Chapter 788: The Strength of the Ye Family Brother and Sister

Chapter 788: The Strength of the Ye Family Brother and Sister

It wasn't easy to enter the coldest region of human territory. Chu Mu wanted to give the Ning sufficient training.

After it had reached the high class emperor rank, it could be considered Chu Mu's soul pet with the strongest fighting strength. Although its body was wounded, Ning wasn't bothered, and continued to temper itself in the frozen world. It consolidated its strength and familiarized itself with its new abilities.

Teng Lang was grumbling the whole way, because he himself had been pushing to reach the high class emperor rank. Yet, it ended up being Chu Mu who broke through this bottleneck, making him jealous.

If he wasn't able to breakthrough into this realm soon, it would be a few years before he would be able to close the gap.

Of course, this was Teng Lang’s own thoughts. With Chu Mu’s soul pact with Ning Maner, who was practically a limitless spirit source, even Chu Mu’s soul pets that didn’t fight would be nourished. This would save a huge amount of spirit expenditure. This advantage was something that even people at the level of the Heavenly Concubine would get jealous over. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have mobilized so many people to search for her. 

“Young Master Teng, do you think that going around in circles has any use?” suddenly, the Heavenly Concubine spoke.

She stopped and stared at Teng Lang before continuing: “This Majesty is not someone who is greedy. I only want to utilize the distinct atmosphere there to help my White Tiger breakthrough.” 

“Ok.” Teng Lang helplessly nodded his head.

The Heavenly Concubine was indeed sharp. The present area was filled with labyrinth-like fissures, and Teng Lang had only been able to walk around in a circle twice before being seen through by her.

“White Tiger?” Chu Mu’s brain flashed and he walked up to Teng Lang, inquiring about the Heaven Concubine’s White Tiger.

“It seems that the White Tiger is the Heavenly Concubine’s fifth main pet. Its strength had been stuck at the paramount emperor rank and had the most hope of her main pets of breaking into the dominator rank. However, after it entered the paramount emperor rank, it has been stuck there since. In truth, I originally thought this was the main reason she was interested in the Universe Ice Gate. I hope that this woman isn’t too greedy and takes too much. Otherwise, our Soul Palace will immediately release the Seven Diagram Kings to humiliate her!’ said Teng Lang.

The Heavenly Concubine had numerous soul pets that had reached the paramount emperor rank. Unfortunately, only her Crown Phoenix King, with the highest blood lineage, had reached the dominator rank.

The reason why she had flown thousands of miles to Qi Kingdom, brought all of her disciples and mobilized her power to search for Ning Maner, was because she hoped to use Ning Maner to allow her soul pet to break through the emperor bottleneck. 

After reaching the emperor rank, resources became scarce. It wasn’t just because one was strong that one would be able to obtain limitless resources. Instead, it still mainly relied on whether one understood how to find these resources. After a soul pet reached the peak of the emperor rank, it was practically harder to step into the dominator rank than to ascend the heavens. This was no longer a problem of resources. Instead, this required an extremely rare encounter! 

To the Heavenly Concubine, there was hope for this encounter if she reached the most primitive region of a forbidden region. Alternatively, obtaining Ning Maner, who had received the Messiah Tree’s inheritance, was also another encounter. This was the same as entering the unknown Universe Ice Gate!

If her White Tiger was able to breakthrough, purely relying on the White Tiger, the Heavenly Concubine would be able to easily defeat the silver devil who she had fought before. Moreover, with two dominator rank soul pets, she would become the undisputed War Goddess with strength only under the Alliance Master! 

The Soul Alliance Alliance Master ostensibly wouldn’t appear in the secular world. This was known by everyone. Instead, he would only cultivate behind closed-doors and enter forbidden regions. There was no longer anything worth him seeing in human territory. When Soul Alliance had attempted to swallow the three palaces, the Alliance Master had probably only nodded his head in agreement. He was like the Heavenly Concubine in that he would ignore these types of conflicts and would only appear at crucial times.

Of course, Soul Palace, Nightmare Palace, and Soul Pet Palace all had their own trumpcards. These were all set aside for the Alliance Master. Therefore, the moment the Heavenly Concubine reached the realm of two dominator rank soul pets, she would become the crux of a dominator fight.

Another crucial point to note was the Empress Concubine who was equally as famous as her.

That woman was hiding things too deeply. While the Heavenly Concubine was known as the War Goddess, this woman had already somehow managed to become the queen and goddess of Wanxiang City, and also control all of Soul Alliance’s influence. Most of Soul Alliance’s experts served her. 

The Heavenly Concubine was sure that the true manipulator of this fight behind the scenes was that woman in Wanxiang Realm who had continuously spread her gospel.

In terms of strength, the Heavenly Concubine felt that her strength was average. The only thing notable was that accompanying her was the Flower Empress Master, who had a strength right under the Heavenly Concubine.

The Flower Empress Master was not someone the Heavenly Concubine could look down upon. It wasn’t that she was extremely powerful; however, if she were to fight together with any one of the Heroes, the two of them would easily be able to defeat her. Her existence was able to threaten her to a certain extent.

However, if her White Tiger was able to breakthrough in the Universe Ice Gate, she would be able to make the Heroes bow before her with two dominators. Additionally, the Empress concubine and Flower Empress Master who both had made her feel uncomfortable could be treated without much worry about.


“If we keep walking along this icy snow bridge, we’ll reach the Universe Ice Gate. Five ice emperors perpetually guard nearby the Universe Ice Gate. If the Heavenly Concubine wishes to enter the Universe Ice Gate, you must defeat them. However, you absolutely cannot kill them.” said Teng Lang.

Teng Lang knew that in the face of this expert, continuing to play tricks was of no avail.

“You guys stay here. I’ll defeat them and then you can follow.” the Heavenly Concubine said to them.

As she spoke, the Heavenly Concubine began to chant an incantation.

Snow flew everywhere and from a dazzling ice colored pattern, a mighty devil tiger species soul pet slowly appeared!

This White Tiger was six meters long and its body was snow white without any blemishes. After being summoned, it coldly stood there. It continued to exert tremendous pressure like an ice mountain that was so tall the peak couldn’t be seen! 

The aura from this White Tiger was even mightier than the Seven Diagram Saint Pet Thousand Wave Beast! 

Speaking of the Thousand Wave Beast, after it had been thrown by Bai Yu into the abyss back then, it hadn’t died. Instead, it had managed to crawl out of the spatial abyss with much difficulty. Afterwards, it helped fight against the Eight Desolations Ju Que and the Shadow Absolute, becoming of crucial use. 

The Heavenly Concubine with noble snow clothes jumped and landed on the White Tiger’s back. When she rode on this White tiger, with her graceful figure and their noble white synergy, it truly created a mysterious yet charming scene. Even Teng Lang who deeply hated the Heavenly Concubine was stunned. Indeed, when one disregarded her power, she really was beautiful, and had an attractive temperament. Moreover, riding on a mighty peak emperor rank White Tiger imperceptibly accentuated this scene. This would cause jealousy to manifest in any soul pet trainer with ambitions… 

The Heavenly Concubine quickly disappeared in the long icy bridge amidst the icy fissured abyss. The long icy bridge seemed like a bridge that lead to an abyss of hell. Either side was filled with darkness and was the only thing floating in this terrifying icy space… 

“If this White Tiger breaks through to the dominator rank, it will truly be a headache!” when Chu Mu saw the Heavenly Concubine and the White Tiger head off, he silently shook his head.

Fortunately, he had come along this time. Otherwise, if he had stayed in Snow City and this woman who had been wounded by him managed to breakthrough, the one who would be heavily injured if they fought again and he was careless would be him! 

“Brother Chu, after we return to Soul Palace, when the old fellows know that you’ve reached the high class emperor rank, I predict that all of them will break into a fit. Haha, perhaps one of the elders will feel that they’re too old and give their seat to you! Speaking of which, I’ve only seen two people who had been able to reach this realm at this age.” Teng Lang knew that the Universe Ice Gate had completely fallen into the Heavenly Concubine’s control. He accepted this and began to chat with Chu Mu. 

“2? Could the other one be the Crown Prince?” asked Chu Mu.

Teng Lang shook his head and laughed: “The Crown Prince is innately abnormal. I would predict that in a few years, that fellow will be able to obtain the position of Majesty. However, when he was your age, he wasn’t as outstanding. The other person I’m speaking of is a friend surnamed Ye. When I met that brat, he was still at the low class emperor rank. Yet, only half a year later, most of his soul pets were at the middle class emperor rank. I had even made a bet with him that his main pets wouldn’t be able to break into the middle class emperor rank. And I ended up losing… I had no choice but to pay up and trick three princesses into coming out to drink. In a daze, I ended up being taken advantage of by that brat a few times…” 

“Surnamed Ye?” Chu Mu rubbed his chin and thought to himself: Could it be Ye Wansheng, that lecher? 

However, Chu Mu quickly thought that this was unlikely. He had split up from the Ye brother and sister about three years ago. Back then, the average strength of Ye Wansheng’s soul pets was between the low class and middle class monarch rank. There was no explanation how his soul pepts could reach the middle class emperor rank in such short time. 

“Yes. He also has a sister who is an outstanding soul teacher. Emperor rank spirit item concoctions that even Elder De frequently fails at will be concocted successfully by her with above a 50% success rate. If one is able to provide her with limitless resources, she will practically become a manufacturing machine. Back then, I asked that Ye brat to introduce his sister to me. Unfortunately, that Ye brat said that his sister already had someone in her heart. In my opinion, the reason why his strength grew so abnormally has something to do with his soul teacher sister.” said Teng Lang. An image of a woman ostensibly appeared in his mind, and he sighed with infatuation. 

“...” while being speechless, Chu Mu was also extremely shocked at the explosive increase of strength of the Ye Family brother and sister.

The reason why Chu Mu was able to strengthen himself so quickly was because of Mo Xie’s mutation and Old Li’s ability to find spirit sources. However, Ye Wansheng and Ye Qingzi had grown in strength faster than him because Chu Mu understood that Teng Lang was talking about events that happened over a year ago! 

Therefore, accurately speaking, they had gone from the monarch rank to the emperor rank in two years. This was an entire rank increase!!! 

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