Chapter 766: Messiah Tree, Spirit of All

Chapter 766: Messiah Tree, Spirit of All

“Heavenly Concubine, why are you spending so long to look for that girl, is she special in any way?” The female soul pet trainer who talked the most asked in a low voice.

Normally, this was the only subordinate that dared to ask anything because she had stayed with heavenly concubine for the longest. The other servants often had questions but dared not ask them.

“She grew up in the ancient messiah tree, her body creating the densest spirit source. Her blood is the purest spirit, not only having a special healing effect to soul pets, but can also allow organisms at a certain bottleneck to breakthrough.” Heavenly Concubine explained indifferently.

“Messiah Tree? Isn’t that the legendary organism full of the purest and densest spirit source?”

“No, I saw on ancient texts that the messiah tree isn’t a soul pet, it's just a plant that gathered the spirit of the world. It doesn’t have any offensive capabilities but it has many powerful organisms protecting...

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