Chapter 786: Ning Advances, High Class Emperor Rank!

Chapter 786: Ning Advances, High Class Emperor Rank!

“Ao!!!!!!!! Ao!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The Violent Snow Devil let out an angry roar. It slowly stood up from countless ice shards. While its back had completely shattered, it still jumped high up and to the side from one of the half-broken ice swords. Stepping on top of the hilt, it gazed down at the ice air fairy with blood-red eyes!

Chu Mu’s ice air fairy naturally couldn’t directly kill Violent Snow Devil. After it attacked, Chu Mu immediately told Ning to get further away, and make distance between it and the Violent Snow Devil.

The Violent Snow Devil jumped up again and became a devastating storm that filled the skies above Ning.

Since they were both controlling ice, when Ning backed off, it was obstructed by sticky ice and slowed down a bit.

High class emperor rank’s technique covered a wide range. The difference in their strength was immediately made obvious.

“High class emperor...

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