Chapter 779: Fuse, Chu Mu

Chapter 779: Fuse, Chu Mu

King - Li Hong, the strongest person of Tianxia Realm!

When Chu Mu saw this expert appear, the first reaction wasn't surprised of seeing the expert he always wanted to surpass, nor was it being pleased about standing at the same height Li Hong was at. Instead, a very disrespectful thought popped up, “This fellow, where was he when Tianxia City was in turmoil, and why is he jumping out now in such a meaningless matter?”

With Li Hong’s power, even if he wasn’t half devil Bai Yu’s opponent, he could at least be the only person to truly match half devil Bai Yu. Adding on the seven diagram sacred pets, elder Liu, Liu Binglan, it would have prevented Tianxia City from falling into such a great danger.

Yet, this fellow never appeared. Could it be that he knew his time as a king was about to end, and he stopped caring about Tianxia City?

Chu Mu’s complaints were actually voiced by elder Liu and Liu Binglan already, but the three palaces couldn’t really blame the king. After all, even the three palace factions, who call Tianxia City their base, had most of their upper level power in Wanxiang Realm, not often staying in Tianxia City.

It was this mistake that caused...

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