Chapter 771: Lost, New Life

Chapter 771: Lost, New Life

“Go, leave here!” 

Suddenly, Heavenly concubine’s voice caused the seven servants to wake up from a dream. At this moment, they finally realized that the heavenly concubine had flown above them and said to them pale-faced.

Seven concubines and servants didn’t dare be slow and quickly rode their seven-colored phoenixes around the wounded concubine and protected her as they flew towards Qi City.

“Your majesty, are you well?” Fang Wu asked with care.

Crown Phoenix King was only mildly burnt from the devil flames, and its fighting strength wasn’t affected. However, Heavenly Concubine seemed pretty wounded, even her lips were turning white!

Tian Ji bit her lip,  her eyes filled with anger and shame, yet she had to push the anger down forcefully!

Heavenly concubine’s Crown Phoenix King may not be the silver devil man’s match, but because she was heavily wounded already and was burnt by the soul devil flames, she found it hard to continue. If they continued...

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