Chapter 775: New Species, Half Devil Chu Mu

Chapter 775: New Species, Half Devil Chu Mu

In the Northern Forbidden region lay the territory of the Heavenly Devil Insect Empire. This territory was even more vast than humanity’s Tianxia Realm, and whether an even stronger empire lay further north of this territory was not something people had actually considered before!

100,000 mountains, complicated and twisting ravines and a barren plateau. Compared to the Northern Forbidden Region, human territory was akin to a pretty daughter in a small family.

In this vast world climbed countless insect type creatures. There were different species and different sub-species that all practically formed an insect city. If a human were to stand here, the sight of this would be even more intense than seeing a tribe in a bewildering world!


Behind a black piece of rock, a battle tiger draped in black coldly crawled along. Its deep pupils stared at the enormous insect nest. 

“Don’t be hasty. There are at least a million creatures inside this nest and they’re all at the warrior rank or above. I would guess that there about 10 emperor ranks.”...

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