Chapter 791: Advance, High Remembrance Soul Emperor!

Chapter 791: Advance, High Remembrance Soul Emperor!

Mental restriction, this was a large diagram that used the entire space as its diagram. It created a long-lasting mental suppression that normally was not perceivable.

Initially, Heavenly Concubine didn't realize the difference in this world. However, when she noticed that she was impacted by the world’s desolation even when she was meditating, it raised her alarm, so she didn’t tell Teng Lang and her two female disciples to stay for any longer.

After a while, they would truly suffer from mental collapse and need a long time to adjust back.

“I’m not that fragile.” Chu Mu didn’t care.

This mental restriction was to test one’s heart. Chu Mu wanted to use this mental restriction to raise himself to high remembrance soul master and gain another soul pact.

“Ride my white tiger.” Heavenly Concubine said as she jumped off her white tiger, and called her nine colored phoenix beside her.

Chu Mu nodded. He really didn’t have much that could ride. Little...

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