Chapter 775: New Species, Half Devil Chu Mu

Chapter 775: New Species, Half Devil Chu Mu

In the Northern Forbidden region lay the territory of the Heavenly Devil Insect Empire. This territory was even more vast than humanity’s Tianxia Realm, and whether an even stronger empire lay further north of this territory was not something people had actually considered before!

100,000 mountains, complicated and twisting ravines and a barren plateau. Compared to the Northern Forbidden Region, human territory was akin to a pretty daughter in a small family.

In this vast world climbed countless insect type creatures. There were different species and different sub-species that all practically formed an insect city. If a human were to stand here, the sight of this would be even more intense than seeing a tribe in a bewildering world!


Behind a black piece of rock, a battle tiger draped in black coldly crawled along. Its deep pupils stared at the enormous insect nest. 

“Don’t be hasty. There are at least a million creatures inside this nest and they’re all at the warrior rank or above. I would guess that there about 10 emperor ranks.” a short legged half human half pet stood on the battle tiger’s back and craned his neck as he spoke. 

This short legged old fellow was naturally Old Li. After Chu Mu had transformed into a devil, Old Li chose to leave as well; however, he had followed Zhan Ye. 

Zhan Ye’s potential was limitless, and Old Li was positive that it would be able to reach an even higher realm. He entered the forbidden regions with Zhan Ye and took Chu Mu’s place to raise Zhan Ye’s strength!


Zhan Ye turned around and looked to the south-east.

“What’s the matter?” Old Li asked in confusion.

“Hou~~~~~~~” Zhan Ye heard something calling him. But it was faint and distinct!

“I’ve told you many times. He cannot have awakened. The thing you must do right now is to raise your strength. There is nothing in an emperor territory that can awaken him. Perhaps there is in a territory that surpasses the emperor rank. You must have imagined it. Moreover, we’ve already passed through the Heavenly Devil Insect Empire’s territory and stepped into Northern Barren World that has a spatially restriction. This spatial restriction cuts off any mental connection with the outside. Even… even if he awoke, you cannot have felt his mental connection…”  

“Don’t think too much. You just need to do as I say and all spirit sources and spirit items will be very easy to acquire. Added on your demonic cultivation, within two years you won’t have an opponent in the emperor rank!!” 

Old Li knew that Zhan Ye was faithful to Chu Mu. However, Old Li felt that the biggest chance of awakening Chu Mu lay in Zhan Ye!

“Hou!!” Zhan Ye nodded its head and its eyes turned resolute. Its deep eyes stared at the enormous insect nest that housed a million insects in front of it! 

This would be another fierce battle. It would last a few day,s and Zhan Ye would end up bruised and battered as it fought until mental exhaustion. 

However, what did that matter? In this past year, which fight wasn’t like this?!

“In any case, Night choosing not to follow us was the right choice. There are insects everywhere here and it’s not favorable conditions for raising its strength. The only thing that will help is that demonic burial mound I told it about that I, along with my master, accidentally entered two years ago. I wonder if it found it…” 

While Zhan Ye focused its eyes, Old Li began muttering. 

The demonic burial mound Old Li spoke of was considered a paradise for demons. It lay in the Eternal Ocean, on one of the billions of islands. It also existed in legends… the only people who had entered that demon paradise before were Old Li and his master 200 years ago. Therefore, Old Li knew that it wasn’t merely a legend. It truly existed. 

However, this demon paradise was difficult to find. When they tried to find it the second time, they no longer knew where it was 

Old Li was able to find any and all spirit sources as well as smell spirit items. If a soul pet were to follow Old Li, it would not have to worry about not having enough resources. Ultimately, it would definitely be able to reach the pinnacle of the emperor rank. 

However, Night chose to wander alone. It chose to find the holy land for demons because within its body flowed the blood of a nomad... Old Li’s master’s demon type soul pet was able to surpass the emperor realm in that place and enter the dominator rank. 

If Night was able to find that place, it would have hope of becoming the King in its heart. 

“Hou~~~” Zhan Ye heard Old Li mention Night in his muttering and promptly inquired about the Little Hidden Dragon. 

“That little fellow… aside from Mo Xie, who can continuously mutate, its innate talent is the best. Added on the dual soul effect from the Spectral Dragon… the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon was definitely able to see the Little Hidden Dragon’s talent. I’m sure that before the Little Hidden Dragon surpasses the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon will not let it leave home… however, it probably won’t take more than a few years. In the past year, the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon has probably been passing on its orthodox bloodline to it. The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s orthodox bloodline is the strength of a paragon emperor; added on its abnormal Spectral Dragon that can devour souls…” 

“Huh, where’d it go?” Old Li hadn’t even finished speaking before, in a flash, Zhan Ye had impatiently rushed off!!

Mo Xie’s talent was abnormal. After a single mutation, all of Mo Xies strength that it painstakingly raised became insignificant in front of her. Moreover, the Little Hidden Dragon, which had been raised after it, easily managed to surpass it too. This part was hard for Zhan Ye to accept. It had to become strong. It had to become even stronger!!

“Ai, why do you undervalue yourself so much… I’m following along with you meaning that I think that you, this dark and swarthy fellow, is the best!” Old Li hid behind the rock and sighed as he shook his head. 

Near the second Heaven Boundary Monument, ten White Nightmares were surrounding the silver devil Chu Mu. They looked on with worry at their king. 

The White Nightmares had followed the silver devil purely because it was strong. They didn’t care about their king’s past. 

Only the young girl, Ning Maner, when she saw the king’s emotions, although she didn’t know what unforgettable story was etched into the Monument Tears, her eyes couldn’t help but get red…

“Brother Half Devil, who were these Monument Tears shed for? When you truly understand them, they will transform into God Tears that contain energy. If you take these tears and find the corresponding person or soul pet, the tear will give you and that person or soul pet a huge benefit.” Ning Maner glanced at the sparkling tears in the bottle and softly spoke.

“Call me Brother Chu Mu.” a warm smile rose on the silver devil’s face as he used his hand to scratch the young girl’s head. 

“Huh?” Ning Maner was stunned. Only a few seconds later did she recover. She wore a smile on her face as she said, “So Brother’s name was actually Chu…” 

“What? You’ve seen someone surnamed Chu before?” Chu Mu raised his eyebrow.

“I haven’t seen one before, but I’ve heard of someone before.” laughed Ning Maner. 

Chu Mu didn’t pay much heed to it. The surname Chu wasn’t rare, so it wasn’t odd that she had heard it before.

“In any case, since brother has already found the item you’ve lost, what do you plan on doing next?” Ning Maner asked as if she planned on following Chu Mu. 

“Let’s go to Soul Palace. However, my appearance probably isn’t too fitting for human territory.” Chu Mu raised his hand and stared at the silver devil flames burning on his body.

Chu Mu’s soul had awakened, his memories had been found and his thoughts had been reconstructed. However, Chu Mu discovered that he was constantly in a half devil state!

“Brother Chu Mu, although your human soul has awakened, you cannot change your current reality of a half devil. Brother is currently a new species.” said Ning Maner. 

“Is there any way for me to recover my human body?” bitterly laughed Chu Mu as he shook his head. 

The strength of a half devil was indeed rare and valuable. However, after experiencing the feeling of the tears, Chu Mu was able to understand what was truly valuable. Thus, it was better for him to return to human form. 

However, the fact that he had stayed in the half devil state for so long meant that the White Nightmare had completely disappeared. The White Nightmare had been raised by him starting from the first phase first stage and although his eighth tear wasn’t shed for the White Nightmare, Chu Mu felt his eyes water when he thought of it… moreover, Chu Mu’s mental connection with Zhan Ye, Night and the Little Hidden Dragon had been severed by some energy. It was unknown when they would find out he had awakened. Constantly staying in the half devil state was equivalent to having the White Nightmare perpetually summoned with four souls being completely occupied. Chu Mu could not summon Mo Xie or the others. 

“Uhhh… there’s actually a method. But I’m afraid brother will get mad at me.” the small Ning Maner looked shy as she spoke. 

 “Why don’t you tell me.” said Chu Mu.

“You need to tell me that you won’t get mad.” the young pretty girl hesitated.

“If you don’t say it, I’ll get mad.” Chu Mu glared at the girl.

Chu Mu was still a king and a silver devil. His imposing eyes were able to destroy his opponent’s weak mental defense.

Being glared at like that, the young pretty girl hastily said: “Brother, I…. I can sign a soul pact with you… if you occupy my soul and contract with a human soul, brother will be able to appear as a human...” 

Sign a soul pact with a human? 

Chu Mu felt very awkward when he heard this. Could it be that he transform into a soul pet and was now able to sign a soul pact with a human?

“That can’t be…” suddenly, Chu Mu’s brows creased and his face turned serious.

“I… I’m…. I’m just saying…. If brother doesn’t agree, then forget it. Don’t get mad, brother.” Ning Maner saw this king turn serious and thought that it was her that had offended him!

Chu Mu wasn’t mad, however, because of her words. In reality, Chu Mu had never taken the soul pact to be a master-slave contract. Nor had he ever seen soul pets as slaves. Thus, he wouldn’t feel like his pride as a human had been lost when this young pretty girl told him to sign a soul pact with her.

What caused his expression to change was that when Ning Maner said this, Chu Mu thought of his first soul pact, the defector young woman!! 

Now that he was in an eternal half devil state, wasn’t he the same as the defector young woman?! 

She had signed a soul pact with a human back then and now he was about to do the same! 

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