Chapter 771: Lost, New Life

Chapter 771: Lost, New Life

“Go, leave here!” 

Suddenly, Heavenly concubine’s voice caused the seven servants to wake up from a dream. At this moment, they finally realized that the heavenly concubine had flown above them and said to them pale-faced.

Seven concubines and servants didn’t dare be slow and quickly rode their seven-colored phoenixes around the wounded concubine and protected her as they flew towards Qi City.

“Your majesty, are you well?” Fang Wu asked with care.

Crown Phoenix King was only mildly burnt from the devil flames, and its fighting strength wasn’t affected. However, Heavenly Concubine seemed pretty wounded, even her lips were turning white!

Tian Ji bit her lip,  her eyes filled with anger and shame, yet she had to push the anger down forcefully!

Heavenly concubine’s Crown Phoenix King may not be the silver devil man’s match, but because she was heavily wounded already and was burnt by the soul devil flames, she found it hard to continue. If they continued fighting, her soul would definitely be irreversibly damaged.

Silver devil man’s strength was far beyond the heavenly concubine’s imagination. Because of her aggressiveness, her crown phoenix king already fallen into a disadvantage. If they continued fighting, she could stand to lose even more.

Though the heavenly concubine was incredibly angry, she didn’t let it affect her judgment. Dealing with this dominator rank devil needed a long term plan!

“I’m fine. Once we reach Qi city, immediately tell this to soul alliance and tell Xiong Qian to come help!” Heavenly Concubine said.

After heavenly concubine spoke, she sat down on her Crown Phoenix King and closed her eyes to rest, entering a meditative state.

It was the first time the seven concubines experienced such an event. They kept turning around apprehensively, in case the powerful devil man chased after her

Luckily, the devil men didn’t catch up, causing her to let out a breath of relief. They guessed at the devil man’s origins as their hearts kept pounding!


Nightmare commander let out a mocking laugh towards the escaping female soul pet trainers. This sound was intentionally imbued with mental powers so it could reach the concubines’ ears. Their faces all became soured, as they lost the arrogance previously occupying their faces. The heavenly concubine was angered to the point where she could no longer meditate. Her ample bosom heaved heavily. Only when they flew extremely far away could they finally get rid of the shrill laughter and calm down to meditate and heal up.

“They very likely will go to get help. We need to leave here.” Little beauty Ning Maner quickly said.

No matter what, this was human territory. Even if they were incredibly strong, if they were surrounded by a large group of human experts, this group of devil men who came from the forbidden realm would lose their lives here.

“Why did those women want to capture you?” The king walked over to the little girl and questioned.

“I don’t know either, I don’t know them.” Ning Maner shook her head, her pretty eyes pure and clear, showing no signs of lying. “Throw her down.” King retracted her gaze and said calmly.

“Ah? Don’t throw me away, half devil brother, please, so many people want to capture me……” Ning Maner got worried and quickly begged.

“Half devil? What is half devil?” The king’s gaze again fell on the little girl’s body and asked, slightly lost.

“Half devil is the mix between human and devil soul. Its when the soul of a human combines with a subordinate white nightmare of yours, living in one body simultaneously as a half soul pet half human creature. Did brother half devil not know what species you were?” Ning Maner said.

Ning Maner originally thought the king was a dominator rank white nightmare. However, after carefully observing, she realized it wasn’t a white nightmare, but instead was the extremely rare half devil!

Ning Maner’s talent was useless to humans. If the king were a white nightmare, it definitely would be friendly to her like the other white nightmares and not mind her. This meant that the king must have human blood. This was why Ning Maner came to the conclusion that this king was a half devil, which also explains why it could speak the human language.

Of course, obviously, this seemingly lost half devil’s devil side had the reins…...after Ning Maner explained, the flame deep inside the silver devil man’s pupil flickered.

“I used to be human?” the king slowly lifted his hands and gazed down.

He once stood at the edge of a lake and gazed at his reflection for a whole day. Every time he got numb from killing, the feeling of being lost and hollow caused him to reflect again and again on what he was……

 “It must be, when a human and its soul pet white nightmare go through the process of fighting and combining, it’s half devil. There are two possibilities after someone becomes a half devil. First, they can become an incredibly cruel white nightmare. This white nightmare is often known as a Fiend. It has a human’s intelligence but also a devil’s cruelty. It is the slyest creature on earth and the representative of death itself. The other type is also a devil, but its neither white nightamre nor human. Instead, it lost its reason, thought, and memory. Such a half devil is like a newborn life. It has immense power and also kills, is cruel and bloodthirsty. However, that’s because it doesn’t know how to control its power in its infant stages. As time moves on, it will slowly create a new consciousness and mind……” Little beauty Ning Maner seemed to understand everything. Her words were certain and her gaze didn’t waver at all.

“Brother half devil definitely is the second type. This mainly is because, when you were still a human, you had a rooted belief and desire. Life always comes from a soul’s determination to live on. You as a human didn’t want to just die like this, so this belief caused brother half devil to think, ask questions, and keep searching even once you become half devil……” Ning Maner continued.

King’s gaze slowly became even more lost. It gazed at this girl, and actually showed a ripple of emotion in its pupils.

Half a year ago, he only knew killing. He went from the edge of forbidden realm to deep inside, creating rivers of blood behind him. Countless tribes and clans disappeared off the face of the earth. However, after half a year, he found that he started hating this meaningless killing more and more. On one hand, the opponents were too weak. On the other hand, he learned to think……” “If brother half devil wants to bring me along, Ning Maner will try her best to help you find what you lost and forgot, because that’s what truly belongs to you. Of course, brother is actually a new life form, so if you want to give up the past and restart, you can forget it all…...Ah, no matter what brother half devil should bring me along. I can tell you many many things……” Little beauty Ning Maner said panickingly, scared she would get tossed behind.

New life, new start?

If he wanted to restart, he wouldn't step onto human territory.

He once tried to use his powerful mental strength to wipe out the remains of his memory. However, when he did that, a heart-wrenching sadness would overtake his mind, causing even an emotionless devil like him to shed silver tears. At that moment he realized just how important the memories and the past were to his hollow soul and body; losing it was harder than dying.

“You can help me find what I lost?” King asked calmly.

“This……” Ning Maner hesitated.

In reality, even she wasn’t sure if a lost soul could come back. She had never encountered that before. After all, the half devil was basically a new life form that created new memories and consciousness as it grew up…… “Let’s leave.” At this moment, the king spoke.

“Ah? Where to?” Ning Maner stared blankly at the leaving silver devil man and asked questioningly.

The king didn’t respond, but his body slowly floated upwards and flew towards the rising smear of sun on the eastern horizon.

The 10 white nightmares all smiled. The white nightmare that found Ning Maner lifted the dumbfounded little girl and followed tightly behind the king.

Ning Maner finally realized that this king wanted to bring her along now. She smiled sweetly and quickly flew ahead to thank the cold and proud devil man.

Since brother half devil was a human before, you definitely had your own soul pets. They are your best buddies. In human terms, they are your closest friends.” Ning Maner yelled over to the silver devil man from a hundred meters away.

The silver devil man’s body suddenly paused for a moment but quickly continued flying.


At this moment, the nightmare dominator let out a call that signaled it was a qualified friend too!

The other white nightmares also joined in, as if they were professionally hired thugs!

Silver devil man looked back at the group of mischievous white nightmares. They were indeed the only members of his species he knew, but he always felt like they were missing something, as if their relationship wasn’t as deeply rooted as the “soul pets” that Ning Maner mentioned.

When she retracted her gaze, he subconsciously glanced at his shoulder. Why did he feel as if he was missing a weight on his shoulder? Or in other words, it was because of this missing weight that his heart felt hollow.

“Quickly, find what I lost.” He muttered to himself.

East, he felt a sorrowful voice beckoning for him. He had a feeling that once he reached the place, he wouldn’t feel as muddleheaded as he was now!

“Oh, brother half devil even has a spatial ring…...this spatial ring…...should be from when you were still a soul pet trainer.” Ning Maner gazed very closely and noticed that there were two spatial rings on the burning hands of the king!

Maybe the items in these rings would allow them to find some leads.

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