Chapter 772: Second Heaven Boundary Monument

Chapter 772: Second Heaven Boundary Monument

The clouds above Wanxiang City began to slowly and mysteriously change, forming ancient words.

An old scholar stroked his white beard, and contentedly watched the changes in the clouds.

There was only one person that could change the clouds to deliver a message. It was precisely the Heavenly Concubine who often enjoyed training in the wild. As for the words that were strange and mysterious to everyone else, this old man could decipher them very easily. 

However, when he saw half of the words, the leisure on his face disappeared and was replaced by disbelief! 

“The Heavenly… Heavenly Concubine was wounded!” the old scholar stood up abruptly, and quickly deciphered the rest of the clouds. His face was in shock, and he didn’t recover for a long time!

“There was still someone who could defeat Her Majesty Heavenly Concubine in this world!!” the old scholar cried out. He hastily followed along Wanxiang Platform’s plankway steps towards the palace at the top of the platform.

“Old Man Yan, you really didn’t see incorrectly?” underneath the magnificent doorstep of the palace, a man dressed in a deep purple colored windbreaker creased his brows. 

“Hero Chief, why would I dare make an error in this matter. The Heavenly Concubine really did relay that message. She’s wounded and is requesting assistance.” said Old Man Yan. 

“Aren’t the only people that can wound her in front of you? Did she say who wounded her?” standing next to the windbreaker Hero Chief was an elegant woman wearing a golden mask.

“Reporting to Your Majesty Empress Concubine, the Heavenly Concubine only said she wished for the Hero experts to take action. She didn’t specify further.” respectfully replying to the golden masked woman, Old Man Yan then turned to the imposing Hero Chief. With much worry, he said, “Hero Chief, you had best head to Qi City. This matter is not small and definitely involves an existence that surpassed the emperor rank!” 

The Hero Chief hesitated for a moment, and looked at the golden masked woman next to him.

The golden masked Empress Concubine was deep in thought. With her understanding of Wanxiang Realm, aside from the Alliance Master, only the Hero Chief could wound the Heavenly Concubine. This was unless the Heavenly Concubine was surrounded by a big group of enemies. 

“Could it be an alliance from the three great factions?” silently conjectured the Empress Concubine. 

“That shouldn’t be the case. An alliance of the three factions cannot have appeared in Qi City. What on earth wounded her…” 

To the side, Old Man Yan saw the two mighty figures not say anything and became even more anxious. He said: “Your Majesty, Senior, you had best come up with a strategy quickly.”

“I’ll make a trip.” said the Hero Chief. 

At this point, the Empress Concubine shook her head and said: “The Alliance Master is in seclusion so you can’t leave Wanxiang City. Have Mo Ling go.” 

“Mo Ling is slightly weaker than Her Majesty Heavenly Concubine. I’m afraid if he goes…” softly said Old Man Yan. 

“She’s only requesting for a Hero to go. Moreover, she was able to arrive at Qi City to tell us this news. This means that the strength gap between her and her opponent isn’t extremely big. Mo Ling is enough.” the golden masked Empress Concubine waved her hand, preventing Old Man Yan from saying anything further.

The Hero Chief nodded his head, not saying anything else. However, it could be seen from his expression that he was extremely shocked by the Heavenly Concubine being injured. With her strength, unless Nightmare Palace awakened the Nightmare Ancestor or Soul Palace requested its King in the Holy Region, it should have been impossible to wound her. 

After Old Man Yan left, the Hero Chief looked at the woman next to him who could not be seen through. He said: “Is it the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon that appeared in Tianxia City?” 

“The chances of that aren’t high. If it was the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, she wouldn’t have so recklessly taken action.” the Empress Concubine shook her head, her tone becoming low and cold. 

When the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon was mentioned, an anger that was hard to suppress arose in her heart.

“It was a matter from a year ago. You don’t need to pay heed to it.” said the Hero Chief when he heard her tone change. 

The Empress Concubine didn’t say anything. Instead, she turned and stepped up the stairs underneath the clouds. Her fairy-like body slowly disappeared from the Hero Chief’s vision.

The clouds floated past her, but the female master’s eyes became increasingly cold. With each steep, it seemed as if her long jade legs were going to crush the steps with her stomp! 

No need to pay it heed? How could she not pay the matter from a year ago any heed?! 

It was a plot she had spent over ten years planning. Her goal wasn’t merely as simple as helping Soul Alliance destroy the foundations of the three great factions. 

However, she never expected that just as she was about to finish, another half devil appeared. Moreover, this half devil was a weak person who she viewed as a mouse that overestimated his own strength! 

Although the appearance of the half devil wasn’t enough to stop her enormous plot, the subsequent summoning of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon completely destroyed her plans! 

The blow that occurred at the end which ruined everything had made her so angry that she had destroyed her residence, the most beautiful aerial flower pavilion in Wanxiang City! 

Even if it was a year later, the female master still hadn’t fully quelled her anger! 

There was something else that made her extremely angry. The news had come that after Chu Mu became a half devil, his soul had been obliterated. 

However, the female master was exceptionally clear that his soul hadn’t been obliterated. Otherwise, the soul pact between them would no longer exist!

Chu Mu was still alive! Alive and well! Furthermore, his soul remembrance was stronger than before. In the past, the female master would be able to disconnect their mental connection by herself. However, now, she was unable to see where he was now! 

One year ago, the female master really didn’t take Chu Mu seriously because he was too weak. 

But now, she felt that he had become a thorn in her side. If she didn’t eliminate him, she would be unable to rest easy. Especially when she remembered him mentioning that he was going to kill his way into Wanxiang City in six years and make her into his slave! 

Back then she had scoffed at this. But now she had an auspicious premonition. It probably wouldn’t even be a few years before he really appeared in front of her! 

“You want me to become your slave?! In your dreams!” the female master bit her lips, and clenched her fist as she walked down from the Wanxiang Platform! 

She was already the Empress Concubine which stood above all others. All soul pet trainers were serving her. She would eventually become a dominator in the human domain, and definitely not the servant of a man! That was impossible! 

Above the boundless earth, a group of white nightmare figures moved along the ground. They looked the same, imitating the silver devil at the front, resembling devoted devil guards! 

But was was unique about them was among this evil and savage looking group of creatures was an adorable and gentle young girl. 

The girl, Ning Maner, had changed into a pair of clean, beautiful clothing. After washing herself, her innate beauty was displayed. Although she was a bit young, she still had looks that could bewitch people. 

In truth, her looks couldn’t be considered absolutely beautiful, but her pure and refined aura easily created a hard to resist good opinion of her. She was like a carefree young fairy… yet, she was still travelling with the group of White Nightmares who were exuding evil auras. They were completely the opposite from each other.

“Why does this bottle store some clear, sparkling liquid. Why have I not seen it before?” the young girl pursed her lips and, out of curiosity, found a special bottle in the half devil brother’s spatial ring.

The bottle wasn’t big, about as tall as one’s thumb. Inside was stored extremely clear liquid. However, inside was also contained a mysterious energy that even she was unable to see through.

“Hmm, why did it light up? Suddenly, the liquid in the bottle began to shine in a faint gloss. It was as if some resonance had occurred and a light had emerged as a result!


The White Nightmare carrying Ning Maner suddenly let out a surprised cry, and stared at the edge of the horizon. 

Ning Maner raised her small head and looked as well. She abruptly discovered that along the horizon, a mysterious light was flickering in rhythm with the light in the small bottle!

This caused the young girl to open her small mouth, and hastily smack the White Nightmare’s head to have it fly over to its king. 

The White Nightmare was like a nice elder, and allowed the girl’s naughty actions. It sped up and brought her to its king.

“Brother half devil, brother half devil…” Ning Maner jumped off and gave the bottle to the silver devil as she cried in astonishment. 

The silver devil ignored the girl. Its eyes were staring at the towering enormous stone monument in the distance of the boundless earth. Its eyes that were perpetually vacant finally exuded a sliver of certainty! 

It was here!

This was the place. This was the place where something was calling it. It was this calling that had awakened it from the slaughter, taught it how to think and taught it how to search! 

It had never been here before, but it was absolutely sure this was the place it had to find!!

It sped up as fast as it could to the enormous all-heavenly monument. It resembled a nomad that had experienced countless tribulations before finally finding final destination. Its emotionally moved figure was exuding a rapt excitedness that was hard to suppress! 

“Heaven Boundary Monument!! This place is the Heaven Boundary Monument!!!!”

Suddenly, Ning Maner let out an exclamation, and hastily had the White Nightmare carry her towards the enormous stone monument!! 

The Heaven Boundary Monument was like a heavenly sword stuck in the ground and extending into the sky. When one looked up, it was possible to see the black outline of the stone monument of which the end could not be seen as it disappeared in the blue sky. 

The monument was incomparably beautiful, and resembled the needle of a worldly compass that moved according to the alternating sun and moon! 

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