Chapter 766: Messiah Tree, Spirit of All

Chapter 766: Messiah Tree, Spirit of All

“Heavenly Concubine, why are you spending so long to look for that girl, is she special in any way?” The female soul pet trainer who talked the most asked in a low voice.

Normally, this was the only subordinate that dared to ask anything because she had stayed with heavenly concubine for the longest. The other servants often had questions but dared not ask them.

“She grew up in the ancient messiah tree, her body creating the densest spirit source. Her blood is the purest spirit, not only having a special healing effect to soul pets, but can also allow organisms at a certain bottleneck to breakthrough.” Heavenly Concubine explained indifferently.

“Messiah Tree? Isn’t that the legendary organism full of the purest and densest spirit source?”

“No, I saw on ancient texts that the messiah tree isn’t a soul pet, it's just a plant that gathered the spirit of the world. It doesn’t have any offensive capabilities but it has many powerful organisms protecting it; it is the energy and life source of an empire.”

“If that girl grew up in the world’s largest spirit reserve, shouldn’t her spirit be very dense as well?”

Since Heavenly Concubine spoke, all the maids asked their own questions too.

“Messiah Tree isn’t a soul pet, its the master of spirit sources.” Heavenly Concubine said.

Once you reach spirit emperor, the need for a spirit source becomes incredibly large. Whether one’s strength can increase depends on whether a soul pet trainer can get a spirit source.

This master of spirit source was a thing of legends. If one compared a normal spirit source to a pool, a large spirit source would be a lake. Then, the master of spirit sources would be as vast as the boundless seas- full of endless spirits. Any organism that lived near this spirit source could gain an extra rank!

This meant that a servant rank soul pet that lived near the master of spirit sources and grew to tenth phase would become warrior rank. With this logic, if a soul pet with species rank of emperor rank lived there and was influenced by the messiah tree over the long term, it could very likely surpass emperor rank!!

All the while, master of spirit sources lived in legends. Some people even thought that it was a random tall tale made up by people who couldn’t explain the existence of soul pets beyond emperor rank.

Seven heavenly concubine servants always thought the master of spirit source was just a myth, yet they didn’t expect to hear it from Heavenly Concubine!

Heavenly Concubine obviously couldn’t be lying, because she was the only person other than the soul alliance master to reach the depths of forbidden realm. She had seen more organisms and life forms than humans had documents, and knew a lot that humans didn’t.

If Heavenly Concubine said the messiah tree existed and the master of spirit sources was real, then it must be!

And if the little girl they were looking for grew up next to the messiah tree, then it meant she grew up getting influenced by the purest of spirit sources. Such a young girl definitely had a special aura that could cause wild soul pets to like her and protect her like they would for the messiah tree!


Qi Kingdom as an eighth rank kingdom had over ten lower ranking kingdoms beneath it.

In the east part of Qi Kingdom was Feng Kingdom. At the edge of the endless rain was a vibrant maple forest. The name of this kingdom came from this seemingly endless burning sea of leaves!

Every time it was autumn and the maples fell, it would interlace with the endless rain on the western side and create a beautiful scene.

In this maple filled forest, a devil shadow full of devil flames stood like a statue, its eyes gazing respectfully at the silver figure under the maple tree.

Strangely, in this group of advanced White Nightmares, there was a young girl looking all around with her spirited eyes, looking completely out of place with the evil White Nightmares, yet somehow she was communicating with them perfectly and smoothly.

“Where are you all going? Even in the place, I was, very few soul pets dared to roam human territory this blatantly. And also, why does your king speak our human language?” The little beauty was very curious about the group of White Nightmares that appeared in human territory. She wasn’t afraid at all, running by the White Nightmare she first got to know and grabbed the other White Nightmare’s devil flame arm.

When the beauty spoke, the White Nightmares’ king slowly turned around, and its silver eyes glanced at the girl, showing some suspicion. The king had 10 White Nightmares under him, eight of which were high class emperor and the other two were top tier emperors. Yet, strangely, the 10 White Nightmares that usually were incredibly violent and hated humans didn't show any animosity towards the girl, instead viewing her as a little girl of the same species.

However, though White Nightmare’s king was suspicious, he didn't have any extraneous emotions, instead glancing up to stare into the east.

He didn’t know why he had to walk east, as if a voice was present in his chaotic and blank mind, telling him that east was moving forward…...A devil’s cruelty, bloodthirst, and love for killing were things he all had. However, as this need for killing got stronger and stronger, he could always feel something in his head that couldn’t be dismissed, causing him to continue eastward and bring his blank mind in pursuit of nonexistent footsteps.

White Nightmares always liked to live alone, yet as he was traveling mindlessly through this foreign world, a White Nightmare emperor that he defeated started following him.

This White Nightmare emperor met him in an unknown space in the forbidden realm. After he defeated this White Nightmare emperor, it started following him, along with its nine White Nightmare subordinates.

In his mind, he always felt like he wasn’t the same species as these White Nightmares, having a key difference, yet he couldn’t figure out what the difference was!

Not knowing what species he was, not knowing where to go, there was just one stubborn thought he couldn’t dismiss, so he continued on his lonely path eastwards.

In people’s eyes, devils were cruel, bloodthirsty, and only yearned for killing and power. However, how could humans know that devils were the most lost creature on this planet? They were advanced creatures, so how could they not have intelligence? But, so what if they had intelligence. They didn’t know where they wanted to go and what to do…… to seek out power? They were born with dominator rank power, so was there really anything left in this world for him to be afraid of?

Lost and hollow!

This sense of hollowness wasn’t something killing could fill. The number of tribes and humans he had killed could be counted with units of ten thousands, but he never felt fulfilled.

Thus, one day he stopped this meaningless killing and started to comply with the strange thought and calling he felt in his heart and started eastward…...this sound brought him eastwards and also, occasionally, he noticed there was one memory in his mind. This memory was very strange, because he saw a handsome beast running, fighting, escaping, and sad…… Thus, he followed this last memory of his to try and find where this sorrowful beast went.

This direction was also eastwards, coinciding with his inexplicable desire.

“......I’m…...I’m called Ning Maner. You can speak the human language, right?” Little beauty had approached the White Nightmare king’s side and asked slightly scaredly.

The little beauty had an amiability towards almost all wild soul pets. Of course, this was wasn’t absolute; if the organism had animosity towards her, she could feel it too.

Yet, the girl named Ning Maner felt like the king was very strange. Her talent allowed her to directly communicate with most wild soul pets and become good friends. She still remembered that when she got sick at the age of ten, a dominator rank organism laid by her side and protected her for a whole month.

The little girl guessed that this silver king would very likely be a dominator rank presence. Such a presence should definitely be invincible in this land. What confused the girl was she often communicated with dominator rank beings, and they were all very friendly towards her as well. Why was this king so indifferent towards her, even acting like she didn’t exist?

In the past, even king like organisms treated her very well, complying with most of her requests as well.

Having grown this old, it was the little beauty’s first time that a soul pet treated her like nothing! This caused her to feel slightly defeated, after having boasted confidently towards the first White Nightmare.

The devil man looked down and its silver eyes stared emotionlessly at this little human girl. As if suddenly thinking of something, the devil man stared in disgust and said coldly, “What kind of charming spell did you cast on my subordinates to cause them to acknowledge you?”

The devil man didn’t even know why he had such a great disliking for women with special charming capabilities

“Ah? I…...I didn't cast any soul technique, this is a talent I got from the messiah tree. All organisms have respect for the messiah tree, and I grew up under the nurturing of the messiah tree, so I have its spiritual aura. Since all organisms respect the messiah tree, they are usually kind to me as well.” Little beauty quickly told the king her situation.

The little beauty’s heart was also palpitating furiously. Since her birth, other than some ambitious human experts, this was the first time she had an organism question her and show animosity.

The devil man didn’t understand what the girl was saying. About her spiritual aura, though, he felt that it seemed to make his brain slightly less chaotic and clearer.

Seeing that the king no longer had his attention on her, she backed off carefully and muttered to herself, “Why can this king speak the human language so fluently? Was he a human expert’s soul pet before?”

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