Chapter 782: Strengthening Ning from Warrior Rank to Emperor Rank

Chapter 782: Strengthening Ning from Warrior Rank to Emperor Rank

“I should have thought of this long ago. Since Heavenly Concubine had been hurt by him, she would definitely need ice type soul items to heal her soul. This time, going towards Ice Muslin Valley meant that she probably was going to look for ice type material.

Emperor rank soul items were very rare. Sometimes, having the strength didn’t mean one could find it quickly. Even the heavenly concubine didn’t have the ability to swiftly find ice type material quickly enough to get a cure to the silver devil flame. Her journey this time towards Ice Muslin Valley was definitely to look for ice type soul item.

Good, I can find an opportunity to defeat her in case she becomes a threat in the future.” Chu Mu smiled.

Mo Ling wasn’t nearby. In a face on battle, Chu Mu had the confidence that he could defeat the hurt heavenly concubine. However, killing her, who also had a dominator rank soul pet, was nearly impossible.

However, an ambush wasn’t the same. Heavenly concubine’s soul armor had already been shattered. The next time he attacked her without preparation, she definitely couldn’t avoid dying!

Of course, attacking now wasn’t a good time. He had to wait for the woman to completely let her guard down to ensure that he killed her in one blow, or else his identity would be revealed.

Chu Mu slowly walked in front of these people, and acted like he was surprised and couldn’t hide his excitement at the sight of the heavenly concubine.

To any soul pet trainer, being able to see the war goddess was an utmost honor, let alone being able to be in the same team. Chu Mu couldn’t be too unperturbed. If he were too unperturbed, he would seem suspicious.

“Seems like you are much calmer than I……” Teng Lang laughed bitterly. When he found out he was going to go ahead with heavenly concubine, even if he tried his best to hold his emotions back, his expression and eyes still betrayed him. Compared to him, Chu Mu was much calmer.

Beforehand, Chu Mu lowered his head in a salute and walked by Teng Lang, remaining untalkative.

Heavenly Concubine only glanced at Chu Mu and was slightly surprised. She didn’t think the man would be so young, yet he was already a sixth remembrance spirit emperor, a true genius in wanxiang realm!

“Soul palace truly is full of geniuses.” Heavenly Concubine thought, and didn’t put much more thought to it.

Guanguan and Little Tong weren’t old either. Able to become heavenly concubine’s disciple, they definitely were extremely talented female soul pet trainers. They maintained their aloof manners, but their young eyes kept glancing back at Chu Mu, because they found that they couldn’t see what remembrance this same aged person was.

“Don’t guess anymore. He doesn’t have any soul remembrance hiding techniques. He’s a sixth remembrance spirit emperor, higher than you. Now you know what I mean when I say that there’s always someone stronger than you in the world?” Heavenly concubine obviously saw through the two girls’ thoughts, and said to them with her soul remembrance in a scolding manner.

“Yes, yes.” The two girls quickly replied obediently and nicely.

Guanguan and Little Tong acted humble and obedient on the outside, but the arrogant girls started communicating with each other secretly with soul remembrance.

“I never heard of a person with such high remembrance before? Is he one of the soul palace young princes?”

“Of course not. I’ve seen the soul palace young princes, they’re all high remembrance spirit emperors, no longer at our level. From what I see, this fellow probably had some miracle that raised his soul remembrance quickly.” Guanguan said grudgingly.

They had been named geniuses since they were young. After they were accepted as war goddess’s disciples, they were even more arrogant. Beating all their peers was no longer enough to describe their strength. Even in all the spirit emperors of wanxiang realm, they were above average. Reaching such strength at their age, one couldn’t find many even in all of wanxiang realm.

Their arrogance stemmed from their absolute power and large potential and confidence. They had the strength to be arrogant, and they have been for many years. Having a random young man pulled out as an example for heavenly concubine to scold them for, they had to act humble but inside, they weren’t truly comfortable.

The two women plotted to see carefully how powerful this fellow was after they entered Ice Muslin Valley.

…… Ice Muslin Valley’s outer region wasn’t very attractive for their level. Teng Lang led the way very strategically, bringing them through the region full of ice type organisms. Even when heavenly concubine didn’t use any powerful soul pets to control the air space, they didn’t run into any special situations, quickly entering the middle region.

“Heavenly concubine, don’t you have to find the Icy Ghost Orchard? Icy Ghost Orchard lives in the cracks of the icy ground. Around here is where the most cracks appear, so the chances that the Icy Ghost Orchard is very high. We can walk around here to see.” Teng Lang rode his wing type soul pet and pointed at an area of land where countless black centipede-like cracks filled the ground.

Chu Mu looked down and found that there were more than 100 natural cracks over ten kilometers. These cracks extended like dry tree branches, branching off the two near thousand meter long main crack. Some extended in all directions while others went straight to a dead end.

Walking around in such a complicated crack structure, even if one knew the route, it would be easy to lose direction!

As for flying in the air, unless one had the protection of a super expert like Heavenly Concubine, the moment they came into vision of a soul pet tribe, they would definitely suffer a storm-like barrage of icicles. It would be no different from directly finding death.

“Go down. Since it’s training, I won’t summon my main soul pet in normal situations.” Heavenly Concubine said, meaning that she didn’t plan on using her own power to stay in the air.

Chu Mu glanced at the dignified heavenly concubine and laughed coldly in his heart, “Having been hit by my devil flame fire poison, how much soul power can you even spare to summon soul pets?”

Chu Mu wished she could summon some top tier emperor ranks to seal the air space. Summoning one would make her waste more soul power. It would be best if she wasted so much that she couldn’t even summon the Crown Phoenix King. That way, Chu Mu could kill her easily.

However, heavenly concubine definitely wouldn’t be stupid enough to not leave enough soul power to summon crown phoenix king.

“A year ago, I left an Icy Ghost Orchard here. At the time, only a few middle class emperor ranks were guarding it and were waiting for it to mature. Thinking about it now, they probably haven’t collected it. If her majesty doesn’t mind the age of it, we can go there.” Teng Lang said.

“How old is it?” Heavenly concubine asked.

“A hundred to two hundred years. The longer soul items like Icy Ghost Orchard grows, the more valuable they are.” Teng Lang said.

“That’ll do.” Heavenly Concubine nodded, not saying any more than she needed to.

Soul items were split by rank, and also by the strength of the medicine. Many times, lower rank ice type soul items were instead more valuable because they were important materials for certain soul teacher recipes for advanced soul items. Such soul items were often rare and so their price would multiply many times.

For example, the ice type’s purest Worldly Immortal Ice couldn’t even be found in forbidden realms. Its purity and medicinal value were often not used as a soul item to strengthen soul pets, instead used as an ingredient in medicine.

It was this reason that Liu Binglan had extreme difficulty in finding it. If it were any soul item used purely to strengthen soul pets, it wouldn’t be that hard to find with Liu Binglan’s power.

Similarly, Icy Ghost Orchard was a rare ingredient, making it much more valuable than its own rank alone, especially when its past a hundred years old, so Teng Lang always protected it like a secret.

Yet, this time soul palace elders told him that he had to treat heavenly concubine to the best of his ability, so she didn’t gain hard feelings towards the three palaces. It was because of that that Teng Lang decided to give it to Heavenly COncubine. He definitely would go to soul palace for compensation after this.

…...Chu Mu and Teng Lang rode the Iceberg Lion together into the great crack valley. On each side were towering ice walls. The ice walls weren’t completely perpendicular. The highest it reached was near two hundred meters. When they raised their head, they couldn’t even see the sky. It was like they were walking through a tunnel of darkness without a roof.

Teng Lang made road marks when he found the Icy Ghost Orchard a year ago. The complicated cracks didn’t pose any confusion towards him. Very quickly, Teng Lang found the place of many cracks that he was talking about.

 In front of Chu Mu was a place full of cracked ice. However, this ice was nearly ten kilometers in diameter. The cracks were all the type that were inescapable once one fell in.

By their ears were piercing cold wind gusts. Occasionally, a scary roar would come from some depth. There were no weak tribes here running around looking for food, nor were there icy birds flying around……. All this signaled that they were in powerful soul pet territory now!

“Be prepare to fight.” Teng Lang jumped down from his ice mountain lion and said in a low voice.

Chu Mu also jumped off, and used his soul remembrance to detect the fallen cracks in the ground.

At this moment, Guanguan and Little Tong gained the approval of Heavenly concubine and summoned their ice type soul pets.

In such an icy place, other type soul pets would lose a rank or two in strength, while ice type soul pets could use the icy powers to their advantage. If one were unlucky, other type soul pets could even be instantly killed if they were a rank apart. This was why ice type soul pets were the best summon in this case.

“Ning!” Chu Mu wasn’t any slower. When they were summoning soul pets, he summoned his ice Air Fairy too.

Ning appeared with glazed ice surrounding it, creating a flurry of daggers that slowly formed Ning’s crystalline body.

“Warrior rank ice air fairy?”

At this moment, Teng Lang paused. Seeing Chu Mu summon his ice type soul pet and specially glancing at the emperor species rank Glazed Ice Spirit Emperor and Snow Drink Sculpture summoned by Guanguan and Little Tong, his expression was very strange. He finally spoke after a long while, “Raising an ice air fairy from warrior rank to middle class emperor, brother Chu, you are truly a talented person!”

Guanguan and Little Tong’s eyes were nearly popping gout…… though its strength was middle class emperor rank too, they were very skeptical as to whether this warrior rank ice air fairy could beat the highly talented, advanced techniques, advanced species ability low class emperor ranks…...once one reached spirit emperor, warrior rank species should be retired. Not only did they waste resources, they aren’t as talented as many innately powerful soul pets. Even if it weren’t let go, they often were merely benchwarmers. Why would anyone still train it?

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