Book 2 Chapter 79 - Ancient City on the Plains, Jia City

Chapter 79: Ancient City on the Plains, Jia City

“This person is named Zuo Xiao, and he happens to be an expert from the younger generation. However, he is not one of our Nightmare Palace people. He is a vagrant assassin, and he resides in the Northern Kingdom Region. His reputation is very high, and the peak experts of many regions are somewhat afraid of him. This assassin has most recently been roaming about our Blue Nightmare City. I can have others use a large amount of gold to hire him.” said the old servant.

“If it’s an assassin, then why would I need to have a young person do the job. I might as well hire an older assassin to deal with it.” said the Blue Nightmare Palace Lord.

“There is something that Master doesn’t know about. This Zuo Xiao is apparently Kang Cheng’s disciple. If he is to undertake the task, then even if he kills Chu Mu, with Kang Cheng’s existence, it would be hard for even Senior Yuan to look into it. Such fire will not burn your body.” A devious smile sure of success appeared on the old servant’s face.

“Oh? Surprisingly, he is the madman Kang Cheng’s disciple, eh? It’s been a long time since I’ve heard news of that madman… Zuo Xiao, right? Then it will be him!” said the Blue Nightmare Palace Lord.

The Blue Nightmare Palace Lord could dispatch a few experts to kill Chu Mu, but in the future, Chu Mu would probably be beside the Princess very often, and he would receive the attention of a few experts. The moment an expert not in the younger generation attacked Chu Mu, those people definitely would not sit back and watch. The best plan was to have a peak expert in the younger generation to get rid of Chu Mu in a fight where outsiders couldn’t interfere.


The news of Chu Mu defeating the Luo Region Nightmare Prince quickly spread to Jia City.

Jia City couldn’t be considered to be far from Nightmare City. Moreover, one quarter of the cities in the Jia Region were controlled by Nightmare Palace. Despite Jia Region being a part of the Jia Family’s control, they still maintained an amicable and low key relationship with Nightmare Palace.

With the Nightmare Palace’s Princess Jin Rou’s arrival, the head of the Jia Family in the Jia Region naturally had to personally receive her, and then invite her into the city lord’s residence.

Princess Jin Rou’s travels were relatively frequent, so many bodyguards didn’t have any breaks. It was only because Chu Mu was a peak expert in the younger generation and Nightmare Palace valued letting experts from the younger generation roam about in order to fight and temper themselves that peak experts from the young generation didn’t have that many restrictions. If the princess didn’t firmly request for it, Chu Mu didn’t have to follow beside the young princess as a bodyguard.

Chu Mu himself didn’t like being restricted. If Xia Guanghan hadn’t issued an order, then Chu Mu wouldn’t have intentionally headed in the opposite direction of his migrating family towards Jia Region to meet up with the young princess.

The Jia and Luo Region were neighboring regions. Without any surprise, the news of the fight in Gangluo City should have arrived at the young princess’ ears. Young Princess Jin Rou had felt rather astonished, not expecting Chu Mu to have such potential to defeat the Luo Region Nightmare Prince, Yang Luosen, who had a quite a bit of reputation.

Inside the luxurious residence of the city lord

“Princess, your new bodyguard’s strength is rather strong.” the personal servant of the princess let out a faint laugh as she spoke to Princess Jin Rou.

“Mhm.” Princess Jin Rou merely nodded her head. Distantly, she thought of a scene three years ago. An indifferent young man sat on the protective railing on the deck as the ocean waves crashed against the boat. He faced the blowing ocean wind, and he practiced a poor quality Adhering Flame technique with concentration. On his shoulder would always lie a gentle and beautiful small fox that was extremely adorable.

“I remember at that time that it was only a Moonlight Fox, right? Have you replaced it?” Princess Jin Rou lowered her head and pondered.

“Princess, what did you say?” respectfully asked the servant. She thought that the princess was giving a command.

“Nothing.” the princess shook her head. She didn’t say anything else, and she slowly got up, delicately undoing the thin skirt. She strode towards the bath while giving off a delectable heat...

The various painted curtains under the mist from the water became rather transparent. Through this thin shower curtain, one could faintly see this princess’ elegant figure after undoing her garments. Even if it was only faintly discernible, it still gave off a feeling of enticement that was hard to resist...


In the northern part of Jia Region, Chu Mu rode on the Nightmare Thunder Dream Beast as they slowly entered the eighth rank city.

Compared to the Luo Region, the Jia Region’s territory was clearly narrower. Chu Mu rode on the Night Thunder Dream Beast for nearly ten days during his journey and had almost reached the southern center of the Jia Region.

Jia City was situated in the southern center region. After passing through the eighth rank city in front of him and then traveling another day, he would be able to reach Jia City and reconvene with the small princess’ ranks.

Although he had a rather good impression towards this Jin Rou Princess, Chu Mu didn’t want to follow along beside her. Presently, Chu Mu wanted to migrate with his family towards the northern area and reach the Wogu Region’s Great Chu Family. Then, he could make sense of why his father still hadn’t received news of his survival and returned.

When Chu Mu returned to Gangluo City, Chu Ming had immediately written a letter to Wogu Region’s Great Chu Family to inform Chu Tiancheng of the news.

Chu Mu had already stayed in Gangluo City for three months. If Chu Tiancheng was in Wogu City’s Great Chu Family, he would have definitely obtained the letter. Furthermore, he would have already returned to the family.

Only, in these past three months, not only did Chu Tiancheng not return, he hadn’t even sent back a letter in reply. Chu Ming expressed that he didn’t know what was going on. Chu Mu was a bit worried, and he wanted to go to the Great Chu City to see what was going on.

However, after dealing with the matters involving Gangluo City’s Yang Family, Xia Guanghan ordered that Chu Mu had to head towards Jia Region. Chu Mu, who was still under Xia Guanghan’s control, could only head first to the Jia Region.


After resting in the city for a day, Chu Mu rode on the Nightmare Thunder Dream Beast towards Jia City on the second day.

Jia City was a tenth rank city, and it was naturally located in the heart of the Jia Region. Although it wasn’t as boundless and developed as Nightmare City, its scope wasn’t that small.

After crossing over the slowly undulating hillside, as he stood at the top of the hill, he could see a gentle and smooth plain. At the very end of his field of vision happened to be a city wall that stretched to either end of the horizon. Underneath the clear blue sky, it was exceptionally grand, and it gave off a strong aura of an ancient city on the plains.


In the sky, a wing type soul pet fleeted past. Chu Mu didn’t know the name of it, and it spread its wings and soared into the vast space between the heaven and the earth. When the wing type creature gradually began to disappear into the blue sky, Chu Mu had already ridden his Night Thunder Dream Beast down the gradient slope of earth, slowly transforming into a black speck that gradually approached the ostensibly ancient and vast Jia City.


The Nightmare Thunder Dream Beast, this kind of soul pet, was able to travel in the city. After entering the city gates, Chu Mu didn’t have to recall Night.

The strength of a soul pet determined the status of a soul pet trainer. The sixth phase Night Thunder Dream Beast in Jia City was considered a relatively outstanding creature and, after entering the city, Chu Mu’s didn’t suffer from any obstructions. He easily entered the main street that led towards the city lord’s residence in a straight line.

Chu Mu didn’t hastily head towards the city lord’s residence to see the princess. Instead, he conveniently visited the Soul Pet Palace and the auction.

Chu Mu currently had 10 million gold coins. Although this money temporarily couldn’t be used to purchase seventh level soul crystals to train his own soul pets, Chu Mu could afford to generously purchase some soul equipment to increase his soul pet’s fighting strength.

Mo Xie’s fighting strength was rising. She possessed absolute speed dominance, abnormal attack talent, and a powerful fire type attribute. Amongst the commander rank domain, she was relatively perfect.

However, any soul pet could unceasingly pursue even more strength. Mo Xie’s defense was clearly a weakness, and if she were able to reach the seventh stage, Mo Xie would be able to become perfect.

Therefore, Chu Mu felt that it was necessary to purchase a piece of soul armor to increase Mo Xie’s defense.

In order to raise Mo Xie’ defense to the seventh stage, Chu Mu had to purchase a sixth level soul armor and combine it with Mo Xie’s natural sixth level flexible fur.

However, a soul armor would always be the most extravagant item in the domain of soul pets. Even if it was Chu Mu, who had the enormous sum of 10 million gold coins, he felt that it didn’t just mean he could be prodigal with it.

According to Chu Mu’s estimates, a sixth level beast type defense soul armor’s price probably wasn’t any less than the sixth level soul armor on his own body. It required at least 5 million gold coins.

As for Zhan Ye, its attacking power that was extremely weak was a very serious problem. Chu Mu felt that in order for Zhan Ye to be able to become a soul pet that truly surpassed its rank, phase, and stage when it fought, without any special soul items to strengthen its beast attribute, he had to use soul armor to increase Zhan Ye’s fighting strength.

Zhan Ye currently was at the fifth phase first stage. Its attacking claws were only at the fifth stage and, without Violent Blood Pupil, even with a technique’s effect, it could only barely scratch open the sixth stage defensive skin of a soul pet. However, if he combined its souls onto the soul claw, its attacking power would immediately increase.

The soul claws were similar to that of a soul armor in that it was also a soul equipment, but was meant for offense. It allowed this soul claw to combine with a soul pet’s soul. Often times, the soul claw didn’t take any form; when the soul pet used its claws to attack, the moment the soul pet thought of it, the soul claw would appear, and the outside of a soul pet’s claw would form a sharper energy claw blade...

The price of a soul claw wasn’t lower than a piece of soul armor. If Chu Mu was to spend a large sum of money to purchase the sixth level soul armor and soul claw, 10 million gold coins would definitely be instantly spent.

Moreover, if the price of these two expensive soul equipment were to still go up, Chu Mu would be so broke that he wouldn’t even be able to purchase the minimum baseline of food for his soul pets.

As his strength increased, a soul pet trainer’s soul pets would also increase. Furthermore, placing a soul pet into a soul pet space didn’t signify that the soul pet didn’t need to eat. Therefore, towards high ranking soul pet trainers, while the one time use of a soul core was a large consumption, when it was added up, the sum was considerably terrifying. Especially for Chu Mu, who was a soul pet trainer that strove to provide top quality food.

Presently, Chu Mu’s soul pets were all being fed with sixth level soul cores. Practically every two days, they had to be fed one core. Occasionally, a soul pet would throw a tantrum and, after giving it a midnight snack, Chu Mu, who treated all of them equally, had to give the rest of his soul pets a midnight snack. Thus, several thousand gold coins were instantly exhausted.

This was still merely sixth level soul crystals as food. When the time came to feed seventh level soul crystals, Chu Mu couldn’t guarantee that he would spent up to a million gold coins in one month. Therefore, ten million gold coins, to Chu Mu, was definitely not enough...

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