Chapter 770: Dimensional Leak, Spatial Hourglass

Chapter 770: Dimensional Leak, Spatial Hourglass

Little beauty Ning Maner followed behind the White Nightmare, turning her head around to watch constantly. She had seen dominator rank battles before, yet she didn’t expect to spark one after entering this region. While she felt bad, she also was curious about the battle between dominator ranks.

“Nie~~~~~~” White Nightmare couldn’t let this little girl stay there. With how fragile she was, she needed to be protected even a hundred kilometers away. No matter how courageous she was, or how curious, he had to drag her far away.

On the other side, similarly, the servants and concubines who stopped battling hadn’t recovered from their disbelief and shock.

They were all at the top levels of soul pet territory. The dominator rank organisms that they had seen were only the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon and the heavenly concubine’s Crown Phoenix King who were involved in the bloody event ten years ago in Wanxiang City. This silver devil man was the third time they’d...

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