Chapter 788: The Strength of the Ye Family Brother and Sister

Chapter 788: The Strength of the Ye Family Brother and Sister

It wasn't easy to enter the coldest region of human territory. Chu Mu wanted to give the Ning sufficient training.

After it had reached the high class emperor rank, it could be considered Chu Mu's soul pet with the strongest fighting strength. Although its body was wounded, Ning wasn't bothered, and continued to temper itself in the frozen world. It consolidated its strength and familiarized itself with its new abilities.

Teng Lang was grumbling the whole way, because he himself had been pushing to reach the high class emperor rank. Yet, it ended up being Chu Mu who broke through this bottleneck, making him jealous.

If he wasn't able to breakthrough into this realm soon, it would be a few years before he would be able to close the gap.

Of course, this was Teng Lang’s own thoughts. With Chu Mu’s soul pact with Ning Maner, who was practically a limitless spirit source, even Chu Mu’s soul pets that didn’t fight would be nourished. This would save a huge amount of spirit expenditure. This advantage was something that even people at the level of the Heavenly Concubine would get jealous over. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have...

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