Chapter 792: War Goddess, Mad Goddess?

Chapter 792: War Goddess, Mad Goddess? 

If he were to attack in this sort of circumstances, Chu Mu would be unable to attack the Heavenly Concubine herself. Firstly, the White Tiger would detect Chu Mu’s intentions and secondly, the Heavenly Concubine was cautious of her surroundings. The moment Chu Mu transformed into a half devil, she would be able to react and summon the Crown Phoenix King.

Therefore, Chu Mu decided to quick and violently kill the White Tiger, which posed a threat to him. This would cause the Heavenly Concubine to lose a soul, and he could take his time killing the Crown Phoenix King. 

Inside the extreme ice land, the Crown Phoenix King’s strength was greatly reduced, and Chu Mu had the confidence to beat it.

In case the Heavenly Concubine wanted to flee, Chu Mu would pursue it. The route back was 2 months long, and that gave Chu Mu more than enough time to chase her down. Presumably, the Crown Phoenix King’s flying speed here wouldn’t be very fast. 

Chu Mu had planned everything, and was just waiting for the Heavenly Concubine to begin silent cultivation. However, a very untimely thing occurred that caused Chu Mu to dispel thoughts of attacking her. 

“We found it!” a smile arose on Heavenly Concubine Mu Qingyi’s face. One...

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