Chapter 764: Silver Devil!

Chapter 764: Silver Devil! 

“Move back!” Wei Fangqing swept his eyes over Zhong Pingsha. 

Zhong Pingsha had thought the White Nightmare was approximately a middle class emperor. But when it released its aura, he realized that it was a high class emperor.

He was secretly very happy. Thankfully he hadn’t hastily made a move, otherwise the three of them would have all died.

Wei Fangqing naturally would not have the wing type Turbid Feather Demon Emperor fight alone against the White Nightmare. Promptly, he chanted an incantation, and summoned his second high class emperor rank soul pet!

Wei Fangqing had a total of three high class emperors. In his opinion, two of his main pets would be more than enough to deal with the injured White Nightmare.    

Wei Fangqing summoned his second soul pet - Fu Sheng. 

Fu Sheng: Plant world - vine type - Fu Shen Species

Fu Sheng were plant world soul pets and unique in the sense that they hovered above the ground. Moreover, they had the mobility of a demon. Although they were not as agile as a demon, they were able to dodge normal demon attacks and could also create vine defenses like other plant world soul pets. 

Fu Shen looked like ginseng on the outside and their roots would expand like jellyfish. After being summoned, the azure colored Fu Shen attached a few of its roots onto the Turbid Feather Demon Emperor. 

Hovering in the air, it looked like a bubble in water. 

Wei Fangqing was an experienced soul pet trainer and naturally understood that plant world soul pets needed to be cautious in front of White Nightmares. The reason he had summoned the Fu Sheng was because he had added a secondary water attribute to the Fu Sheng, allowing it to be immune against the fire attribute to a certain extent!

Normally speaking, when a soul pet trainer obtained a top quality plant world soul pet, most of them wouldn’t mind spending resources to add on a secondary water attribute so as to prevent their soul pet from being countered by fire type soul pets. Moreover, there were also many other effects of the water attribute including weakening, creating a surge of water, and purifying...

Seeing the high class emperor rank Fu Shen appear, Zhong Pingsha, hiding far away, immediately heaped on words of flattery. However, Wei Fangqing ignored him and gave his soul pets an order to attack!

Most White Nightmares had rather extreme characters. Even if they knew the opponent was stronger than them, they were still going to fight.

Carrying this conviction, the White Nightmare’s white eyes savagely stared at the Turbid Feather Demon Emperor. Devil flames were slowly burning on its arms, causing the atmosphere around it to ignite!!

“Hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!!!!!!”

The White Nightmare was the first to attack. A high rank resentment flame swept up!!

“Overestimating your capabilities!” sneered Wei Fangqing!

Even if it was an uninjured White Nightmare, Wei Fangqing would still be able to deal with it!

Promptly, Wei Fangqing gave the Fu Sheng an order!

The Fu Sheng’s vines began to extend, forming a green ocean that met the White Nightmare’s devil flame wave head on!!

“White Nightmare, don’t go. You aren’t their opponents!” when the girl saw the White Nightmare fight without hesitation, she panicked. 

She and the White Nightmare were strangers who met by chance, but she didn’t wish for this White Nightmare, who was monomaniacally chasing its king, to be killed in order to protect her!

The girl obviously underestimated the White Nightmare’s aggressive nature. At the beginning, the White Nightmare’s aura really did threaten Wei Fangqing’s two high class emperors. 

However, after the water-added Fu Shen created the intersecting ocean of vines in the air, the White Nightmare’s devil flames were severely limited including in the movement aspect!

“Let’s see how long you can last for!” Wei Fangqing cracked a smile.

A high class emperor White Nightmare’s inner crystal was very valuable for Wei Fangqing. Not only would he be able to capture the person the Heavenly Concubine wanted, but also obtaining a high class emperor’s inner crystal was extremely profitable! 

Vine types had the strongest control ability among plant world soul pets. Moreover, they had mighty attacks. The devil flames on the White Nightmare’s body completely dimmed. Added on the Turbid Feather Demon Emperor’s imposing attacks, the White Nightmare gradually found it harder and harder to defend!

“Senior City Lord’s strength is indeed amazing. A high class emperor rank White Nightmare is unexpectedly being pushed into a corner where it doesn’t even have the strength to fight back. Amazing!” Zhong Pingsha had a face full of smiles as he flattered.

Behind him was Liu Mingyu and Deng Fenghe. They were also continuously praising the power of Wei Fangqing’s soul pets. 

These words of flattery comprised 40 percent of their speech. The other 60 percent was their amazement towards Wei Fangqing’s two high class emperors, especially the Fu Sheng. The entire aerial region had been originally dominated by the White Nightmare’s devil flames. But now it had transformed into an azure forest, extending 6 to 7 kilometers. Even the powerful White Nightmare had been firmly restricted within! 


The White Nightmare trapped in the Fu Sheng’s aerial forest let out an angry cry. Resentment Gathering caused its strength to slowly rise. 

However, the speed at which its strength rose was too slow, and it wasn’t able to manifest into anything useful! 

Seeing the White Nightmare slowly being covered by the enormous green vine forest. The young woman grew increasingly nervous. Unfortunately, she didn’t know any useful attacking spirit techniques, and couldn’t help the White Nightmare at all in this fight. 

“Hehehe, girl, let’s see where you’ll flee to this time!” suddenly, an ugly voice rang out from beside her.

The girl turned around and astonishingly found that Liu Mingyu had unknowingly appeared beside her. His eyes that had been scorched by a mental attack had already recovered!

Liu Mingyu was riding on a four-clawed bird. Taking advantage of her defenselessness, the bird grabbed the girl’s shoulders and lifted her up!

“Let… let me go!!” the girl squirmed around, struggling to free herself. However, its claws had stuck into her shoulders, causing blood to slowly seep out!

“Don’t harm her!” at this moment, Zhong Pingsha let out a shout!

Zhong Pingsha still didn’t clear why the Heavenly Concubine wanted to find this girl. However, Wei Fangqing had indicated that she had to be captured alive. Therefore, no matter what, not harming this girl was the best!


The White Nightmare discovered that the girl had been captured by Liu Minghe’s bird and let out an angry devil cry. But it couldn’t do anything while entrapped by the Fu Sheng’s roots!!

“Hmph, you’re going to die!” killing intent appeared in Wei Fangqing’s eyes and he gave the Turbid Feather Demon Emperor an order!!

The Turbid Feather Demon Emperor was very fast, and it abruptly flew across the White Nightmare’s body, leaving an enormous cut on its waste area, nearly severing its body in half!

Wei Fangqing wore a smile. It seemed that the White Nightmare’s high class emperor crystal was going to be his!


Suddenly, the Turbid Feather Demon Emperor let out a sharp cry. Wei Fangqing’s smile instantly froze, because he discovered that when the Turbid Feather Demon Emperor gave the White Nightmare a fatal strike, its body was mysteriously enveloped by a ball of silver flames!!

These silver devil flames were extremely terrifying, instantly burning the Turbid Feather Demon Emperor’s feathers to a crisp!


Spatial explosion! Wei Fangqing hadn’t been able to react before the Turbid Feather Demon Emperor was suddenly blown up into pieces by a gorgeous devil flames. The pain of his soul fracturing reached him! 

“This… this… this!!!” Wei Fangqing was so shocked he couldn’t say anything. He stared in astonishment at the ball of silver devil flames in the distance!

The silver devil flames were much more tyrannical than resentment flames. Among the flying devil flames, Wei Fangqing saw a demonic devil figure standing emotionlessly there. Its silver pupils were like terrifying swords that stabbed into the depths of his soul!!

Wei Fangqing was a seventh remembrance spirit emperor, and spirit emperor mental attacks were almost all useless against him.

However, when he locked eyes with this devil, the fears in his heart began to ceaselessly enlarge. A chilling aura surged through his soul, expanding through his entire body!!

A creature that could instakill his Turbid Feather Demon Emperor with one attack!!!

“Devil!!!” Wei Fangqing’s voice was trembling!

He had heard of the rumors of the devil. In these legends, the devil’s pupils were silver, and its body was covered in silver devil flames. From head to toe, it exuded an evil aura. There were also several rumors of its strength.

However, Wei Fangqing never expected that the devil’s strength would be so terrifying. In front of it, he was practically an insignificant child - a joke and weak!

“Nie!!!!!!!!!! Nie!!!!!!!!!!!”

The heavily injured White Nightmare suddenly out a jubilant devil cry!

“Is that the king the White Nightmare spoke of?!!” the girl strenuously turned her head and stared at the extremely apathetic silver figure!

The silver aloof devil figure slowly raised its hands, forming it into a claw as if it was going to grab something!

“Si la!!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, the silver devil’s arms pulled back, causing a terrifying spatial air flow to appear. The flow reversed, ripping the 7 kilometer vine forest formed by the Fu Sheng into green shreds!!

This was the plant world Fu Sheng’s strongest plant domain. Creatures of the same rank were ostensibly unable to break through it. However, it had just been easily ripped apart. This caused Wei Fangqing, Zhong Pingsha, Liu Mingyu, and Deng Fenghe to wear expressions of fright and shock!

The silver devil had so easily done it, without even using a technique. What rank did it have to be to rip apart a high class emperor’s domain like that?! 


After the green vine forest was ripped apart, the White Nightmare, recovered its freedom. It hastily used Displacement Specter, respectfully appearing beside the silver devil. It resembled a loyal servant standing behind its master! 

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