Chapter 778

Chapter 778

Chu Mu stayed in inner palace and waited for a while, yet no one came to see him.

Chu Mu was wondering to himself, “The secondary decree in his hands shouldn’t be this useless. There should at least be a palace master rank coming to welcome him.

Having waited for too long, Chu Mu couldn’t sit still anymore. When he walked out of the waiting hall, he noticed a man that he had seen before quickly walk by in a hurried fashion.

The well groomed man also glanced at Chu Mu, but didn’t pay him much attention before continuing towards the outer palace.

“What happened?” Chu Mu felt that the inner experts of soul palace were all going towards a certain direction.

However, when asked, Chu Mu guessed at it himself as well. Can it be that the nightmare dominator and white nightmare emperor had run onto the streets and attracted attention from soul palace?

“Soul alliance Heavenly Concubine and Four Hero Mo Ling are outside the city.” The well groomed man replied.

“Let me come with you.” Chu Mu followed the man and said.

“If you want to, but be careful for your own life. Heavenly Concubine and Mo Ling could each destroy all of Snow Kingdom single handedly.” Man said.

Chu Mu nodded and didn’t act polite as he followed the man to the courtyard. When he summoned his wing type soul pet, Chu Mu hopped on too.

“You are the third young master Teng Lang, right?” When they were rising up, Chu Mu asked.

“En.” Teng Lang nodded, not finding it strange that Chu Mu knew him.

The nine young masters, other than the few still in young generation, were all rather famous in all of Wanxiang Realm, let alone people in soul palace itself.

Chu Mu knew Teng Lang because when he first entered Tianxia City, he had seen him once when he accidentally answered to his servant girl’s calls.

“Since their strength is enough to destroy Snow Kingdom, why are they still floating around outside the city, not daring to enter?” Chu mu asked questioningly.

“They indeed are powerful, but we have a hundred thousand spirit teachers, seven thousand spirit masters, and a hundred spirit emperors. They could destroy Snow Kingdom, but they will have to pay a bloody price for it. There are also experts of our three palaces in all directions of Snow Kingdom. If they try their best to destroy Snow Kingdom, our experts can kill at least one of them.” Teng Lan didn’t have any air of a young master. Anything Chu Mu asked would get answered.

One could see that Snow Kingdom has much more experts than even tianxia city.

In reality, if immortal city weren’t in chaos, occupying all of Tianxia city’s spirit emperors and spirit masters, all of these people put together should have caused some threat to Bai Yu.

Defector young woman clearly knew that the combined power wasn’t to be underestimated, which was why she created chaos in immortal city in the first place.

“Is the woman looking for me? Bringing one of the heroes too…..” Chu Mu thought to himself.

Chu Mu had waited for a while without anyone coming. It wasn’t because Chu Mu was ignored, but because almost all of soul palace’s higher ups were already outside west city wall. Different from when he entered the city, the city walls were lined full of soul pet trainers and their soul pets already, making a long and dense line.

In the air, the spirit masters with wing type abilities gathered together like a massive black cloud above the city wall. These wing type soul pets’ wings almost blocked out all the sunlight.

“Good thing we were lowkey.” Seeing the massive soul pet trainer army at the city walls, Chu Mu was shocked.

If these soul pet trainers all attacked at the same time, it may not be enough to heavily wound him, but it would definitely instantly kill a few of the white nightmares.

The power of armies couldn’t be underestimated.

“Soul Alliance’s Heavenly Concubine shouldn’t be minding such faction struggles. Why is she here today all of a sudden.” Teng Lang already saw the noble woman surrounded by seven Seven Colored Birds.

The title of female war goddess for heavenly concubine always existed within the factions. People had a lot of revere and adoration for this legendary war goddess. And because Heavenly Concubine put all her efforts into training, though soul alliance and three palaces often had fights, they never put Heavenly Concubine on their list of enemies.

Many experts in soul alliance simply held a title. For example, Liu Binglan was the Star Absolute, yet she was also the noblewoman of soul palace. When the two factions clashed, she chose soul palace without hesitation.

Though heavenly concubine didn’t belong to the three factions either, she didn't completely belong to soul alliance. Many elders that were in contact with her also gained the attitude that she wasn’t about to participate in the faction war.

Already at dominator rank, such power struggles didn’t mean much to her anymore. Whether the soul alliance won or the three palaces won, her title as a female war goddess couldn’t be moved. As for resources, there weren’t many things in the human realm she needed anymore.

Yet, though the female war goddess wasn’t listed as an enemy and elders heard she wasn’t about to participate, the three factions couldn’t let down their guards against her, especially when she brought one of the four heroes, Mo Ling, today!

Mo Ling was part of soul alliance. Though he hadn’t participated yet, this fellow was already in the blacklist.

If heavenly concubine came alone, after some discussion, the three palace people may bring her into the city and treat her like an expert worth respect. However, with the appearance of Mo Ling, it wasn’t a good sign.

So, the three palace upper level people all gathered in the skies and stared at them!

“Heavenly concubine majesty, it isn’t the old man that is being disrespectful towards you, but you have to understand it is an unusual period of time. Please state your intent first.” Nightmare Palace elder Jiang saluted and said, showing his respect.

“How dare you!! Heavenly Concubine is the Wanxiang King’s child. Which city of Wanxiang realm isn’t her majesty’s territory? Her majesty is simply too busy cultivating to bother, allowing you to govern. Now you reject her majesty from even entering? How dare you!” Tie Xing pointed angrily at the white haired elder Jiang.

In the past, no matter which city they went to, heavenly concubine and her seven servants would gain the highest respect. However, today, they were watched by hundreds of thousands of soul pet trainers, and kept out by a group of spirit emperors. Such a treatment was definitely grand, but it caused them to feel hostility and angry.

When had the female war goddess heavenly concubine seen such treatment!

Standing on the nine colored phoenix, though the female war goddess said nothing, she wasn’t in a good mood. She had just been beaten and escaped a devil man, and still hadn’t recovered from her soul wounds, making her unusually riled. Now that she wanted to enter Snow Kingdom, she was rejected by hundreds of thousands of hostile stares. This truly was a bad feeling.

Heavenly concubine took in a deep breath and pushed her anger down. She said flavorlessly, “We found a king of nightmares not long ago at Qi Kingdom that appeared with a large group of high class emperor rank white nightmares. I fought with it and backed off to get Mo Ling for help. We followed its traces and finally came here.”

Hearing Heavenly Concubine’s words, elder Jiang blanked and didn’t know how to respond all of a sudden.

“That truly is a poor excuse. Who doesn’t know her strength?” At this moment, third young master Teng Lang smirked, as if calling out the lie.

Chu Mu glanced at the steel faced heavenly concubine and let out a sigh. This woman truly was determined. She actually chased all the way here! Here was a couple thousand kilometers away from Qi Kingdom!

Elder Jiang blanked for a second, and was thinking of the same things as what Teng Lang said.

Elder Jiang’s soul pet palace elder even directly muttered, “Who in this world could push you back?”

“You all!!!” Fang Qu couldn't hold her anger down anymore, pointing at the spirit emperors and teachers!

Even if no one said it, the eight women saw that no one believed them!

“These stubborn old things, we should show them some of our strength, or else they won’t know how to respect experts!” Mo Ling couldn’t stand it anymore, and let out a cold humph.

Mo Ling was only slightly weaker than heavenly concubine. He had been glared at like a target before, causing him to feel extremely worried and gave him an urge to destroy them.

“I’ll give you ten minutes, everyone split up and we enter Snow Kingdom, or else!” Tie Xing directly left with a threat.

The others weren’t sure, but the seven servant girls knew that the heavenly concubine’s soul was getting impacted by the silver devil’s flame poison; she needed ice type spirit items too.

Snow Kingdom definitely had a large amount of ice type organisms. The heavenly concubine decided that she wanted a few days in Snow Kingdom before leaving for the silver devil.

Tie Xing’s words didn’t cause either side to lose animosity. Instead, the atmosphere got a lot more tense.

If the army's strength were split up, with heavenly concubine and Mo Ling’s strength, they could instantly break Snow Kingdom. Three palace factions didn't dare to take any risk.

“Everyone, leave, let heavenly concubine in.”

Suddenly, a cheerful voice came from far away.

It seemed like a random sentence, but he had the tone of undeniability. Clearly, he had put soul power into this, causing even the normal army to hear it.

Chu Mu quickly caught onto what the talking man said. He seemed to have just come from the other side of town.

The man rode a nine winged dragon snake. This dragon snake has nine wings and its body was nearly a hundred meters. When it flew through the air, the aura caused a few thousand people to feel frozen!

On the nine winged flesh wing dragon snake was a man. He was freely going through the ten thousand rank island. He was composed, calm, and didn’t seem scared even after seeing top experts like Mo Ling and Heavenly Concubine!

“This person seems so familiar.” Chu Mu muttered.

Teng Lang smiled. Hearing Chu Mu mutter, he glanced over and said with disgust, “The previous realm throne owner Li Hong, how can you not be familiar with him? Didn’t you say you were from Tianxia realm a few moments ago?”

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