Chapter 774: Monument Tears, Reconstructing Memories (2)

Chapter 774: Monument Tears, Reconstructing Memories (2) 

The second tear had been shed for his father.

That was when he was at Li City and while in half devil form, had taken someone from Soul Alliance of the same generation as his father and stolen his memories to see his father’s sorrowful past!

Chu Mu was very clear that when he was young his father had been like him and untiringly strove to reach the highest altar of soul pet trainers. This was something worth dedicating one’s life and existence towards. 

However, his path had come to a premature end when he was at his prime. All of his soul pacts had been forcibly undone and his three main pets had been sealed in a sealed tower… at the very end, in order to allow their master to once again step back onto his prematurely ended soul pet trainer path and rise up, they had chosen to suicide, releasing their master’s soul.

This tear had been shed for his father, who was going through the rough times of life as well as four his father’s three admirable soul pets! 

The third tear was Ye Qingzi’s tear. It was a tear from his burgeoning love and feelings for her. 

When the helpless and weak Ye Qingzi had cowered in that dark corner of the wall, crying but not making any sound, Chu Mu had been standing next to her, emotionless but crying in his heart.

This was the first time Chu Mu had been angry for someone else. Back then, he had abruptly realized that although they had an ordinary relationship, he had unknowingly begun to like this girl. It was when she was helplessly crying that Chu Mu realized she occupied an important place in his heart. Her tears were his sorrow, and this tear had been shed for someone he had unknowingly begun to like. Although it hadn’t fallen from his eyes, it was the flowing of his most sincere emotions! 

The fourth tear was the Binding Wind Spirit’s tear. 

In order to impatiently obtain strength, Chu Mu had used Soul Alliance’s memory fluid that could erase a soul pet’s memory! 

Right now, Chu Mu understood how important memories were to any living creatures. Without memories, there was no meaning to life. 

Qin was unwilling to forget the destruction of its tribe or its hatred for the Fierce Wind Demon Empire. Its bruised and teary body had climbed up to him and had signed a soul pact with him while in a mentally mature state, becoming his soul pet! 

This tear was the Binding Wind Spirit’s tear, but it was also his guilty tear from nearly making a huge blunder. It had allowed Chu Mu to profoundly understand that what was worth respecting wasn’t powerful creatures, but instead creatures with a soul, like the Binding Wind Spirit! 

The fifth tear was Zhan Ye’s tear. It had been tossed aside from birth and struggle alone in the dangerous forest to survive. It had fought alone, wandered alone and licked its own wounds in caves alone… It had signed a soul pact with a human only to be tossed aside for being too weak. 

Yet, being tossed aside twice didn’t dampen its resolution to grow and become strong. Each time it fell down, it got back up. Finally, it had earned his recognition, becoming his most prideful and staunch soul pet. 

In the Ten Thousand Legged Centipede Abyss, Zhan Ye had fought for two days and two nights. In the moment it had used the enormous corpse mountain to uphold its dignity of a king, it had shed tears like a spring. 

Such pride and haughtiness of an expert made it so that he ensured that it wouldn’t be tossed aside for the third time. This tear had been shed from the deepest part of his heart…

The sixth tear had been shed for the Little Hidden Dragon and the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. 

The Little Hidden Dragon was born inside Immortal City. But its birth had been the result of a Cyan Hidden Dragon, which had lost its soul and meaning to live, rotting itself away! 

Birth, growth, evolution, maturity, reaching the peak, reproduction, aging, and death… he had truly comprehended this. Living species were all part of the circle of life.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon had represented an aging and dying creature, while the Little Hidden Dragon had represented the birth of a creature. Both were creatures of the same species, forming a perfect circle of life. 

No matter how hard or sorrowful one’s life was, when one saw that young and immature new life force breakthrough its eggshell and stare at the world with a naive and curious gaze, everything else was negligible. 

A creature that could cry and respect. This tear had caused him to cry freely, as he understood the meaning of life. 

The seventh tear, accurately speaking, was Liu Binglan’s tear. 

This tear was sincerely shed for him. Chu Mu, who had always been alone and watched others from the side, finally experienced care from another. Someone else was worried for him and was willing to go to great lengths to take care of him.

When he had opened his eyes in the ice palace, his mother’s worried face had been imprinted on his heart and her warmth had wrapped his entire body. It allowed the unfamiliarity and apathy towards his own mother to finally thaw. This feeling was completely different from what his father gave him. It wasn’t encouragement or excitement. Instead, it was when he was beaten and weak, there would always be someone who would meticulously attend to him with warmth… this tear was Liu Binglan’s tear, but it had fallen into his bottle of Monument Tears. 

The eighth tear was a soul pet tear. 

This tear had been shed not long ago, when Ning Maner had reminded him that he had soul pets. Chu Mu, that had forgotten everything, had looked at his shoulder… however, his shoulder was empty and weightless, and it made his heart also feel empty. 

He had lost a habit continuously exercised over the past many years. He was used to a delicate and soft fellow that would lie on his shoulder. He was used to this small fellow licking her small tongue on his cheek. He was used to this adorable small fellow sleeping soundly on his shoulder … However, this unconscious action had caused Mo Xie, who had been trapped in the soul pet space for an entire year, to shed a tear.

Chu Mu’s action allowed Mo Xie to understand that even though Chu Mu had transformed into a devil, he hadn’t forgotten her. Although she was unable to communicate with him, nor was she able to be summoned, she was still lying in his dusky soul pet space, crying like a child… this was not only Mo Xie’s tears. It was the expectant and hopeful tears of his soul pets in his soul pet space. They all believed that Chu Mu would eventually awake! 

When this eighth tear had awakened and reminded Chu Mu of all the things he had lost, the silver devil Chu Mu knelt under the Heaven Boundary Monument and silently cried… it had been a year. 

A whole year!

From Tianxia City to Southern Forbidden Region and practically through Southern Forbidden Region, he had found himself amongst senseless slaughter. He had once again returned to the human world, and stood in front of the second Heaven Boundary Monument. 

It wasn’t important how many times he had killed in this year. What was important was that he was still alive; alive at the very depths of a devil’s heart!!

“Little Hidden Dragon, Zhan Ye, Night. Where are you? I… I, Chu Mu, have returned!!”

Suddenly, Chu Mu stood up in the yellow sand and firmly wiped away the tears on his face as he let out a roar towards the boundless heavens!!! 

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