Chapter 781: She’s Everywhere!

Chapter 781: She’s Everywhere! 

After Chu Mu finished what he had to do at Soul Palace, he returned to the enormous courtyard of his rented house.

Originally, Chu Mu had planned on going around Soul Palace and seeing the state of Snow City’s Soul Palace. However, he was very worried about a single girl looking after ten innately restless White Nightmares.

Indeed, when Chu Mu returned to the courtyard, his face was black.

Chu Mu had already guessed that this courtyard would be ruined by them, or that there would be some mysterious fire on the streets nearby… as expected, all of this came true. Moreover, if this wasn’t enough, this group of fellows and the wild girl had run off to some unexpected place! The courtyard was empty! 

After stepping into the courtyard, a silver devil flame ignited on his body. His pupils turned a fierce silver color, and he transformed into a half devil.

Of course, when Chu Mu transformed into a half devil, he restrained his aura; otherwise, the team that ‘received’ the Heavenly Concubine earlier would come and question Chu Mu.

On the gourmet food street, Ning Maner was rubbing her stomach and her smile was almost overflowing. It had been a while since she had eaten so much.

Behind the young girl, the ten fellows dressed strangely were letting out belches and baring their teeth… this scene literally resembled a younger sister of a mob boss being followed by a group of unruly underlings. It looked very strange to normal people and they really didn’t dare provoke them. This included the boss of this restaurant. After they left, he didn’t even bother asking them to pay the bill.

“This Snow City is truly a fun place. Just now I saw a soul pet trainer arena. Tomorrow, you guys act as my soul pets and we’ll go play…” the young pretty girl was speaking when her face suddenly froze. Immediately after, she said: “Oh no, big brother has returned.” 



The White Nightmares were just in a happy and crazy mood. But when they heard the young pretty girl’s words, they all tensed up and turtled up their heads…

“If you guys don’t come back within 10 minutes, I’ll throw you all back into the Southern Forbidden Region.” 

Chu Mu voice, which didn’t leave room for refusal, reverberated around the heads of these White Nightmares.

In ten minutes, Ning Maner and the White Nightmares had made their way back. 

Ning Maner hid behind the Nightmare ruler as if it was going to take all responsibility. The other White Nightmares were lined up, heads lowered and letting out mysterious noises.

Chu Mu looked at this group of restless fellows and felt a headache. 

He hadn’t been out for very long, and they had somehow made their way to the gourmet food street. If he were to go to Ice Muslin Valley, by the time he returned, the entirety of Snow City probably would have been turned upside down by them. Did they really think that the city guards patrolling the streets were there for decoration? 

The only good thing was that Ning Maner’s innate talent was incredible, and she could purify the fiendish aura from the White Nightmares. Otherwise, experts would easily be able to sense too much evil aura concentrating somewhere. 

“I’m going to leave for a while to Ice Muslin Valley.” said Chu Mu. However, he then glared at the group of White Nightmares, “Did I say I was going to take you guys? In the extreme ice lands, your strength will be weakened by one or two levels.” 

“Brother, don’t worry and go. I’ll look after them.” the young pretty girl wore an innocent and harmless smile. 

Chu Mu was speechless and helplessly said: “If you guys want to go out, that’s fine. However, I have a few rules. First, you aren’t allowed to go to the central plaza. You guys had best move around the middle city or outer city. The central plaza has multiple high remembrance spirit emperors and peak emperors. The highest chances of you guys being discovered is there, no matter where there. Second, you aren’t allowed to stir up trouble or break anything in the city. Control the flames on your body! Third, no matter the situation, you must restrain your aura. If you are discovered, flee and don’t fight…” 

The young pretty girl and the White Nightmare listened earnestly. They discovered that the rules didn’t actually preclude them from playing, and they all cracked smiles.

“Maner, come here.” after making things clear, Chu Mu called the young pretty girl over to him.

Ning Maner followed Chu Mu to the big hall.

“Didn’t you say that you could increase the speed at which my soul pets grow stronger?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yes.” Ning Maner nodded her head.

“So?” asked Chu Mu.

“It’s like this. Although the Messiah Tree isn’t a creature, the energy it contains is extremely beneficial to dominator rank creatures. After signing an equality soul pact, the influence of spirit aura will seep through the soul’s soul pact. No matter where a dominator rank creature goes to, it will receive this nourishment, and its strength will increase much quicker. When it reaches a bottleneck, it also won’t need spirit items to breakthrough.” 

“I’m still young right now, so my spirit aura has no way of nourishing you at your current level. Therefore, when you signed an equality soul pact with me, you didn’t feel a change. However, brother’s soul pets are all at the emperor rank and my spirit aura nourishment will utilize the soul link between brother and your soul pets to transmit to your soul pets…” said Ning Maner.

“So you’re saying that my soul pets are already being nourished by your spirit aura?” Chu Mu raised his brows.

“Yes. Could it be that they don’t feel anything?” Ning Maner had her eyes wide open as she asked. 

Chu Mu entered his soul pet space and asked his soul pets.

His soul pets indicated that they felt some special aura circulating in the soul pet space that had the effect akin to eating soul cores and soul crystals. 

Chu Mu had been curious as to why these ravenous fellows hadn’t been asking him for spirits to eat. So it turned out that they were being nourished by Ning Maner’s spirit aura. 

“I’ve signed a soul pact with brother for too short a period of time so for now there won’t be a clear effect. When brother goes to train them and strengthen them, you will discover that it will be very easy for them to breakthrough bottlenecks within the emperor rank. Also, if they are being nourished for a long period of time, your soul pets may be able to breakthrough their species rank restriction.” said Ning Maner.

“Breakthrough their species rank restrictions?” asked Chu Mu, curiously. 

“Brother doesn’t know? No matter how strong a servant rank grows, it will be unable to breakthrough the emperor rank. For a warrior rank, it is impossible to reach the dominator rank. This continues for the other ranks and is the species rank restriction. It is a natural law.” said Ning Maner. 

“So you’re saying that you can help my soul pets breakthrough this restriction?” Chu Mu’s eyes lit up.

“Of course. Otherwise, why would so many soul pets want to serve the Messiah Tree? Although I’m not as amazing as the Messiah Tree, I’m not useless.” Ning Maner lifted her small face. 

Chu Mu nodded his head, silently happy.

It seemed that signing an equality with this girl brought him many benefits, especially breaking through the species rank restriction. 

Not long ago, Chu Mu was worrying about Ning and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier since their species ranks were warrior ranks. They would be able to reach the peak emperor, but forever unable to step into the dominator rank. Now that there was no restriction, Chu Mu could be much more relieved. 

The spirit aura’s nourishment was rather slow. In reality, Chu Mu couldn’t grasp how powerful Xiao Maner’s effect was. There was a chance it was completely negligible. 

However, on the third day, Chu Mu had no choice but to completely see this girl in a whole new light!

On the night of the third day, the high class emperor White Nightmare that had fallen behind and brought Ning Maner back had broken through! 

It reached the peak emperor rank from the high class emperor rank!

Without any spirit item, it was able to break through to the peak emperor rank. This was rather rare! 

Chu Mu used his soul remembrance to probe this high class emperor. It had entered the high class emperor rank for a long time now and had been stuck at a bottleneck, unable to breakthrough. Chu Mu knew that this fellow needed the help of a high rank spirit item or some miraculous encounter. Otherwise, it would be difficult to reach the peak emperor rank.

He never expected that after only carrying Ning Maner for a month and hanging with her, this White Nightmare had broken through on its own!

Although it was at a bottleneck already and perhaps could have broken through in a big fight, Ning Maner’s spirit aura nourishment was indeed shocking!

It was no wonder that the Heavenly Concubine had come so grandly to find Ning Maner. No matter who it was, if they knew about her special ability, they would fight to have this girl come with them until their heads broke and they started bleeding! 

Towards this, Chu Mu was extremely happy. Not only had he solved the species rank problem of Ning and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, but the speed his soul pets would increase in strength had risen multiple times. Presumably, within a few years, all of these fellows would be able to reach the emperor rank (TL: author typo). Moreover, when Ning Maner grew older and her spirit aura nourishment grew stronger, if Chu Mu and his soul pets worked hard, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to break through to the dominator rank!!

Just imagine, in Wanxiang Realm where dominator experts could be counted on two hands, if one were to step into Wanxiang City with a group of dominator rank soul pets, just how ashamed would the Sixteen Absolutes, Eight Desolations, Four Heroes and Two Concubines be?! 

Ning Maner’s spirit aura nourishment instantly increased Chu Mu’s confidence a hundred-fold! 

On the fifth day, Chu Mu spoke to Ning Maner and the White Nightmares one more time and planned on setting off for Ice Muslin Valley.

Ning Maner had the protection of three peak emperors and seven high class emperors. Chu Mu didn’t need to worry about her safety.

The White Nightmares the Nightmare ruler had brought with it had all practically reached bottlenecks. They had come out this time to search for an opportunity to break through, so Ning Maner was like their goddess right now. They would definitely treat her well.

Chu Mu and Teng Lang planned on meeting on the snowy slope outside the city. Chu Mu arrived last. 

When he got there, aside from Teng Lang, there were another three women. 

At first, Chu Mu didn’t pay these three women heed. Two of them were wearing light blue colored velvet clothing. Their looks and figures weren’t good or bad. 

But the other woman’s figure was alluring, and even though her body was wrapped in a snow white furry jacket, it was still possible to see her captivating curves. 

She stood on the snowy ground like a thousand year snow lotus. She had absolute arrogance and her eyes were as calm as water. She had a pure form of beauty but also carried the dignity one possessed from staying in a position of power for a long time… from a closer distance, this woman really was an absolute beauty with an unmatched temperament. She also had an indistinct feeling of mysterious that others would find it hard to grasp… however, when Chu Mu looked at her carefully, he felt shocked and unlucky. 

Wasn’t this the Heavenly Concubine?!!

He could even encounter her here?

Chu Mu instantly retracted his subconscious praise for her beauty and cursed: she’s everywhere! 

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