Chapter 777: The Grandeur in White, Snow Kingdom

Chapter 777: The Grandeur in White, Snow Kingdom

Around two thousand kilometers east of Qi Kingdom was Snow Kingdom. Snow Kingdom was a tenth rank kingdom and manned by nightmare palace.

The magnitude and business of Snow Kingdom was just below that of Tianxia City. Because of the fight between the three factions and soul alliance this past year, many kingdoms were showing clear splits between powers. This Snow kingdom was one of the three palace factions that didn’t allow any soul alliance member to enter.

The reason Snow Kingdom was called Snow Kingdom was because the place is covered in thick white snow every season of the year.

Not only that, the entire snow kingdom’s massive land was almost always in winter season, the ground a permanent silver as snowflakes flurried through the skies…..

When the natural world is in its purest white, the grandeur and beauty was hard to describe with mere words.

At this moment, Chu Mu, Ning Maner, and the ten white nightmares that nearly blended into the snowy background walked towards the city.

Through some reconnaissance, Chu Mu found that Snow Kingdom was one of the larger gatherings of three palace powers. Many kingdoms in Wanxiang Realm have already pushed out all three palace members, while upper level people have even been assassinated.

There were more three palace experts throughout Wanxiang realm than in Tianxia realm. Because of the war, Snow Kingdom had an even higher concentration of experts than usual. The amount of spirit emperors in the city was around a hundred.

Tianxia City was the foundation of the three palace factions, since they all originated in that city. Many top tier experts came from Tianxia realm as well. However, all experts that reach spirit emperor have to admit that Tianxia realm’s resources are very limited. If they wanted their strength to break through again, they had to go to the even vaster and more plentiful Wanxiang Realm.

Of all the kingdoms in Wanxiang Realm, soul alliance probably controlled 40% while the three palaces controlled 60%. From that statistic, the three palace alliance should be more powerful than soul alliance.

Sadly, soul alliance had too many people near the top of the pyramid of strength. The imbalance in the top tier strengths easily decides the entire war. That’s why in the past year soul alliance has still had a decisive advantage.

When Chu Mu and Ning Maner stepped into Snow Kingdom, they could feel a feeling of war throughout…...

Traveling soul pet trainers weren’t as at ease as usual, and were all walking around hurriedly. Strangers were vigilant and sometimes even hostile towards each other, in case they each were a spy from another faction. Guards patrolled all the city walls, with none of them slacking off. Even the mountains in all directions of the city had wing type soul pets hovering around, the signs of the forward forces of the army.

To fool people, Chu Mu gave the ten white nightmares a thick snow jacket, and told them to be docile while behind him, bringing them in secretly into city.

Even the lowest rank white nightmare was high class emperor rank. At their rank, when they hid their aura, it was impossible for the lower rank patrolling guards to detect.

However, Chu Mu knew that a tenth rank kingdom capital must have elder level experts and top tier emperor rank experts, and more than one at that. Before he found anyone familiar, bringing a group of powerful white nightmares meant Chu Mu should stay lowkey in case they were surrounded by the three faction experts and forced out of city.

“You all retract your auras. If one of you fails to control it well, then go fight those soul pet trainers yourself.” Chu Mu again warned the antsy white nightmares in case they caused trouble for him.

Nightmare dominator, white nightmare emperor, and the eight nightmare guards clearly were entering a human city for the first time. Though their heads were all shrunken under their large jacket hoods, their white eyes couldn’t help but glance around curiously…...

It may be that in these passerby’s eyes, the group of strangely dressed vagabonds were just a group of rural people who have never seen a real city.

Of course, Chu Mu couldn’t let these white nightmares go through the city gate. The gate had around a thousand soul pet trainers guarding it. If they entered that way, they would definitely get stopped and questioned.

Thus, Chu Mu cast a spatial technique to quietly bring the white nightmares under the city wall and then, using his control of space, sent the white nightmares to the other side of the wall.

“Is there something moving in the snow below?” A patrolling spirit teacher looked down the wall and furrowed his brows.

The city master had said that every guard must be very careful. With this spirit teacher’s words, the nearby city guards immediately sent out their soul remembrances to check it out.

“There’s nothing there, did you see wrong?” The city guard leader said.

“Strange, I swear I saw something.” The spirit teacher scratched his head and said embarrassingly.

“Being careful is a good thing, but you have to see it clearly before you come to a conclusion.” The city guard leader said and told the nearby guards to go back to their positions.

When the guards dispersed, the snow the spirit teacher saw moved once again on the inside of the city wall.

First, a young man wearing a white windbreaker came out holding a small girl’s hands from the spatial distortion. Following him, a ten comical heads popped out. After the young man gave them a stare, they finally walked out under the thick cover of their jackets. A few even lifted their heads and laughed mockingly at the human figures on the city wall.

“Once we’re on the streets, there’s no need to be sneaky. Stand up straight and learn how to walk like me. You can’t float, you must walk!” Chu Mu glanced at the ten white nightmares and said carefully.

The white nightmares all nodded diligently and tried to learn Chu Mu’s way of walking as they followed him. However, these antsy fellows still couldn’t help but look all around and even forgot to take steps sometimes, floating a few meters per step. It truly looked strange from the outside…...

Pedestrians may glance at them because of their identical outfits and strange gait, but they didn’t notice anything other than maybe the strangeness of their company.

“Brother, this is so fun!” Feeling that the pedestrians were all looking and pointing at the ten white nightmares, Ning Maner was laughing crisply, unable to hold her joy back.

Chu Mu really couldn’t do much to these careful and sneaky white nightmares. Good thing was they didn’t run into any trouble along the way.

Chu Mu safely brought all the white nightmares into the inner city of Snow Kingdom and rented a large courtyard to put them all in.

“Maner, keep watch of them and don’t let them outside. I’ll take a trip to soul palace.” Chu Mu commanded.

“I know.” Ning Maner nodded.

Chu Mu actually wanted to act as a soul pet trainer with white nightmare soul pets. However, there were ten white nightmares, and no soul pet trainer could possibly summon ten white nightmares and walk around on the streets. 

Of course, if Chu Mu and white nightmare sped up, it could cause pedestrians to be unable to see them,but that could easily attract experts of Snow Kingdom. Before he gave up his identity, it could cause tens of thousands of soul pet trainers to surround them.

Every city had a different style, but they always had a center plaza. This center plaza is usually where soul palace, nightmare palace, soul pet palace, hunter’s alliance, merchant’s alliance, and elemental sect had great halls for all soul pets to enter.

Snow Kingdom truly was a tenth rank kingdom city. From the center plaza’s greatness to the grandeur of each place surrounding the center plaza, one could tell. With the additional coating of white snow, these palaces all seemed even more sacred and dignified, causing people to long for them!


Because little Mo Xie was fire type, she didn’t like cold places. She curled up her body and squeamishly jumped into Chu Mu’s wind coat, hiding in Chu Mu’s embrace, poking only her head out.

Chu Mu used his wind coat to wrap around her, and put his hands around her to give her a comfortable place to lay in. Then, he walked ahead and into the soul palace hall.

He still had Liu Binglan’s command decree in his spatial ring, but the guards clearly have never seen Chu Mu. After carefully questioning him, finally, a guard respectfully brought Chu Mu from the messy outer palace to the inner palace.

Compared to the busy outer palace, the training and living spaces of the inner palace were clearly quieter.

When Chu Mu entered the white snowy library, the guard that questioned Chu Mu quickly caught back up to him and saluted before saying, “There indeed is a letter left for you, but they weren't a member of soul palace.”

Chu Mu smiled and took over the letter. He first checked the time on it before the contents.

“Chu Mu:

    My brother and I are going into forbidden realm to gather some soul items and medicinal ingredients. We’ll head north east. In half a year, we’ll be back at Snow Kingdom - Ye Qingzi”

Chu Mu held the letter and glanced up into the snowing skies…...

This letter was left a year and a half ago by Ye Qingzi. Even if Ye Qingzi did as she said and returned to Snow Kingdom, she definitely had left Snow Kingdom for at least a year.

Chu Mu told Ye Qingzi to leave a message for him in the city’s soul palace every time she came to a new city.

Yet, before they knew it, three years had passed.

Chu Mu wished that in the following cities, he would always get letters like that. This way, he could catch up to Ye Qingzi’s footsteps, but it would also prove that her feelings for him hadn’t changed…...

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