Chapter 780: Ice Muslin Valley, Snow Devil Cave

Chapter 780: Ice Muslin Valley, Snow Devil Cave

Since that didn’t give away his status, he had to somehow let Liu Binglan and Senior Elder Liu still know he was alive. Presumably, they would have worried for him a lot in this past year.

After inquiring, he learned that both of them were still in Tianxia City. Due to the threat there, the three great palace factions left a bit of their strength in Tianxia City.

Soul Alliance’s influence was mostly in Wanxiang Realm. Although Tianxia Realm had slightly scarce resources, if they lost this conflict with Soul Alliance, they would still retreat to Tianxia City. Therefore, Tianxia Realm mattered a lot to them.

Chu Mu wrote a letter inside Soul Palace, and left a small bottle within the envelope in which he imbued his soul remembrance into.

The soul remembrance was a mental voice recording. Although it was short, Liu Binglan knew him well. He was certain that when she heard his voice, she would be able to recognize who it was, and realize that he had awakened from his devil transformation state.


“Brother Chu Fangchen, why don’t you come with me to see Her Majesty Heavenly Concubine. Haven’t you admired her for a long time?” Teng Lang knew that...

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