Chapter 787: Be my teacher? Keep Dreaming!

Chapter 787: Be my teacher? Keep Dreaming!

“Can you still fight?” Chu Mu rubbed Ning’s cute head and said.

“Ying~~~~~” Ning nodded. The healing and recovery effect of this elevation of rank was powerful. Though it didn’t completely replenish its fighting strength, it no longer had to go back to the soul pet space to heal.

In this icy territory, Chu Mu’s other soul pets would be very limited in use. Ning knew this was its time to shine. Now that it was a high class emperor rank, its excitement caused it to automatically ignore its wounds.

When Chu Mu brought Ning back from the border of the ice land, other than Teng Lang, the other three women were all nearing the end of their battles.

Chu Mu naturally wanted to try out Ning’s power after becoming a high class emperor rank to see just how destructive it was. While Teng Lang was still skirmishing with his foe with his five soul pets, Chu Mu told Ning to start an incantation.

Cold Starfall!

Standing a kilometer away, after it locked onto the iceberg lion, its...

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