Chapter 765: Feeling it Beneath One’s Dignity to Take Action

Chapter 765: Feeling it Beneath One’s Dignity to Take Action


The White Nightmare shouted at Liu Yuming with anger. 

The silver devil slowly turned its gaze to Liu Yuming.

Liu Mingyu instantly felt as if he had been dropped into a bottomless ice pit. The cold goosebumps made him not want to move at all.

The enormous bird under him also seemed to have been frozen in midair. 

The bird’s claws loosened, and the girl dropped from the air. But at this moment, the silver devil raised its hands and devil flames ignited on her body.

The girl’s small body instantly transformed into ashes in the devil flames. However, beside the White Nightmare also appeared identical devil flames. In the midst of these devil flames, the girl slowly manifested. 

“Tha… thank you.’ the young girl’s face was slightly pale as she spoke to the silver devil.

But the silver devil didn’t look at the girl. If it wasn’t because the White Nightmare had told it that the young girl had helped heal it, the flames that ignited on her probably would have been real devil flames. 

“Let’s go.” suddenly, the silver devil spoke. Its tone was apathetic, similar to a young man’s voice. Nonetheless, it was heavy and emotionless. 


The White Nightmare carried the girl on its back, ignoring the four humans. Seeing its king turn and leave, it hastily followed.

Seeing the silver devil and White Nightmare take the girl and leave, Wei Fangqing and the three others were stunned. On the one hand, they had just clearly heard the silver devil speak in a human tongue and on the other, they couldn’t believe that the silver devil had let them go!

Indeed, a single technique from the silver devil had instakilled a high class emperor rank Turbid Feather Demon Emperor. Killing the four of them would be extremely easy for it!

Moreover, they could tell from the evil aura on the silver devil that it wasn’t a benevolent creature!

In truth, the four people were right to be worried, because the silver devil hadn’t planned on leaving them alive. It wasn’t required to deal with this level of people. 

“White Nightmares… why are there so many White Nightmares!!!” 

Just previously, Wei Fangqing had been rejoicing that he had escaped a disaster. However, suddenly, his face paled because not long after the silver devil left, he was surrounded by a group of White Nightmares! 

Each White Nightmare took a human form. In fact, it could be said that these White Nightmares had modeled themselves on the appearance of that silver devil. This group of evil White Nightmares quickly surrounded them! 

“High class emperor… high class emperor… peak… peak… peak emperor!” 

Wei Fangqing swept his eyes over them and froze. His eyes were filled with deep fear!!

Middle class emperor rank creatures mainly only appeared in forbidden regions and high class emperors could really only be found deep inside forbidden regions. However, a glance with his eyes and Wei Fangqing was met by at least 7 high class emperors in this White Nightmare group!!

Wei Fangqing became even more hopeless and shocked when he discovered that among them, two of them had even stronger auras than high class emperors. These White Nightmares had most likely reached the peak emperor rank!! 

Peak emperors!!! These were ultra-strong creatures that only appeared in the deepest parts of forbidden regions. Of humans who possessed peak emperor ranks, all of them were among the most authoritative humans. The three great factions’ senior elders and Soul Alliance’s Sixteen Absolutes were these authoritative humans who stood atop the pyramid precisely because they possessed peak emperors!

Thus, the appearance of two peak emperor White Nightmares in this group made Wei Fangqing extremely shocked!!

Zhong Pingsha and the other two couldn’t comprehend anything in the face of the White Nightmare group’s aura. The only thing they could feel was the incessant terrifying laughter of the White Nightmares in their ears!

They finally understood why that silver devil had left. With this group of subordinates, it couldn’t be bothered to take action. This also demonstrated how terrifying the silver devil, that could instakill a high class emperor, was!! 

“Hu hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

Devil flames covered the sky, illuminating the rainforest in a pale white. Even the curtain of rain covering the sky was evaporated!! 

The high class emperor rank White Nightmares were capable of leaving Wei Fangqing and the others without a proper burial site, even more so the peak emperors! 

The devil flames were torrential and the four of them didn’t even have the time to scream. Their bodies and souls were both burned to ashes, disappearing forever from this world. 


300 meters away.

“What a cold evil aura. Could it be the devil that has recently been causing a hubbub?” a female soul pet trainer riding on a Seven Colored Phoenix stared at the flash of white light in the distance as she spoke with a serious expression.

Next to the female soul pet trainer were also seven other female soul pet trainers riding Seven Colored Phoenixes. 

Seven Colored Phoenixes were emperor rank soul pets with noble figures. Their feathers were composed of seven different colors and their most beautiful parts were their seven fluttering tails. When they flew, they were trailed by seven pieces of beauty and resembled a flying rainbow! 

There were 7 Seven Colored Phoenixes and 7 female soul pet trainers. They flew together and when they flew across the sky, they resembled magnificent fairies descending into the mortal world.

However, among the 7 Seven Colored Phoenixes was a woman riding a Nine Colored Phoenix. This woman had a well-rounded but slim figure. On her supple waist was a nine colored streamer that only accentuated her nobleness and beauty. 

She wore deep purple colored rose patterned clothing. From her collar extended a beautiful hood that resembled a flowery crown. She had fine black hair that neatly fell out of the hood.

She was dressed well and elegant like a fairy, carrying a feeling of mystery. 

The woman’s facial features weren’t capable of causing the downfall of countries. However, they were capable of moving others. But perhaps what was most captivating about her was her mature charm that was like a fine aged wine. She had a refined yet enchanting demeanor. 

Of course, the seven female soul pet trainers following this Heavenly Concubine understood that this noble woman was only one side of her character. Hidden behind this absolutely talented Heavenly Concubine was a set of imposing eyes that stemmed from her long occupancy of power, capable of causing others from thinking anything profane about her! 

That side of her was full of fighting spirit, killing intent and force that was befitting of the strongest person in the soul pet world! 

The Heavenly Concubine’s eyes were also staring at the pale white devil flames in the distance. Her beautiful and elegant face was indistinctly filled with seriousness and graveness. 

“Your majesty, there have been a series of rumors from the nearby kingdoms about a devil. It’s said that its strength is extremely powerful…” said the female soul pet trainer who spoke previously. 

“That should be in the direction where Qi City’s City Lord said the girl was…” said another female soul pet trainer.

“Could that devil also be going for that girl?” 

The Heavenly Concubine creased her brows. She knew that the girl had a special connection with soul pets. 

“Perfect. I’ll get rid of the devil as well to prevent future harm!!” faintly said Tian Ji.

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