Book 2 Chapter 77 - Wanting to Kill, Acting an Escape

Chapter 77: Wanting to Kill, Acting an Escape

Nightmare Palace had clear rules that young members who had the title of Nightmare Prince wasn’t subject to allocation by any high level member. Even if they committed heinous crimes, only the eighth level title Lu Shanli and the Inner Nightmare Palace elders were qualified to adjudicate them.

Also, in order to protect the younger generation’s power, the higher generation members were not allowed to fight against the younger generation members. After all, with a difference in age came a difference in power.

The nameless old servant was clearly an older member like such. An old member that was still a spirit teacher without even an eighth phase commander rank was definitely a third-rate character among the Nightmare Palace older people.

Yet, such a third-rate character of Nightmare Palace was still an unprecedentedly strong foe to Chu Mu, who was still in his teens!

Out of all of Chu Mu’s soul pets, other than Mo Xie, who was imbued with Violent Blood Pupil and Blood Light, who could compete against the old fellow’s Wandering Eyed Ghost, Chu Mu’s other soul pets would be hard pressed to deal with the eighth phase second stage Storm Eagle and the seventh phase third stage Devil Vine.

Upon meeting such a strong enemy, Chu Mu decisively chose to run. However, this old fellow was very experienced in controlling his soul pet, so even when Chu Mu was riding the extremely agile soul pet Night Thunder Dream Beast, he was still limited by the Devil Vine, making it hard for him to leave the battlegrounds.


On the sides of the street, another group of structures fell. The Night Thunder Dream Beast suddenly sped up and started running very quickly over the rooftops.

“Change position!”

Chu Mu naturally knew that the Devil Vine had more than one giant vine, so he immediately told his Night Thunder Dream Beast to switch directions!


Indeed, the room ahead suddenly collapsed, and another massive vine lifted up from below, like a green monster that escaped the earth!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast had already switched positions, perfectly dodging the next attack.

“Mo Xie, run!” After merging into the night, Chu Mu immediately told Mo Xie through remembrance.

Mo Xie’s body immediately morphed into three mirages to dodge the Wandering Eyed Ghost’s claw, and she ran towards Chu Mu’s position.

The nameless old servant let out a humph, naturally seeing Chu Mu’s attempt to escape and immediately sent a command to the eighth phase Storm Eagle!


The massive Storm Eagle let out a shrill screech, and dived down from the skies. A cyan color covered the steel-like feathers, and the eagle became a dark cyan meteor, splitting the night sky of the little town and falling straight down!


A swirl of spinning air pressured from above. When Chu Mu lifted his head, he was surprised to find the cyan colored bird already falling from above.

“Mo Xie, Molten Fury!”


The running Mo Xie immediately let out a long call, her blood razed pupils burning with the most vigorous flames!!!

“Hong!!!!” A dazzling hot fire lotus suddenly exploded above Chu Mu, its piercing fire light lighting up this little night town, illuminating all the buildings bright red!!

Fire light marked Chu Mu’s face. The head raised Chu Mu discovered that the eighth phase Storm Eagle’s body only slightly paused under the power of Molten Fury. Relying on the powerful stream of air surrounding it, it travelled straight through the exploded Molten Fury, still charging straight towards him and his Night Thunder Dream Beast!

“Night, Extreme Speed!” Chu Mu immediately casted and added the effects of Wind Ride onto his Night Thunder Dream Beast,.He then told his Night Thunder Dream Beast to cast an acceleration technique.

“Hui!!!!” The Night Thunder Dream Beast let out a neigh, and its handsome running body suddenly sparked with messy purple electric light!!

“Sou!!!!!!!!!!!” The Night Thunder Dream Beast suddenly sped up, and the electric light traced the path of the Night Thunder Dream Beast as it sped across the night sky…...

The effects of Extreme Speed and Death Assault were different, as it couldn’t instantly cause a soul pet to double its speed, but it could allow it to be 30% faster for a long period of time.

With the Wind Ride that Chu Mu applied as well, the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s speed was increased by 50%!!

The Storm Eagle’s Starfall ability fell, and it heavily dropped into a citizen’s house, instantly causing a shattering force field to proliferate wildly outwards from the point of landing!!

The eighth phase Storm Eagle’s Starfall was at least at the seventh level, and it could cover a radius of twenty meters. With the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s 50% increased speed, it could barely run out of the attack range!

“Huhuhu~~~~~~~~~” The terrifying energy gushed towards Chu Mu from behind. Chu Mu turned around to look at the house that had turned into a crater, and he also had a lingering fear.

This eighth phase Storm Eagle’s techniques were all of the seventh level. With Night Thunder Dream Beast’s defense, once it was hit, it would definitely be heavily wounded.

Seeing Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast being this swift, the nameless old servant’s expression became gloomy, and his eyes quickly noticed the Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox that lagged a few steps behind.

“Don’t let that Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox leave!” The nameless old servant commanded immediately!

The Storm Eagle flew out of the shattered ruins and locked onto the charging Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox.

It’s dark cyan wings quickly flapped, and the storm eagle flew back into the air in a spiral. As it was spiralling, it again used its immense power to make a huge gust of wind turn into a powerful whirlwind!!

The Storm Eagle’s Whirlwind was formed very quickly, and it could reach ten meters in range. Turbidly, it stood in the middle of the town. Even the residents far away were fearful of this sight!!

If the Whirlwind was only at the sixth level, then Mo Xie could completely rely on her speed and run straight through. Yet, this whirlwind was clearly at the eighth level, so charging in would definitely cause her to get sucked up and ripped to pieces!

Mo Xie’s escape route was sealed, and the smart Mo Xie immediately switched directions of escape, instead running towards the main road!!


The empty limestone road exploded suddenly, and the omnipresent Devil Vine appeared again, crashing straight into the running Mo Xie from below!


Mo Xie let out a whimper, and her soft body was tossed into the air before heavily falling into the streets had long since been in shambles!

“Kill this Six Tailed Demon Fox first!” The nameless servant knew that chasing Chu Mu back was difficult, so he immediately commanded his three powerful soul pets to attack the injured Mo Xie.

Mo Xie’s defense wasn’t that strong. That hit to her abdomen had clearly caused a very serious wound, affected her speed heavily. She could no longer explode with the speed she had before and, with the continuous attacks of the Devil Vine, Mo Xie’s space for evasion slowly shrank.

Not far off, Chu Mu turned around to look at Mo Xie, who was surrounded by three soul pets and his face became grave!


Mo Xie’s voice immediately travelled into Chu Mu’s mental world. Seeing Mo Xie dragging her wounded self, constantly dodging through the shattered streets and houses, Chu Mu gnashed his teeth even harder!

“Night, Night Dance!” Chu Mu immediately commanded his Night Thunder Dream Beast.

Night Thunder Dream Beast turned around, and firmly ran into the darkness outside of town, its figure slowly disappearing into the night.

The nameless old servant glanced at Chu Mu, who abandoned his own soul pet and smiled, saying condescendingly, “Also a craven and cowardly person only interested in living. Heng, without this Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox, he is but trash- easily killed at any time!”

Chu Mu had killed Yang Luosen’s strongest main soul pet Ghost Winged White Bone Blood Demon, and now the old servant was going to kill Chu Mu’s Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox. It could be counted as revenge for Yang Luosen.


The sparse black clouds slowly dispersed, causing the hazy moonlight to become brighter, falling upon the constantly rumbling town.

The denser the moonlight, the stronger the effects of Moon Essence. Mo Xie’s abdomen wound was currently quickly healing, and her speed slowly became 30% faster than her normal speed.


The blood colored ghost claws ripped through the black night and slashed across Mo Xie’s body. Just as it was about to rip through Mo Xie’s neck, Mo Xie’s figure suddenly became a phantom and slowly faded in the moonlight…...

Mo Xie’s real body slowly appeared in the silver light. Suddenly, she stepped onto her devil flames and casted Flame Step to bizarrely change direction, running instead in the opposite direction…...


Like a storm, dark cyan feather blades rained down from above, covering Mo Xie’s original route. Yet, having cast flame step to gorgeously change directions, Mo Xie ran right in tangent of the feather rain, just managing to dodge the Storm Eagle’s ability.

“Damn it, what variety is this Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox, why is its speed and dodging capabilities so abnormal!” The nameless old servant cursed!

The effects of Moon Essence and Violent Blood Pupil caused Mo Xie’s power to be raised to the seventh stage, yet with an outstanding talent in speed, Mo Xie, in the encircling of the three soul pets, though pressed and hurried, hadn’t really been locked down. Within the encirclement, Mo Xie’s absolute speed was displayed brilliantly.


Suddenly, the repositioned Mo Xie let out a call, and her two eyes burned with a crimson red flame!!!

Molten Fury!!

Mo Xie’s Molten Fury was cast again. The sixth level Molten Fury, under the effects of demon fire evil flames and her amazing control of flames, had the reached seventh level!

Mo Xie’s attack wasn’t directed towards any soul pet but was sent straight towards the nameless old servant!!

The old servant laughed coldly, and he very leisurely casted a spell, applying the seventh level defensive skill Gem Armor onto himself. Such a seventh level fire attack couldn’t do anything to him, at most wasting some of his soul power…...

“Chong Mei - Molten Fury!”

Suddenly, a cold voice sounded out in the dark night, lowly echoing through the nameless old servant’s ears!

The old servant was startled, and he bewilderingly turned around. Shocked, he found a pair of pale white flamed pupils staring at him hidden in the night!

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