave, it was enough to slow down his speed!

“Hu hu hu!!!!”

Finally, Chu Mu fell into the terrifyingly deep wind cave! 

After entering the wind cave, he entered another plane. This other plane was a nothingness and chaotic zone of death filled with a spatial windstorm. There was no creature that could survive on this plane.

The windstorm was biting and after calming down, Chu Mu began to release his own perception to dodge the wind storm blades that were about to come.

There were weak and strong areas in the spatial wind storm because spatial windstorms would randomly appear. In weak areas or areas without a spatial windstorm, the other type half devil could persist for a little while. 

However, each time Chu Mu found a weak area, he was immediately engulfed by a terrifying spatial windstorm, forcing him to hastily change areas. 

On this plane, even if he was a half devil, he was like duckweed in the ocean; helpless as he was taken along and battered by the surging ocean waves. 

“Am I really going to die here?!” Chu Mu was extremely anxious. He was continuously swept away, causing his silver body to show clear cracks. The short period of time he could stay here was extremely limited. If he couldn’t find a safe weak area to recreate a spatial tear, he would really die here. 


Just at this moment, the Binding Wind Spirit’s mental voice rang out in Chu Mu’s mind.

Originally, because Chu Mu was being ravaged by this terrifying spatial windstorm and didn’t dare move his attention from it, he wanted to ignore Qin’s words. However, he suddenly remembered the words about wind! 

“When it doesn’t exist…” 

“Doesn’t exist… when it doesn’t exist…” 

Chu Mu suddenly understood!

He held on tightly to the passed out Mu Qingyi, and tightened his grip on the Crown Phoenix King. Unlike before, Chu Mu didn’t intentionally search for a weak wind area because that sentence had given Chu Mu a hint!   

Suddenly, Chu Mu changed directions and he directly charged at the strongest spatial windstorm area! 

The strongest spatial windstorm area was capable of instantly killing a dominator rank creature!!

Right now, Chu Mu was gambling with his life!

The powerful energy was practically going to rip apart Chu Mu and the pain was extremely unbearable! 

As for Mu Qingyi who was being tightly held onto by Chu Mu, her clothes were ripped to shreds and her snow white and porcelain naked body was completely exposed! 

However, such a beautiful body wouldn’t be treated with mercy by this deathly windstorm. Several cracks appeared on her skin, and she could be ripped into mincemeat at any moment. 

Seeing that Mu Qingyi’s body was about to rip apart, Chu Mu was helpless. Her body was too weak, and couldn’t withstand this powerful spatial windstorm. 

Just as Chu Mu thought this war goddess was about to be ripped apart, the jade bracelet on Mu Qingyi’s wrist suddenly lit up. It unexpectedly formed a blue light barrier that protected Mu Qingyi, Chu Mu and the Crown Phoenix King within! 

This blue light barrier had shocking defense, reducing the pain Chu Mu felt by several times!

“She indeed did have hidden cards!” seeing the blue light barrier that could withstand a powerful spatial windstorm, Chu Mu couldn’t help but sigh because this war goddess truly had many protective soul equipments. Particularly, this blue light barrier could stop something that could kill a dominator rank!

Chu Mu couldn’t ponder longer about this. He hauled Mu Qingyi and the Crown Phoenix King along as he sped up and charged into the strongest spatial wind storm! 


Finally, the blue bracelet on Mu Qingyi’s hand shattered! 

The blue light barrier disappeared, and immediately they were greeted by a wave of terrifying shredding force! 

Fortunately, Chu Mu had already greatly sped up and relying on his spatial manipulation, he beautifully dodged this last wave of energy, appearing in the eye of this terrifying spatial storm!

This was a safe area and after entering it, Chu Mu didn't dare to hesitate. He closed his eyes and chanted an incantation! 

The incantation for shattering the plane didn’t take long. Previously, Chu Mu couldn’t complete it, because the spatial windstorms came too frequently and he could not finish it while having to focus on dodging. 

The spatial windstorms were random and intermittent. The appearance of a spatial windstorm could also be strong or weak. Right now, Chu Mu was in the eye of the strongest spatial windstorm where the windstorm quickly disappeared before transforming into calm...

However, a random spatial windstorm only had to visit this place again and Chu Mu, who was completely focused on chanting an incantation, as well as Mu Qingyi and the Crown Phoenix King, would be completely ripped apart!

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