Chapter 786: Ning Advances, High Class Emperor Rank!

Chapter 786: Ning Advances, High Class Emperor Rank!

“Ao!!!!!!!! Ao!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The Violent Snow Devil let out an angry roar. It slowly stood up from countless ice shards. While its back had completely shattered, it still jumped high up and to the side from one of the half-broken ice swords. Stepping on top of the hilt, it gazed down at the ice air fairy with blood-red eyes!

Chu Mu’s ice air fairy naturally couldn’t directly kill Violent Snow Devil. After it attacked, Chu Mu immediately told Ning to get further away, and make distance between it and the Violent Snow Devil.

The Violent Snow Devil jumped up again and became a devastating storm that filled the skies above Ning.

Since they were both controlling ice, when Ning backed off, it was obstructed by sticky ice and slowed down a bit.

High class emperor rank’s technique covered a wide range. The difference in their strength was immediately made obvious.

“High class emperor rank territory was released; the ice air fairy won’t be able to run far.” Heavenly Concubine said.

Once it got too close quarters, Ning would easily get killed. High class emperor was high class emperor. Even when heavily inured, it was still more than a match for the ice air fairy, who was three full ranks lower than it.

“Ning, don’t move, let’s fight it!” Chu Mu was very decisive!

Since he couldn’t run away, then they would clash. The Violent Snow Devil was already heavily wounded. If they retreated, they would get killed for it. If they clashed, they still had a chance!

Chu Mu’s fighting method was very surprising. Seeing the high class emperor rank Violent Snow Devil jump up, Ning stood in place and simply continued to channel its incantation for ice type techniques thrown towards the violent ice devil!

Ning’s chanting was incredibly fast. The Violent Snow Devil headed its way through the snow barrage, full of killing intent!

The massive iceberg aura caused the very ground to shake. The violent snow devil was full of explosive energy. No matter how dense Ning threw its techniques, it still came like roaring thunder, splitting the ice apart!!

Such a powerful aura caused all the others’ faces to change. When they looked back at the ice air fairy, the warrior rank soul pet seemed like a weak sapling inside a rolling avalanche- easily destroyed!

“Ning, remain calm, and continue to attack!” Chu Mu again emphasized.

Ice Air Fairy didn’t step back a single step, nor did it stop its chanting for techniques!

As an elemental soul pet, what it needed most was a powerful inner heart when fighting, able to finish incantations while fighting.

Ning knew of the dangers of violent snow devil. It also knew that if it made a single mistake while chanting incantations, it definitely would be the one to die!

At the same time, Ning completely believed Chu Mu’s judgment!

The massive energy finally came. This was when Ning finished its last ice type technique, and let it loose towards the violent ice devil!


The snow calamity instantly swallowed Ning. One could see within the avalanche that a huge axe was flung out. Following that, Chu Mu’s ice air fairy cracked in many places!!

Ning flew back, falling into the fault, and only stopped when it slammed against a large ice mountain.

Teng Lang, Guanguan, and Little Tong and heavenly concubine all saw Ning get hit directly. High class emperor rank attacks definitely could instantly kill middleclass emperor ranks. Seeing the long gouge and the shaking ice mountain, the four all wanted to know whether Chu Mu’s Ice air fairy could live!

Chu Mu went towards the direction of Ning immediately. When Chu Mu found Ning, it’s crystalline body was full of cracks. A single slight touch, and it would shatter into pieces!

“Ling~~~~~~” Ning let out a pained whimper, and climbed out from the icy ruins with difficulty.

Standing high above the fault, Chu Mu’s expression changed, but one could see that his expression was very firm.

At the same time, Ning would die with the slight aftershock of any high class emperor rank technique, yet its gaze was even firmer than Chu Mu’s!

Chu Mu would get there immediately, because even if Ning had truly life-endangering situations, he could retract it and heal it in his soul pet space. Chu Mu hoped Ning could complete this challenge beyond ranks, but he didn’t want his soul pet to die because of his rashness and risk-taking.

Ning understood why Chu Mu came, but it still wanted to fight!

Ning believed that Chu Mu wouldn’t look down on it at all, but Ning definitely wouldn’t comfort itself and settle just because of the excuse of not having species techniques and advanced techniques!

Since it was its battle, it couldn’t lose!!


Ninag no longer even had the strength to get up. It half laid in the ruins, yet it used its pure eyes to stare at the chasing violent Snow Devil!

The fairy’s voice slowly started chanting. Ning remained in the same position, and started a lengthy incantation using the distance it made from getting hit!


The violent snow devil stepped on the ice layer, and ran wildly towards Ning again!

The high class emperor rank seemed angry and wild, but in reality, many parts of its body was starting to shatter. As it ran, more of its skin was splintering off every second!

Seeing the violent snow devil charge forward again, to not lose its confidence in the last second, or maybe because it was afraid of messing up from the violent snow devil’s pressure, Ning closed its eyes, and let its mind completely fall into the casting of the incantation.

Retracting its mental strength, Ning won’t be able to sense any changes in the outer world, so it would have no clue if it could finish the incantation before the violent snow devil’s ice axe fell on it. It simply continued to chant calmly…..

Cold glints gathered around ice air fairy. In a situation where it had no clue whether it would die the next second, Ning finally finished the incantation!

At the same time, Chu Mu channeled the retracting incantation because if he were a single second slower, Ning would get shattered!


Ning’s eyes opened wide, its pure pupils glowing icy blue, as it locked onto the violent ice devil right before it.

Fury Snow Killing Diagram!!

The ice air fairy’s forehead blinked once, and suddenly emitted a wide beam of icy light!

The icy light came out in a fan shape, creating a slightly slanted surface that quickly gathered itself into an ice diagram!

The violent snow devil was in midair, and only two hundred meters from ice air fairy. The axe had already been lifted up and was falling down. However, the ice diagram’s fan-shaped area completely covered the violent ice devil!

The icy light beamed right onto the violent snow devil’s hip. As the ice air fairy let out an angry roar, the Fury Snow Killing Diagram started flashing with cold snowflakes both above and below the light!

Every snowflake was like a sheet of ice sharp enough to cut through anything. Ten thousand of these snowflakes appeared in the diagram that encompassed violent snow devil!!


Ten thousand snowflakes crossed up simultaneously, stacking their sounds as if a single slice happened. The snowflakes only seemed to blur for a moment before becoming still again and slowly dissipated.


One crisp ring!

The next moment, the massive violent ice devil’s body similarly blurred and quickly after, its body started splitting up!

In a second’s time, all the splitting body parts shockingly disappeared, becoming white powder!!!

Standing not far away, Chu Mu caught all this in his eyes. He was shocked but joy quickly filled his heart!

Clearly, in the last moment of calm, Ning learned the even more powerful Fury Snow Killing Diagram, and killed the already wounded high class emperor rank violent snow devil!!


Seeing the violent ice devil become white powder and dissipate in the wind, Ning seemed to get excited as if it could smell blood, letting out a happy call.

At the same time, Ning started glowing bright blue. This glow enveloped Ning and healed ice air fairy’s broken body to a certain extent. It even caused the unscathed parts of its body to start letting out a piercing cold glint!

“This…..” Chu Mu had just landed by Ning, and was witnessing this scene with absolute surprise!

He could feel his soul remembrance elevating along with the ice air fairy’s soul!

Raising rank! The ice air fairy was raising it rank!!

It went from middle-class emperor to high class emperor!!

After the ice air fairy completed the challenge across ranks, it leaped into high class emperor rank. This was unbelievable for Chu Mu!!

Ning indeed raised its rank. In the process, its wounds swiftly healed, and it mended half of the cracks on its body. Other than the purity of ice it had before, it gained a sharp killing intent!

Presumably, the next time it sent ice crystals in battle, its strength will be drastically different!!

Raising to high class emperor rank without the help of soul items, Chu Mu’s first reaction was Ning caused it to strengthen itself with the life and death situation and powerful confidence. However, Chu Mu quickly remembered Ning Maner’s nurturing effect as well…...

“The battle beyond its limits, and the nurturing of spirit aura caused Ning to step into high class emperor rank!” Chu Mu came to this surprising conclusion!

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