Chapter 772: Second Heaven Boundary Monument

Chapter 772: Second Heaven Boundary Monument

The clouds above Wanxiang City began to slowly and mysteriously change, forming ancient words.

An old scholar stroked his white beard, and contentedly watched the changes in the clouds.

There was only one person that could change the clouds to deliver a message. It was precisely the Heavenly Concubine who often enjoyed training in the wild. As for the words that were strange and mysterious to everyone else, this old man could decipher them very easily. 

However, when he saw half of the words, the leisure on his face disappeared and was replaced by disbelief! 

“The Heavenly… Heavenly Concubine was wounded!” the old scholar stood up abruptly, and quickly deciphered the rest of the clouds. His face was in shock, and he didn’t recover for a long time!

“There was still someone who could defeat Her Majesty Heavenly Concubine in this world!!” the old scholar cried out. He hastily followed along Wanxiang Platform’s plankway steps towards the palace at the top of the platform.

“Old Man Yan, you really didn’t see incorrectly?”...

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