Chapter 768: Is this Actually a Forbidden Region or a Human Region?

Chapter 768: Is this Actually a Forbidden Region or a Human Region? 

The White Nightmare Emperor being distracted gave Luo Hen a chance to escape. She hastily retreated towards the Heavenly Concubine as her Ocean Dawn transformed into a thousand layer wave. 

Just now, the threat of death caused Luo Hen to realize her Ocean Dawn simply wasn’t the White Nightmare’s opponent. She was both shocked and fearful! 

"Jie jie~~~~~”

But the White Nightmare Emperor had locked onto its prey already. Why would it let it go?

Its palm that absorbed the Seven Colored Phoenix’s four lights turned to the fleeing Ocean Dawn and Luo Hen, forcibly reversing the wind cave!!


The peak emperor rank Seven Colored Phoenix light technique outlandishly flew out of the wind cave towards the Ocean Dawn!!

If it was the White Nightmare’s own technique, the devil flame and dark type would have been considerably weakened against the Ocean Dawn. However, the Seven Colored Phoenix’s wing type energy light was the one that struck the Ocean Dawn, meaning that its death was inevitable!

“Pu pu pu pu!!!!!!!”

Four pillars of light pierced through different locations on the Ocean Dawn’s body. The Ocean Dawn was covered...

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