Chapter 795: Meeting wind cave again, danger of five hundred meters

Chapter 795: Meeting wind cave again, danger of five hundred meters

Following higher rank people meant they got better resources. At least they always heard from different sources about which places had uncommon resources…...

This time entering with Miu Qingyi allowed him to earn a large sum. Not only did Ning reach high class emperor rank, he even solved the issue of top tier emperor rank. This meant that Ning didn’t have a bottleneck going towards top tier emperor rank.

Of course, there was also the power of the inheritance that was still unknown.

The power of inheritance usually meant another species technique for a soul pet, and it often was something that could let a soul pet increase greatly in strength.

“It seems like only bringing in people who are extremely academic will we be able to truly understand this place.” Walking through many palaces, almost every palace had strange languages. There were a few places deep inside that Miu Qingyi found even her soul remembrance couldn’t penetrate, not allowing her to even explore it.

No matter what, it was a valuable trip for Chu Mu. Miu Qingyi definitely was disappointed about her white tiger not being able to reach dominator rank. With her strength, she explored for so long yet only gained a strange ability for her immortal ming bird. It truly didn’t justify the effort she put in.

However, soul pet trainers were always like this. Without entering, no one knew what they would get in it or whether the sealed items would fulfill their ranks.

“Looks like the human realm truly has nothing left……” Miu Qingyi sighed, and said somewhat in loneliness and in helplessness.

Miu Qingyi was determined, but with many of the restricted items in the ice palace, she couldn’t get them even if she tried as much as she wanted, so she could only give up.

Going back to the ice book’s great hall, Binding Wind Spirit and Immortal Ice Bird seemed to have completed their inheritance.

“What changes are there?” Chu Mu opened his mouth and said.

“Qin~~~~~~~” Qin shook its head, not knowing what power it gained.

Chu Mu used his soul remembrance to explore a while he casted techniques.

However, Qin’s wind control didn’t get stronger, nor did it learn any species techniques. Other than looking more spirited, it didn’t seem to have changed much at all.

At this moment, Chu Mu glanced at Miu Qingyi and from her expressions, he knew that she didn’t know what her immortal ming bird got either.

“Maybe this isn’t an inheritance……” Miu Qingyi clearly was even more disappointed.

If the immortal ming bird didn’t get anything from this, then she truly gained nothing from this trip…...


Binding wind spirit stood on Chu Mu’s shoulder and conveyed some information to him.

“Monument tear? Use it now?” Chu Mu said to Qin with some questioning.

Chu Mu’s little flask had eight crystallized monument tears. Ning Maner said that these tears had a special power that had great power to the human and soul pet they corresponded to.

Chu Mu wasn’t sure what the crystals did, so he kept it safe until now.

Now, Binding wind spirit actively told Chu Mu to use the energy, meaning the power it got very likely needed the monument tear to activate.

Chu Mu no longer hesitated and took out the tear crystal and held it in his hand.

At the same time, binding wind spirit extended its thin and smooth little arm and pressed onto Chu Mu’s palm.

Miu Qingyi didn't know what Chu Mu was holding and simply glanced at Chu Mu and Qin curiously.

The tear crystal slowly melted in Chu Mu’s palm, and became a liquid that melted into Qin’s skin and into its blood.

Chu Mu closed his eyes, as if binding wind spirit’s memories flashed through him again…...

“Qin~~~~~” Binding wind spirit suddenly dragged Chu Mu over to the ice book and pointed at a line of words that was dancing beforehand.

“Spirited and light breath of wind, it fills the world, it exists everywhere. However, when it disappears……”

Chu Mu blanked, and suddenly found he could read the few lines of flashing text now.

“When it doesn’t exist? Then?”

Chu Mu wanted to decipher the rest of the text, yet it ended on “When it disappears…..”, the remaining words were no longer binding wind spirit’s. This made Chu Mu even more confused.

For some reason, Chu Mu felt like he suddenly understood something but couldn’t quite grasp it fully. He thought for a long while without finding a concrete answer.

However, one thing was for certain; binding wind spirit, after some training, should be able to reach middle class emperor rank.

“What’s up?” Miu Qingyi was watching Chu Mu. Seeing that he finished thinking, she finally asked.

“I understood a few lines.” Immediately, Chu Mu told the sentence that confused him to Miu Qingyi and hoped that she could help him.

However, Miu Qingyi shook her head and completely didn't understand the meaning behind the words.

Chu Mu asked Binding Wind Spirit, and it simply said the tear crystal caused its heart to feel much cleaner, slowly shedding away the grudges that were shackling it. It felt like it was finally burdenless and free, which made it feel like it could reach middle class emperor rank very soon.

Binding Wind Spirit already had a sacred pet inheritance. Once it reached middle class emperor rank, its wind type destruction will flip even more and the incantations won’t be interruptible, making it much stronger than normal middle class emperor ranks!

Chu Mu and Miu Qingyi looked around in the ice palace for a bit longer, yet didn't’ discover anything new. It was as if the entire ice palace only belonged in ancient times, and was only able to give them a limited amount of time.

Chu Mu gained a lot himself, but Miu Qingyi clearly came for nothing. As for what Immortal Ming Bird got, she didn’t have an answer at all.

“Let’s leave.” Miu Qingyi’s emotions weren’t high. Spending this long, she only got such an unknown inheritance.

Miu Qingyi started to look for an exit.

Returning to the wind cave was obviously impossible, and there was indeed another tunnel on the other end of the cave.

Though there were a lot of inexplicable things about the mysterious ice palace, Chu Mu knew that it had very powerful and mysterious inheritances that didn't belong to him. He couldn’t truly understand it and could only leave. Maybe if Teng Lang were here he could get more things. However, inheritances often only targetted a certain organism, meaning such inheritances maybe only for Teng Lang or other soul palace descendants.

Stepping into the second cave tunnel, Miu QIngyi didn't say a word.


A gust of wind suddenly blew by her and lifted her hair.

Miu Qingyi suddenly stopped and said ,” There’s a flow of air here……”

Chu Mu nodded. Since there was movement of air, it meant the cave led to the outer world.

This tunnel that led outwards didn’t disappoint Chu Mu or Miu Qingyi, turning out to be just as long as the one leading inwards!

At first, Miu Qingyi walked ahead. Five days later, Chu Mu was ahead, because Miu Qingyi felt Chu Mu’s gaze to be strange here and there.

Chu Mu was already planning on attacking before they reach the ground. Once they reached the surface, Miu Qingyi will leave a sliver of her soul remembrance up, and it would be impossible to land a lethal blow then.

However, Chu Mu was hesitant in laying down the lethal blow. These few days, Chu Mu’s perspective of Miu Qingyi had changed, and he no longer saw the need to kill her.

Walking ahead, Chu Mu was always pondering this question.

“Chu Fangchen, wait!” Suddenly, Miu Qingyi stopped Chu Mu.

Chu Mu stopped and turned around to look at Miu Qingyi ten meters behind him.

“What’s up?” Chu Mu asked.

Miu Qingyi didn’t speak but merely pointed above her.

Chu Mu lifted his head and discovered that above Miu Qingyi was emptiness as if it were a small well that led straight upwards!

Since it went upwards, it meant a path towards groundlevel!

However, Chu Mu didn’t understand how he didn’t notice the well when he passed by under it and instead walked a dozen meters further.

“Do not move.” Chu Mu was just about to go back when Miu Qingyi suddenly said very strictly!

Chu Mu again stopped, and instinctively lowered his head to see that a strange diagram had appeared under him when he wasn’t watching!

Chu Mu was even more confused now.

“It’s a hidden barirer. You stepped onto the hidden barrier which opened up this well above me. However, a barrier appeared between you and I!” Miu Qingyi explained very carefully.

Chu Mu paused, and sent his soul remembrance outwards. Indeed, in the ten meters between Miu Qingyi and him, there was a completely transparent barrier. This barrier didn’t block off any mental energy but Chu Mu could feel that it blocked off all matter, including life!


A gust of wind blew up and rustled Chu Mu’s hair.

The wind blew towards the direction Chu Mu was previously traveling, yet this phenomenon caused Chu Mu’s hackles to raise. The barrier blocked off all matter and energy, meaning the well in front of him no longer could lift any winds. If there was a wind flow that went towards further in the tunnel, it meant another wind cave appeared within the cave!!

This wind cave was sucking all the air away and slowly getting stronger and stronger, dragging Chu Mu further in!

“Five hundred meter wind cave!” Chu Mu felt his blood run cold!

Using his remembrance, Chu Mu was shocked to find that five hundred meters from him, another wind cave appeared similar to the one at the end of the deep abyss. More terrifyingly was, Chu Mu was within five hundred meters of it!

When near a thousand meters of the wind cave, dominator ranks could no longer fly out of it. Within five hundred meters, unless there was another cave, he would definitely get sucked into it!!

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