Chapter 767: Concubine Fights Devil Man

Chapter 767: Concubine Fights Devil Man

…...As nighttime approached, the maple forest became bleakly cold with the autumn winds.


Suddenly, a howl ripped through the silent night, bringing a sound wave that caused the night to shake and spread throughout the entire maple forest. All the trees bent under the howl, sending leaves flying everywhere.

Little beauty Ning Maner was laying by the wounded White Nightmare and sleeping in its arms. This howl woke her up, and caused her to curl up pale-faced further into the White Nightmare’s arms.

At this time, all ten White Nightmares stood up and gazed at their king!

Their silver devil flames burned, and their king lifted its head emotionlessly. Looking through forest leaves, he looked at the massive beast figure that was running over in the night!

“Make it shut up.” Devil man glanced at the resting beast, and said to the top tier emperor rank White Nightmare beside it.

The White Nightmare emperor smiled and its white pupils danced with devil flames. Its long claws slowly gathered a white blinking energy… the skies, seven Seven Colored Phoenix slowly floated. Their glows were already hidden as they glanced down at the White Nightmare shadows in the maple forest!

The one that let out a roar was the concubine Xue Tang’s main soul pet. Maybe it was because these concubines were always at the peak of human strength, so even against an enemy like these devils, they would be used to announcing their presence as the descent of the heavenly concubine palace with a roar. It was like how a special announcing happened everytime heavenly concubine went anywhere important.

Heavenly concubine servants gained this habit since a while, but seeing that they did it even against the cruel and mysterious devil man, it meant they really didn’t have much regard for these devils, as if they would escape at the mere name of the heavenly concubine!


Another roar came as the beast decided to establish its dominance, coming with great impetus!

Yet, just as the roar ended, very unremarkable devil flames became a white beam that instantly streaked across the black night. Before the concubine servants could react, it very accurately pierced the roaring beast’s throat!!

Blood flew out from the massive beast’s maw. A hole the size of a thumb appeared on its throat!

The massive beast’s head flew back, and its eyes nearly popped out. It couldn’t scream as blood welled outwards.

The heavenly concubine’s seven servants all were dazed, as they stared at the beast that was instantly killed, speechless!!

Concubine Xue Tang’s little face was twitching, as the pain of her spirit pact getting split, causing her entire body to shake in pain!

Heavenly Concubine was much calmer than her servants and concubines, but her eyes couldn’t hide the shock in her heart!!

The beast had an undefeated defense in middle-class emperor rank. Even a high class emperor rank needed a fully charged attack to break through its defense!

But, the White Nightmare used a single technique to instantly kill the beast before everyone could react, killing the middle class emperor rank instantly!!

Once one was at emperor rank, a rank of difference meant instant kill unless it had any special abilities. A technique to wipe out the foe was something the concubine always did- many times a hit from her sub soul pets was enough.

Instant kills were often, yet someone able to instantly kill the high class emperor rank armored beast was incredibly rare in Wanxiang Realm. In fact, she could name every single person that could do this!

Before, the heavenly concubine always thought the devils were just a group of organisms that came from some bewildering world or forbidden realm. Thus, when the beast roared, she still didn't give the devils any regard.

Yet, because of her disregard, a nearly high class emperor rank armored beast died!!

“Top tier emperor rank!” Heavenly Concubine furrowed her brows and her face became graver!

With heavenly concubine’s strength, she wasn’t afraid of the top tier emperor ranks, but top tier emperor ranks were incredibly terrifying presences in Wanxiang Realm. With such an organism roaming human society, if she hadn’t just seen it, wouldn’t it cause a huge calamity?

“Top tier… tier emperor rank, this devil man’s strength… can it be so powerful!” The servants and concubines’ faces all changed, especially Xue Tang who lost the beast.

At this moment, servants and concubines all lost their laziness and contempt, as sternness replaced it, staring tightly at the devil shadow that was now laughing mockingly!


White Nightmare emperor let out a mocking laugh that was hair-raising, as if asking the killed beast, “Let’s see you roar again!”

“Tie Xing, you attack!” Heavenly concubine glanced at the thirty year old female and said.

The woman called Tie Xing nodded as her shock faded and slowly became sharp. This caused her previously somewhat masculine face to become even colder!

“Her majesty, leave this White Nightmare who hurt Xue Tang to me and my Ocean dawn soul pet. No need to let Tie Xing fight.” A woman said with a bloodthirsty smile.

This woman was called “Luo Heng”, and was the most battle-hungry of the Thirty Two Scars. She used to be an assassin before heavenly concubine brought her in as a subordinate.

Luo Heng and Xue Tang had a close relationship. Seeing her hurt, she was naturally angry!

Luo Heng didn’t have any top tier emperor rank soul pets, but she had a high class emperor rank Hai Shu with main water type and subtype with light. The main type completely countered a White Nightmare’s devil flame, while its light subtype could restrict the white nightmare’s dark type as well. The Ocean Dawn was a White Nightmare’s greatest counter. Even a rank’s difference couldn't change the advantage it gets.

Heavenly Concubine hesitated and glanced at the other devil shadows around the White Nightmare.

“Tie Xing, look after Xue Tang and let Luo Heng attack.” Heavenly Concubine nodded.

Luo Heng had defeated an elder from nightmare palace a few years ago. She was a very famously vicious female soul pet trainer. She cast an incantation, summoning the massive sea beast shrouded in seawater and slowly floated downwards in rolling tides!

Luo Heng started as another six servants slowly rode their Seven Color Phoenix down!


Ocean Dawn’s shrouding ocean water became a flood that poured into the forest from thousand meters above the ground. The massive forest couldn’t withstand the pressure, instantly becoming an ocean, as all the trees were snapped and rolled through the waters!

High class emperor ranks, especially water type attacks, were very magnificent. Weaker ones created rivers and waterfalls, while stronger ones could drown mountains and create oceans!

“Where can you hide now?” Luo Heng said resentfully, as she caused Hai Shu to pour more and more sea into the forest to defeat all the devil men!

The seawater almost devoured everything. Luo Heng was sure that all of the devils were definitely painfully, rolling in the seawater. In a minute, their stamina would be out!


Suddenly, a massive whirlpool appeared in the middle of the rising ocean, as if a bottomless pit appeared that quickly drained away all the water.

The water level quickly fell no matter how much water Ocean Dawn made.

Not long after, the ocean disappeared, leaving only a maple forest wrecked and puddles. “Why………” Luo Heng was shocked as she saw her water type technique instantly defeated.

Water type technique’s weakening ability was extremely powerful. Though it wasn’t offensive, it was hard to dodge. Luo heng’s Ocean Dawn used this to defeat many nightmare palace experts, and it had never failed. She had no idea why it was so unsuccessful today.


Suddenly, a devil’s laugh came from behind Luo Heng. Luo Heng turned around and found that a devil shadow had appeared beside her Ocean Dawn, its devil claws already extending into Ocean Dawn’s body!

Obliterating heart!!!

Luo Heng recognized this technique; it was the White Nightmare’s most terrifying instant killing technique!!!

Luo heng’s heart went cold. This white nightmares strength was far beyond her imagination. Its water type and light type counter didn't seem to work at all. Was this a White Nightmare already at invincible emperor?

“Tie Xing!” Heavenly Concubine yelled coldly.

The woman named Tie Xing immediately told her soul pet to attack!

Tie Xing’s Seven Color Phoenix gathered together a rainbow energy that was sent towards the White Nightmare!!!

Tie Xing’s seven color phoenix was a top tier emperor rank soul pet, and Tie Xing was the strongest female soul pet trainer with her fame spreading across all of Wanxiang Realm. She was the Xing Jue of soul alliance’s sixteen absolutes. She had a heart like steel, and only knew how to cultivate!

The rainbow energy became many beams of light that was sent towards White Nightmare’s head, neck, heart, and stomach!!


White Nightmare emperor was angry that someone interrupted its killing. The other hand opened up palm first towards the beams as a wind cave appeared in its palm, forcefully taking in the four beams in!

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