Chapter 773: Monument Tears, Reconstructing Memories (1)

Chapter 773: Monument Tears, Reconstructing Memories (1)

Even though the sun was setting, the Heaven Boundary Monument’s shadow was still covering the silver devil. The long shadow was like a straight black river that split apart the endless yellow sandy ground!! 

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

A wave of sand was swept up by the wind. An exceptionally familiar feeling struck the silver devil’s brain… the wind and sand was continuous, forming the outline of something bizarre!! 

Gradually, an ancient beast appeared in the totems imprinted around the Heaven Boundary Monument. This ancient beast caused the silver devil’s heart to tremble!

The sunset descended into the horizon, and the beautiful red light released a bloody glow!

The clouds in the sky turned thicker, slowly covering a shrouded area, before silently expanding. 

The rays of light covered each crook and cranny of the ground. The only exception was the solitary figure of the king who had searched thousands of kilometers for this place and the monument that was here.

In this moment, the sunset that covered everything in beauty was...

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