Chapter 792: War Goddess, Mad Goddess?

Chapter 792: War Goddess, Mad Goddess? 

If he were to attack in this sort of circumstances, Chu Mu would be unable to attack the Heavenly Concubine herself. Firstly, the White Tiger would detect Chu Mu’s intentions and secondly, the Heavenly Concubine was cautious of her surroundings. The moment Chu Mu transformed into a half devil, she would be able to react and summon the Crown Phoenix King.

Therefore, Chu Mu decided to quick and violently kill the White Tiger, which posed a threat to him. This would cause the Heavenly Concubine to lose a soul, and he could take his time killing the Crown Phoenix King. 

Inside the extreme ice land, the Crown Phoenix King’s strength was greatly reduced, and Chu Mu had the confidence to beat it.

In case the Heavenly Concubine wanted to flee, Chu Mu would pursue it. The route back was 2 months long, and that gave Chu Mu more than enough time to chase her down. Presumably, the Crown Phoenix King’s flying speed here wouldn’t be very fast. 

Chu Mu had planned everything, and was just waiting for the Heavenly Concubine to begin silent cultivation. However, a very untimely thing occurred that caused Chu Mu to dispel thoughts of attacking her. 

“We found it!” a smile arose on Heavenly Concubine Mu Qingyi’s face. One could see that after two months of mental suppression, she was also at a very jittery stage. Now that she had finally found the place she had been looking for, she was naturally extremely happy.  

Chu Mu’s expression was one of excitement but also disappointment. He stared at the towering snowy peak in front of them that reached the blue skies and muttered in his heart: “This snowy peak didn’t appear earlier nor did it appear later. It just had to appear right when I was about to make a move.” 

Since they had found the snow peak, the mental suppression naturally weakened. The continuously growing desire Chu Mu had towards Mu Qingyi only had to be slightly suppressed, and the desire would shift to the mysterious snowy peak.

In truth, Mu Qingyi had also let out a sigh of relief when she saw this snowy peak. She was actually like Chu Mu in that she had been swept up with desire. As she gradually came to understand the man accompanying her, she grew more and more approving, and had a better impression of him. These feelings continuously grew during the two months of suppression. But this wasn’t something good, especially since the approval and good impressions would sometimes grow in certain areas… 

Of course, Mu Qingyi had also discovered that Chu Mu’s eyes had transformed from their original calm and unrippled serenity to a blazing hot. This was the occurrence from his mind being increasingly broadened, and Mu Qingyi was extremely aware of how terrifying the mental suppression was. She also understood that Chu Mu could no longer suppress those thoughts. However, she didn’t feel disgusted by this; instead, she was afraid that Chu Mu would lose his rationality one of these days. 

Therefore, Mu Qingyi maintained a sliver of soul remembrance around her. The moment this man had any improper thoughts towards her and before he made a move, Mu Qingyi would have the Nine Colored Phoenix imprison him and kill him. 

The reason why she would do this was because she had a favorable impression of him and perhaps really would take him as a disciple. Even if she didn’t take him as a disciple, he probably would reach a level very close to her in the future and Mu Qingyi wanted to make friends with someone with potential. Therefore, regardless if he became a friend or disciple, Mu Qingyi could not have any embarrassing experiences with him. 

“I should have had him go back with the three of them before. However, it’s fine, because we still made it.” Mu Qingyi discovered that in this place where their minds were ceaselessly broadened, having a single man and woman travel together really wasn’t too suitable. 

Chu Mu naturally could not know what Mu Qingyi was thinking. If he knew that Mu Qingyi had maintained a sliver of soul remembrance to guard against any improper actions, he probably would have been speechless. 

Chu Mu really was going to do something improper, but it wasn’t what she was thinking. Instead, he was going to kill her! Moreover, as Chu Mu placed his attention on killing her, his killing intentions broadened, making his eyes seem “hot” to Mu Qingyi. 

The snowy peak, accurately speaking, should have been called an icy peak because it was formed by sparkling ice crystals!

As they approached, they discovered that the entire icy peak was formed by countless rhombus-shaped ice pieces. It made the peak seem as if it wore a set of ice armor.

“The spirit energy here is very dense. Perhaps there is a spirit source nearby.” Chu Mu raised his head, and stared at the icy armor mountain peak.

Mu Qingyi didn’t respond. Instead, she closed her eyes and used her perceptive abilities to search… 

A moment later, Mu Qingyi opened her eyes, and an excitement that was hard to inhibit blossomed from her eyes. 

“What’s the matter?” Chu Mu saw that Mu Qingyi was very happy and asked in confusion. 

“Although there isn’t xuan here, this really is a historical place. Normally in these places, there exists some strength inheritance that can increase the strength of a soul pet or a soul pet trainer.” said Heavenly Concubine Mu Qingyi.

In regards to strength inheritances, Chu Mu had obtained one before. That was the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s Jade Spring Holy Blood baptism. That caused his strength to soar. If there really was inherited strength here, this trip would not have been in vain! 

“You and the White Tiger stay here. I’ll go to the icy peak to look.” said Heavenly Concubine Mu Qingyi. After speaking, she rode on her Nine Colored Phoenix up the icy peak. She seemed to be searching for some special mark above the icy peak.

Chu Mu wasn’t in a rush. After waiting for a moment, a purple clothed Mu Qingyi returned to the ground. She didn’t seem to have found anything of value. 

“Is it underground?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yes.” Mu Qingyi nodded her head and ordered her White tiger to use its claws to rip apart the ice on the ground!

The icy mirror ground was several tens of thousands of times harder than normal ice. A full strength claw from the White Tiger merely left a dozen meter pit in the ground. Mu Qingyi had the White Tiger continue to attack while summoning the Lava Emperor which had more destructive power against ice. 

In a few attacks, the Lava Emperor managed to chisel a several hundred meter whole under the icy peak.


The Lava Emperor’s fist descended and suddenly, the layer of ice three hundred meters gave way. Cracks began to spread on the ice under Chu Mu’s feet. Chu Mu wasn’t able to react in time before abruptly falling in! 

Chu Mu fell with the ice about twenty meters. Mu Qingyi rode on her Nine Colored Phoenix down and intercepted Chu Mu, who was being rapidly sucked down by some attraction force. 

If he had fallen naturally, Chu Mu could have relied on a wind type soul technique to fly back up. However, due to the strange and extremely strong attraction force, Chu Mu knew that using soul remembrance was of no avail. Thus, he allowed himself to fall, waiting for Mu Qingyi to save him. 

“Are you ok?” asked Mu Qingyi. 

“Yes, there’s a wind cave underneath. Let’s slowly fly down.” Chu Mu was obviously ok. Instead, he felt that Mu Qingyi had no need to ask this question. 

Mu Qingyi had the White Tiger stay above on the ground while the Nine Colored Phoenix and Lava Emperor slowly descended.

The wind cave was a spatial black hole with extremely powerful attraction force. As the Nine Colored Phoenix circled down, the attraction force grew increasingly strong.

“The center of the wind cave is still very far away. But at this distance, there’s already this much attraction force. This wind cave is a bit terrifying.” said Chu Mu. 

They had already continued descending for a long time, but the wind cave was still exuding so much force. If it were a middle class emperor or high class emperor, it would not have been able to descend this deep.

Even if it was a paragon emperor rank Nine Colored Phoenix, it still had to be extremely careful when flying down. Otherwise, if they descended to an area where the attraction force was too strong, the Nine Colored Phoenix would not be able to fly its way back up.

In order to prevent this, Chu Mu suggested to Mu Qingyi to have the Lava Emperor stay on the Nine Colored Phoenix’s back. The moment something happened, the Lava Emperor would be able to haul the Nine Colored Phoenix back up.

“This place is the limit.” Mu Qingyi creased her brow, and didn’t have the Nine Colored Phoenix continue down. 

Right now, the Nine Colored Phoenix was beating its wings very quickly. If it continued going down for about another 10 meters, it probably would be sucked away by the wind cave. 

But Mu Qingyi naturally wouldn’t give up here. Mu Qingyi had the Nine Colored Phoenix and Lava emperor return to the ground while she summoned the dominator rank Crown Phoenix King. 

When the Crown Phoenix King appeared, Chu Mu’s heart clenched. He was truly afraid that the direct descendent of an ancestor level creature would discover the half devil aura on him.

Fortunately, the extremely ice land made the Crown Ice Phoenix feel extremely uncomfortable. It naturally didn’t consider whether Chu Mu, this man who was standing with its master, was of any danger. 

The Crown Phoenix King’s flying abilities were much more powerful than the Nine Colored Phoenix. This type of powerful attraction force wasn’t of much influence on it.

The Crown Phoenix King was indeed bold. While the Nine Colored Phoenix needed to slowly circle its way down, it simply dived straight down. It practically didn’t place the endless wind cave in its eyes. 

As the Crown Phoenix Cave dived down, Chu Mu was silently shocked. 

It had already reached such a deep place, but hadn’t reached the end of the wind cave. This wind cave probably exuded strength similar to a dominator rank other type or wind type creature! 

“It’s about to reach its limit. How deep is this wind cave?!” Mu Qingyi’s expression turned serious. 

If the Crown Phoenix King was about to reach its limit, this meant that the wind cave’s strength was at the dominator rank. Most importantly, even at the Crown Phoenix King’s limit, it still hadn’t reached the end of the wind cave. 

“The wind cave probably has another 1000 meters until the end. In these 1000 meters, probably even dominator rank creatures will not be able to withstand the attraction force.” said Chu Mu. 

From Mu Qingyi’s expression, it was possible to tell that she was unreconciled. She was unreconciled because she had already stepped into the dominator rank, yet was being held outside an entrance by an ancient site! 

“Hold on tight!” Mu Qingyi calmly said to Chu Mu.

“Hold on tight to what…. Hey!” Chu Mu wasn’t able to finish speaking before the Crown Phoenix King suddenly swooped down. This caused Chu Mu to stumble and nearly fall off. Fortunately, the Heavenly Concubine extended her hand and hauled Chu Mu back. 

“I told you to hold on tight!’ Mu Qingyi glared at Chu Mu. Her hair, which was originally hanging elegantly, was fluttering in the air as they fell. This exposed her beautiful blemishless face. 

Chu Mu naturally couldn’t say anything. The bottom thousand meters of the wind cave naturally was not something even a dominator rank creature could resist!

Mu Qingyi having her Crown Phoenix King swoop down like this was tantamount to suicide!

How was Mu Qingyi a war goddess? She was more like a mad goddess! 

Five hundred meters down, the attraction force became abnormally powerful. The golden flames on the Crown Phoenix King’s body were practically going to break free from it. 

Finally, Chu Mu detected the end of the terrifying wind cave! 

The might of this wind cave was even more terrifying than the wind cave Chu Mu could use as a half devil. Therefore, by flying down like this, there was a 100% chance they would not be able to fly up again. One careless mistake, and they could also be sucked into an area in the wind cave filled with wind storms. There, they could be ripped to pieces! 

She’s mad! Until now, Chu Mu thought that Mu Qingyi was rather conservative. He never expected her to be so gutsy. So gutsy that Chu Mu’s hair was about to stand up in anger! 

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