Chapter 789: Universe Ice Gate, Ice Mirror World

Chapter 789: Universe Ice Gate, Ice Mirror World

“It seems that the inheritance their teacher left them wasn’t ordinarily significant. It was no wonder they braved so many dangers to obtain thee second grade’s honor. Then again, it’s a surprise that the competition authorities put such a vital item in the second grade’s rewards…” Chu Mu sighed in his heart.

Ye Qingzi’s and Ye Wansheng’s surge of strength couldn’t help but cause Chu Mu to feel a trace of hurry. Indeed, it was a year ago that most of Ye Wansheng’s soul pets had reached the middle class emperor rank. Now, a year later, perhaps he even had high class emperors. If Chu Mu wasn’t going to transform into a half devil, his true strength could very likely be overtaken by them. 

“I need to work hard.” Chu Mu’s strength had already increased very quickly, but he had no choice but to lament that there indeed were various types of geniuses in this world that would sweep across the heavens. He couldn’t be too arrogant. 

Chu Mu knew that his identity was sensitive, and he didn’t tell Teng Lang that he knew the Ye Family brother and sister. On the other hand, Teng Lang was speaking without restraint and would occasionally...

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