Chapter 779: Fuse, Chu Mu

Chapter 779: Fuse, Chu Mu

King - Li Hong, the strongest person of Tianxia Realm!

When Chu Mu saw this expert appear, the first reaction wasn't surprised of seeing the expert he always wanted to surpass, nor was it being pleased about standing at the same height Li Hong was at. Instead, a very disrespectful thought popped up, “This fellow, where was he when Tianxia City was in turmoil, and why is he jumping out now in such a meaningless matter?”

With Li Hong’s power, even if he wasn’t half devil Bai Yu’s opponent, he could at least be the only person to truly match half devil Bai Yu. Adding on the seven diagram sacred pets, elder Liu, Liu Binglan, it would have prevented Tianxia City from falling into such a great danger.

Yet, this fellow never appeared. Could it be that he knew his time as a king was about to end, and he stopped caring about Tianxia City?

Chu Mu’s complaints were actually voiced by elder Liu and Liu Binglan already, but the three palaces couldn’t really blame the king. After all, even the three palace factions, who call Tianxia City their base, had most of their upper level power in Wanxiang Realm, not often staying in Tianxia City.

It was this mistake that caused the schemers to have a chance and almost destroy Tianxia City.

No matter how they complained, Li Hong was still the most powerful person in Tianxia Realm, and he very clearly stood on the three palaces’ side.

Li Hong came from soul pet palace. At first, he was just an elder, but he slowly climbed to the highest position in soul pet palace.

In the first chaos of Bai Yu, Li Hong’s strength was about that of the elders. But after he became the king of Tianxia Realm, he got the corresponding resources. Adding on his own training, he broke through human limitations and became an expert with dominator rank soul pet, becoming the undisputed Tianxia King.

There were many versions regarding how he broke through the human limitation. Some say he passed through Wanxiang Realm and reached deep into forbidden realm east of Wanxiang Realm, having a miraculous experience there.

Some say that Li Hong gained the inheritance of the guardian god of soul pet palace, of which no one has ever seen or even know the name of.

Some others say that Li Hong very very luckily had one of his emperor rank soul pets undergo a species mutation…… every expert had their own legend. To be able to stand out from hundreds of billions of people, his story definitely couldn’t be summarized in just a version or two.

No matter what, these experts were worthy of looking up to. Chu Mu wouldn’t be unduly humble, but also wouldn’t get too ahead of himself just because of his special half devil powers either. A soul pet trainer should have powerful soul pets. If Chu Mu didn’t have the special half devil, he still would be extremely far from this man.

There would be a day where Chu Mu would use the soul pets he trained himself to fight an expert of that level head on!

…… Elder Jiang saw Li Hong appear and all let out a breath.

With Li Hong standing guard, presumably even if the two powerful experts heavenly concubine and Mo Ling conspired for something, they had to be wary of Li Hong and the rest of Snow Kingdom’s army power.

Mo Ling, as one of the four heroes, didn’t seem pleased. Though Li Hong wasn’t named a hero, he definitely wasn’t weaker than any of the heroes. He was a thorn in soul alliance’s side. If they could get rid of him somehow, soul pet palace would no longer be a threat.

War goddess heavenly concubine didn’t really mind the appearance of Li Hong. She never was interested in the struggles of power. Coming to Snow Kingdom was purely to alleviate her soul from the burning soul flames.

However, the silver devil man still troubled her greatly, so she said to Li Hong, “The devil man comes from the southmost end of forbidden realm, of the Nightmare Empire. It seems to be the king of that empire, and is not any weaker than I am. I hope Tianxia King takes note of it. Or else, at least a city will suffer, if not every living organism in a few hundred thousand kilometers.”

“I’ve heard about this silver devil man. Someone told me not long ago. Only thing I didn't expect was that even heavenly concubine couldn’t handle it. I will tell all the governors of each city to be aware.” Li Hong nodded. Facing an outer force, humans had to stay united no matter how much infighting they had; this was a rule of survival for humans!

As they spoke, Li Hong rode the eighteen dragon snake up ahead of Heavenly Concubine and led the way for her.

The three palaces didn’t want to offend the semi-neutral heavenly concubine. Since Li Hong made his stance clear, the elders told the army to put down their guard and return to their original patrolling positions.

Heavenly concubine deserved the trust of the three palaces, but Mo Ling may not deserve the same respect. When Li Hong flew ahead, he specially glanced at the unwelcome Mo Ling, a face of “I won’t mind you because of heavenly concubine’s face.”

Mo Ling’s expression wasn’t great either. Because of heavenly concubine’s pressure, he didn’t make things difficult. However, entering the headquarters of the enemies caused the hero Mo Ling to feel utterly out of place.

“How powerful is that Mo Ling?” Chu Mu glanced at the tanned Mo Ling and asked.

“Of the four heroes, he’s the last, weaker than Li Hong. In reality, the guy doesn’t have a dominator rank soul pet, but his main soul pet is an invincible emperor, and has a species ability that can allow it to fight dominator rank organisms for a certain amount of time.” Teng Lang said.

“Ah…..then other than Li Hong, who else of three palaces can compare to the four heroes?” Chu Mu asked.

Third young master Teng Lang looked at Chu Mu, and started wondering whether or not Chu Mu was actually a part of three palaces.

Teng Lang and Chu Mu had met before, but that was a long time ago. Teng lang clearly didn’t remember Chu Mu, only feeling that Chu Mu seemed familiar.

“A decade or so ago, there was another, but now its just Li Hong. Soul palace relied on the seven diagram sacred region king. However, this seven diagram king is only to suppress the soul alliance master, so no matter what happens, as long as the alliance master doesn’t attack, we cannot summon the sacred region seven diagream king, because it only is willing to fight for us humans once.”

“Nightmare palace relies on the nearly dead Nightmare Ancestor. The person I said that could compare to the four heroes a decade ago was the previous Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu. He was the only person to challenge Nightmare Ancestor, and the top hero - Wang Shang - had also lost to him before. Too bad he became a half devil. A year ago, a huge event happened in Tianxia City, but good thing a person called Chu Mu suppressed it…… Oh, if that Chu Mu was still alive, he probably won’t find it hard to defeat the four heroes. I heard he could become half devil at will and even get out of the state. That was truly a formidable ability. If he were given a decade more to grow, with half devil, he could probably fight the soul alliance master.”

Reaching here, Teng Lang sighed, clearly sad for the fallen genius that came out of left field.

Not only was Teng Lang sad, soul palace, soul pet palace, and nightmare palace were all sorry for the event. If Chu Mu didn’t become a devil, they would definitely put all their resources into him, and make him a being beyond emperor rank, possibly even the only person in this world to be able to defeat the soul alliance alliance master…… of course, as Teng Lang felt sorry, he didn’t know that the seemingly foolish young man aside him was the person he was sighing for. This could only be blamed on the unrealistic portrayal of Chu Mu in Tianxia City’s newly made golden sculpture. It was too perfect and artistic!

“Speaking of which, if he still is alive, it probably isn’t a good thing either.” Teng Lang continued.

“Why is that?” Chu Mu quickly asked.

“If he still is alive, then soul alliance alliance master probably won’t be able to sit still. He might attack and kill him while he hasn’t grown fully. I heard elder Liu say that the alliance master wanted to kill him a while ago, because he held something extremely important to the soul alliance master……”

“This means that he may be the fuse to a battle between the high levels.” Chu Mu laughed bitterly.

“En.” Teng Lang nodded.

As he spoke, Teng Lang specially looked Chu Mu over again. It was at that moment that Teng Lang realised he didn’t know this young man’s full identity.

Teng Lang saw Chu Mu’s tenth rank sub decree, so he knew Chu Mu had to be the son of some high level of soul palace. Teng Lang didn’t hide any of these secrets that weren’t really secrets. Anything Chu Mu asked would be answered. Besides, Teng Lang could tell that Chu Mu wasn’t weak, and was at least a spirit emperor.

Though entering spirit emperor at such a young age wasn’t impossible, it was extremely rare, so Teng Lang was curious about Chu Mu’s identity and decided to ask, “What did you say you were called, Chu something,... Chen?”

Chu Mu had already introduced himself before, but Teng Lang’s mind was completely on heavenly concubine, so he didn’t really catch it…… “Chu……” 

Chu Mu was just about to say his name when he thought about it some more and realized that soul alliance master may try to trouble him. He paused and continued his reply without revealing any emotions, “Chu Fangchen!”

“Oh right, Chu Fangchen. You usually train outside right, whose disciple are you?” Teng Lang asked.

“Elder De’s disciple.” Chu Mu replied cleanly, not seeming like he was lying at all.

“Old soul teacher De’s disciple, seems like soul palace gains yet another young genius. Let’s go. Since heavenly concubine has been brought into the city, she’s probably resting in soul palace. This war goddess is neutral, but we still have to treat her well. I probably have to go and pay my respects or something.” Teng Lang didn’t find Chu Mu’s words to be fake. After all, Chu Mu followed him out from inner palace. Anyone who entered inner palace couldn’t be a spy.

“En, I’ve admired her for a long time…..” Chu Mu lied yet again.

After finishing, Chu Mu followed Teng Lang and the three factions experts back to soul palace.

On the way, Chu Mu constantly rubbed his temples, secretly having a headache over what Teng Lang just told him.

First of all, that soul alliance master definitely knew the continuously mutating Mo Xie was in Chu Mu’s hands. If he found out Chu Mu was still alive, this truly invincible human will definitely attack him.

Though the seven sacred realm king can be used to suppress this alliance master, if he made his identity public, the alliance master would definitely utilize all of soul alliance’s experts to destroy him. Then, soul palace would have to send out the seven sacred realm king to protect him. Following that, nightmare ancestor would have to walk out of its coffin, and soul pet palace would have to reveal their trump card…… It would instantly become a messy fight between the peak powers of humanity. If the three palace factions won, it would be good news. However, if they lost, the results were unthinkable…… the three palaces and soul alliance were still in a stalemate. This situation wasn’t good or bad. Chu Mu felt that he, as the fuse, shouldn’t appear yet. He wanted to wait till all his soul pets were stronger, and he had the power to go against soul alliance before he jumped out….. If he truly couldn’t hold back in this time, he could act as the devil man and attack.

The devil man has already been confirmed as the king of white nightmares of the southern forbidden realm. The only ones that would trouble him would probably be heavenly concubine and Mo Ling. As long as he didn’t overstep too many boundaries, he would probably just be running circles around the heavenly concubine, not affecting the grander scheme of things.

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