Chapter 770: Dimensional Leak, Spatial Hourglass

Chapter 770: Dimensional Leak, Spatial Hourglass

Little beauty Ning Maner followed behind the White Nightmare, turning her head around to watch constantly. She had seen dominator rank battles before, yet she didn’t expect to spark one after entering this region. While she felt bad, she also was curious about the battle between dominator ranks.

“Nie~~~~~~” White Nightmare couldn’t let this little girl stay there. With how fragile she was, she needed to be protected even a hundred kilometers away. No matter how courageous she was, or how curious, he had to drag her far away.

On the other side, similarly, the servants and concubines who stopped battling hadn’t recovered from their disbelief and shock.

They were all at the top levels of soul pet territory. The dominator rank organisms that they had seen were only the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon and the heavenly concubine’s Crown Phoenix King who were involved in the bloody event ten years ago in Wanxiang City. This silver devil man was the third time they’d seen such a level of organism. Appearing so unexpectedly, any soul pet trainer would need a while before being able to process it.

Both sides backed off. Heavenly Concubine riding her Crown Phoenix King wiped off a trickle of blood from her lips onto her snow white hand, her eyes now gleaming with wild fighting intent!

The Crown Phoenix King was burning with golden flames. This flame was pure and burning, completely different from the cold and evil devil flames of the devil man. When the two types of flames collided, they lit each other up and canceled each other out…… The Crown Phoenix King’s figure didn’t have the large stature of most high ranking organisms. Its body was delicate and intricate, its golden feathers and elegant curves creating a beauty that crowned it as the empress of all organisms.

And, Crown Phoenix King’s aura was more noble and dignified with its burning golden flames, as opposed to the holy and refined elegance of the Immortal Ming Bird.

Its dream-like appearance and the golden light that affected the heavens and earth. With a noblewoman like Heavenly Concubine atop it, flying into vision, she could easily be a war goddess!

“Though I don’t know what empire’s king you are, but if you dare walk into my territory and hurt me, I’ll burn your evil soul into ashes!” Heavenly Concubine said!

It may be a soul pet empire’s king, but heavenly concubine was the queen of humans too!

As she spoke, her gaze became firm and full of killing intent. At the same time, the golden crown phoenix king unfurled its wings and swelled up in golden flames!!

This was the combination of wing type and fire type techniques. Its golden figure almost reached the realm of instant moving, creating a golden trail of light!

This line crisscrossed and created a restraining totem often seen in sealing diagrams!

Sealing diagrams often needed geography, energy vessels, ancient languages and many other requirements. This Crown Phoenix King truly was a direct descendant of ancestral organisms, able to create sealing totems with its own power!

This Crown Phoenix King’s golden sealing totem was the higher level of Immortal Ming Bird’s wing type restraint. This restraint was completely at the level of sealing diagrams. If caught by this, it may be stuck for even a few years!

Every part of the golden sealed totem brought with it powerful restricting abilities when it was drawn. This energy suppressed the silver devil man’s evil aura and movement, and once the totem was complete, the seal would be at its most powerful

Silver devil man constantly casted displacement specter and relied on its control of space to dart through the golden diagram, using its devil claw to destroy every energy foci in the seal, causing the totem to lose power!

The golden totem was massive, creating a glow that shrouded the entire forest. Yet, as the important spatial nodes were broken by the silver devil, this miracle like golden totem simply became a pretty painting in the sky. The sealing effects were only useful on high class emperor rank organisms.

Flying casually out of the totem, the silver devil man had an arrogant look of contempt on its face. Its humanoid face again caused the heavenly concubine to feel her pride mocked!

The Crown Phoenix King’s type didn’t have any advantage in this battle. Since other type was always known to be mysterious, in similar rank battles, an other type organism that wasn’t countered by any types indeed had the power to mock other organisms. Using seals or binds on other type organisms was definitely a waste of time.

Heavenly concubine quickly realized that this silver devil man couldn’t be beaten with normal tactics so she quickly told her Crown Phoenix King to have a fight of elements!

A fight of elements means a battle between golden flames and devil flames!

The silver devil man hadn’t met an opponent like this in a while. Whatever way the opponent wanted to fight, he would fight back in the same way!

The two dominator rank devil flames were both seventh rank elemental crystals. When the flames roiled, the entire hundred kilometer radius was covered in golden and silver sea of flames!

The burning holiness and the evil coldness each took half the sky initially. Slowly, the golden flames took the skies, while the silver devil flame took the ground, cutting the heavens and earth in two!

Devil flames strictly peaking weren’t fire type. It was the manifestation of the other type’s ability to attack the soul. After getting a fire subtype, it became other fire, devil flames!

As the direct descendant of the ancestor of flames, the Crown Phoenix King’s control of fire was at a peak. In pure control of fire, the silver devil flames were suppressed. This suppression quickly meant the golden sea of flames devoured the silver world in overwhelming advantage, cleansing all the evil powers.


On the burnt land, the silver devil man had long since escaped the flames. It gazed at the sweeping golden flames, and its face finally became more serious!


In the sky, taking up the entire air region, the Crown Phoenix King covered in golden flames gazed down at the devil man and let out a provoking call.

Standing on the Crown Phoenix King’s back, the heavenly concubine’s face slightly relaxed, as she took the upper hand in the last exchange.

Since this war goddess had become a soul pet trainer, she was constantly involved in fights, so failure was something she dealt with often. However, after she had reached her current height, she never allowed herself to fail again. Seeing the threatening silver devil man pushed away, she naturally felt like she gained some face back.

Of course, she wouldn’t dwell on it and get confident. After gaining the advantage, she followed up with another attack. When the silver devil man’s devil flames darkened, she sent golden flames towards the devil man!

“Spatial Hourglass!”

The silver devil man extended to arms and gestured into space!

Where the silver devil man’s hands passed, the space seemed to get isolated, no longer merging with the rest of the world!

The golden flames rolled down yet something strange happened. When all the flames came and reached this independent space, it would mysteriously extinguish!

The golden flames was like an ocean. When this entire ocean poured downwards, it was an immense amount of fire energy.

Yet, no matter how vast the flame ocean was, the golden flames would slowly disappear when it reached that space, like sand in an hourglass!

Heavenly Concubine stared shocked, as the golden ocean that gained her an advantage simply vanished. She was again grave-faced. She had fought other type soul pets before but it was her first time seeing such an inexplicable technique.

The silver devil man slowly smiled evilly. In everyone’s eyes, the golden ocean disappeared. However, in his eyes, it didn't disappear; it simply went to the bottom half of an hourglass!

The upper portion of this spatial hourglass was a normal space, while the lower half was the space controlled by the devil man. The devil man created a hole between the two dimensions to create a flow of energy as an hourglass!!

This spatial hourglass could deal with all elemental energy!

But since it was an hourglass,  it flowed both ways. This meant that this spatial hourglass could be flipped around too!

“Flip around!”

The silver devil man’s arms extended and his palm flipped over slowly!

At the same time, the independent space experienced a strange flip!!

When the hourglass flipped over, it meant all the vanished energy reappeared!

However this time, it wasn’t the golden flames that went into the hourglass, but instead it was afflicted silver devil flames!!


Piercingly cold soul devil flames flew out, starting as a spark and quickly becoming a silver devil flame ocean that surrounded heavenly concubine and her Crown Phoenix King!

The silver devil flames came without warning. Heavenly concubine’s face turned pale as she quickly rode her Crown Phoenix King into higher skies!

Not long ago, her golden light lit up the sky. Now, evil silver commanded all. This instant switch caused the heavenly concubine and her Crown Phoenix King to run away in fear!!

…...A hundred meters away, seeing the heavenly concubine and crown phoenix king back off to avoid its attack, little beauty Ning Maner commented very experiencedly, “Being so aggressive against an other type dominator rank organism, she truly is looking to get beat. However, this king really is powerful, having  a strong control over other type!!”


Seeing the arrogant human woman retreat, the evil and mischievous white nightmares all let out mocking laughs, of which the nightmare commander had the shrillest of laughs!

With laughs coming from the devils, the seven servants and concubines couldn’t say anything back!!

They had never expected their war goddess to run away so pathetically under an attack. The feeling of their belief being questioned pounded their minds, causing their face to be filled with astonishment and disbelief!!

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