Book 2 Chapter 78 - Greater Fame

Chapter 78: Greater Fame

A lot of the time Chu Mu and Mo Xie’s synergy didn’t need any form of communication. Not only that, Mo Xie was Chu Mu’s first soul pet, so how could Chu Mu abandon Mo Xie and run away himself!?

The pale soul flames of anger burned brightly, and it revealed Chu Mu’s tall and straight figure!

Though the flames were silent, they emitted the coldest of auras, making even the nameless old servant feel waves of coldness, causing his soul to shiver under the influence of this soul flame!

Right after Chu Mu fed his White Nightmare, he reached the eighth remembrance spirit teacher, and the soul power within him was perfectly at its full capacity. Even after giving Mo Xie Violent Blood Pupil, he could still cast Molten Fury!


Mo Xie’s Molten Fury had been completed already. The crimson demon fire evil flames violently exploded where Mo Xie’s gaze fell, causing an even more shocking fire lotus to cover the skies of the town. The waves of flames were burning bright red as they came crashing down with all its heat!!

At the same time, the pale white fire lotus blossomed within the red demon fire evil flames. Demonic white, lavish red, and the ghostly burn of the soul coupled with blazing heat of the evil flames!

The sixth level technique Molten Fury had reached the seventh level under the casting of the eighth remembrance soul pet trainer Chu Mu. With the soul burn of the pale white soul flames, the technique neared the eighth level!

Yet, this wasn’t all its power. Mo Xie’s demon fire evil flame Molten Fury interlaced with Chu Mu’s, causing this technique to reach the terrifying power of the eighth level!!

The Seventh level and eighth level were only one level apart, but it was a distance countless soul pets could never leap. Once leaped, their power would increase by a large amount!

Chu Mu and Mo Xie’s Molten Fury overlay was double the strength of the most basic eighth level technique. Such an attack would seriously wound even an eighth level defense, let alone the puny seventh level defense of the nameless old servant!


Pale white and vibrant red!

They magnificently blew up above the entire little town, sending scary fire energy rippling outwards. Everything in a fifty meter radius was toppled, and the destructive fire waves got as far as hundreds of meters away, starting a wave of panicked screams among the citizens of the town!!

The unnamed old servant wore a fifth level soul armor. Under the effects of the seventh level technique Gem Armor, it caused his defense to barely reach the eighth level. However, the power of the Molten Fury that costed Chu Mu more than half his soul power was immense. With the addition of a molten fury cast by the seventh phase Mo Xie, its power was even stronger than double a basic eighth level ability!

Eighth level power was something only an eighth phase high quality commander rank or seventh phase Monarch Rank could use. Even though the nameless old servant had thought Chu Mu might come back to catch him off guard, he never thought that Chu Mu had such a potent combination of techniques hidden!!

At the Recommendation, the battle with Yang Luosen was single control. Though almost every soul pet had been summoned and had used all their power, a Chu Mu forced to do single control was definitely not on the same level as a Chu Mu that was completely unrestricted. This was true especially when he had enough soul power, Chu Mu could borrow the White Nightmare’s flames without any apprehension!!

The blazing flames of fury immediately engulfed the nameless old servant's body. His pupils continuously dilated as he looked shocked at the consuming flames, yet he couldn’t put up any resistance!!

The Molten Fury burned. The nameless old servant’s three soul pets had also been blasted away from the flame’s impact. Within a hundred meter radius, all the streets, residences, and shops were decorated with two different colored flames.

Dust permeated the space, and everything was in shambles. The thousand or so residents of the town had mostly moved far away as they looked worriedly at their burning village, showing emotions of great shock…...

This little town’s strongest soul pet trainer was but a spirit soldier that had a fifth phase high class warrior rank- the Raging Flame Fairy. It hadn’t even learned the technique Molten Fury, and its strongest attack could, at most, cause a building to be set on fire.

Now, compared to this terrifying Molten Fury, the Raging Flame Fairy’s fire type abilities were like a little candle compared to the raging fire- not even worthy of mention. After seeing this frightening fire, the little city’s soul pet trainers had no other emotion than shock. They didn’t even dare to band together to protest against Chu Mu, who had damaged the entire town.


Standing on the streetside with flames dancing everywhere, Chu Mu retracted his Night Thunder Dream Beast, who was somewhat afraid of fire and looked towards a hidden figure at the end of the street!

With her silver fur floating around, Mo Xie also jumped out of the ruins and slowly walked up in front of Chu Mu, her demonic eyes watching the shadow that was trembling with trepidation.

“You think I can’t detect you just because you didn’t attack?” Chu Mu’s eyes suddenly glowed with a demonic silver glow!

Chong Mei, Evil Stare!!

After using almost fifty percent of his soul power, the recently leveled up Chu Mu could still cast a lower cost technique!

Evil Stare. Even though it was only a fifth level mental technique, because Chu Mu was a full four remembrances higher than Yang Luosen, this demon type mental technique could cause a formidable mental attack towards Yang Luosen!

In the far end, Yang Luosen’s face was already pale to the extreme. At the Recommendation, his soul had already been burned by Mo Xie’s demon fire evil flames, and he had already been hurt. Though there were still two souls untouched, if he had to summon again, it would definitely increase the burden on his soul. Not to mention that all his powerful soul pets had been damaged by Chu Mu already…...

Yang Luosen could trust the nameless old servant, and thought that he could easily deal with Chu Mu. However, he didn’t think that even under the three powerful soul pets, Chu Mu could still run away and turn around to burn the nameless old servant to death!!

A deep chill suddenly settled on his entire body. At this point, Yang Luosen could only pray that the three soul pets of the old servant that were sent flying would quickly come back and preoccupy Chu Mu…...

However, the Molten Fury that was double the strength of a beginner eighth level move had blasted the three soul pets over a hundred meters away. The Devil Vine and Wandering Eyed Ghost, who were afraid of fire, didn’t dare to come near, and the Storm Eagle was still buried in the ruins.

“Mo Xie!”

Chu Mu flipped over and landed on Mo Xie.

If Chu Mu cast the double molten fury against a powerful opponent, Chu Mu would definitely not cast it lightly and would instead choose to cast it at a crucial moment instead. The most important thing was to cast it while the opponent was looking at one without alarm, or with belittlement. One could then kill them out of surprise. Since Yang Luosen saw this, how could Chu Mu still let him leave alive?!


After Chu Mu sat still, Mo Xie rose her head to howl. Her speed suddenly increased twofold as she casted Death Assault.

Evil Flame Claws!!

The flames imprinted their light onto the little town, and a flaming red edge passed over!!

The crimson blood was splattered out in the flames, yet in the next moment, disintegrated in the flames. Invading his inner body, the flames burned Yang Luosen’s body to ashes!

The Luo Region Nightmare Prince, other than Luo Region Sect experts, was the strongest teen of all. Yet from that day on, the Luo Region Nightmare Prince Yang Luosen would no longer exist. The entirety of Luo Region would never again hear about him intensely defeating some powerful expert. He would only evaporate into thin air, and slowly become forgotten under everyone’s confusion and doubt.

But not long ago, the news of the Prison Island King defeating the Luo Region Nightmare Prince Yang Luosen had already been spread. In a short few days, the Prison Island King Chu Mu became even more famous, becoming known by almost everyone within Luo Region!


The Recommendation of Gangluo City had tens of thousands of people as witnesses. The news of Prison Island King Chu Mu defeating Luo Region Nightmare Prince Yang Luosen spread quickly. With Luo Region as the center, it spread towards the nearby regions. In a month, the news reached Nightmare City and caused countless powerful characters of Nightmare Palace to let out exclaims in admiration.

Chu Mu beating Tian Ji caused his fame to quickly rise in Nightmare Palace, as well as regions near Nightmare Palace. Yet, with this battle of Gangluo City, Chu Mu’s fame would become even more widespread, moving him from semi-top tier young expert to a true top tier young expert. Surely, many regional top tier young experts were already rolling up their sleeves, eager for a battle, hoping to meet this Nightmare Palace Nightmare Prince that had become famous in the past half year.

The Luo Region Nightmare Prince Yang Luosen found Chu Mu not purely because he heard of Chu Mu and wanted to compete; he also received instructions from Blue Nightmare Palace master.

Yet, knowing that the Luo Region Nightmare Prince, who was even stronger than Tian Ji, had lost to Chu Mu, the Blue Nightmare Palace master’s expression became even more unsightly.

Now, the Blue Nightmare Palace master was somewhat sure that the reason the Princess told Xia Guanghan to stay low-key and pick a close squire was to find a backup member for the Fight Under the Heavens[1. There may have been a mixup of this translation in the past. It’s either this or Battle of the Realms, but they both point to the same thing: some sort of grand competition]. Now that Chu Mu displayed a power worthy of the top tier young experts, if he could completely emerge in the following time, in ten years, he would definitely have a position matching Xia Guanghan.

One Xia Guanghan had already made Blue Nightmare Palace master have a headache. If there was another Chu Mu, it was likely that, in no time, his Blue Nightmare Palace would be stolen by Xia Guanghan, who was trying to become a palace master!

Cyan Nightmare Palace, Blue Nightmare Palace, and the White Nightmare Palace. The three palace masters were all tenth level titles. Xia Guanghan, in recent years, was like a rising sun, having a ninth level title already. One mishap could mean Xia Guanghan taking his position as Nightmare Palace palace master.

“This Chu Mu can’t be left unmanaged. I need to think of a way to get rid of him!” The Blue Nightmare Palace master had already gnashed his teeth. He didn’t dare to attack Xia Guanghan, but Chu Mu of the younger generation was easier to deal with. The Blue Nightmare Palace master naturally wouldn’t let Chu Mu continue to develop.

“Master, I have a person to recommend. This person may be able to rid you of this worry.” The Blue Nightmare Palace master’s old servant obsequiously said.

“Speaking of which, it better be a young generation expert, or else it would likely bring blame upon me.” Blue Nightmare Palace master said. Deaths and injuries between young generation experts were very common. The Blue Nightmare Palace master’s position had already been impacted by Xia Guanghan, so he didn’t want any unhealthy news of him to reach the elders of the Palace.

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