Chapter 783: Universe Ice Gate, Heavenly Concubine’s Real Intentions Part 2

 Chapter 783: Universe Ice Gate, Heavenly Concubine’s Real Intentions Part 2

The White Haired Giant Devil’s attack wasn’t any different from a normal middle class emperor rank, but its moving mountain and iron-like defense could cause iceberg lion, glazed ice fairy emperor, and Snow Drink Sculpture to be unable to break through at all!

Yet, a single barrage of ice air fairy’s ice type techniques caused even the sturdiest chest of the white haired giant devil to show clear cracks, causing Guanguan and little Tong to feel embarrassed.

“Brother Chu, your ice air fairy truly has a high attack, and its not just a little high. If this hits a high class emperor rank soul pet, it’ll have to lose a layer of skin!” Teng Lang admitted that he had some suspicion to Chu Mu’s ice air fairy, but now he could only lift up a thumb of approval.

Ice haired giant devil was finished off by Chu Mu’s ice air fairy and heavenly concubine’s mysterious ice demon. After the battle was finished, heavenly concubine’s two disciples were very confused!

Both were middle class emperor ranks, yet their soul pet species were both pseudo emperor rank, and they were still weaker than warrior rank species rank soul pet. This was bizarre!

“Ice air fairy probably was under the constant influence of soul items. The resources used on it is probably many times that of normal middle class emperor ranks. Adding on its powerful attack and defense……” Heavenly concubine analyzed calmly.

Heavenly concubine was these two disciples’ teachers, so their confusion would obviously be answered if she knew. As for Chu Mu’s method of training, she personally didn’t approve of it.

Getting to the end of it, she still thought that an organism that would never go beyond top tier emperor rank could not be taken seriously by her.

The Icy Ghost Orchard was quickly found at the bottom of the fault. As an ingredient, heavenly concubine carefully gathered it and put it in her own spatial ring.

Seeing her take the soul item he kept safeguarded without even a word of thanks, Teng Lang laughed bitterly. To heavenly concubine, such an item was just to be used when she needed it. She usually gave it away carelessly to others. However, in Teng Lang’s eyes, it could be the key to another middle class emperor rank.

…...Heavenly concubine obviously needed more than that. Under Teng Lang’s guidance, the five continued deeper into the Ice Muslin valley.

Along the way, Chu Mu always hoped for stronger soul pets to appear. That way, they could waste heavenly concubine’s soul power. It would be best if they could also check for the woman’s trump cards.

Chu Mu actually always kept an eye on heavenly concubine. For some reason, he felt that the woman still held something in her heart. Even while training her new soul pet and teaching her disciples, she seemed to be paying minimal attention. Was it because she just wasn’ t interested in such a level of battle, or was she also planning something?

“Could it be that she found out I am the devil man? Chu Mu thought to himself but quickly rejected the possibility.

If she did find him to be the devil man, they definitely wouldn’t be going deeper into the Ice Muslin valley. If they really fought, she would definitely be at a greater disadvantage.

…… I heard that at the deepest part of this icy world is a Universe Ice Gate. Is this a legend, or is it true?” While walking in the fault, the heavenly concubine suddenly broke the silence and asked.

Her voice caused the four to stop their steps. The emptiness caused even the whistling winds to calm down.

“Your majesty wants to go to Universe Ice Gate?” Teng Lang hesitated and asked.

“If you ask that, it means the Universe Ice Gate exists?” Heavenly Concubine asked wisely.

Since he had been called out, Teng Lang didn’t bother lying. His expression rarely become very serious, “First, the Universe Ice Gate has five of the valleys’ great ice emperors guarding it. Second, no one who has ever entered the icy world inside the gate has ever come out……”

“You only need to reply and tell me how to reach this place.” Heavenly concubine brought out her usual imposing aura and stopped Teng Lang from being able to play any word games with her.

Feeling heavenly concubine’s mental pressure, he naturally couldn’t complain and simply nodded with difficulty.

“We’ll go towards Universe Ice Gate now, do you have any objections?” Heavenly concubine didn’t use soul remembrance this time, speaking more gently this time.

“If your majesty wishes, how dare Teng Lang refuse…..” Teng Lang said against his heart. He had less respect in his tone, however, gaining some hardly repressed coldness and disingenuity.

Following this, Teng Lang changed his path forwards and followed a very small fault forwards, causing Guanguan and Little Tong to want to yell at him for intentionally bringing them in circles, yet they were both stopped by heavenly concubine.

In this process, the atmosphere became very strange. Teng Lang, who often liked to show off his knowledge of this Ice Muslin Valley, went very silent, only knowing how to lead the way. Heavenly Concubine lost some of her empathy and gained some forcefulness in her attitude towards Teng Lang. In fact, even the battles became more sullen as Teng Lang and Chu Mu stood on one side in battle while the three women defeated their own enemies, giving their soul pets training.

This went on for five full days.

Chu Mu finally couldn’t help but ask about the Universe Ice Gate.

“Brother Teng, what’s wrong? Why do I feel like the woman is targeting you?” Chu Mu used soul remembrance to ask.

Teng Lang’s expression finally shifted into a bitter smile and asked, “Brother Chu, I’m not sure if your brain is extremely delayed or if you are too patient. You waited a five full days before asking. I was almost about to ask you why you weren’t asking me!”

“So what’s the matter?” Chu Mu asked.

“This female war goddess isn’t here to train her disciples or collect materials. She wanted the Universe Ice Gate from the beginning, and I actually believed her and became her lead.” Teng Lang said angrily.

“No wonder, I felt like she was never paying attention.” Chu Mu said.

In reality, Chu Mu felt it strange that the woman had the time to come gather soul items and train her disciples. Did she forget she was still wounded and had the threat of a silver devil man? Did she forget she had to chase Ning Maner…… 

“I’m sure this woman definitely had looked into the matter of the universe ice gate before. I don’t know where she got the information, but the only map of the path towards the gate was passed by my father to me. The reason I’m extremely familiar with this area was because of the map as well. The map has been burned by me and put here…..” As Teng Lang spoke, he pointed at his temple.

“Is there anything special about this ice gate?” Chu Mu immediately asked.

“Snow City was always controlled by my ancestors. The ancestors were soul palace elders. Our seven diagram sacred realms you’ve probably visited. This Universe Ice Gate is similar to them: its a path towards an isolated space. Some elders even call it the ninth sacred realm- the icy sacred realm, yet…… Till today, other than my ancestors, no one has ever entered and come out alive. The inside is unknown and mysterious, yet full of resources!” Teng Lang said.

“So, this woman wanted to enter this unknown ice sacred realm and intentionally told you to be the lead. No wonder your attitude changed immediately.” Chu Mu rubbed his chin.

Of course, there was something else in this Ice Muslin Valley, and it definitely wasn’t a coincidence that the heavenly concubine was in this team!

“If my attitude was good, then I, Teng Lang, would be her grandson. That’s my ancestors’ treasure. I planned on entering when I was stronger, yet I didn't expect this heavenly concubine to trick me into coming! Heng, in these five days, I’ve cursed heavenly concubine’s own virgin “sacred realm” thousands of times already!” Teng Lang said, ending his statement without any care for his status as young master, instead acting like a cursing sailor.

“I’ll help you curse her as well…..” Chu Mu said, but he smiled a devil’s smile inside!

Heavenly concubine tricked Teng Lang into coming to bring her to ice sacred realm. Though Chu Mu didn't know why she dared to go even when her soul was damaged, this wasn’t something Chu Mu had to worry about in detail.

Because, heavenly concubine definitely wouldn’t expect that the silver devil man that wounded her was right beside her, secretly watching and smiling his iconic evil smile!

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