Chapter 790: Mental Obliteration, Land of Nightmare

Chapter 790: Mental Obliteration, Land of Nightmare

Heavenly concubine let out her perception and started looking for the region with the most spirit aura.

“No Xuan aura……” After a while, heavenly concubine muttered, showing some disappointment

“Your majesty, what is Xuan aura? The excited Guanguan asked.

“Emperor ranks need spirits to raise their strength, so spirits are the resources of emperor ranks. However, once reaching dominator rank, xuan aura is the deciding resource. Xuan aura means the aura released from xuan sources. Compared to the rare spirit, xuan aura was something hard to find even deep within forbidden realm. I originally thought the Universe Ice Gate would have some in it, but…..” Heavenly concubine didn’t hide it at all and explained briefly.

Old Li wasn’t beside him, so Chu Mu naturally didn’t know much about dominator rank. Hearing heavenly concubine explain the concept of Xuan aura, Chu Mu got curious and asked, “Is Xuan aura the same form as spirit?”

Heavenly concubine shook her head, “The king of spirit sources is a Xuan aura source. Xuan sources are different from spirit sources that are like mineral patches or energy crystals. Xuan sources are often non-soul pets with their own consciousness and thoughts…..”

“For example, the messiah tree. It isn’t a plant world soul pet. It has no aggressive abilities nor movement abilities. It simply is a plant that had lived for countless years under the effects of the energy in the world…...Xuan sources are organisms, yet not soul pets……”

In reality, heavenly concubine herself couldn’t truly explain the concept of Xuan sources. The mysterious source definitely wasn’t as simple as spirits, but one thing was for sure; dominator rank soul pets needed Xuan as their main energy!

“So that’s just a rather advanced spirit source, but not a Xuan source?” Chu Mu asked.

The world inside universe ice gate was indeed shocking. In such a shocking world, Chu Mu felt like it truly would have organisms beyond emperor rank.

However, if such an ancient world didn't have the mysterious Xuan source, then what kind of world would have it?

“En, at least I haven’t felt it yet.” Heavenly concubine said slightly disappointed.

However, heavenly concubine had searched through many of these places and had been disappointed. She adjusted her emotions really quickly.

Without the Xuan source, finding this spirit aura source could at least create a top tier emperor rank or invincible emperor. This wasn’t a resource that should be underestimated. After all, it could create a top tier emperor rank or invincible emperor rank, which is very rare in the entire human realm.

One could see that heavenly concubine didn’t have any hope left for universe ice gate. This was mainly because the universe ice gate was defended by five main emperor ranks. If the universe ice gate didn’t have any rare thing or some extremely ancient object, there was no reason why the five great ice emperors would guard here for so long without letting anyone enter.


This world only had a clear sky and an ice mirror that reflected the skies. There was nothing to show direction and stop them from getting lost. As heavenly concubine walked deeper into the world, she would tell the white tiger to leave a mark on the ground whenever they walked a certain distance.

Soul pet trainers who often enter bewildering worlds know that the scariest part of mazes within bewildering worlds are definitely not complicated environments that have many paths. Instead, it was places like universe ice gate that are the same everywhere. Because, in such a place, walking a minute degree off could cause one to get further and further off and eventually end up completely separate from one’s destination.

Adding on the fact that one’s view is always the same, after a while, there will be mental fatigue and slowly desperation builds.

Walking in such a space, seeing a scene that always made you tired, slowly one would lose all hope and the situation would destroy one’s mind to a point of desolation…...

Ice mirror’s ground and reflected sky had a beauty in grandeur. As the five people walked around in the month, they slowly lost the shock they initially felt when they initially went.

At this time, though they weren’t hopeless or desolate, they were finding it extremely dull.

The most talkative were the two women. They didn’t nearly have as much mental strength as the other three, so after five days, they started talking more and more, clearly unable to withstand the torture, needing speaking to get rid of the fear in their hearts.

In a few more days, Teng Lang slowly got into the talking. The quietness and similarity in the world also caused a great burden on Teng Lang’s heart.

Whoever spoke the most in the five people was clearly the first to be plagued by the invisible fear and desolation.

Chu Mu and heavenly concubine were the most composed. Chu Mu could get used to the deathly silence and hopeless similarity because of his previous experiences. No matter if it was Nightmare island or prison island or the month or even year-long trainings, Chu Mu learned how to be alone, and learned to get rid of the feelings a normal person should have. Even if Chu Mu had to walk around in this place for half a month,  Chu Mu wouldn't develop any feelings of fear.

Heavenly concubine needed a strong mental capacity to become human’s war goddess. Sitting on the white tiger’s back, she kept walking ahead, not participating in the speaking and only speaking when resting…..

By the fifteenth day, Guanguan and little tong finally showed signs of abnormality. They became speechless, yet their eyes were filled with fear. When speaking with them, one could find that they are completely spiritless already.

The seventeenth day, Guanguan and little tong finally suffered mental collapse.

“Your majesty, let’s leave here, I beg of you. If we keep going, we may never return.” Guanguan said very pathetically.

Little Tong and Guanguan’s situations were the same. Everytime they came to rest, they would tear up constantly.

In the empty world, their minds would start to wander and in the end, their blank minds would become the most terrifying prison in the world. These women constantly believed they were walking in hell and have long forgotten that their ice type soul pets may gain great benefits from this.

Maybe in another month, they would get top tier emperor rank soul pets. However, they would unhesitatingly select to leave this place instead. Such desolation was much worse than soul torture.

The ice mirror and sky slowly became an endless darkness. Anyone who walked in this darkness world without light would feel their spirits obliterated.

Heavenly concubine didn’t mind their pleas and continued calmly.

Her gaze continued to glance at Chu Mu, because she noticed that the man would always stay calm and collected. He didn’t suddenly speak more or less than usual, staying confident.

“I spoke that if you stay here for a long time, your ice type soul pets could reach emperor rank. If you have already been conquered by terror and your soul is retracted, no matter how long you stay here, your soul pets won’t breakthrough.” Finally, heavenly concubine spoke.

Her two female disciples caused her disappointment. One could see that Chu Mu’s ice air fairy was still gaining a lot of benefits from the massive world. If he could continue, his would benefit even further.

However, her two disciples already had their ice air fairy at their bottlenecks. If they weren’t affected by their master’s terror, they would have had a chance to develop at the fifteenth day.

This also verified the saying that a truly powerful organism needed a powerful heart!

Confidence, courage, perseverance, and a heart of daring to challenge one’s limit. Even without soul items, they could complete self-strengthening.

On the other hand, weak and fearful organisms would not improve.

Heavenly concubine’s words gave the two women a boost of confidence, but they still couldn’t get past the barrier in their heart…...

By the twentieth day, the fearful Teng Lang hung on, causing his iceberg lion to gain great benefits. Heavenly concubine also told Teng Lang that with some normal emperor rank ice type spirit items to help, it would be able to reach high class emperor rank.

However, Teng Lang’s maximum as only a little past twenty days as well.

By the thirtieth day, Guanguan, little Tong, and Teng Lang no longer had the courage to go further. They were begging to return.

“Ai, to able to stay for thirty days was pretty hard already. However, to you guys, the true terror is just about to begin, because you have to take the same route back.” Heavenly concubine said helplessly to the two disciples.

Thirty days was indeed their max. If they kept going, they would completely lose their minds. Though one must go through such experiences when training, going overboard would cause them to have a mental scar, causing them to lose the ability to meditate. The moment they closed their eyes, they would only see the terrifying scene of sky and ice mirror.

“You should leave with them.” Heavenly concubine glanced at Chu Mu. Seeing that he didn’t want to return, she spoke up.

Chu Mu shook his head, “My ice air fairy is gaining a lot of benefits from here. It’s also training on my mental strength. I think I can reach seventh remembrance in a bit longer.”

Chu Mu was speaking the truth. For the weak, this was hell. For the strong, this was the perfect meditation spot!

Heavenly concubine hesitated. She didn't want to walk in such a place alone with a man.

However, thinking about it, maybe an extra person wasn’t so bad, because heavenly concubine couldn’t guarantee that reaching the final destination wouldn’t make her lose her mind. And, the way back could cause mental scarring to even her.

“If you want to continue with me, that’s fine. However, I have to warn you that this world has a large mental restriction. This was what caused the three of them to lose their minds so quickly, even with meditation. Staying here too long, once you leave, you may need a few years to get rid of the mental scarring. In those years, you won’t see any improvements.” Heavenly concubine said seriously.

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