Chapter 784: Middle Emperor Ning vs High Emperor Violent Ice Devil (1)

Chapter 784: Middle Emperor Ning vs High Emperor Violent Ice Devil (1)

The Heavenly Concubine wasn’t impatient. Before heading to the Universe Ice Gate, she really did need a few ice type spirit items to heal herself. Therefore, en route, the five of them focused on training.

Chu Mu also wasn’t impatient. It had been a long time since Ning had fought so wholeheartedly. 

Ning was the soul pet that had obtained the most spirit items, but lacked the most fights. Chu Mu real goal of coming here was to raise Ning’s strength.

“After we pass through this ice corridor, high class emperor rank creatures will gradually appear.” Teng Lang pointed at the upright rift ahead of them and spoke suddenly.

The rift ahead of them was smooth and straight. The ground seemed as if it was perfectly flat with ice and it looked like an ice corridor leading to an icy world. 

The Heavenly Concubine still didn’t plan on summoning an even higher rank soul pet. She continued with her mysterious ice demon.

It was very likely that the Heavenly Concubine’s mysterious ice demon’s species rank was a high class emperor, but it was still at the ninth rank so it only had the strength of a middle class emperor rank.

This mysterious ice demon’s ability to control ice also carried the frostbite effect, which could break through thick defenses, greatly magnifying the destructive force of ice techniques. 

Therefore, Ning’s attacks were slightly inferior to the Heavenly Concubine’s mysterious ice demon. 

In terms of defense, Ning had the advantage, but Chu Mu knew that Ning wasn’t the mysterious ice demon’s opponent, because its talent in techniques of all different regard would render Ning powerless.

But Chu Mu didn’t care about this. The Ice Air Fairy Chu Mu wanted was a fortress of knives that could force the enemy back with a storm of ice and an immovable defense. If he encountered an enemy with a variety of strange ice type techniques and ice type restriction abilities, Chu Mu would choose to use another soul pet. There was no need to stubbornly insist that his ice type soul pet could defeat other ice type soul pets. The soul pet that could fill the role of the present fight was the most suitable soul pet. 


“Your Majesty Heavenly Concubine, this place is rather dangerous.” Teng Lang came to a halt, and glanced back at the Heavenly Concubine.

“It’s just high class emperors. The fastest way to increase a soul pet’s strength is to fight those stronger.” the Heavenly Concubine knew what Teng Lang wanted her to do, but she still didn’t summon any other soul pets. 

Her two female disciples heeded her words, and would use their middle class emperors to defeat high class emperor rank creatures. 

Five middle class emperors could fight a single high class emperor. Teng Lang didn’t know where this woman got her patience from to train in a place that she could have easily annihilated. 

Chu Mu guessed that the Heavenly Concubine was using the icy lands to suppress her flaming poison and heal her soul power. Yet, he wasn’t afraid that her soul power would recover because flaming poison wasn’t that easily expelled. The soul power wound would slow her soul power’s recovery, and when they reached the Universe Ice Gate, no matter how much she had recovered, she would expend a huge amount when she would fight the powerful icy snow emperor.

“Ahead of us is a place that is adjacent to four high class emperors. There’s very likely to be a spirit source there. Those four high class emperors, in order to obtain that piece of territory, have stayed nearby for a long time now, and none of them are willing to back off. But to reach the Universe Ice Gate, we need to go through there…” Teng Lang pointed at the piece of undulating ice land in front of them.

“Four of them, we’ll deal with them.” Guan Guan immediately said. Guan Guan knew that Teng Lang had wanted the Heavenly Concubine to summon her high ranking soul pets to clear the way. However, she knew that the Heavenly Concubine’s soul power couldn’t be wasted. If she summoned a soul pet that was too strong, they would be met by great obstruction and she would probably have to recall it en route. This would waste too much soul power.

“Ok.” the Heavenly Concubine nodded her head and didn’t say anything further.

Teng Lang was helpless, and could only accompany them as they challenged the high class emperor.


“Four high class emperors with strength similar to each other. On the southern side is a Tundra Ice Beast, on the northern Iceberg Lion, on the eastern is a Violent Ice Devil and on the western side is a Crafty Frozen Demon Empress. You guys choose your opponents.” the Heavenly Concubine stood in place as she spoke.

Guan Guan and Xiao Tong chose the Violent Snow Devil and Tundra Ice Beast, respectively. The Crafty Frozen Demon Empress was similar to the Heavenly Concubine’s mysterious ice demon in that it had crafty multi-varied ice type techniques. Teng Lang couldn’t deal with a creature like this so he naturally chose the more familiar Iceberg Lion.

Chu Mu didn’t speak up. Since there were four of them and the others had already chosen one, he, who was only a one soul soul pet trainer, could only obediently stand with Teng Lang and accompany him to kill the Iceberg Lion. 

As for the Crafty Frozen Demon Empress, the Heavenly Concubine would naturally deal with it. Presumably, since this woman said that real training happened when fighting those stronger than oneself, her mysterious ice demon definitely had this ability. 

“This fellow, why is he still single controlling?” Xiao Tong snuck a glance at Chu Mu and spoke with dissatisfaction. 

“Pretending to be noble and virtuous.” Guan Guan harrumphed. In these past ten days, each time she saw Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy fly gorgeously around her while using powerful ice type destruction force, the two women felt uncomfortable.

The two of them didn’t have a lot of breadth of mind and were used to being arrogant. Moreover, during the training so far, the Heavenly Concubine would occasionally speak about the adeptness and experience Chu Mu had in using ice type techniques, while criticizing them for being crude and out of practice. 

Although the Heavenly Concubine didn’t intend on greatly praising this man, the two women could see that the Heavenly Concubine saw Chu Mu in a favorable light. At the very least, she thought Chu Mu was stronger than them.

It had already been very hard for them to obtain this opportunity for the Heavenly Concubine to direct them while training. Yet, because Chu Mu, this young but incomparably experienced soul pet trainer, had appeared, they had continuously suffered from criticism, and thus directed their anger onto him.

“I have a solution! When we fight in a little bit, we’ll fake a loss and draw one of the high class emperors to him so that he’ll have to deal with it.” Guan Guan smiled, and used soul remembrance to speak to Xiao Tong.

“This… there’s no need for that, right? If he was able to deal with it, not only will we be criticized by Her Majesty, but it’s also giving him an opportunity to obtain merit.” hesitated Xiao Tong.

“He hasn’t even summoned a soul pet to ride on. Perhaps besides his Ice Air Fairy, the other ranks of his soul pets are not high.” said Guan Guan.

“Perhaps, otherwise why would he not have summoned other soul pets while training? But maybe it’s because he’s like Her Majesty in that the ranks of his other soul pets are not high… let’s not make it too obvious otherwise the Heavenly Concubine will blame us.” said Xiao Tong.

“Don’t worry, I have a way.” said Guan Guan.

As the two of them discussed behind his back a strategy to probe Chu Mu’s true strength, a satisfied smile arose on Chu Mu’s dark face.

Towards the plans of these two women, Chu Mu naturally couldn’t detect them. He maintained his low-keyness while he followed alongside Teng Lang. 

“Your Ice Air Fairy’s attacks should be able to have great effect on this high class emperor rank Iceberg Lion. It seems that this time we’re truly about to slaughter a high class emperor!” Teng Lang showed a bit of excitement. 

“Yes, perhaps there will also be a soul crystal.” said Chu Mu, indifferently.

“Haha, it would be the best if there was!” laughed Teng Lang.

If a high class emperor rank Iceberg Lion had a soul crystal, Teng Lang would be able to immediately raise his own middle class emperor rank Iceberg Lion to a high class emperor. This would be a huge breakthrough for him, who had been stuck at the middle class emperor stage for a while! 

The icy ground ahead of them was vast. Chu Mu and Teng Lang waited for the Tundra Ice Beast on the southern side to engage Guan Guan’s five soul pets before avoiding this fight and heading north! 

Chu Mu and Teng Lang  travelled for about a kilometer. This high class emperor rank Iceberg Lion had already detected the noise from Guan Guan’s fight and was heading south. En route, it was intercepted by Teng Lang’s five middle class emperors. 

This probably wasn’t the first time Teng Lang had fought a high class emperor rank. Towards this high class emperor that was several times larger than his own soul pets, Teng Lang’s expression was calm. He focused on having his Iceberg Lion and Xuan Zhen Beetle, these two close-combat soul pets, tie up the high class emperor’s movement while having his Demon Vine Emperor restrict it. Immediately after, his rock type emperor, which countered ice types, formed a defensive line, preventing it from charging in. Finally, Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy and Teng Lang’s elemental emperor launched long-range attacks. 

This was the most common soul pet formation that each soul pet trainer had to grasp. However, if a soul pet trainer wanted to truly grasp distance and time in a fight, he or she would need to spend a long time fighting to perfect the coordination and tempo as well as gain fighting experience and comprehension from fights. It wasn’t that once a soul pet trainer grasped this formation that he would be able to fight someone stronger than him. This formation had a chance of being scattered and broken apart by a high class emperor within a minute and after that, only death awaited! 

“Very smooth.” with Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy’s powerful destructive force guaranteeing Teng Lang’s proficient control over his formation, there wasn’t much suspense to this fight. A smile rose on Teng Lang’s face.

However, as he was controlling the situation, Chu Mu suddenly heard a woman’s sharp cry. Immediately after, a demon ran towards him as if it was running for its life.

Behind the demon was a high class emperor that had clearly not been contained well by the formation. Its eyes were bloodshot as it chased after the demon. It was like a glacier that was rushing towards Chu Mu as it smashed everything out of its way!

“Brother Chu, quickly help! I can’t spare a soul pet!” Teng Lang’s expression changed as he anxiously said.

Chu Mu was presently single controlling and if something wrong happened, he was relying on Teng Lang to help. If a high class emperor was not contained well, it would simply become a killing machine among their middle class emperor creatures!

Chu Mu cursed Guan Guan’s ancestors a few times. He had only summoned one soul pet and couldn’t deal with this high class emperor.

And in the current situation, Chu Mu absolutely couldn’t transform into a half devil, otherwise he would not be able to kill the Heavenly Concubine and his cover would be blown. 

Chu Mu swept his eyes over the Heavenly Concubine. Although this woman had creased her brow at the situation that had gotten out of control, she didn’t fly over to stop it. Clearly, she was like the other two women and wanted to see his true strength!

“Ning, let’s stake it all!” gritting his teeth, Chu Mu was forced to attempt to use his middle class emperor to challenge this high class emperor alone!

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