Chapter 794: Ice Spring, top tier emperor rank spirit aura

Chapter 794: Ice Spring, top tier emperor rank spirit aura

The entire ice palace was nearly transparent, and one could see the beautiful inner design of the ice palace.

At the center of the ice palace was the main hall of ice palace. The great hall had something similar to the sacred realm steps. At the top of the steps was a miniature altar, and on it was a book!

This book was completely made of ice, and wasn’t something truly readable.

Both Chu Mu and Miu Qingyi could feel that the source of the spirit came from the book. The two no longer hesitated, going through the entire crystalline palace and walked up the steps.

The ice book was laid open halfway, its crystalline book pages carved with ancient runes.

For the ancient language, Chu Mu had always thought of it as scribbles. Only those that were very adept at curses and seal diagrams were able to read it. Thinking up to there, Chu Mu couldn’t help but remember Bai Jinrou that was brought away by Bai Yu.

Bai Jinrou seemed to be an expert in this factor, but she had fallen into endless sleep. Though her body and soul were saved through rotten aura, the life force to revive her was near impossible to find on earth. Even if Bai Yu returned to being a human, he would continue down a path of pure determination.

“You can read this?” Seeing Chu Mu lose focus, Miu Qingyi asked.

Chu Mu shook his head. Did his mind wandering look like he was reading the words?

Since Miu Qingyi asked like that, it meant she couldn’t read either. If she needed to decipher the texts to gain the inheritance, then the two-month long search would be for nothing.



At this moment, Binding Wind Spirit in Chu Mu’s soul pet space let out an exciting voice, wanting to fly out.

“You can read it?” Chu Mu was surprised, and quickly summoned it before him.

Qin floated towards the book, and let out a string of indecipherable sounds.

At this moment, Chu Mu discovered that a few lines on the ice book started shining. More surprisingly, some of the words and curses that floated off of the book seemed to become conscious entities and started floating around Qin.

Miu Qingyi looked at Chu Mu’s binding wind spirit. As the little beings around Qin floated around it, she seemed to realize something and also chanted an incantation.

Chu Mu glanced at Miu Qingyi’s summoning symbol and was surprised to find that she was summoning the seven diagrams sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird!

This was a high class emperor rank Immortal Ming Bird. Its body was pure white and elegant, its eyes spirited like a girl’s, giving off a very obedient and pretty feeling.

“You seem to like wing type soul pets a lot.” Chu Mu was only a slightly surprised, but didn't find it unbelievable that Miu Qingyi had Immortal Ming Bird.

Seven diagram sacred pets didn’t only exist in seven sacred realms. There were wild seven diagram sacred pets.

“En, it seems like this ice palace does belong to soul palace.” Miu Qingyi said.

Since only the seven diagram sacred pets could decipher it, it meant that this probably was a sacred realm of soul palace.

Of course, this was just a guess. The palace could have existed long before soul palace became powerful!

Chu Mu only had one seven diagram sacred pet, so he couldn’t steal the other part of the inheritance from Miu Qingyi.

In reality, Qin already gained the inheritance of a sacred pet, the Ancient Will, which allowed it to cast wind type techniques without being interrupted and allowed its wind type powers to double. Though Qin was low class emperor rank, its power was very near middle class. This was the power of ancient will.

Now that Qin deciphered the mysterious energy in ice palace, though its strength didn’t erupt, it still probably would gain some special species energy.

“It seems like it’ll take a while, let’s go look elsewhere?” Chu Mu saw that Qin remained floating for over two hours, and saw that Miu Qingyi’s Immortal Ming Bird was doing the same.

“En.” Miu Qingyi nodded. The two seemed to have an aversion towards long periods of time already.

This time Miu Qingyi walked behind Chu Mu. Looking at him, her gaze became somewhat doubting.

Chu Mu and Miu Qingyi found beyond the ice palace an ice spring full of massive spirit energy!

This entire ice spring looked like it was flowing outwards. It seemed to penetrate the hard ice beneath and spread through the entire ice mirror world through the ground. The reason the entire world had spirit energy enough to raise middle class emperor ranks to high class emperor ranks was indubitably because of this spring.

“White tiger!” Miu Qingyi chanted an incantation and summoned her ice type white tiger aside the spring.

Seeing the white tiger appear, Chu Mu stared blankly and said, “Wasn’t your white tiger guarding us above ground?”

Chu Mu very clearly remembered that when Miu Qingyi and he flew into the abyssal well, Miu Qingyi left white tiger above ground. Did Miu Qingyi have two white tigers?

“When we entered the cave, I retracted it.” Miu Qingyi said.

“Retracted it?”Chu Mu didn’t understand. The surface was at least ten kilometers below the cave. In normal circumstances, soul pet trainers could only retract soul pets within a kilometer. How did Miu Qingyi do that?

Seeing Chu Mu still confused, Miu Qingyi laughed lightly and said, “This is a soul technique, allowing me to retract my soul pets from farther away the higher my remembrance is…...I can’t pass it to other people though.”

“Alright.” Chu Mu laughed bitterly. He had to admit that he indeed wanted to ask to learn it, but his intentions were seen through.

To be able to retract his soul pet from ten kilometers away would definitely be extremely useful for him!

For example, in the fight between ice air fairy and violent ice demon, if Chu Mu knew this soul technique, when the ice air fairy had danger, Chu Mu could cast an incantation from long distance and retract ice air fairy, allowing him to save its life in critical conditions.

This soul technique of Miu Qingyi indeed couldn’t be passed outwards lightly, but she didn’t keep it solely to herself. Her seven disciples all had this ability. However, many times battles happened within short moments, and none of them are sharp enough to retract their soul pets that precisely.

“This person doesn’t seem to know how to ask for help?” Miu Qingyi glanced at Chu Mu and thought.

Miu Qingyi had the intent of taking Chu Mu as a disciple. Even if Chu Mu wasn’t willing, with Miu Qingyi’s good feelings towards Chu Mu, she wouldn’t mind making a very high potential friend and teach it to him. However, a single word from her caused him to completely stop seeking for it. This truly was a man who valued pride over all else.

Miu Qingyi thought this as other thoughts went through Chu Mu’s head. He glanced at the ice spring but thought to himself, “I must get the soul technique before I kill her!”

Miu Qingyi’s white tiger put its nose against the ice spring, and smelled it before raising its head and shaking its head.

“Does it not match?” Miu Qingyi looked disappointed.

White tiger was already at top tier emperor rank bottleneck. This spirit source was indeed massive, but spirit aura is spirit aura. No matter how thick it was, it couldn’t cause white tiger to go from emperor rank to dominator rank.

“These are yours.” Miu Qingyi no longer even looked at the ice spring and said to Chu Mu.

“Your majesty is indeed generous……” Chu Mu smiled. The thickness of the spirit aura was enough to create a top tier emperor rank ice type soul pet with 100% success rate!

Now, Chu Mu only needed to give Ning some chances to train and use this massive ice spring to slowly strengthen it and it will easily become top tier emperor rank!!

“Your use of title was well placed.” Miu Qingyi said, and brought her white tiger to other places.

Reaching her level, she truly stopped caring whether people called her respectfully or not, but Chu Mu’s change of title caused Miu Qingyi to understand this man a little more; he clearly cared about his own profit a great deal!

Seeing Miu Qingyi’s back leaving image, the joy on Chu Mu’s face slowly cooled down, and some suspicion replaced it.

In reality, when the white tiger started to try the ice spring, Chu Mu already was ready to attack.

Such a soul item able to create a top tier emperor rank was rare. Chu Mu walked so long with Miu Qingyi, and finally found it deep in this ice palace. This showed just how rare top tier emperor rank soul items were.

Even if Miu Qingyi didn’t give it, Chu Mu would steal it. However, with Miu Qingyi giving it to him so generously, this didn’t make any logical sense.

This soul item was something even Miu Qingyi couldn’t get easily. Only a few people in all of humanity had top tier emperor ranks. Even if Miu Qingyi didn’t need it, she could save it for her disciples and grow her faction. Let alone, who would think they had too many soul items? Once one was a high remembrance soul emperor, with all soul pacts signed, one could have as many as 15 soul pets!

While confused, Chu Mu gathered the ice spring into his spatial ring and protected it well. To solve the confusion in his heart, Chu Mu quickly caught up to Miu Qingyi.

Miu Qingyi’s clothes were changed again, now wearing a yellow long robe that closed in at the hips. Her elegant steps caused her figure to lose a mortal woman’s beauty and gain a sense of elegance and dignity. When her hair was messed by the wind cave, so she didn’t put it up again and instead let it loose downwards, reaching her hips.

This beautiful image was hard to connect to the war goddess that never lost. However, seeing her courageous side, Chu Mu knew that the woman’s beautiful and calm appearance hid a terrifying determination and strongheadedness!

“It’s not all for you, remember to give half to young master Teng.” Miu Qingyi didn't turn around but reminded Chu mu.

“En.” Chu Mu nodded.

Everything here should have been Teng Lang’s, and Chu Mu didn’t mean to take it all away. The spirit source was incredibly dense and, even after splitting away half, Ning could still reach top tier emperor rank with Ning Maner’s nurturing effect.

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