Chapter 778

Chapter 778

Chu Mu stayed in inner palace and waited for a while, yet no one came to see him.

Chu Mu was wondering to himself, “The secondary decree in his hands shouldn’t be this useless. There should at least be a palace master rank coming to welcome him.

Having waited for too long, Chu Mu couldn’t sit still anymore. When he walked out of the waiting hall, he noticed a man that he had seen before quickly walk by in a hurried fashion.

The well groomed man also glanced at Chu Mu, but didn’t pay him much attention before continuing towards the outer palace.

“What happened?” Chu Mu felt that the inner experts of soul palace were all going towards a certain direction.

However, when asked, Chu Mu guessed at it himself as well. Can it be that the nightmare dominator and white nightmare emperor had run onto the streets and attracted attention from soul palace?

“Soul alliance Heavenly Concubine and Four Hero Mo Ling are outside the city.” The well groomed man replied.

“Let me come with you.” Chu Mu followed the man and said.

“If you want...

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