Chapter 784: Middle Emperor Ning vs High Emperor Violent Ice Devil (1)

Chapter 784: Middle Emperor Ning vs High Emperor Violent Ice Devil (1)

The Heavenly Concubine wasn’t impatient. Before heading to the Universe Ice Gate, she really did need a few ice type spirit items to heal herself. Therefore, en route, the five of them focused on training.

Chu Mu also wasn’t impatient. It had been a long time since Ning had fought so wholeheartedly. 

Ning was the soul pet that had obtained the most spirit items, but lacked the most fights. Chu Mu real goal of coming here was to raise Ning’s strength.

“After we pass through this ice corridor, high class emperor rank creatures will gradually appear.” Teng Lang pointed at the upright rift ahead of them and spoke suddenly.

The rift ahead of them was smooth and straight. The ground seemed as if it was perfectly flat with ice and it looked like an ice corridor leading to an icy world. 

The Heavenly Concubine still didn’t plan on summoning an even higher rank soul pet. She continued with her mysterious ice demon.

It was very likely that the Heavenly Concubine’s mysterious ice demon’s species rank was a high class emperor, but it was still at the ninth rank so it only had the strength of a middle class emperor rank.

This mysterious...

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