Chapter 776: Equality Soul Pact

Chapter 776: Equality Soul Pact

Sign a Soul Pact?

Of course not. Chu Mu was a soul pet trainer himself, how could he sign a soul pact with someone else?

However, the following problems caused Chu Mu’s head to ache. Zhan Ye, Night, and little hidden dragon all seem to be very busy, having gone into places with spatial restrictions. If he couldn’t establish a mental connection to them, Chu Mu couldn’t summon the soul pets back.

Little Mo Xie, Qin, Ning, Ghost Monarch, and Devil Tree were all stuck in his soul pet space. If they couldn’t be released, not only would the soul pets get frustrated, their strengths will stay stagnant.

“Let’s leave here first.” Chu Mu glanced at the ten white nightmares and said.

The ten white nightmares all noticed the difference in their kings from before to now and stared strangely, exchanging chatter.

However, the white nightmares recognized the silver devil man’s strength. The nightmare dominator had stayed in invincible emperor realm for too long. It always wanted to reach dominator rank like its king, but never had the opportunity.

This time, it threw down its tenth rank tribe and came with the king to the human world because it wanted to break through the bottleneck…...Chu Mu naturally knew the reason why the Nightmare commander came with him, but seeing this group of white nightmares, half devil Chu Mu also was having a headache.

The ten devils were indeed powerful, the most loyal lackeys he brought back from the southern forbidden realm.

If they were in the forbidden realm, Chu Mu indeed could do whatever he wanted with them.

Yet, it was the human territory, and ten white nightmares were way too flashy, especially after he had just angered an extremely powerful member of soul alliance.

Chu Mu was sure that the heavenly concubine will bring more soul alliance experts to destroy him. This group of white nightmares was too big of a target and could easily be discovered.

So, Chu Mu felt like he should go towards soul palace first and bring along some help from the three factions to suppress the heavenly concubine.

……”Old Li isn’t here, we still need to buy maps……”

……”Almost forgot, we can’t enter cities right now either…....”

The ten devils lifted their head and looked at the sighing king, each baffled by the inexplicable things the king was saying.

…...Can’t summon soul pets, can’t enter human cities, he couldn’t even figure out where he was currently.

AFter a few days of thinking, Chu Mu had to re-evaluate the thought of a soul pact.

“Brother, if you don’t want to be my soul pet, we can sign an Equality soul pact. There isn’t a big difference though, since I don’t even know where all my soul pets are righ tnow.” Ning Maner pouted her lips and said.

“Equality soul pact?” It was the first time Chu Mu heard the concept.

Soul pet trainers’ soul pacts often had some compulsory force to it. Once the soul pact succeeds, soul pet trainers could command their soul pets. As long as their strengths aren’t too far apart, soul pets won’t disobey.

Even his soul pact with the defector young girl was a normal soulpact. As for the equality soul pact, Chu Mu had never heard of.

“This equality soul pact doesn’t belong to humans; it comes from the messiah tree.”

“The messiah tree isn’t a soul pet. It is only a plant that had grown for countless eons that developed an awareness. It doesn’t have any fighting capabilities, but it could give organisms very powerful strength. This means many organisms with ill will often want to destroy or keep the messiah tree for themselves.”

“To avoid such a situation from happening, and to ensure that the messiah tree could live for a long time, the messiah tree would often sign equality soul pacts with powerful organisms. These organsims are all very powerful. After they sign the pact, their thought, soul, and actions aren’t affected, but if the messiah tree is attacked, it must appear to protect the tree.”

“In return, the messiah tree will give some of its massive energy to the powerful organisms and cause them to receive benefits.” Ning Maner explained the concept of equality soul pacts to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu knew about the tales of this messiah tree. However, from the words of this little girl, this legendary messiah tree really existed, and these powerful organisms are probably all at least dominator rank!

There were very few dominator rank experts in the human world, so no longer the messiah tree was now just a legend; humans can’t possibly contact it.

“This means you also have the ability to sign an equality soul pact with organisms? Chu Mu looked at the young girl and asked.

“En, en. In reality, signing and not signing isn’t a big difference for me. Most soul pets protect me anyways. However, when I’m getting chased aroudn by powerful people like that, I still need a powerful person like brother to protect me. In return, I can help brother improve the strength of your soul pets too.” Ning Maner said.

With Ning Maner’s current rank, she really couldn’t say she could improve Chu Mu’s rank. However, helping Chu Mu’s soul pets out was still very simple.

Chu Mu thought about it carefully and realized that he lost nothing other than having to protect this little girl in extreme cases. And he could see that the girl indeed had some special power within her. It had benefits both to his soul remembrance as well as his soul pets.

After figuring out the situation clearly, Chu Mu finally agreed to sign an equality soul pact with the girl.

Seeing Chu Mu nod, Ning Maner smiled cutely, “Now I have another powerful brother, maybe in a while, I can become like the messiah tree and have guardian beasts no matter where I go!”

Though it was an equality soul pact, Chu Mu still had to give up a soul pact. Luckily, Chu Mu still had a soul pact that couldn’t take in new soul pets right now, so using this soul pact meant giving him another soul, so this was a good deal.

…...After Ning Maner’s soul took up the fourteenth soul pact, Chu Mu could feel a special mental connection between himself and the girl. Through this mental connection, he could see her truly pure inner heart and soul, an unblemished honesty.

Initially, Chu Mu was still slightly vigilant about Ning Maner and her unknown background. However, after making the equality soul pact, Chu Mu noticed that the girl was truly as clean as a sapphire, like a fairy of nature. It’s hard to imagine that this foul, thieving, benefit-driven world still had such a pure and untainted girl. Maybe this was the reason she got the acknowledgment of the legendary messiah tree.

“Brother, your experiences are so heartbreaking, but you have a lot of soul pets worth being jealous over.” After the equality soul pact was made, though Ning Maner couldn’t see Chu Mu’s past, she could feel that Chu Mu’s heart had lived through countless trials.

Chu Mu smiled and rubbed the head of this girl with no troubles and sadness. It truly was hard to hurt such a girl…… The soul taken by the half devil was slowly released, and Chu Mu breathed in deeply and started to chant an incantation.

As a soul pet trainer, the summoning incantation should be known better than the back of your hand; it was impossible to chant incorrectly.

However, at this moment, Chu Mu kept making mistakes. Only until Ning Maner grabbed Chu Mu’s slightly shaking hands did Chu Mu finally complete his summoning.

Sin flames created a gorgeous and familiar diagram. Every rune in the diagram seemed incredibly familiar…… The warmth of the sin flames burned as a silver, elegant, body of flowing fur slowly appeared from the dark red.

Demon aura leaked out as nine silver tails waved in the flames. Seeing the soul pet slowly emerge from the diagram, Chu Mu’s emotions were as if he summoned his soul pet for the first time. He was speechless from excitement.


Little Mo Xie remained in pitiful appearance. Her silver and elegant body was marked with the noble sinful imprints, her eyes glistening with a certain sheen.

“Wuwuwuwu~~~~~” Little Mo Xie leaped out of the sinful flame and jumped onto Chu Mu’s shoulder, her nine cute tails wrapped tightly around Chu Mu’s neck, as if she’ll never let go again.

Feeling this small weight on his shoulder, the feeling of fur against his skin, and the occasional wet lick on his face, Chu Mu felt like he was truly back, pushing all his gloom aside.


“Okay, okay, I’m awake now, am I not?” Chu Mu tilted his head and looked at the crying and fussing little Mo Xie, smiling a teary smile himself.

When you lose a habit like that, even your heart would break.

This may be the reason why he was muddleheaded and was a walking corpse…… Ning Maner didn’t say anything false to Chu Mu.

After the equality soul pact was signed, Chu Mu used the mental connection with Ning Maner to split his human and devil soul apart. His devil slept in his third soul pact, while he regained his soul pet trainer identity.

In the future, when he becames half devil, the summon would take up a soul of Ning Maner’s. Not only would Chu Mu be able to half devil whenever he wanted too, he could summon another four soul pets to fight for him!

Chu Mu knew clearly that the half devil’s strength alone was not enough to go against all of soul alliance.

If Chu Mu wanted to raise his half devil’s power, he had to strengthen his devil and his own soul remembrance.

Devil was actually white nightmare, except its strength was now top tier emperor rank. His soul remembrance was sixth remembrance soul emperor. The chances that it had gotten stronger was nearly zero. Only raising his own soul remembrance would increase the half devil’s strength.

And raising remembrance can only be done through raising his soul pets’ strengths!

Sixth remembrance soul emperor probably can’t be improved unless soul pets reach high class and top tier emperor rank.

So, the next mission was to let his soul pets all reach invincible emperor rank and let the little Mo Xie on his shoulder regain her fighting intent and reach dominator rank…… Zhan Ye, Night, and Little Hidden Dragon would all return as well, and Chu Mu believed they would become the kings in their own hearts when that happens!

When all his soul pets are powerful and the soul pets come back, it would be time to go towards Wanxiang City and make the defector young girl bow down in front of him!!

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