Chapter 781: She’s Everywhere!

Chapter 781: She’s Everywhere! 

After Chu Mu finished what he had to do at Soul Palace, he returned to the enormous courtyard of his rented house.

Originally, Chu Mu had planned on going around Soul Palace and seeing the state of Snow City’s Soul Palace. However, he was very worried about a single girl looking after ten innately restless White Nightmares.

Indeed, when Chu Mu returned to the courtyard, his face was black.

Chu Mu had already guessed that this courtyard would be ruined by them, or that there would be some mysterious fire on the streets nearby… as expected, all of this came true. Moreover, if this wasn’t enough, this group of fellows and the wild girl had run off to some unexpected place! The courtyard was empty! 

After stepping into the courtyard, a silver devil flame ignited on his body. His pupils turned a fierce silver color, and he transformed into a half devil.

Of course, when Chu Mu transformed into a half devil, he restrained his aura; otherwise, the team that ‘received’ the Heavenly Concubine earlier would come and question Chu Mu.

On the gourmet food street, Ning Maner was rubbing her stomach and her smile was almost overflowing. It had been a while...

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