Chapter 793: Microcosm of a Legendary Land

Chapter 793: Microcosm of a Legendary Land 

The wind cave led to a terrifying wind storm space. Even dominator ranks, if sucked in, would be ripped into pieces. 

The bottom was an enormous abyss that seemed like a deep well. At the bottom of the deep well was a fatal wind cave. One didn’t even have to reach the bottom of this wind cave. By only flying 1000 meters above the bottom, one would not be able to climb back up.

However, at about a hundred meters from the strongest point in the wind cave, along the wall, was a horizontal cave.

A golden flame slowly flickered, illuminating the bottom of the cave. When the light spread to the abyss, it was possible to see an arc appear in the golden light. It wasn’t illuminating the opposing wall, but instead the the bottom. 

Right now, Chu Mu stood at the edge of this cave.    

Seeing the ray of light warp, he couldn’t help but suck in a breath of air. The attraction force from the wind cave was already causing space to distort, changing the trajectory of light.

Chu Mu’s half devil state wind cave could only suck in real substances, not distort light. 

Wiping the cold sweat off of his neck, Chu Mu turned back and looked at the woman currently smoothing out her hair. He said: “How did you know that there would be a cave here?” 

“I guessed.” calmly answered Mu Qingyi.

“...” Chu Mu was instantly speechless.

His heart had just calmed down, but now it was palpitating. He had thought that Mu Qingyi had detected this cave before deciding to bravely surge down. 

Yet, it turned out that this woman simply had no idea that there was a cave here!

Surging down like this was like playing with their lives. Indeed, even though Chu Mu could control other type abilities in his half devil state, he wasn’t confident that he could escape from this terrifying wind cave! 

“I didn’t realize that you understood how to be afraid.” a smile rose on Mu Qingyi’s face. She could see that this demonically calm man was now sweating buckets. This really wasn’t easy to achieve.  

“Next time, could I trouble you to ask first and not decide things for yourself.” Chu Mu wore a bitter smile, and he wanted to curse at Mu Qingyi. This woman was crazy! If she decided to do something, she would just pull him in. If there was no cave, he would have died with her! 

“Decide things for yourself? Do you think that this phrase is fitting for this Majesty?” said Mu Qingyi. 

Normally when people spoke to the Heavenly Concubine, they had to add a respectful title first. Chu Mu calling her “you”, if this was heard by others, would cause him to be met by angry glares. This was especially when he was calling her out on deciding things for herself?

As a war goddess, any one of her choices would not be questioned by others. Therefore, there wasn’t much to discuss about deciding things for herself. 

If it was an expert, he or she needed to be respected no matter how arrogant you were. 

The Heavenly Concubine naturally discovered that this man’s tone towards her was too casual. However, from her expression, it could be seen that she wasn’t dissatisfied with the way he was talking to her. Instead, she was curious as to where this man got the courage to talk to her like that. 

Chu Mu couldn’t be bothered to stake his own life to argue with this female madman. He stared at the other side of the deep abyss where the golden light shone onto. It was a cave not even 20 meters away from the end of the wind cave. 

“I’m not sure where that cave leads to. It’s only 20 meters away from the wind cave. There is probably nobody in the human territory that can enter it.” said Chu Mu. 

There were two horizontal caves in this abyss. One was the cave Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi were currently in that was only a hundred meters away from the end of the wind cave. The other was even further down, only 20 meters away. Chu Mu was able to see it using the distorted light. 

Chu Mu was certain that in his half devil state, even if he were to reach the 20 meter area, he wouldn’t be able to change his flying direction to reach the opposite wall. Therefore, even though there was 80 meters between him and the other cave, this 80 meters was like a region of death that he couldn’t traverse. 

“In the future when we’re stronger we can try to reach the deeper cave.” after Mu Qingyi saw the deeper cave, she was also shocked. 

She already stood at the pinnacle of humanity, yet still didn’t dare enter that place. What on earth was hidden there… 

The world was vast with many extraordinary things. If he hadn’t entered the Universe Ice Gates and the mysterious underground world under the icy mirror, Chu Mu wouldn’t have believed that there was a terrifying place where even dominator rank creatures felt incapable! 


Chu Mu used his hands to feel the ice on the cave walls. Due to the powerful attraction force of the wind cave, the ice from 1000 meters and below in this wind cave had been compressed by multiple layers. Even a dominator rank creature’s full strength attack would probably only be able to leave a light scar on the ice. 

The Crown Phoenix King’s body had shrunk, transforming into a golden small phoenix that stood on Mu Qingyi’s shoulder. This cave clearly couldn’t hold its original body. When it flew in here earlier, it had immediately shrunk itself to enter. 

The two of them were extremely interested at what secrets were hidden at the end of this cave. Mu Qingyi walked in front. Fortunately for Chu Mu, who couldn’t summon soul pets, he could rely on the Crown Phoenix King’s golden light to see ahead. 

The cave was long and although it was a bit windy, it was rather direct.

After walking for a long time, they didn’t discover anything special. It was just a long endless cave. 

“It’s not like the icy mirror world, right? Do we have to walk another 2 months?” Chu Mu felt something wasn’t right and muttered to himself. 

Mu Qingyi turned around and glanced at Chu Mu. Her eyes were probably glaring at him. Could he not talk about something else? 

Mu Qingyi was also afraid. Afraid that this cave was as long as the icy mirror world. If they never reached the end, her willpower would definitely collapse. 

Of course, there was another important problem. This path had to be walked to the end because Mu Qingyi wasn’t confident that the Crown Phoenix King could fly out from the deep abyss well. 

Therefore, if this cave they had to walk to the end of was endless, even if Chu Mu transformed into a half devil to kill her, she would still feel as though she was freed.  

Unfortunately, Chu Mu’s inauspicious remark turned out to be true. 

An entire five days, and there was still no end in sight. Even Chu Mu, who had a resilient mind, was gradually growing impatient. Persisting wasn’t the scary part. What was scary was bitterly persisting and holding on, but only to endlessly walk this incomparably long dark path unable to see the light. 

Mu Qingyi was also impatient. However, her steps showed no signs of stopping as she trudged along, full of complaints. 

Having known her for this period of time, Chu Mu finally understood why this woman was able to stand in the top 3 experts of humanity and no one tried to remove her. Her willpower and persistence far surpassed what a normal person was capable of. Added on her reckless nature and abnormal talent, if she didn’t die, she would definitely be able to reach the altar of the strongest person. 

On the sixth day, Mu Qingyi had Chu Mu walk in front.

However, on the seventh day, when Mu Qingyi was planning on having Chu Mu walk behind her, Chu Mu suddenly stopped, and looked at her who was wearing a strange expression. 

Mu Qingyi quickly returned to normal and asked: “What’s the matter?” 

“Could it be you haven’t detected anything?” Chu Mu cracked a smile.

Mu Qingyi’s mind was a bit numb right now, and when she released her soul remembrance, her emotionless expression immediately blossomed into a smile! 

Spirit energy. Extremely dense spirit energy! 

Extending her soul remembrance, she could tell that in front of them, the cave opened up to land, an extremely vast and spacious underground world! 

In this underground world, dense spirit energy overflowed, rousing people and ostensibly dispelling any fatigue! 

After undergoing inner torment for so long, if it were another expert, he or she would have felt like retreating, especially since it was so hard to reach this cave and another ten day trek on top of that. It was extremely easy to give up. 

Fortunately, Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi were the same sort of person and could persist until the end! Moreover, they were able to find the spirit source land! 

“Purely the spirit source energy is capable of creating a peak emperor. There’s also the mysterious inheritance strength…” Mu Qingyi’s smile was very pure. 

Chu Mu nodded his head and allowed the Heavenly Concubine to walk ahead while he followed behind her. 

The golden light spread out, illuminating the spacious underground world and bouncing off the glossy ice. Everything around them was gold as if they had stepped into a country made of gold. It was so bright and dazzling! 

Underneath the spacious earth, this icy spacious palace appeared in Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi’s vision! 

The most majestic golden palace Chu Mu had seen was the Tianxia King’s Palace. However, compared to that, the icy palace in front of him was far more beautiful and majestic. Each brick, each roof tile, each ledge and each corner exuded an ancient majesty and venerable aura. It made one seem as if one had entered an ancient time and space that had been sealed off for a long time. The moment one stepped into this place, the ancient atmosphere that had lasted until now would be broken. 

At the end of humanity’s extreme icy sealed land were a pair of Universe Ice Gates standing alone in the dark ice and snow. Behind the door was an eternal icy mirror heaven and earth that had no end. 

Underneath the icy peak of this endless world, there existed a terrifying wind cave in a deep abyss. The endless cave at the bottom of this abyss lead to an underground world where sealed off was an ancient ice palace!! 

When had it existed, who had built it, and how many ancient secrets did it store? 

Shock was no longer capable of describing the situation. In front of them was an ancient icy palace that resembled the skeleton of a frozen, ancient and powerful creature. Its solitude, its majesty and its grandeur hid an ancient inheritance that people couldn’t help but investigate but at the same time not want to investigate… 

It was like a microcosm of a legendary land!! 

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