Chapter 780: Ice Muslin Valley, Snow Devil Cave

Chapter 780: Ice Muslin Valley, Snow Devil Cave

Since that didn’t give away his status, he had to somehow let Liu Binglan and Senior Elder Liu still know he was alive. Presumably, they would have worried for him a lot in this past year.

After inquiring, he learned that both of them were still in Tianxia City. Due to the threat there, the three great palace factions left a bit of their strength in Tianxia City.

Soul Alliance’s influence was mostly in Wanxiang Realm. Although Tianxia Realm had slightly scarce resources, if they lost this conflict with Soul Alliance, they would still retreat to Tianxia City. Therefore, Tianxia Realm mattered a lot to them.

Chu Mu wrote a letter inside Soul Palace, and left a small bottle within the envelope in which he imbued his soul remembrance into.

The soul remembrance was a mental voice recording. Although it was short, Liu Binglan knew him well. He was certain that when she heard his voice, she would be able to recognize who it was, and realize that he had awakened from his devil transformation state.


“Brother Chu Fangchen, why don’t you come with me to see Her Majesty Heavenly Concubine. Haven’t you admired her for a long time?” Teng Lang knew that the Heavenly Concubine didn’t have any intentions of attacking Snow Kingdom, so his attitude towards her softened. 

Disregarding factions, the Heavenly Concubine’s strength indeed was worthy of admiration. Young generation experts like the Third Young Master Teng Lang and Chu Mu probably would talk with these great figures more if they had the chance. 

“Uhh… sure.” Chu Mu bitterly laughed.

He had only said it in passing to act as an ordinary young man who absolutely admired her. He never expected that Teng Lan would be so cordial that he even invited him to see the Heavenly Concubine. 

Although when in a devil transformation state, Chu Mu’s face had been a silver color and had been filled with an evil aura, if that woman’s eyes were sharp, she would be able to see a bit of resemblance within him with the silver devil. 

The reason Teng Lang had brought Chu Mu over with him was mainly to make friends with him. Teng Lang himself was a spirit emperor, yet was unable to see how high Chu Mu’s soul remembrance was. This probably meant that Chu Mu’s strength wasn’t ordinary; thus, Teng Lang, who enjoyed making friends, really wanted to interact more with a genius like this. 

“The truth is that I was born in Snow Kingdom and occasionally would go to other places to train. Most of the time, I would stay nearby Snow Kingdom. Didn’t you say that you had an ice type soul pet you wanted to train? I, Brother Teng, will bear the responsibility of telling you that Snow Devil Cave and Ice Muslin Valley are two ultra ranked bewildering worlds. If I were to say I was the person second most familiar with those places, no one would dare say they were the first. That includes those old fellows.” Teng Lang spoke a lot and began telling Chu Mu about Snow Kingdom en route. 

Normally, in higher ranking kingdoms, there were extremely high ranked bewildering worlds. 

The development of a city was interlinked with territories, bewildering worlds, forbidden ground and other places where soul pet trainers could obtain resources. Snow Kingdom was a tenth rank kingdom city while Snow Devil Cave and Ice Muslin Valley provided this city with resources. These two ice lands were the most extreme ice regions in the entirety of humanity’s territory. It was a place many people who liked ice type soul pets went to. 

“Last time I walked to the depths of Ice Muslin Valley, I encountered a high class emperor. Unfortunately I’m still a little bit short of a high class emperor and haven’t been able to reach that rank. Although five middle class emperors can get rid of one high class emperor, I was afraid that after forcing the death of a high class emperor, I would be unable to return. Thus, I ultimately didn’t dare attack…” Teng Lang narrated his experience in Ice Muslin Valley.

One had to be at the spirit emperor rank in order to dare enter Ice Muslin Valley. And to go even deeper into the valley, even the elders and senior elders would not necessarily be able to return if they weren’t familiar with the environment. 

Teng Lan’s words didn’t seem to stop. In truth, he was observing Chu Mu’s expression. He discovered that when he mentioned middle and high class emperors, Chu Mu didn’t change his expression. This allowed him to guess Chu Mu’s strength, and he promptly planned on inviting Chu Mu to head to Ice Muslin Valley with him.

While Chu Mu was in his ice coffin state, Ning had obtained huge benefits, reaching the middle class emperor rank.

But a middle class emperor was definitely not enough for Chu Mu. He had to raise it to the high class emperor rank. Since Teng Lang was heading for a high class emperor, Chu Mu really could consider going with him.

Ice Musline Valley was so big that without someone guiding him, even if Chu Mu were to use his half devil state, he wouldn’t be able to find seventh or eighth rank ice type spirit items. 

Of course, finding ice type spirit items was secondary. If Chu Mu really wanted to obtain resources, it wouldn’t be too hard. The main goal this time was tempering his Ice Air Fairy through fights. Without fights, he wouldn’t be able to raise it to the high class emperor even with spirit items. 

“Then it’s settled. When the Heavenly Concubine leaves, let’s go to Ice Muslin Valley!” Teng Lang laughed and patted Chu Mu’s shoulder.

“Sure, no problem… that being said, are we really going to see the Heavenly Concubine? We’ve waited outside for so long. If she isn’t going to see us, let’s go back to prepare and set out.” Chu Mu said a bit diffidently. 

Teng Lang’s eyes glanced over Chu Mu with curiosity. He said: “Do you think the Heavenly Concubine is some young lady of a big family that you can see whenever you want? It’s up to what she wants… you really have no patience. It’s normal for some people to have to wait one or two years in order to see her. And how long have we stood here for…”

“Excuse me, Her Majesty has invited the two of you in.” Teng Lang wasn’t able to finish speaking before the youngest servant of the servant concubine servants walked out. Her tone was very dull.

After speaking, she turned around. She didn’t care if the two of them followed her and she walked into the palace. 

“Each of these women underlings of the Heavenly Concubine are so arrogant.” Teng Lang muttered, dissatisfied. 

“I feel the same.” laughed Chu Mu.

Chu Mu hadn’t spent much time with Teng Lang, but he found that this Third Young Master didn’t have any young master mannerisms. He was very casual and blunt. He was really an interesting person.

It seemed that Teng Lang was about 30 years old. With 5 middle class emperors, this sort of strength was ranked near the top within Soul Palace. It was rare that a huge genius like this in Soul Palace lacked all forms of airs and didn’t look down on others. 

“What greeting should I give…” while walking into the luxurious palace, Teng Lang began to make sense of what to do. He consulted with Chu Mu, and the two of them decided not to kneel. Just lowering their heads and expressing their respect was better.

Indeed, when they walked up the wool rug to the Heavenly Concubine, the two of them lowered their heads at the same time and said words of respect. They didn’t do anything after.

The Heavenly Concubine didn’t care, but the servant girls next to her creased their brows. They were extremely dissatisfied with the arrogance of these two people.

Even senior elders of Soul Palace had to kneel. Yet these two had just given a simple form of respect. They were truly being arrogant. 

“These youngsters who purposefully didn’t give a full greeting are too much. These people enjoy doing this thing because they think that it’ll make the Heavenly Concubine notice them. But the reality is that this is a very stupid idea.” Fang Wu harrumphed, and seemed as if she had seen through them already.

In regards to faking it, perhaps Teng Lang was doing a bit, acting relaxed and carefree.

However, Chu Mu truly wasn’t acting. He was mainly afraid of these women holding too much of a grudge, having remembered him, and recognizing him. Thus, he lowered his head as much as possible and didn’t look at the Heavenly Concubine directly.

“Young Master Teng Lang, I heard that you’re very familiar with Ice Muslin Valley and Snow Devil Cave?” indifferently asked the Heavenly Concubine.

The Heavenly Concubine didn’t care about other people’s attitudes. In her eyes, this was a group of weaklings that she didn’t even need to look at. Even if they didn’t greet her properly or looked at her with an offensive gaze, the Heavenly Concubine would still treat them as if they didn’t exist. 

“Yes, I enter those two places more than other people go home.” Teng Lang nodded his head and spoke without any modesty.

While Teng Lang was bragging, Chu Mu had a headache. He ostensibly guessed what this woman was going to say.

“A few of my disciples want to go to Ice Muslin Valley to find a few ice type spirit items. Why don’t you guide them.” the Heavenly Concubine didn’t waste words, and immediately expressed her intentions.

“This…” Teng Lang was stunned. He never expected that the Heavenly Concubine wanted him to guide her disciples to Ice Muslin Valley.

“I just spoke with my friend next to me about going to Ice Muslin Valley to train. I’m afraid that the places the servant women wish to go to are places the two of us have no ability in…” Teng Lang didn’t let her power and beauty get to his head.

“What rank are your soul pets.” at this point, Fang Wu asked a question.

“Middle class emperor.” Teng Lang answered in truth.

“The ones that will be going with you will be them.” Fang Wu pointed at a few younger servant girls. 

“Then that’s fine.” Teng Lang nodded his head.

Teng Lang also knew that since the old fellow had introduced him to the Heavenly Concubine as a guide, it was presumably to have him serve the Heavenly Concubine’s underlings well. Teng Lan thus didn’t refuse.


“Brother Chu, it seems that there will be another few women joining us on our journey.” after leaving the great palace, Teng Lang bitterly laughed and glanced at Chu Mu.

“Regardless, it’s just training. It doesn’t matter that there are extra people.” Chu Mu didn’t care. These underlings of the Heavenly Concubine could be annihilated with a single hand from Chu Mu. They wouldn’t affect his training at all.


“Your Majesty Heavenly Concubine, have Guan Guan, Xiao Tong, and Xue Tang follow them. It’s perfect because they are in need of training right now. I’ll go to the Snow Devil Cave to find the thousand year Snow Heart for you.” Fang Wu said to the Heavenly Concubine.

“I’ll go with them. Lian has yet to reach the tenth phase and needs tempering. Guan Guan and Xiao Tong will follow me…” said the Heavenly Concubine.

Guan Guan and Xiao Tong looked on with happiness, and flowered her with thanks.

Since the Heavenly Concubine would go with them to a middle class emperor and high class emperor region, she was going not only to train her new soul pet but also to instruct these two young soul pet trainers. 

“But since Your Majesty is wounded, why don’t you stay here and rest?” said Fang Wu.

The Heavenly Concubine shook her head and said: “It’s not necessarily safe here. You saw the situation when we were coming here. If they know that I am wounded, it’s inevitable that…” 

The concubine girls were all stunned, but they quickly understood her meaning. They hastily said: “Your Majesty has thought things through thoroughly.” 

“Fang Wu will go search for the spirit item and the others will follow Mo Ling to continue searching for traces of the silver devil. After you find it, don’t rashly attack it. Immediately dispatch a cloud word to me and I will head over instantly.” said the Heavenly Concubine.

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