Chapter 769: A Direct Descendant of A Species’ Ancestor, the Crown Phoenix King

Chapter 769: A Direct Descendant of A Species’ Ancestor, the Crown Phoenix King

“What on earth is going on?!!” 

“Your Majesty Heavenly Concubine, this…”

Encountering an emperor rank soul pet in human territory was already rather rare. The appearance of a peak emperor rank was thus equivalent to a calamity! 

But now, not only was there a peak emperor rank White Nightmare, but even a paragon emperor rank White Nightmare. Didn’t these creatures, tyrants in forbidden regions, know this was human territory?

Perhaps these magnate rank creatures were imitating those peak human experts who traversed the depths of forbidden regions, and were also going to enter human territory to do the same?

But this was something rare throughout history, right? 

“Imagine if this group of devils hadn’t been encountered by us… then a terrifying calamity would have occured!” the Heavenly Concubine’s heart was in shock. 

She was someone who often entered the depths of forbidden regions and had encountered paragon emperors before. However, encountering a paragon emperor within human territory was akin to an enemy appearing in her own bedroom. Even if she was able to discover it in time, the feeling of intrusion would make her feel angry and embarrassed! 

“Those who intrude into our Wanxiang Realm must be punished!” the Heavenly Concubine’s beautiful eyes slowly became a sharp and cold. She was full of a powerful aura that couldn’t help but make those emperor rank Seven Colored Phoenixes fearful! 

"Your majesty, you are going to take action?” the adjacent servant girls could see that Tian Ji, who normally couldn’t be disdained to take action in human territory, could no longer stop her anger! 

It had to be admitted that this group of ultra strong devils with mysterious origins, made them extremely shocked. The group had even made them, a consort of girls who couldn’t find opponents among humans, suffer a loss! 

However, no matter how shocked they were, they would never retreat. An expert ranking in the top three among humans was now standing beside them. Even a paragon emperor, considered a tyrant within the wild forbidden region, would have to retreat against her!

“Your subordinates are incapable. Your majesty has to take action once again.” the concubine servants were pleased in their hearts that they would be able to take revenge for their two comrades who had each lost a soul pet. However, on the surface, they seemed humble and deferential. 

As loyal subordinates, they should have done their best for their master to weaken the strength of the opponent in fights they could not win but could not avoid. It had been many years since the Heavenly Concubine had taken action in human territory. This could be considered the only time after the Heavenly Concubine had stepped onto the summit of humanity! 

The Nine Colored Phoenix, just like its master, also carried an exceptional and unrivalled aura. It beat its wings and floated into the battlefield filled with torrential devil flames. 

This Nine Colored Phoenix was one of the rare paragon emperors from human territory that dared fly in a forbidden region. It was also the wing type soul pet the Heavenly Concubine was most proud of!! 

Although the Heavenly Concubine was taking action, she didn’t summon any other soul pets. Instead, she rode her Nine Colored Phoenix into the fight between Fang Wu and the Nightmare ruler. 

“Hmph, how crafty!” the Heavenly Concubine’s imposing gaze swept over the Nightmare ruler that chose to immediately retreat!

As a paragon emperor as well, in an aerial fight, the Nightmare ruler would definitely be suppressed by the Nine Colored Phoenix. When the Nightmare ruler saw it fly over, it thus chose to instantly retreat, indicating that it was much smarter than those aggressive Nightmare Palace White Nightmares!

However, there wasn’t much sense in retreating. In the Heavenly Concubine’s eyes, the Nightmare ruler that dared enter human territory from the forbidden region was going to die after encountering her!

Chanting an incantation, the Heavenly Concubine had lost her patience against the White Nightmares that had made her angry and embarrassed. She was going to summon another paragon emperor to annihilate them! 

“I really don’t like your aura. It makes me think of an extremely loathsome woman…” 

Just as the Heavenly Concubine chanted an incantation, suddenly an extremely outlandish devil voice rang out, coldly, in her ears!! 

The Heavenly Concubine trembled. The muttering devil voice in her ears gave her the feeling that a death god was issuing a warning!! 

Although she had traversed the depths of forbidden regions, the Heavenly Concubine had never felt this kind of threat before. It made her feel cold even at the bottom of her soul!!

The Heavenly Concubine hastily stopped her soul pet summon incantation and poured her soul remembrance into the expensive pendant on her neck! 

After energy was imbued, a purple colored rose soul armor appeared on her clothes, wrapping her entire body, separating her from the death god! 


In the next instant, the Heavenly Concubine’s extremely valuable tenth rank soul armor was shattered by a single silver claw strike. Her body fell through the air like a falling leaf!! 

The Nine Colored Phoenix was only able to react after its master had been knocked flying. It hastily beat its wings, transforming into a nine colored rainbow that flew through the air, intercepting its master as she fell to the ground! 


Fresh blood spurted out. The Heavenly Concubine’s hand was tightly clasped onto her Nine Colored Phoenix’s feathers. She was half-kneeled on her soul pet, and her arrogant eyes were filled with fear and an anger that stemmed from her defeat!!

“Your… your majesty…” 

The seven concubine servants were all stunned. They hadn’t actually seen what had happened. They only saw the soul armor on the Heavenly Concubine shatter and blood spray… humanity’s nearly unrivalled human had been injured!! Even Fang Wu, who had followed the Heavenly Concubine for the longest, had never seen this before!!!

“Jie jie jie jie~~~~~” the crafty Nightmare ruler let out a very inappropriate eerie and terrifying laugh. It mockingly floated behind the silver devil and looked very subservient! 

The Nightmare ruler had just retreated because the human woman who was stronger than it was about to take action, and also because its king was about to take action too! 

Since its king was going to take action, it didn’t need to do anything. This extremely crafty Nightmare ruler only needed to follow behind its king and mock its enemy’s puniness and stupidity! 

The Nightmare ruler’s actions caused the Heavenly Concubine and the seven concubine servants to abruptly realize that there existed a silver devil among the devils! 

In the few rounds of fighting just now, even the Heavenly Concubine hadn’t noticed the existence of this silver devil. It wasn’t until they horrifyingly saw the Heavenly Concubine being injured did they realize that there existed an existence even more powerful than paragon monarchs among the devils!!

Injuring the Heavenly Concubine and causing the Nightmare ruler, capable of sweeping through the depths of forbidden regions, to become humble and subservient. How strong was this silver devil?!! 

If the appearance of the two peak emperor White Nightmares earlier had made the Heavenly Concubine and the concubine servants feel like there were billows in their hearts, then the appearance of the stronger silver devil could be described as raising a sea wave that reached the heavens. It practically undermined their ability to withstand! 

“Unforgivable! Unforgivable!!!” 

The Heavenly Concubine didn’t even wipe away the blood on her lips. Her eyes were giving off sparks as she stared at the silver devil! 

This unprecedented humiliation caused the Heaven Concubine to both forget the shock from facing a dominator rank devil, and to have anger fill her brain! 

She chanted an incantation, not hesitating to summon her strongest mian pet!!

This was because she understood that only her main pet had a chance of defeating the absolute creature in front of her!

“So it turns out you are a woman who has stepped into the dominator realm.” the silver devil silently watched the ancient, dignified pattern summoned by the Heavenly Concubine. Its apathetic and emotionless eyes were unexpectedly now filled with astonishment! 

In the one year this devil had traversed the forbidden region, the strongest enemy it had encountered was the Nightmare ruler that now refused to leave its side. It never expected that not long after entering human territory, a human expert with a dominator rank creature would appear. It seemed that entering human territory wouldn’t be so boring! 

Of course, this silver devil was like the young girl, Ning Maner, in that neither expected the woman in front of them to represent humanity’s strongest. Even if it had traversed human’s territory like it had aimlessly done so in the southern wild forbidden region, it definitely would not encounter a human stronger than this woman. This was completely a meeting of coincidence! 

The incantation was complete and from thee ancient pattern slowly appeared a soul pet that resembled the soul pet on the last page of the human “Pet Encyclopedia”. 

The “Pet Encyclopedia” recorded all of the known soul pets throughout humanity’s thousands of years of civilization. And those creatures that were recorded in the last tens of pages were undoubtedly creatures with heaven-defying strength. These existences were like legends that couldn’t be sought after! 

The soul pet the Heavenly Concubine summoned was precisely one of the ones on the last pages of the thick Pet Encyclopedia. It was a creature drawn on the ancient goat-skin page and known by humans as the Crown Phoenix King, the ancestor of myriad demons!! 

The Crown Phoenix King was a fire type, wing type supreme. Its wing type feather species and fire type demon species were direct descendants of their respective species’ ancestors! 

Such a creature was definitely on the same level as Soul Palace’s Seven Diagram Saint Region’s King!!

If the devil still had its previous memories, the Crown Phoenix King would have made it go mad because when it was young, it thought that if it had the chance to even see this legendary creature, its life would not have been in vain. 

Of course, it never expected that after transforming into a devil, it would face off against this legendary creature, which was but a dream to countless soul pet trainers, and stare at it with a mocking gaze. 

“This woman is very scary. She was even able to make this direct descendant of ancestor species her own soul pet!” the young girl, Ning Maner was still hiding behind the eight high class emperor rank White Nightmares as she softly spoke. 

“Everyone retreat!!” the Heavenly Concubine yelled. Her entire brain wasn’t filled with anger, and she still remembered to have her subordinates retreat.

Even peak emperors had to retreat a hundred kilometers when dominators fought. This was even more the case for the younger concubine servants still raising middle class emperors! 

The king also swept its gaze over the White Nightmare subordinates insistent on following it. It swept its hands, indicating that they should retreat, so as not to be involved with this powerful, crazy woman! 

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