Chapter 776: Equality Soul Pact

Chapter 776: Equality Soul Pact

Sign a Soul Pact?

Of course not. Chu Mu was a soul pet trainer himself, how could he sign a soul pact with someone else?

However, the following problems caused Chu Mu’s head to ache. Zhan Ye, Night, and little hidden dragon all seem to be very busy, having gone into places with spatial restrictions. If he couldn’t establish a mental connection to them, Chu Mu couldn’t summon the soul pets back.

Little Mo Xie, Qin, Ning, Ghost Monarch, and Devil Tree were all stuck in his soul pet space. If they couldn’t be released, not only would the soul pets get frustrated, their strengths will stay stagnant.

“Let’s leave here first.” Chu Mu glanced at the ten white nightmares and said.

The ten white nightmares all noticed the difference in their kings from before to now and stared strangely, exchanging chatter.

However, the white nightmares recognized the silver devil man’s strength. The nightmare dominator had stayed in invincible emperor realm for too long. It always wanted to reach dominator rank like...

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