Chapter 790: Mental Obliteration, Land of Nightmare

Chapter 790: Mental Obliteration, Land of Nightmare

Heavenly concubine let out her perception and started looking for the region with the most spirit aura.

“No Xuan aura……” After a while, heavenly concubine muttered, showing some disappointment

“Your majesty, what is Xuan aura? The excited Guanguan asked.

“Emperor ranks need spirits to raise their strength, so spirits are the resources of emperor ranks. However, once reaching dominator rank, xuan aura is the deciding resource. Xuan aura means the aura released from xuan sources. Compared to the rare spirit, xuan aura was something hard to find even deep within forbidden realm. I originally thought the Universe Ice Gate would have some in it, but…..” Heavenly concubine didn’t hide it at all and explained briefly.

Old Li wasn’t beside him, so Chu Mu naturally didn’t know much about dominator rank. Hearing heavenly concubine explain the concept of Xuan aura, Chu Mu got curious and asked, “Is Xuan aura the same form as spirit?”

Heavenly concubine shook her head, “The...

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