Chapter 785: Middle Emperor Ning vs High Emperor Violent Snow Devil (2)

Chapter 785: Middle Emperor Ning vs High Emperor Violent Snow Devil (2)

“Ling~~~~~~~” Chu Mu had confidence in fighting, and the Ice Air Fairy wasn’t afraid either!

“That woman wants to set me up. Ning, let her taste a bit of suffering first.” sneered Chu Mu.

Chu Mu naturally couldn’t allow the Violent Snow Devil to interrupt Teng Lang’s fight. Otherwise, of his five soul pets, two would be instakilled.

Seeing that demon pretend to be afraid as it lured the Violent Snow Devil over, Chu Mu knew that this fight would be hard to avoid. Thus, he gave the Ice Air Fairy very decisive orders! 

In a straight confrontation, the Ice Air Fairy would at most be able to withstand a single of this high class emperor Violent Snow Devil’s attacks. A second attack would shatter Ning to pieces.

“Ning, Frost Marsh!” 

Without needing Chu Mu to be more clear, the Ice Air Fairy understood all of his intentions. It quickly raised its hands to complete the incantation and forcibly transformed the frozen land in front of it, for 2 kilometers, into a frost marsh that was difficult to traverse. Moreover, in order to prevent these emperor rank creatures from stepping on air, even the area above the frost marsh was filled with extremely sticky ice crystals!

“This bastard!!” far away, after Guan Guan saw this, she immediately swore! 

The frost marsh Ning had created encompassed her demon, slowing it down and almost instantly forcing her within the Violent Snow Devil’s attack range. 

As an ice type creature, the Violent Snow Devil was unaffected by the frost marsh for a brief while. Therefore, it was able to raise the bloodstained frost axe in its hands and swing it at Guan Guan’s demon!

The frost axe spilled with cold light and resembled the edge of an iceberg!

Not only was the demon’s speed restricted, but its dodging capabilities were also affected. This axe strike caused mountains to crumble and the ground to rupture, throwing Guan Guan and her demon to some unknown place!!

“I’m sorry, I misjudged. I thought that your soul pet would flee towards the Heavenly Concubine.” seeing the snow wave created from the strike, Chu Mu indifferently spoke to the far away Guan Guan who was spitting fire with her eyes.

“If my demon dies, I want your life!” Guan Guan didn’t have the time to argue with Chu Mu, as she hastily passed through the falling layer of ice, searching for her demon.

The Heavenly Concubine had seen the entire sequence of Guan Guan intentionally luring the Violent Snow Devil to Chu Mu and his subsequent ‘misjudgment’ against Guan Guan’s demon. However, aside from creasing her eyebrows, she didn’t show anything else.

She ignored whether Guan Guan’s demon was still alive, nor did she intend on taking action to help Chu Mu get rid of the Violent Snow Devil. She just watched from the side.

However, she felt a little bit curious because this man ostensibly wasn’t planning on summoning a second pet to fight this high class emperor rank Violent Snow Devil. Instead, he took advantage of it falling into the frost trap to use a string of ice type techniques against it. 

“Using only an Ice Air Fairy to challenge a higher rank?” towards his actions, the Heavenly Concubine was a bit shocked.

Her mysterious ice demon had powerful abilities, and its species techniques had the advantage as well, so she was confident that her middle class emperor mysterious ice demon could deal with the Crafty Frozen Demon Empress.

Of course, this ice demon of hers was actually very close to the high class emperor rank. Adding on the fact that she could pretty much control her enemy’s movements like it was in her hands, while this surpassing rank fight had difficulty, it wasn’t impossible. 

However, this warrior rank Ice Air Fairy’s techniques practically had no outstanding areas. Having strong defenses and attacks were only useful while facing a middle class emperor. When fighting a high class emperor, the moment it got near it, it would be dead. 

“Brother Chu, you still aren’t summoning another soul pet?” Teng Lang glanced back and discovered with shock that Chu Mu was having the Ice Air Fairy lure the Violent Snow Devil to the undulating icy lands. He wasn’t summoning another soul pet!

Chu Mu didn’t respond. He stared at the Violent Snow Devil and agilely followed it. He wanted to ensure he could take the lead and control the situation. 

Summoning the frost marsh just now did more than just trap Guan Guan’s demon. When the Violent Snow Devil stepped into the frost marsh, ice began to stick to its body, slowing it down greatly. This allowed Chu Mu to maintain a gap between it and Ning. 

The Violent Snow Devil was a giant species, and its most terrifying aspect was the frost axe that it could condense whenever it wanted into its hands. It was similar to the monarch curved sword that the Ghost King possessed! 

No matter what, Ning could not get hit by the frost axe. It couldn’t even get within its AOE. Otherwise, it would be caught by the Violent Snow Devil’s follow up attack.

“Ning, its back has been corroded by darkness before!” after observing it, Chu Mu discovered a black mark on its back.

This was clearly left by Guan Guan in her fight with it. Moreover, it was continuously corroding its defenses.

Therefore, that was the place Ning’s attacks could breakthrough! 

Ning was not as fast as the Violent Snow Devil, and as it floated along the undulating ice ground, Ning continuously created hundred meter thick ice walls to stop its advances.

However, even if they were a hundred meter thick, they couldn’t withstand a single strike from the frost axe. Gradually, the Violent Snow Devil’s legs originally stuck with frost recovered their freedom! 


The Violent Snow Devil roared, and its thick body abruptly jumped up. Surprisingly, it managed to jump past the Ice Air Fairy’s last hundred meter ice wall!

The frost axe swept up snow in the air, forming an enormous snow hurricane that smashed towards the Ice Air Fairy!

Beng beng beng beng!!!!!!”

This axe smashed the undulating icy ground and a shocking five kilometer fissure formed. It passed through several faults and appeared underneath the feet of those who were currently fighting!

“This… he didn’t die, right?!!” Xiao Tong was stunned and stared in shock at the fissured ground far away.

“Who told him to try and show off!” Guan Guan was still upset over his earlier actions. It was best if that Ice Air Fairy died, otherwise how would it make up for her, who nearly died, and her demon that lost an expensive soul armor. 

Teng Lang was too occupied to follow Chu Mu’s fight. He only heard a world-shaking noise, and an auspicious feeling arose in his heart. 

The Heavenly Concubine’s expression was normal. As she split her attention to control her soul pet’s surpassing rank fight, she was also able to pay attention to Chu Mu. Moreover, her eyes weren’t fixated on the place the enormous axe had left a mark, but instead three kilometers away on the glossy ice wall… 

Standing on the towering ice mountain, a smile arose on Chu Mu’s face as he gave the Ice Air Fairy an order to attack!

The Ice Air Fairy’s figure slowly appeared from underneath this extremely glossy ice wall. Its chanting that had been going on for a while reached the ending stages! 

Ice Mirror! 

This was the technique Chu Mu was most familiar with. He had managed to successfully trick the bloodshot-eyed Violent Snow Devil, causing it to waste its attack. Further, he had given the Ice Air Fairy enough time to chant an incantation!

If an elemental world soul pet was able to complete a long incantation, due to their innate control of the elements, they would be able to create a destructive force that would force a higher ranked enemy back!

The Violent Snow Devel’s axe missed, and it fell right into Ning’s bullseye!

The incantation finished and Ning let out a cry!

Nine Horizontal Ice Chains!

The first cry faded, and an ice dragon astonishingly appeared above the Violent Snow Devil!


The ice dragon chain descended, smashing the Violent Snow Devil. Even the earth was struck as the Violent Snow Devil was forced to bend its waist.

The second cry and another ice dragon chain descended, causing its body to shorten once again!

The third chain, fourth chain, and fifth chain simultaneously smashed into the undulating icy ground!

The Violent Snow Devil let out an angry roar in an attempt to shatter the ice chains. However, it was only able to make a crack in the five chains, unable to actually shatter them. Its body was forced to kneel! 

Immediately after, the last four chains smashed down, forcing its body to be pressed into the undulating ground!!

“Ice Sword Array!” Chu Mu quickly gave the Ice Air Fairy an order!

The Violent Snow Devil was completely bound by chains, and its back was fully exposed. This was the Ice Air Fairy’s only chance to defeat this high class emperor!

The Ice Air Fairy paused to rest for a moment before chanting again!

Ice Sword Array was a common ice type technique. When it finished chanting, ten mountain peak-like ring shaped ice sword arrays appeared above the Violent Snow Devil before descending one at a time!

“Beng beng beng!!!!!!!!!!”

The sword array seemed like it was going to pierce through the ground. Under the whistling wind, they stabbed into the large corroded part of the Violent Snow Devil’s back! 

The Ice Air Fairy’s attacks were innately strong, and the Violent Snow Devil’s defense had been weakened. Even though it was a high class emperor, it was seriously wounded!

Of course, when the overlaid second Ice Sword Array fell, the Violent Snow Devil’s back was practically smashed to pieces, and even the chains binding its body were broken apart! 

At this point, Guan Guan and Xiao Tong were stunned. They never expected that a middle class emperor rank Ice Air Fairy could deal such an attack on the Violent Snow Devil!! 

In front of enemies that could instakill them, many soul pet trainers would lose their wits out of fear. They would be unable to calmly think, and would not be able to defend in a fight.

But Chu Mu was a skillful and brave person. He wasn’t afraid of his Ice Mirror trick being seen through. It was but a small diversion. Nonetheless, it allowed the Ice Air Fairy to display its destructive power to its fullest while also successfully attack the corroded back of the Violent Snow Devil!

Although this technique couldn’t kill the high class emperor, it was able to deal it a serious wound and its fighting strength would be far from what it was before!

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