Chapter 777: The Grandeur in White, Snow Kingdom

Chapter 777: The Grandeur in White, Snow Kingdom

Around two thousand kilometers east of Qi Kingdom was Snow Kingdom. Snow Kingdom was a tenth rank kingdom and manned by nightmare palace.

The magnitude and business of Snow Kingdom was just below that of Tianxia City. Because of the fight between the three factions and soul alliance this past year, many kingdoms were showing clear splits between powers. This Snow kingdom was one of the three palace factions that didn’t allow any soul alliance member to enter.

The reason Snow Kingdom was called Snow Kingdom was because the place is covered in thick white snow every season of the year.

Not only that, the entire snow kingdom’s massive land was almost always in winter season, the ground a permanent silver as snowflakes flurried through the skies…..

When the natural world is in its purest white, the grandeur and beauty was hard to describe with mere words.

At this moment, Chu Mu, Ning Maner, and the ten white nightmares that nearly...

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