Chapter 773: Monument Tears, Reconstructing Memories (1)

Chapter 773: Monument Tears, Reconstructing Memories (1)

Even though the sun was setting, the Heaven Boundary Monument’s shadow was still covering the silver devil. The long shadow was like a straight black river that split apart the endless yellow sandy ground!! 

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

A wave of sand was swept up by the wind. An exceptionally familiar feeling struck the silver devil’s brain… the wind and sand was continuous, forming the outline of something bizarre!! 

Gradually, an ancient beast appeared in the totems imprinted around the Heaven Boundary Monument. This ancient beast caused the silver devil’s heart to tremble!

The sunset descended into the horizon, and the beautiful red light released a bloody glow!

The clouds in the sky turned thicker, slowly covering a shrouded area, before silently expanding. 

The rays of light covered each crook and cranny of the ground. The only exception was the solitary figure of the king who had searched thousands of kilometers for this place and the monument that was here.

In this moment, the sunset that covered everything in beauty was still there!

The boundless heaven and earth was still there!

The towering Heaven Boundary Monument in between the heaven and earth was still there!

The biting wind and the reflective yellow sand were still there! 

Together, the sunset, the sky, the earth and the monument formed a painting of the past. It was full of beauty, peculiarity, mystery and antiquity. 

However, the only difference was that the cold young man from back then had disappeared. Instead, he had become a lost silver devil who didn’t know itself… but he was standing in the exact same place in the peculiar, mysterious and antiquated painting - the most shadowy area! 


A world-shaking roar suddenly rang through the silver devil’s ears!! 

The roar passed through Chu Mu’s ear and into the silver devil’s eardrum, impacting his mind!

In front of him appeared a strange silhouette as if some creature was standing there. Then, it used water and wind to form a body, drawing the outline of this creature! 

The silhouette grew clearer and clearer, finally becoming translucent and alive in the silver devil’s eyes! 

It charged in the direction the silver devil was staring blankly at…. the silver devil felt as if its chains had been undone, and it took off into the boundless earth like a wild horse. It felt the free wind blowing against it and the aura of the earth… when danger arrived, this totem exhibited its unique fighting style, movement and evasion abilities. However, this was the most flowing and beautiful fighting style the silver devil had seen… the silver devil remembered that it had seen this scene before, as if it was yesterday. It left an incomparably profound impact on it!!! 

“I’ve been here… I’ve been here!!” suddenly, the silver devil let out a howl!!

It distinctly remembered coming to the Heaven Boundary Monument. Although it wasn’t the same Heaven Boundary Monument, these monuments which were specially connected, allowing him to remember the first time he stepped into Western Kingdom!

Half a year and through bloody slaughter, the silver devil had constantly asked itself where it was headed!

However, witnessing the totem demon’s dream-like scene again, its empty heart was ignited!

Another voice entered its empty mind. This voice was so familiar that he would never forget it. Indeed, it was his own voice telling himself: “Head eastward. Just go forward!” 

Head forward!

But why eastward, and why forward?! 

For what reason? 

Was it to step onto the highest altar of soul pet trainers? The place he wanted to step onto even in its dreams?! 

“Nie~~~~ nie~~~~~~”

“Nie~~~~ nie~~~~~~~~~~ nie~~~~~~”

The White Nightmares solemnly stood next to the silver devil. They stared with worry, doubt, and uneasiness at their King which emotions were fluctuating.

The ten White Nightmares had discovered that their King had suddenly started to shed a tear. The silver tear was so hot that it seemed like it was burning!!

The King’s silver tear was only one. But when it rolled down its firm cheek, it mysteriously disappeared as if it never existed in the first place!

However, the ten White Nightmares had clearly seen it!

“It’s…. It’s increasing!!” suddenly, the young Ning Maner let out a delicate cry! 

The small bottle in her hands was completely sealed. She had played with it now for over ten days, and was clear as to how much was inside the bottle. Although only one more drop had been added to the bottle, she had seen a drop fall into the sparkling bottle the second the silver devil’s tear disappeared, increasing the amount in the bottle!

Ning Maner was shocked and stared at the emotional silver devil. Then she looked at the small bottle in her hand and abruptly came to a realization! 

“This.. this… this is a Monument Tear!!” Ning Maner let out another cry! 

Regarding the legend of the Heaven Boundary Monument, Ning Maner had heard of it long ago.

There existed the most mysterious and unknown set of stone monuments in this world. These stone monuments had had their own souls. It was said that only creatures with true souls would be able to understand the thing engraved by the monument soul’s blood and tears. 

The words on the Heaven Boundary Monument were not read orally or visually. Only those whose souls resonated would be able to obtain the Heaven Boundary Monument’s recognition!! 

When she saw the emotionless half devil shed a silver tear, Ning Maner realized that the half devil in front of her had previously obtained the monument soul’s recognition, and was one of the very few people that could understand the Heaven Boundary Monument’s words!!

The special bottle in her hand was the best proof of that!

The Monument Tears were the tears from the monument’s soul. They would manifest from one’s eyes when they were comprehending the monument!! 

If she had known that the insignificant-looking bottle she had been playing with for over ten days had contained Monument Tears, she would not have been so careless with it. Inside was contained the most mysterious energy crystallization that was sometimes even called “A God’s Tear”! 

The first drop of the Monument Tear originated from the resonating wound when a creature attempted to comprehend the monument soul’s inner being. All of these sincere tears shed by the creature would be collected by the Monument Tear. Since humans were the creatures in this world with the most abundant emotions, the Monument Tear would mature and grow as the human experienced more and felt more. 

Although the bottle Ning Maner had been playing with was only the height of a thumb, there was not only one drop contained inside. When each soul tear dropped, the Monument Tear would increase by one. 

Ning Maner felt ashamed, because she had been playing with this lost and solitary king’s most sincere tears from the past; an accumulation of these tears. They could be regarded as the most precious and expensive tears in this world!

“Brother half devil, I’ll… I’ll return this to you.” Ning Maner looked like she had done something wrong as she hastily handed the Monument Tear small bottle over to the silver devil’s hand. 

The silver devil nodded its head and took its own tears. In his mind surfaced the appearance of a woman that seemed to be telling him that this bottle should be containing Monument Tears. 

… “The truth is that my tears are very precious. You can take them.” 

This woman had charmingly rolled her eyes, ignoring his shameless flirting… when this scene flashed through the silver devil’s mind and made him remember of this flirtatious “my tears are very precious” line, he couldn’t help but bitterly smile. 

Back then when Chu Mu had flirted with Ye Qingzi, telling her that his tears were precious, he really had only wanted to express that he was emotionally strong and wouldn’t shed tears. 

However, years later now, after transforming into a devil, when he looked at the bottle that contained not only his tears but also other people’s tears that they had shed for him, perhaps the Chu Mu from the past would never had expected that the bottle only meant to collect the most sincere tears would have filled up so fast. 

The silver devil’s thoughts floated away as memories ceaselessly poured into its brain. 

However, these memories were broken, and it understood that its past was completely stored inside the small bottle in its hand. 

Finally, it slowly unscrewed the bottle… the monument shadow was huge, and a silver emotionless devil was silently standing there, reconstructing its memories and its past, one drop at a time… the first drop came from itself and originated from when it saw the imprisoned totem demon in the Sobbing Monument. 

When it saw a carefree totem demon charging on the monument characters - its running, its fighting, its evading and its sorrow - that was also Chu Mu’s first tear. However, not long after, it had forgotten the totem demon that it saw.  Thus, whenever it saw something similar to the totem and the monument words, a familiar feeling would always arise. However, it was never able to remember where it had seen it before… nonetheless, when its memories and thoughts had been destroyed from transforming into a devil, those memories that should have been forgotten suddenly filled its empty brain. It caused it to monomaniacally seek out the second Heaven Boundary Monument, and see that figure once more on the monument! 

Perhaps, in the past, Chu Mu had recalled that dream-like scene. However, he had never been able to understand what the demon beast in the totem had been telling him. 

However, when he had jumped out into his own memories after transforming into a devil, he had seen things from a third party perspective and shockingly discovered that the totem demon hadn’t been telling him something; instead, the totem demon was him! 

Charging. Chu Mu had never stopped charging because even in his dreams he had wanted to step on the path to the pinnacle of soul pet trainers. 

Fighting. Chu Mu had never stopped fighting because he had tempered himself in order to strengthen himself and realize his dreams!

Evading. That was the test of death. It was evading Prison Island, evading Xia Guanghan’s pursuit, evading the pursuit of the White Nightmare’s devouring after he began raising it. It was a nightmare that Chu Mu could never rid himself of; but it was also something that allowed him to grow stronger and learn how to survive! 

Sorrow. This was the accumulated blood and tear experiences that he went through while in misery and suffering; but Chu Mu had matured in this sorrow and obtained the strength to advance! 

This first tear was his own tear… 

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TL: So Sobbing Monument and Monument Tears are actually the same word in Chinese. We used two different phrases to describe the Chinese characters because the way the author uses the Chinese is somewhat suspect and untranslatable to English. Basically the author seems to refer to two different things with the same word… 

TL: Another side note is that the author is completely all over the place with his pronouns. He often switches between “it” and “he” when describing half devils and half devil Chu Mu. So we’ve been trying when we can to only use “it” when “half devil/half devil Chu Mu” is mentioned. We feel it better reflects the inhumane state that Chu Mu is in. Now that he’s re-transforming into a human, we’ll be slowly shifting back to “he”.