Chapter 767: Concubine Fights Devil Man

Chapter 767: Concubine Fights Devil Man

…...As nighttime approached, the maple forest became bleakly cold with the autumn winds.


Suddenly, a howl ripped through the silent night, bringing a sound wave that caused the night to shake and spread throughout the entire maple forest. All the trees bent under the howl, sending leaves flying everywhere.

Little beauty Ning Maner was laying by the wounded White Nightmare and sleeping in its arms. This howl woke her up, and caused her to curl up pale-faced further into the White Nightmare’s arms.

At this time, all ten White Nightmares stood up and gazed at their king!

Their silver devil flames burned, and their king lifted its head emotionlessly. Looking through forest leaves, he looked at the massive beast figure that was running over in the night!

“Make it shut up.” Devil man glanced at the resting beast, and said to the top tier emperor rank White Nightmare...

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