Chapter 783: Universe Ice Gate, Heavenly Concubine’s Real Intentions Part 1

Chapter 783: Universe Ice Gate, Heavenly Concubine’s Real Intentions Part 1

Normally, warrior rank soul pets at most reached top tier monarch rank. Very few people would put a lot of resources into it to strengthen it to emperor rank. In fact, very few people would put together the resources to strengthen it to emperor rank. Furthermore, some picky soul pet trainers wouldn’t even raise commander rank soul pets to emperor rank. They needed monarch rank soul pets or they would directly purchase emperor rank young soul pets.

The main reason was that low species rank soul pets don’t have strong techniques or species techniques. If it learned new techniques, it wouldn't be too bad. If they didn’t learn anything new, even a warrior rank that reached emperor rank could get restricted by soul pets of the same rank that have powerful species abilities.

Of course, there were’t absolutes; it still requires a soul pet trainer to decide.

In reality, if anyone else summoned a warrior rank middle classe emperor rank, the two women wouldn’t be surprised. However, heavenly concubine had just used this person to scold the two, basically praising him. They obviously thought that Chu Mu must have some extremely powerful soul pet to live up to his name.

Heavenly concubine glanced calmly at Chu Mu’s ice air fairy. She was secretly confused; With this young man’s talent and strength, he should be aiming for beyond emperor rank. Why would he waste time on an organism that could only stop at top tier emperor rank?

“Maybe there aren’t that many people that can reach dominator rank, and he simply doesn’t have high aims.” Heavenly concubine thought to herself as she couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed at this outstanding young man.

After the four finished their summons, heavenly concubine cast an incantation and summoned a soul pet that hadn’t reached tenth phase yet.

High ranking soul pet trainers’ greatest taboo when training new soul pets was summoning even stronger soul pets in the same battle. This would let the new soul pet develop a strong reliance and laziness. Heavenly concubine on one hand had to train her new soul pet, but on the other hand she didn’t have that much soul power. High rank soul pets shouldn’t be summoned, so she only casted an incantation to summon the new ice type soul pet.

“Heavenly concubine, there’s a high class emperor rank White Haired Giant Devil. You’ll be in charge of dealing with it…..”

Before Teng Lang could even finish, Guanguan glared at Teng Lang and said, “Her majesty doesn’t need your commanding.”

“Alright.” Teng Lang laughed helplessly. He glanced at Chu Mu and said, “The emperor ranks and below probably have agreed to split it equally already, so they’re all guarding it nearby. What specialties does your ice air fairy have?”

“Nothing special, it just has high attack and defense.” Chu Mu replied. Ice air fairy indeed didn’t have anything flashy.

“Then stay careful.” After speaking, Teng Lang stopped trying to command the fight and told his Iceberg Lion to lead the way, jumping into the crack first.

Very quickly Teng Lang and his Iceberg Lion disappeared in front of them. However, in mere seconds Teng Lang’s surprised call sounded, clearly not expecting that neither Chu Mu nor the three women would follow him into battle.

It was normal that Chu Mu didn’t follow; he controlled ice air fairy, which was best at sending ice type techniques from long range. As for the other three women, one could only say that they were bad at teamwork.

“Go down.” Finally, heavenly concubine spoke. Guanguan and little dan finally rode their soul pets into the white fog below the crack. After a moment, one could hear the shaking of the ice walls and the roars of an ice beast.

Chu Mu and Heavenly Concubine both didn’t jump into the battlefield immediately. It mainly was because the two soul pets were both elemental world soul pets.

Heavenly concubine’s ice type soul pet was something Chu Mu had never seen before, but if it could have middle class emperor rank before it was even tenth phase, it definitely had very formidable power.

After around ten seconds, when Chu Mu felt that the others probably attracted most of the unwanted attention, he jumped down with his ice air fairy. The next second, heavenly concubine also jumped in with her strange ice demon!

“Brother Chu, help me!” Teng Lang yelled out from the white icy fog.

After Chu Mu jumped down into the fault, his vision became very fuzzy. He immediately told Ning to get rid of all the white fog and noticed Teng Lang’s Iceberg Lion getting slammed into the side of the fault by two Tundra Ice Beasts, almost widening the fault by a few hundred meters!

The ice’s strength in this icy land was hundreds of times stronger than usual ice. Being able to get sent three to four hundred meters into the ice, one could tell the iceberg lion was hit very hard.

“Ning, Glazed Ice Armor.” Chu Mu immediately told Ning to cast this support technique.

Ning barely needed to chant anything. Locking its eyes onto the iceberg lion, it lifted a hand that instantly created a swirl of glazed ice dust around the iceberg lion that swiftly gathered together, creating a thick glazed ice armor around Iceberg Lion’s vitals!

“Brother Chu, are you trolling me? At least restrict one of the Tundra Ice Beasts, this armor…..” Teng Lang was just about to say that the armor wouldn't make any critical difference when the two tundra ice beasts again attacked his iceberg lion!


The Iceberg Lion, as dominant as it was, couldn’t deal with two massive ice beasts. It was again sent flying, causing a whole ice mountain to collapse and buried the iceberg lion alive under rolling ice.

Teng Lang didn’t have time to say more. His own iceberg lion couldn't handle the fight, and so he was about to use an incantation to summon another soul pet.

Since it was training, summoning other soul pets to help was a bad habit. However, Teng Lang didn’t have any other way; the situation was too dangerous.


Yet, before Teng Lang could finish his incantation, the nearly hundred meter high icy ruin split open with a large roar from his iceberg lion, sending the ice everywhere. It was followed with an Iceberg Stamp that pushed the two tundra ice beasts aside.

Teng Lang stared blankly, not expecting that the heavily “injured” iceberg lion could stand up so unscathed!

However, Teng Lang’s reaction was very fast. He glanced at the glazed ice armor and understood. He immediately gave his iceberg lion a command to attack, “ Ice Mountain!”

Iceberg Lion again let out a shattering roar as its body became an icy beam of light that went into the air!

After the two ice beasts were sent flying and fell to the ground, the iceberg lion was already above them. Its body quickly became a large icy mountain. Though it was only a hundred meters in width, it was nearly two thousand meters tall, falling heavily onto the two tundra ice beasts!


The fault again blew up and caved inwards, creating a massive abyss. The two tundra ice beasts were both pushed at the bottom of this fault!

Following this, Ning’s ice type technique covered the hundred meter region with a massive hail, densely impacting the bottom. The created abyss fell down even further as the two ice beasts were sent thousands of meters into the icy ground.

“Haha, I truly underestimated your ice air fairy. Two middle class emperor ranks’ attacks together couldn’t even break through your ice air fairy’s ice armor. That’s truly a high defense, and not just a little high!” Seeing that the fight was pretty much over, Teng Lang laughed and said to Chu Mu.

After Chu Mu got Ning, his training for it had always focused on destructive ability and defense, with no other tricks. It indeed didn't have any special techniques or species abilities. However, to Chu Mu, with those two things alone, Ning was the best ice type soul pet already!

“Speaking of which, how did you train your ice air fairy like this? Why is its ice type energy crystal so hard and its ice energy so pure?” Teng Lang asked curiously.

“I used a bunch of ice type resources to forcefully make it so.” Chu Mu said without caring much.

Chu Mu didn’t lie. Ice Air Fairy was definitely the soul pet of Chu Mu’s that ate the most soul items. This naturally was because of Chu Mu becoming half devil. He needed to constantly take ice type soul items to reduce his heat, so there was a massive amount of soul items used. As Chu Mu’s only ice type soul pet, the ice air fairy therefore benefited hugely.

According to Chu Mu’s estimate, Ning was not only not weaker than usual middle class emperor ranks, because of the countless ice type resources, it may not be flashy, but its high talent, destructive, and defensive ability was definitely stronger than normal middle class emperor ranks.

After seeing how powerful Chu Mu’s ice air fairy’s defense was, Teng Lang quickly saw the surprising destruction caused by this warrior rank originated ice emperor!

Ice type and rock type together created the strongest defense in this world. Teng Lang had mentioned that this nearly high class emperor rank White Haired Giant Devil had that combination.


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