Chapter 789: Universe Ice Gate, Ice Mirror World

Chapter 789: Universe Ice Gate, Ice Mirror World

“It seems that the inheritance their teacher left them wasn’t ordinarily significant. It was no wonder they braved so many dangers to obtain thee second grade’s honor. Then again, it’s a surprise that the competition authorities put such a vital item in the second grade’s rewards…” Chu Mu sighed in his heart.

Ye Qingzi’s and Ye Wansheng’s surge of strength couldn’t help but cause Chu Mu to feel a trace of hurry. Indeed, it was a year ago that most of Ye Wansheng’s soul pets had reached the middle class emperor rank. Now, a year later, perhaps he even had high class emperors. If Chu Mu wasn’t going to transform into a half devil, his true strength could very likely be overtaken by them. 

“I need to work hard.” Chu Mu’s strength had already increased very quickly, but he had no choice but to lament that there indeed were various types of geniuses in this world that would sweep across the heavens. He couldn’t be too arrogant. 

Chu Mu knew that his identity was sensitive, and he didn’t tell Teng Lang that he knew the Ye Family brother and sister. On the other hand, Teng Lang was speaking without restraint and would occasionally say a few mocking things aimed at the two women with them.

Chu Mu, however, was completely ignoring them. Right now, his attention was on what was inside the Universe Ice Gate, and what kind of resources were inside. Were the resources so much that they could allow a paragon emperor rank creature to step into the dominator rank? 

Thus, Chu Mu slowly changed the topic of conversation to the Universe Ice Gate. Unfortunately, Teng Lang had never been inside, and couldn’t tell him much.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t much longer when sounds of the mountains and earth shaking began to occasionally transmit from the pitch-black flying snow world in the depths of the icy snow bridge. Subsequently, continuous streams of energy, mixed with snow and icicles, began to fly at the four of them.

The fight had already begun, but the Heavenly Cncubine probably hadn’t summoned the Crown Phoenix King, because he couldn’t detect the golden flame aura.

Chu Mu wasn’t in a rush to sneak attack her now. If there really were resources inside the Universe Ice Gate that could allow a soul pet to step into the dominator rank, Chu Mu couldn’t expose his identity. It was best to make the Heavenly Concubine exhaust almost all her strength or for her to fight against the creatures inside the Universe Ice Gate and for both of them to lose. He would then be able to reap the profits ,and kill the Heavenly Concubine, making it a perfect looting and killing scenario. 

An unknown amount of time passed and the depths of the icy snow bridge finally pacified. 

A moment later, the Heavenly Concubine used a mental voice from afar to tell them that they could come. 

Guan Guan and Xiao Tong wore difficult to suppress excitedness in their eyes. If the Universe Ice Gate contained resources that even the Heavenly Concubine coveted, then the two of them would be able to obtain numerous benefits from within.

Teng Lang didn’t say anything else and rode his Ice Mountain Lion along the icy snow bridge. 

Chu Mu would occasionally throw glances into the abyss underneath the long bridge. There were at least ten kilometers to reach the bottom, making it essentially like a huge cave in the ground. He couldn’t seen the bottom, but he could hear palpitating howls from there. 

After passing through the icy snow bridge, what appeared in front of Chu Mu was a huge hanging icy snow rock platform!

This icy snow rock platform looked like it had been carved. Everything around it was complete darkness and when the whistling wind scraped past, it brought with it angry cries from the depths underneath. 

At the very center of this icy snow sculpture were a pair of enormous frozen gates. It was unknown how long these had existed for. 

Above the enormous gates and the thick layer of ice that precluded one from seeing cracks in the gates, were several ancient totems and ancient words that many people could not comprehend. 

From appearance, this truly looked similar to Soul Palace’s seven saint gates. However, Chu Mu indistinctly felt a form of evil from within the icy gates. Perhaps this evil feeling manifested from the surrounding dark world which caused the gates to seem like they lead to the netherworld. 

Presently, the Heavenly Concubine, dressed in snow clothes, was standing underneath the gates, staring at the strange words above the icy gate. 

Beside the Heavenly Concubine were three soul pets. They were the White Tiger, the Nine Colored Phoenix and the Lava Emperor.

Rock types could counter ice types. Therefore, the Heavenly Concubine had been able to use three peak emperors to defeat five icy snow emperors. The Lava Emperor’s contributions could not go unnoticed. 

However, the Heavenly Concubine hadn’t killed the icy snow emperors. Chu Mu could sense that in the darkness around the Universe Ice Gates were a few pairs of eyes watching them that were unwilling to leave. 

“Open it.” the Heavenly Concubine turned to look at Teng Lang.

Teng Lang didn’t needlessly struggle. Instead, he walked right up to the Universe Ice Gates. Even though he had been forced here, when he saw the pair of towering mysterious icy gates above the deep abyss, he was clearly extremely affected. 

Teng Lang seemed to recognize these words. He slowly remembered these words before chanting an awakening-type sequence of ancient words. Finally, he awakened the entire totem above the icy gates, causing them to open up to another world that had been sealed for endless time. 

“Ge zhi~~~~ Ge zhi~~~~~~

The outer layer of frozen ice on the icy gates began to crack and the ice slowly fell off the Universe Ice Gates. 

The Universe Ice Gates opened extremely slowly.

An unknown heaven and earth that had never been seen by the people presently on this planet was revealed right now. When the shroud of mysterious was lifted, everyone would feel intense expectations. This could be seen from the expression of all five people. 

As for Teng Lang, who had always made this his goal and his holy land, right now his emotions couldn’t be put to words. If it was only himself that got the chance to enter this place, this Soul Palace Third Young Master could die without regrets. 

The Heavenly Concubine’s emotions were normal, but her eyes were flickering when she saw the ancient radiance spill out from the icy gates. She intentionally looked at Teng Lang and said: “You can enter first.” 

Teng Lang was stunned, never expected the Heavenly Concubine to be so conscientious. 

Although Teng Lang had ridiculed the Heavenly Concubine many times in his heart, he couldn’t help but praise her actions right now because he really had wanted to be the first person to step into the Universe Ice Gates! 

Teng Lang took a step forward. In the name of safety, the Heavenly Concubine sent the White Tiger to accompany Teng Lang.

After Teng Lang entered the world through the icy gates, the Heavenly Concubine only then rode her Nine Colored Phoenix into the Universe Ice Gates. Immediately after, Chu Mu and the two other women entered. The last one to enter was the Lava Emperor in order to ensure the safety of Chu Mu and the two women.

Before stepping through the Universe Ice Gates, Chu Mu had dreamt and guessed of what kind of heaven and earth awaited them inside these gates.

However, after stepping through the gates, Chu Mu was shocked when he looked around and looked at the entire world in front of him!

This was an area of heaven and earth as pure as they come!! 

There was nothing obstructing his vision and the ground in front of him was so flat, it resembled an enormous mirror. TI was sparkling, glossy and reflected the deep blue sky above them. If one were to hover in mid air, he or she would be unable to tell which one was the sky and which one was the earth. This difficulty of distinguishing the universe was filled with mystery and supernatural! 

In this world with a perfectly reflecting land and sky, there were only five people, a few soul pets and their reflections.

“This… this… this is too inconceivable!” Teng Lang was stunned. 

There was no incline on the land nor was there a fold. This was purely an enormous icy mirror extending as far as they could see. Where the mirror bordered the sky, one could not determine if it was the horizon of the earth or the horizon of the sky. It seemed like if they continued to walk forward, they would reach the curtain of blue sky itself! 

Even the Heavenly Concubine that had seen countless strange phenomenons in this world was showing an expression on her face that revealed the immense shock in her heart.

Chu Mu had entered the Dormant World in Immortal City where the ice and snow lay dormant there. It was so quiet that even time had stopped. The scenery of peace there had already been at the extreme of extremes.

However, this world inside the Universe Ice Gates was a complete reflection of heaven and earth. It was an unstoppable scenery that covered the whole world. It was as if one had stepped into an icy dream world that made one intoxicated! 

“Ling~~~ ling~~~~~~”

Ning, which was standing next to Chu Mu, let out an excited cry. It was telling Chu Mu that while standing in this icy dream world, it seemed to be nourished by countless streams of spirit energy. Not only was it making its body abnormally comfortable but its strength also seemed to be rising. It was as if an enormous amount of icy energy was slowly seeping into its body. 

Most importantly, the spirit energy here was even more pure and thick than Ning Maner’s nourishment. If it could stay here for a long time, its control over ice would probably greatly increase. 

Compared to Ning’s feeling of comfort, aside from the intense assault on his eyes, Chu Mu felt his body being restricted by some energy.

Chu Mu knew that this was a true extreme ice world’s nature restricting him, who was a half devil. 

This restriction would probably weaken Chu Mu’s half devil strength. 

As for the Heavenly Concubine’s Crown Phoenix King which was the ancestor of fire types, it was being weakened much more than him whose main attribute was the other type. 

However, if he stayed here for long enough, especially since this was an extreme ice world, the paragon emperor rank White Tiger would probably pose a threat to him. If it managed to breakthrough and if he fought it here, half devil would probably be completely suppressed...

“If you guys cultivate here for a bit of time, your ice type soul pets should be able to break through into the high class emperor rank.” the Heavenly Concubine also felt the dense spirit aura here as she spoke to her two female disciples. 

The smiles on Guan Guan and Xiao Tong’s faces were about to overflow. If they were able to break through into the high class emperor rank, their status would be completely different. Especially since they were still such young female soul pet trainers. Perhaps even one of them would eventually be able to succeed the Heavenly Concubine’s position!

But the Heavenly Concubine’s words were truthfully indicating that the spirit energy here wasn’t enough to raise a high class emperor to a peak emperor. It probably could only increase a high class emperor’s strength somewhat. 

Moreover, it could not cause a peak emperor to breakthrough to the dominator rank.

The Heavenly Concubine understood, however, that the world inside the Universe Ice Gates could not be this simple. 

It seemed that somewhere in this icy dream world there was hidden something. Otherwise, there could not have been 5 peak emperors guarding the Universe Ice Gates! 

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