Chapter 764: Silver Devil!

Chapter 764: Silver Devil! 

“Move back!” Wei Fangqing swept his eyes over Zhong Pingsha. 

Zhong Pingsha had thought the White Nightmare was approximately a middle class emperor. But when it released its aura, he realized that it was a high class emperor.

He was secretly very happy. Thankfully he hadn’t hastily made a move, otherwise the three of them would have all died.

Wei Fangqing naturally would not have the wing type Turbid Feather Demon Emperor fight alone against the White Nightmare. Promptly, he chanted an incantation, and summoned his second high class emperor rank soul pet!

Wei Fangqing had a total of three high class emperors. In his opinion, two of his main pets would be more than enough to deal with the injured White Nightmare.    

Wei Fangqing summoned his second soul pet - Fu Sheng. 

Fu Sheng: Plant world - vine type - Fu Shen Species

Fu Sheng were plant world soul pets and unique in the sense that they hovered above the ground. Moreover, they had the mobility of a demon. Although they were not as agile as a demon, they...

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