Chapter 793: Microcosm of a Legendary Land

Chapter 793: Microcosm of a Legendary Land 

The wind cave led to a terrifying wind storm space. Even dominator ranks, if sucked in, would be ripped into pieces. 

The bottom was an enormous abyss that seemed like a deep well. At the bottom of the deep well was a fatal wind cave. One didn’t even have to reach the bottom of this wind cave. By only flying 1000 meters above the bottom, one would not be able to climb back up.

However, at about a hundred meters from the strongest point in the wind cave, along the wall, was a horizontal cave.

A golden flame slowly flickered, illuminating the bottom of the cave. When the light spread to the abyss, it was possible to see an arc appear in the golden light. It wasn’t illuminating the opposing wall, but instead the the bottom. 

Right now, Chu Mu stood at the edge of this cave.    

Seeing the ray of light warp, he couldn’t help but suck in a breath of air. The attraction force from the wind cave was already causing space to distort, changing the trajectory of light.

Chu Mu’s half devil state wind cave could only suck in real substances,...

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